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Kansas NEA Reading Circle Catalog

KNEA members serve on the Kansas NEA Reading Circle to read and screen the best children's literature published each year. Since 1926 KNEA has published a list of recommended books by reading level as a service for school librarians and classroom teachers. For printed versions of the catalog, contact KNEA Reading Circle at

The Kansas NEA Reading Circle offers its "RECOMMENDED" gold foil seal for purchase by library-media specialists and educators who wish to affix them to books that been read, reviewed, and recommended by the Kansas NEA Reading Circle Commission. Read here to learn more about purchasing the seal, or contact

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High school & above or gr 9-12+

KNEA Reading Circle Catalog

A+ Custodian, The
The students and teachers at Dublin Elementary School make banners, posters, and signs for their school custodian to show how much they appreciate him and all the work he does.
1, 2, Buckle my Shoe
Very simple, "quilt illustrated" of the old familiar rhyme. Bright and colorful use of buttons and thread.
100 Sideways Miles
Written by the same author as Grasshopper Jungle, 100 Sideways Miles tells the story of Finn, an epileptic struggling to separate his life from the character in his father’s popular book. He and friend, Cade, are off on an adventure that leads to crazy antics, romance, and hilarity. Engaging and honest, males will race through the book.
1001 Kansas Place Names
An alphabetical listing of 1,067 Kansas locales with spelling, pronunciations, name origin, post office dates and population figures for each entry. Anecdotes for each location are included with historical background and some geological information.
1001 Kansas Place Names
An alphabetical listing of 1,067 Kansas locales with spelling, pronunciations, name origin, post office dates and population figures for each entry. Anecdotes for each location are included with historical background and some geological information.
1001 Kansas Place Names
An alphabetical listing of 1,067 Kansas locales with spelling, pronunciations, name origin, post office dates and population figures for each entry. Anecdotes for each location are included with historical background and some geological information.
1001 Kansas Place Names
An alphabetical listing of 1,067 Kansas locales with spelling, pronunciations, name origin, post office dates and population figures for each entry. Anecdotes for each location are included with historical background and some geological information.
100-year-old Secret, The
A fast-paced, entertaining mystery as Sherlock's great-great-great grandchildren receive Sherlock Holmes' unsolved casebook. They set out to solve the cases starting with the mystery of a prized painting that vanished more than a hundred years ago.
11 Birthdays
Amanda and Leo were born just minutes apart in the same hospital. After spending their first ten birthdays together, a misunderstanding makes them repeat their 11th birthday over until they get it right.
11 Birthdays
After celebrating their first nine same-day birthdays together, Amanda and Leo, having fallen out on their tenth and not speaking to each other for the last year, prepare to celebrate their eleventh birthday separately but peculiar things begin to happen as the day of their birthday begins to repeat itself over and over again.
13 Hangmen
So begins the story of Tonyt and his friends--five 13-year-old boys, all of whom are living in the same house in the same attic bedroom but at different times in history! None are ghosts, all are flesh and blood, and somehow all have come together in the attic room, visible only to one another. And all are somehow linked to a murder, a myster, and a treasure.
14 Cows For America
This is an excellent story about the gift from Kenya after 9-11. The pictures are absolutely beautiful.
14 Hollow Road
Maddie is in sixth grade and all psyched up for the school dance. Little does she know how differently that night will actually turn out. Not only does she not get the chance to ask her crush, Avery, to dance, but a tornado has hit the other side of town and destroyed her house. Some neighbors graciously open up their home to Maddie and her family—and Avery's family as well. How will Maddie handle living in the same household with Avery all summer?
1776: A New Look at Revolutionary Williamsburg
This book is a "new look" at Colonial Williamsburg - with a high concern for the common people and their everyday tasks. Much research has taken place in this recent re-building of Williamsburg, with particular attention given to slaves, women, and children - which are groups for which there is little documentation.
1862 Fredericksburg: A New Look at a Bitter Civil War Battle
This book explores how important location was during the Civil War. General Robert E. Lee's most one-sided battle, the battle of Fredericksburg, is explored as well and brought to life with several sources including a slave diary and reenactment photos.
The action never stops in this dystopian trilogy conclusion to the Numbers series. Adam, Sarah, and baby Mia are living together and struggling with the fame brought by his knowing when others will die. Told in Adam and Sarah's alternating voices, fans
23 Minutes
Protagonist Zoe Mahar is a foster child who possesses a special gift: she can playback and repeat time in 23 minute increments. When she witnesses a violent bank robbery, she has ten chances at using those 23 minutes to make things right. Each attempt goes wrong for different reasons that reveal more back story while demonstrating that the events in all our lives involve many more factors than meet the eye.
28 Days
Twenty-eight people and events in black history from 1770 to the present are portrayed through poetry, quotations, and descriptions that play on numbers. Entries range from the famous to the more obscure, including Crispus Attucks, the first man shot in the Boston Massacre, to Madame C. J. Walker, who overcame adversity to become the wealthiest black woman in the country. The book wraps up with a challenge for readers to make history for themselves.
4-1-1 on Phones, The
Fascinating facts from the switchboards of old to the smart phones of today are covered in fun format in this Ready-to-Read Level 3 source of phone trivia. Who knew that folks were originally supposed to say "Ahoy" when answering a call?
42 is Not Just a Number
Short chapters chronicle the inspiring life of Jackie Robinson, from his early years, to his time in the army, and later playing baseball in the Negro Leagues. The author deals forthrightly with race issues and vividly portrays the perseverance, courage, and self-control it took for Robinson to achieve his success while enduring fierce hatred and discrimination, and eventually breaking through the color barrier. Extensive reference information is included.
