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Adventures of Beanboy, The

Author: Lisa  HARKRADER
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
Subject/Category:  3-5
Year Reviewed:: 2014
ISBN: 9780547550787
Awards::  WAW
Review: Tucker MacBean has been drawing comic books almost as long as he's been reading them. When his favorite comic has a contest for kids, he hopes he has finally found a way to fix his family - all he has to do is create the winning superhero sidekick. Introducing "Beanboy" - the first comic book character to truly harness the power of the bean for good. He is strong, he is relentless, he can double in size overnight (if given enough water.) With thoughtful characterizations and copious comic book illustrations, this laughout-loud novel will have readers rooting for a superhero with true heart.

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