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As An Oak Tree Grows

A top selected or recommended title by the Kansas State Reading Circle Commission.
Author: G. Brian  KARAS
Publisher: Nancy Paulson Books
Subject/Category:  K-2
Year Reviewed:: 2015
ISBN: 9.7804e+012
Review: In 1775, a Native American child plants an acorn and an oak tree begins its life. In 25-year increments, author Brian Karas chronicles - in text, but also most impressively in detailed illustrations - the changes in one plot of land during the life of a tree, until it perishes in a terrible storm in the year 2000. Included in the pictorial spreads are the disappearance of Native American huts, the advent of farms, the building of towns, and the inventions of electricity and automobiles. Pictures portray other fun details such as the push lawnmower (1850), a "hippie" microbus (1975), and a convenience store (2000), all in the same area where the Native American hut once stood. The book ends on a hopeful note, as a new oak seedling begins growing next to the stump of the old oak tree.

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