42 Miles
As her thirteenth birthday approaches, JoEllen decides to bring together her two separate lives - one as Joey, who enjoys weekends with her father and other relatives on a farm, and another as Ellen, who lives with her mother in a Cincinnati apartment near her school and friends.
42 Miles
Ever since she was a baby JoEllen has led two separate lives; one as Ellen in the city during the week and one as Joey with her dad in the country on weekends. Told in poems, JoEllen decides for her thirteenth birthday she will join the two lives and become herself.
43 Old Cemetery Road: Dying to Meet You
First book in the 43 Old Cemetery Road Series. Packed with puns and humor, the story is told through letters. A children's book author, I. B. Grumply, rents a house while he is writing a book only to find out an 11-year-old boy, a cat, and a ghost also occupy it.
5 Little Ducks
Papa Duck and his 5 ducklings go out to play on Monday only to find one little duck missing when they return. Each day they go out, one more duckling is lost until Saturday, when they all return safe and sound. In this familiar rhyme where the days of the week are reviewed, Fleming also adds a variety of woodland animals to the experience, making a nice storytime addition for primary listeners/readers.
57 Bus, The
Complicated timely topics of gender identity and the justice system take center stage in this true story of a crime on the 57 Bus in Oakland. Sasha rides the bus an hour each way to their small private school. The use of the pronoun "their" is Sasha's preferred term and continues throughout the book. Richard takes the bus from his challenging neighborhood to a large public school. One afternoon, egged on by friends, Richard lights Sasha's skirt on fire and their lives are changed forever. Students will find this an excellent resource for understanding the fluid gender issues and justice system that they or their friends might be facing.
8th Grade Super Zero
Reggie earned the nickname "Pukey" during a disastrous incident at a school assembly. When Reggie gets involved at a local homeless shelter, he is inspired to run for school office on a platform that encourages students in his school to become more actively involved in community service. This novel is for readers who are looking for realistic fiction with a focus on social responsibility.
A Book for Black-Eyed Susan
Through the beauty, as well as horrible realities of historical fiction, we learn of the hardships faced by the pioneers who traversed the country to settle either in California to seek gold, or Oregon to farm. Black-eyed Susan is born on the trail, and sister Cora fashions a book for her so that she may know of her beginnings. Cora and her father move on to Oregon while Aunt Alma takes Susan on to California. Cora becomes a teacher and is blessed to find her little sis.
A Child's Day/an alphabet of play
Very simple alphabet book with great illustrations of action verbs.
A Christmas Spider's Miracle
This Ukrainian folktale is retold and refreshed in this tale of compassion and kindness that reveals the true spirit of Christmas. The story features a sort of parallel of a poor peasant woman and a mother spider caring for her family, weaving together their quests to provide for their families...the Mother cutting a tree for a Christmas surprise for her Children; choosing the exact tree where the spider has spun a web for her family providing shelter. The morning surprise is a Christmas miracle! A downloadable teacher's guide is available.
A Difficult Boy
In Farmington, Massachusetts in 1839, nine-year-old Ethan experiences hardships as an indentured servant of the wealthy Lyman family alongside Daniel, a boy scorned simply for being Irish, and the boys bond as they try to right a terrible wrong.
A Foot in the Mouth: Poems to Speak, Sing, and Shout
These 38 poems are fantastic read-alouds. Poems are organized by type, including tongue twisters, poems for two and three voices, bilingual poems, and limericks. Illustrations are done in bright but soft watercolors, ink, and torn paper which marvelously enhance each piece.
A Home for Pearl Squirrel
One of four books in the Solomon Raven series. Pearl Squirrel, proud of her first nest, decides to invite her forest friends for a housewarming party, but she is disappointed when her new home fails to meet their approval until wise Solomon Raven helps her understand that different creatures need different types of houses. The books in the series are: A Home for Pearl Squirrel, Lewis Cardinal's First Winter, Cinnamon & the April Shower, and Mason Moves Away.
A is for Anaconda: A Rainforest Alphabet
This is a full-color tour of a rainforest - from A to Z. Each alphabet letter focuses on one or two features in the exposition and also has a four-line poem as a topic guide.
A Isn't for Fox: An Isn't Alphabet
This book is not the usual alphabet book. The book shows correct and silly letters for the alphabet. This is a delightful book to teach rhyme and vocabulary through wonderful illustrations.
A Map of the Known World
Being the sister of "the boy who died in the car crash" makes it even harder for 14-year-old Cora to cope with grief and a new school. Art becomes her escape and leads her to Damian, her brother's best friend. Through Damian, Cora is able to see and understand a part of her brother no one ever knew - the secret cache of his art. Together they begin to heal and help her parents in the process.
A Maze Me: poems for girls
This soothing little book of poems seems to sum up what's right or could be right with life. It's a message to observe and enjoy each day; pay attention and dream. Nye encourages readers and would-be writers to write three lines down in a notebook each day. They don't have to be connected, but in looking back you make connections. This book connects.
A Monster Calls
Conor watches as his mother is dying of cancer. He is overcome with grief, anger, isolation, helplessness, and a recurring nightmare too terrible to think about. Then, at night, he is visited by a very real monster in the form of a yew tree that wants the truth from Conor. This book tackles the toughest of subjects and meets the truth about life head-on with compassion, bravery, and insight.
A Nation's Hope: The Story of Boxing Legend Joe Louis
This beautifully illustrated documentation of the historic boxing match between Joe Louis and German Max Schmeling just before the start of World War II shows how it brought Americans together - no matter what color. In verse, this story flashbacks to Joe's early life and his preparation for this amazing fight.
A New Brother or Sister
Learn all about what to expect when a new family member is born. A good choice for students who will be getting a new sibling.
A Pet for Miss Wright
A lonely writer, Miss Wright, needs a pet to keep her company. But finding the right pet is no easy task. As the happy ending to her story, Miss Wright finds not only the perfect pet, but also the perfect helper to her work.
A Place for Fish
A fascinating nonfiction book filled with fish facts and beautiful and colorful acrylic illustrations that show underwater, shorelines, and sea scenes.
A Season of Gifts
In Richard Peck's own grand way, the characters in this book come to life. The reader is in the midst of Mrs. Dowdel and Bob's family as they survive a year in a small Illinois town in 1958. The strong brings on laughter and tears - sometimes at the same time - as we glimpse into this "all too real" tale.
A Storm Called Katrina
This heartwarming story is based on Hurricane Katrina and the adventures of a young boy and his family who are forced to leave home and end up in the Superdome. Father becomes separated from mother and the boy but finds them when the boy plays his beloved cornet and father hears it.
A Tale Dark and Grimm
Hansel and Gretel walk out of their own story and into eight other classic Grimm fairy tales. A colorful narrator leads us through encounters with witches, warlocks, dragons, and other Grimm-inspired creatures.
A Tale Dark and Grimm
Hansel and Gretel walk out of their own story and into eight other classic Grimm fairy tales. A colorful narrator leads us through encounters with witches, warlocks, dragons, and other Grimm-inspired creatures.
A Taste for Red
Stephanie insists on wearing black, eating only red foods, sleeping under her bed, and being called Svetlana. Is she turning into a vampire? Her science teacher might now the answer, but has a vile odor, an evil smile, and talks to Svetlana telepathically.
A Walk With Grandpa
A beautifully written book with simple text demonstrating the love between a grandfather and his granddaughter. They take a walk through the woods and play a word game of comparing contrasting words.
A Whiff of Pine, A Hint of Skunk: A Forest of Poems
A collection of poems about animals that live in the forest. Some poems are written for fun, while others are informative. Beautiful watercolor drawings enhance the text.
A Wild Father's Day
To celebrate Father's Day, a creative Dad and his kids act like wild animals all day long. The family is cleverly illustrated as the wild animals they are depicting.
A World of Colors
This is an elegant photographic picture book which encourages readers to go beyond finding color in expected places to the surprising places and their own surroundings. Perfect for art classes and writing prompts.
Aaron and Alexander
Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton came from totally different upbringings. Side-by-side narrative follows these eventual foes through their childhoods, the Revolutionary War and into the first years of our nation. A well-balanced presentation, the book makes neither hero nor villain of either of these founding fathers whose politics put them at frequent odds, and resulted in the most famous duel in American history.
Aaron Rodger and the Green Bay Packers
Part of a set,
Pierce seems to be living out a modern day version of Persephone. However, Hades is a hunky young man named John Hayden who keeps bringing death and mayhem to those around Pierce. This mixture of romance and fantasy is the first in a series.
Abbie in Stitches
Beautifully illustrated story about a young girl in the 1800s who would rather read than learn to embroider to make a sampler, which is expected of all young girls. Abbie conquers the sampler while letting everyone know what she really prefers doing.
Abby's Asthma and the Big Race
Abby was determined to run in the big race at the fair despite having asthma. Even with all her best efforts, will asthma keep Abby from reaching her goal?
ABC's From Space
Our world looks rather dramatic when viewed from outer space! These pages contain all twenty-six letters of the alphabet found in satellite images taken from high above the earth. Extras include a description of each picture (location, date, satellite) as well as a map of the photo locations, a glossary, and space-related science FAQs.
ABCs on Wheels
This transportation ABC book has colorful illustrations with a retro feel which, fittingly for the topic, show much movement. Olivera selects vocabulary from all phases of a vehicle's life, such as "J is for Junkyard, K is for Kaput!" The two page spread of "N is for New car, O is for Old car" shows a young man getting a new car, then the same man selling the car when he and the car are old. An electric car is shown on the "P is for Plugged in, Q is for Quiet" spread. People with diverse skin tones are shown, as well as a female race car driver on the "W is for Winner" page.
Abe Lincoln: His Wit and Wisdom From A to Z
This fun alphabet-book tribute to our 16th president includes historical facts about many facets of Abraham Lincoln's life and the time in which he lived. Witty quotes attributed to Lincoln, fascinating details, and drawings appear on each page.
Abner & Me
Read the sixth book of Baseball Card Adventure series to find out if Abner Double Day, a Civil War general, invented the game of baseball or is it a myth? Joey continues his time travel adventures landing himself in the middle of the Battle of Gettysburg. Author's note: This book contains more violent scenes than my previous books. It may not be suitable for younger readers.
About Habitats: Forests
Authors Cathryn and John Sill describe the different types of forests - Boreal, Temperate, and Tropical - the plants and animals that live in the different forests, as well as products originating there. Included is a simple map showing rain forests of the world.
About Habitats: Mountains
Simple text explains what mountains are and how wildlife survives different types of mountains. An afterword and glossary provide more detailed information.
About Parrots: A Guide for Children
The husband and wife team of Cathryn and John Sill provide a beautiful informational picture book describing 18 species of parrots. Minimal text is supplemented with additional information in the back along with a glossary. Teachers will appreciate that the vocabulary is never watered down.
About Penguins
Very simple informative text about penguins with lots of additional information in the afterword at the back. One in the "About.." series of books.
About Rodents
Illustrated by John Sill. When you think of rodents, think of more than just mice. This easy-to-read and beautifully illustrated book will explain what rodents are and entertain you with facts that will make you want to find out more.
This beautifully illustrated biography of Abraham Lincoln is told in first person as if narrated by Lincoln himself, with many of his quotes sprinkled throughout. Emphasis moves from his extremely humble beginnings to an insatiable quest for learning, which found him reading anything he could get his hands on and studying law. Adult-life focus shifts to his desire to bring about the end of slavery and preserve the Union. Text and end notes give excellent information while downplaying unpleasant aspects of slavery, the Civil War, and his assassination. Full-page illustrations and oversize format makes this a good selection for read-aloud.
Abraham Lincoln Comes Home
Illustrated by Wendell Minor. Simple historical fiction book detailing the events Lincoln's funeral train took carrying his body back home to Illinois for burial.
Absolutely Almost
Albie is "almost" at everything. He is almost a good student, almost an artist, and almost "cool." Upon starting 5th grade in a new school, Albie learns that "almost" is not good enough, and in order to reach success he must learn to deal with struggles and overcome obstacles.
Absolutely Positively Not
A coming out story. Steven deals with being gay and confides in his friend, a girl, who blabs it the next day at school. Funny, fast paced and easy read.
Absolutely Truly
Truly is happy that her military family finally has a permanent home in Texas. But when her father loses his arm in Afghanistan, they decide to move one more time to his New England hometown to take over the family bookstore. Truly isn’t given much of a chance to mope because she finds a mysterious letter in a rare signed copy of Charlotte’s Web, and she and her new friends are caught up in a dangerous treasure hunt. Contemporary early-teen issues mingle here with exciting adventures and wonderful characters.
Accidents of Nature
Jean, a girl with cerebral palsy, is mainstreamed at a regular school. Her first exposure to other handicapped young people comes at Camp Courage, or "Crimp Camp" as her new friend Sara calls it. Sara presents a very different perspective about the life of a handicapped person.
How can you stand out as someone special to potential colleges? Chloe and Finn hatch a plan to fake Chloe's disappearance to gain attention. They hide her in Finn's grandmother's basement. Things begin to fall apart and no one could foresee the consequences of this "sick joke." See what happens eleven days into their plan!
Across the Blue Pacific: A World War II Story
Molly and her brother Sam are attending Beechwood Elementary School and their next door neighbor, Ted, is far away serving aboard the USS Albacore. On his leave he builds a snowsailor with her and teaches her how to polish her Sunday shoes. Molly writes many letters to Ted during her fourth grade year and keeps track of his whereabouts on a huge map her class paints. Large water color illustrations and easy to read text make this an interesting way to read about history.
Across the Universe
During a 300 year voyage to a new planet to colonize, Amy is mysteriously unplugged and re-animated from her cryogenic storage. She is now caught inside a world where she finds the ship's crew has forgotten the original mission and they're endangering the entire ship and it's frozen voyagers.
Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher, The
Join Becky Thatcher, riverboat captain Samuel Clemens, and the citizens of St. Petersburg, Missouri, for one adventure after another. Maybe Becky wasn’t quite the calm, innocent girl you read about in the original Tom Sawyer.
Ada Lace, on the Case
Third grade scientist Ada Lace is temporarily housebound after a bad bungee jump has left her with a broken leg. Ada uses binoculars to observe and record information about the ecosystem of her new neighborhood and soon concludes that Ms. Reed's little dog, Marguerite, has been stolen. With the assistance of her new friend, Nina, and lots of cool science gadgets, Ada sets out to find the dog-napper in this first installment of a series designed to impart awareness and elevate interest in basic scientific processes. Science topics and terms are integrated into the story and explained in the afterword.
Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science: The First Computer Programmer
Long before electricity was understood or harnessed, inventors were working on computers. This book tells the remarkable story of Ada Byron, a woman way ahead of her time who dreamed of machines that could calculate complex math equations, and actually wrote the first computer program.
Adam Canfield of the Slash
While serving as co-editors of their school newspaper, middle-schoolers Adam and Jennifer uncover fraud and corruption in their school and in the city's government.
Adapted to Survive: Animals That Dig
This book is part of the "Adapted to Survive" series, where each title discusses animals grouped on a common skill - Climb, Fly, Hide, Hunt, and Run. In this selection, meerkats, earthworms, wombats, and polar bears are just a few of the animals linked by their ability to dig. Various reasons for burrowing are discussed: hiding, cooling off, and finding food. The end of the book includes an Animal Challenge and an invitation to invent a new burrowing animal.
Ada's Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay
In one of the poorest areas of Paraguay, South America, a man helps destitute children learn to make beautiful music on instruments crafted out of--believe it or not--items scavenged from a trash dump. The orchestra they ultimately form goes on to travel the world, amplifying the message that items of beauty and function can be cultivated from the most unlikely resources, and dreams can indeed come true.
Addicted to Her
High-school junior, Rafa, comes from a poor Latino family and it's important to get a wrestling scholarship for college, but he just can't tear himself way from his no-good, gorgeous girlfriend. Monique captivates him, however, and he abandons his values of hard work. With strong characters and thought-provoking themes, readers will be captivated, although Rafa's realization about Monique may not come soon enough for some readers.
Addie Bell's Shortcut to Growing Up
Addie can't wait to be 16, especially after her disastrous 12th birthday party. Her wish is granted through a magical jewelry box, fast-forwarding her by four years. But rather than loving all the 16-year-old things she had so anxiously awaited, she blunders repeatedly and humorously in this strange world of 16—what's all this trigonometry stuff anyway?—and finds it less fun than she imagined. Plus, she missed enjoying all the "firsts" she so badly wanted—like putting on makeup for the first time, her first kiss, and learning to drive. So Addie sets out to reverse the spell in this contemporary rendering of “Be careful what you wish for.”
Adios, Oscar!: A Butterfly Fable
Oscar the caterpillar meets Bob the monarch butterfly who is migrating to Mexico. Oscar wants to be like Bob and is shocked when he doesn't grow beautiful wings. However, he is still determined to follow his dream and go to Mexico.
Adoration of Jenna Fox, The
What would you do if you were seventeen-years-old and just woke up from a coma? This is the situation Jenna finds herself in. Why have her parents moved to a new state? Why are the old family movies not recollecting her memory? How far should the science and ethics of cloning go. The book raises these questions and more as readers find out what the future may hold.
Adventures of Beanboy, The
Tucker MacBean has been drawing comic books almost as long as he's been reading them. When his favorite comic has a contest for kids, he hopes he has finally found a way to fix his family - all he has to do is create the winning superhero sidekick. Introducing "Beanboy" - the first comic book character to truly harness the power of the bean for good. He is strong, he is relentless, he can double in size overnight (if given enough water.) With thoughtful characterizations and copious comic book illustrations, this laughout-loud novel will have readers rooting for a superhero with true heart.
Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great, The
Sir Lancelot arrives in King Arthur's court and becomes known as Sir Lancelot the Great after his many adventures in England. A great book for reluctant readers along with being a great read aloud.
Adventures of Thor, the Thunder God
Adventures of Thor the Thunder God, the biggest, strongest and bravest Norse god. Each chapter-length adventure stars another god that Thor gets the best of.
Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones
Two young cowboys get themselves jobs with a cattle driving company and the journey begins. Between scrapes with fate and nature, the characters find adventure at every turn whether fighting rivers or protecting their camps in the dark.
African Animal Alphabet
Awesome photos of African animals make this an excellent choice for your collection. Great information with "did you know" facts on each page of this alphabet book.
Devon Davenport is the All-American teen, not the type of girl to get pregnant and definitely not the type to dispose of her baby in the trash! Devon is in complete denial of her situation and as the police investigation unfolds, she begins to come to grips with the horror of her actions. Efaw creates a sympathetic character in an unsympathetic situation.
Fitting the new crave for anything apocalyptic, After compiles nineteen stories from best-selling authors all with the theme of life after the world as we know it ends. From zombies and monsters to plagues and governments, these tales are sure to chill y
After Ever After
Jeffrey has been cancer-free for over five years and is now in eighth grade. In a year of emotional and physical challenges, anguish, humor, and love, Jeffrey learns to depend on himself and live life to the fullest. This intense first-person novel of survival is a solid stand-alone novel that will leave an emotional, uplifting impression on readers.
After Happily Ever After: The Three Little Pigs Go Camping
This sequel to the Three Little Pigs original story goes steps further to engage the reader in some problem-solving and planning. Simple black and white pen-and-ink drawing allows the imagination to grow, and the font and text per page will not frighten a struggling reader. Ideas for writing and discussion are given, as well as a glossary for words that may be beyond the typical vocabulary.
After the Ashes
Encouraged by her Dutch official father, her aunt tries to groom Katrien into a proper young lady. But Katrien is more interested in catching beetles for an insect collection than being like the other stuffy European girls at her school in the Dutch East Indies of 1883. Making friends with the native Indonesian boy Slamet further isolates her from the popular crowd. When Krakatoa erupts and their families are killed by the resulting tsunami, Katrien and arch enemy Brigitta are forced to work together just to survive.
After the Fall
Did you ever wonder what happened after Humpty Dumpty fell and all the king's men tried to put him back together? Well wait no longer. Humpty Dumpty tells why he was on the wall, how the fall traumatized him, and how he had to overcome his fears to get back up on the wall. That bold step taken, Humpty begins to crack yet again, with text and illustrations affirming that victory over fear releases a new life.
After the Wreck
Jenna, 15, believes that she caused the auto accident that killed her beloved mother and after rehab is sent to liver with her maternal aunt. Life is hard for Jenna; she gets mixed up with the wrong friends and makes stupid choices. However, there is one of her new "bad news" friends who helps her. This is sure to be popular.
Aftermath, The
Cecilia never thought the apocalypse would happen, but three days after Christmas she is completely caught off-guard. Desperately trying to be happy she is alive, this heroine struggles with other survivors to put back the pieces of her life. Sara Miche
Jessie, daughter of a prominent San Francisco physician, searches the streets of Chinatown for answers when a chance encounter reveals a shocking secret. Story of family, love, and history.
This is the dual storyline of an aspiring writer and the story they are writing. It is a well done correlation between a world full of the living and dead, and the complications of the college-girl life. The author adeptly conveys the voice of a young girl, so this becomes two books in one - a contemporary tale of Darcy as well as her fictional character who slips into the supernatural state of the Afterworld.
Age of the Gunfighter
A well-documented picture book of guns, gunslingers, and lawmen sure to delight any western history buff.
Illustrated by Claudio Munoz. Little Wolf is searching for his own voice. He makes several unsuccessful attempts to mimic the sounds of other animals. Love finally leads him to the one who can help in this warm generational story illustrated in soft water colors.
Fourteen-year-old Junior Bledsoe’s father dies from alcoholism, and he becomes the man of the family in the rural south of 1941. When his grandfather moves in, Junior soon learns why everyone hates him. Between odd jobs and working around the farm to support the family, Junior gets in and out of trouble along with his friend, Catfish. Once, he runs away and tries to join the Army; another time, he steals the neighbor’s car to discover more about how his father died--and blows the engine. With the support of a good mother, a strict teacher, and a family friend, Junior discovers his path to a better future.
Ain't Nobody a Stranger to Me
A little girl's grandfather tells her of his travels through the underground railroad and how he carried apple seeds to freedom. He is so content and blessed he doesn't see a stranger.
Airball: my life in briefs
Uncoordinated Kansas seventh-grader Kirby Nickel braves his coach's ire and becomes captain of the basketball team in order to help him prove that NBA star Brett McGrew is the father he has never known.
This extraordinary adventure story set in the era when people were just beginning to realize that flying might really be possible is an impossible-to-put down story that will appeal to all. A top pick!
Al Capone Does My Shirts
A twelve-year-old boy named Moose moves to Alcatraz Island in 1935 when guards' families were housed there, and has to contend with his extraordinary new environment in addition to life with his autistic sister.
Al Capone Shines My Shoes
In the Newbery Honor-winning Al Capone Does My Shirts (2004), 12-year-old Moose Flanagan, who lives on Alcatraz in 1935, appeals to inmate 85 to get his autistic sister, Natalie, into a special school. In this follow-up, it's payback time. "Scarface," whom Moose finally meets, is much more present here, and it turns out that Natalie's benefactor (the famous gangster) wasn't just being a nice guy when he offered his help. He expected favors in return, and now, Natalie is an unsuspecting, potential accomplice in a dramatic prisoner escape attempt.
Alabama Moon
Moon has spent most of his life in a shelter in the forest with his father; Pap has educated him in both academics and survival skills. When Moon's father dies, Moon follows his father's last instructions: to travel to Alaska to find others like themselves.
Albert Einstein: Scientist and Genius
One of a series on famous Americans. Each book includes a glossary, index, timeline, fun facts and other resources. Other titles in the series include: George Washington Carver, Cesar Chavez, Amelia Earhart, Soujourner Truth, Martha Washington, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglas, Thomas Edison, and Harriet Tubman.
Albert the Fix-It Man
Illustrated by Julie Paschkis. A helpful fix-it man cheerfully helps all the people around him. When he gets sick, all those he's helped come together to help him feel better again.
Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary
Hamilton's driving ambition, improbable luck, and devastating heartbreak shaped him into the fascinatingly complex individual celebrated in the award-winning musical. This accessible biography of Alexander Hamilton details his improbable rise from illegitimate orphan to founding father. With maps, graphics, timelines, and primary source materials, this book describes how Hamilton helped shape our country as well as the ways in which his influence is still evident in our government today.
Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider
Cradle to grave life biography of founding father, Alexander Hamilton, divided into sections described by his roles as a scholar, soldier, statesman, etc.
Alexander, Who's Trying to Be The Best Boy Ever
Viorst's favorite character, Alexander, has returned and he is trying to be good no matter what for the rest of his life. Can Alexander resist all the temptations of the day and keep his promise to his mom and dad? Check out the latest addition to the Alexander saga.
Alexandra Hopewell, Labor Coach
Alexandra's class is doing a family life project with real eggs. The fifth graders are supposed to show their responsibility by taking care of the assigned egg as if it were a baby. Alex has broken three eggs so far and her "husband" in the project, Reese, provokes her into breaking a fourth. Alex's mother is having a baby so Alex tells the class that that will be her project--being her mother's labor coach. Alex's hard-to-please teacher doesn't understand or doesn't seem to want to. It's an exciting story that will appeal.
Alfie the Apostrophe
Alfie the Apostrophe overcomes his insecurities when he shows off his abilities at the Punctuation Talent Show.
Alfred Nobel: The Man Behind the Peace Prize
Larger than life illustrations of Alfred Nobel demonstrate his larger than life impact, first with his invention - dynamite - and then with his legacy - the Nobel Peace Prize. This book connects Nobel's ideals and creative genius to his prizes for ideals and creative genius. Picture book biography.
Algeria, Enchantment of the World
Focus is more on the details about the nations' different ethnic groups, environmental issues and wildlife and information about the current political situation rather than major events or people. Books contain full-color photographs, statistics, time lines and Web sites. The current information makes them accessible and useful for reports.
Ali: An American Champion
Creative nonfiction offers a unique perspective on the multi-faceted life of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. Fictional techniques give factual information through mock articles, "man-on-the-street" interviews, letters to the editor, and "breaking news" accounts. The turbulent setting of the times interlaces with events from Ali’s life story – the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement and the March on Washington, his joining the Nation of Islam, and changing his name from Cassius Clay. The visually appealing layout is augmented by black-and-white archival photographs, a time-line of these historical events and of Ali's life.
Alice in the Know
Alice continues growing up in the 21st book of the Alice series as she relates the events of the summer before her junior year in high school. As always Naylor doesn't shy away from tough issues facing teens-humiliation in being tricked into revealing personal info on the computer, being fired from her summer job because of a mistake, defending her friends, dealing with a friend with cancer, etc. It's another winner.
Alice on her Way
Alice is getting used to a new stepmother, her brother's new apartment, her ex-boyfriend, and getting a driver's license.
Alien on a Rampage
David spends adventure-filled summers at his grandmother's Pacific NW Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast - a vacation hot spot for aliens. But this summer isn't quite what he was expecting as he uncovers a plot to destroy the Earth.
Aliens in Disguise
Imagine the Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast that hosts aliens from around the galaxy. Imagine that you and a friend are left in charge of the B & B for a week while your grandmother leaves to accept an award on another planet. What would you do when someone wants to destroy the secret of your B & B? David and his friend Amy saved the universe just a few weeks ago and believe this should be a breeze. But soon they are faced with all sorts of out-of-this world problems! Read this book to see how David and Amy save the day.
Alive and Well in Prague, New York
Living in a small podunk town in upstate New York has Mattise Osgood in a constant state of funk. Leaving midtown Manhattan is hard to do for such a city girl who is used to museums and chic used clothing stores. But her artist parents feel that the slower-paced environment will be better for Mattise's father, who is struggling with Parkinson's Disease. Mattise was able to hide from the harsh realities of her father's debilitation in the city; it is not as easy in a much smaller town where everyone seems to know your business. Accepting the kindness of real friends seems to be hard for Mattise, but learning to open up also opens the door for other wonderful possibilities.
Alive in the Killing Fields: Surviving the Khmer Route Genocide
This is a sobering autobiography of children growing up in war-torn Cambodia. It details the troubled life of families surviving the attacks of the Khmer Rouge and focuses on the escape of one nine-year-old boy. This is a short but emotional read.
All Aboard the Dinotrain
Dinosaurs have an adventurous train ride. Fantastical fiction combines dinosaurs with trains.
All Aboard to Work - Choo-Choo!
This cumulative rhyming story tells of the many parents commuting to work for the jobs they do during the day, and then coming home at night to the families they love. The vibrant, animal illustrations will appeal to young children.
All About Marsupials
An easy non-fiction book about marsupials with terrific artwork.
All American Boys
Present-day racial tensions radiate from the pages of this novel as Quinn, who is white, witnesses the brutal beating of black teammate Rashad by a white cop. Quinn's shock registers on many levels since Paul, the white cop, has been like an older brother to Quinn, and this behavior seems totally inconsistent with the mentor he knows. Several main characters are on the basketball team also, some taking up Rashad's offense and some siding with the cop; and the polarization and anger play out on the court. Reactions spread through the school and spill into a protest march down to the police station.
All Different Now
The slaves in Texas did not learn of their freedom until June 19, 1865, a full two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This day has become a day of celebration for many African-Americans. E.B. Lewis' superb illustrations greatly enhance Angela Johnson's account of how a group of slaves reacts to the news that they are free. This thought-provoking book is outstanding in its simplicity.
All Four Stars
Gladys Gatsby is a self-taught chef at age eleven, partly due to the fact that her parents' idea of cooking involves only a microwave or a drive-through. A string of crazy circumstances results in Gladys being mistaken for a food critic, and now she must sneak into the city to review New York's hot new dessert bistro.
All of the above
Four urban middle school students, their teacher and other community members relate how a school project to build the world's largest tetrahedron affects the lives of everyone involved.
All our Yesterdays
Imagine a machine that could actually allow you to travel back in time. Now imagine that machine in the hands of a man that wants to destroy the world and become a ruler. Em is caught with the responsibility of using the machine to stop the destruction from happening while still protecting and saving the love of her life. In this thrilling page turner, author Terrill takes you into a not too distant future where time is no longer an obstacle.
All Star! Honus Wagner and the Most Famous Baseball Card Ever
A biography of Major League shortstop Honus Wagner who played for more than 20 seasons. He was the son of German immigrants who went from working in the coal mines to playing in the majors.
All the Bright Places
They meet on their school's clock tower, both on the literal brink of jumping, and step back into tenuous life and a hesitant, if unlikely, romance. His frequent appearance changes, constant bullying from classmates (even from his own dad), and obsession with suicide, her mere existence since her sister died, all fade somewhat as two deeply wounded teens journey through tragedy and then their home state for a school project. His wild mood and behavior swings are identified late in the tale as unrelenting, undiagnosed bipolar disorder while she begins to emerge from her devastating grief, and both grapple with the tumult of their complex relationship. Suicide prevention resources are included.
All the Broken Pieces
Two years after being airlifted out of Vietnam in 1975, Matt Pin is haunted by the terrible secret he left behind and, now, in a loving adoptive home in the United States, a series of profound events forces him to confront his past.
All the Broken Pieces: A Novel in Verse
Two years after being airlifted out of Vietnam in 1975, Matt Pin is haunted by the terrible secret he left behind and, now, in a loving adoptive home in the United States, a series of profound events forces him to confront his past.
All the Lovely Bad Ones: a Ghost Story
Banned from summer camp because of their previous actions, twelve-year-old Travis and his younger sister Corey have been sent to spend the summer at their aunt's Vermont bed and breakfast inn. When the pair discover that the inn is supposed to be haunted, they decide to "haunt" the inn with a few pranks, but their scheme works too well. They wake up the real ghosts, and then trouble really begins. Both humorous and mildly creepy.
All the Stars in the Sky
he Santa Fe Trail Diary of Florrie Mack Ryder. Dear America series. Florrie begins her diary as she, her younger brother, mother and stepfather start their trip from Arrow Rock, Missouri. They encounter many adventures and hardships along the Santa Fe Trail. Includes many stops in Kansas on the Santa Fe Trail.
All the Ways the World Can End
Lenny Hermann is obsessed with ways the world could end: aliens, climate change, asteroids—probably to take her mind off her father dying from cancer. Lenny feels lost. Her best friend is moving across the country at the end of the year, her sister is away at college, and her mom's judgeship occupies all her time. Lenny's last hope for a solid connection seems to be her crush, Dr. Ganesh—the man she hopes can save her father. But a misguided text, and late-night vandalism seem to have Lenny spiraling out of control. Abby Sher creates well-developed, likeable characters. Teens dealing with a terminally ill family member will relate to Lenny's confusion, guilt, and ultimately hopefulness.
All We Know of Heaven
They look alike, they dress alike, they share the same friends. A horrible car crash kills one and leaves the other brain injured. One set of parents grieve while the other sits at the bedside until they find out the hospital has mixed up the identities.
Allie Finkles Rules for Girls: Moving Day
This is a totally charming book. Allie is hilarious. She faces all the problems and insecurities of most young girls, but stands up for what she believes in.
Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: the New Girl
Faced with a new school, being the new girl is not easy, especially since one of the girls in Allie's new class, Rosemary, doesn't like her. Everyone has an opinion on how Allie should handle the situation, but what rule should Allie follow?
Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream
These women trained for space flight - proving women were smart enough and strong enough to do the job - but the prejudice of men kept them grounded. They laid the groundwork that took over 20 years before NASA allowed women in the space program.
Almost Paradise
A unique cast of characters and a zany plot keep this debut novel rollicking along. Twelve-year-old Ruby’s rather feckless mother has taken up with a shady character whom Ruby disdainfully dubs Catfish. Her quick thinking and resiliency are of great benefit when her mother lands in jail after Catfish bungles a gas station robbery. Left to fend for herself in a strange town, Ruby sets out to find her estranged aunt, a nun living on a nearby peach ranch who turns out to have cancer. Ruby’s fresh voice shines through to this tale’s happy, sad, and yet satisfying conclusion.
Alone in the World
The author reveals daily lives of orphans. She begins with Sam Arcus and his siblings being left at an orphanage in 1729. An afterword detailing the later lives of some of the children included makes a satisfying conclusion to this fascinating account.
Alpha Bravo Charlie: the Military Alphabet
This is a different kind of alphabet book. Using the military alphabet symbols the reader is taken through the alphabet with colorful illustratoins of military equipment and personnel. Each letter has the Navy signal flag on the page and a sentence using at least one word beginning with the letter. A throughly enjoyable book for anyone.
Alphabet of Dreams
Mitra and Babak are children of royalty, yet must hide and life as beggars until Mitra discovers her little brother has a talent for dream interpretation. Soon they are hunted for Babak's talent, but find relative safety traveling in a caravan with the Magi, who are looking for a bright star that has been reveled to them.
Alphabet School
Inspired by a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich the author's daughter brings home from school, readers find a humorous approach to the alphabet. His foreword urges children and their teachers to seek other alphabet forms in objects all around them.
Also Known As Elvis
Skeezie is also called Elvis because he wears his dad's old leather jacket everywhere.  It is all he had left from when his dad abandoned the family years ago.  Now dad is back in the picture, and he wants Skeezie to come live with him and his new wife.  Skeezie is torn, and has to decide between staying with his mom and two sisters or moving out to be with his dad. 
Also Known as Harper
Writing poetry helps fifth-grader Harper Lee Morgan cope with her father's absence, being evicted, and having to skip school to care for her brother while their mother works, and things look even brighter after she befriends a mute girl and a kindly disabled woman.
Also Known as Harper
A heartbreaking story of a family down on their luck, a remarkable mother who holds them together, and a young girl with hope.
Althea & Oliver
Althea and Oliver have been best friends since they were six. Oliver has a serious sleep disorder where he falls asleep and won’t wake up for days or even weeks. But as they get ready for their senior year, Oliver and Althea have a serious falling out over her relationship with another guy. When Oliver decides to enter a sleep disorder program in New York City, Althea takes off to find him and make amends. Despite a lot of underage drinking and drug use along with some rough language, this story casts a searching light on identity, illness, love, and why bad decisions can sometimes feel so good.
Always in Trouble
Toby is a mischievous pooch who finds different trouble to get into each day of the week. Even several sessions of obedience school don't "tame" him. The fun cut out at the end of the story shows Toby reverting to his naughty behavior. It makes a great read-aloud but the details in the cartoon-like illustrations make it perfect for individual reading too.
Always Remember Me
Rachel wanted to know what was in Oma's (grandma) secret album. One day Oma thought she was old enough to hear the family's sad survival through World War II.
Always Twins
Olivia and Lily duck are twins. Wherever they go, others always comment on how much they look alike. Sometimes they get upset about it or get into arguments. After one such argument, the twins decide to spend some time apart, and Olivia finds herself in danger. Can Lily and Olivia put their problem aside in order to help each other?
Amaranth Enchantment, The
Orphaned at age five, Lucinda, now fifteen, stands with courage against the man who took everything from her, aided by a thief, a clever goat, and a mysterious woman called the Witch of Amaranth, while the prince she knew as a child prepares to marry, unaware that he, too, is in danger.
Amazing Flight of Darius Frobisher, The
Darius has a good life with his absent-minded, much loved housekeeper until his dad goes away and does not return. Lawyers take him away from Miss Hastings and he goes to live with his cranky, miserable aunt. He lives in her dark, damp basement and discovers there an old rusty bicycle. The magic begins!! Storyteller, author Bill Harley spins an amazing story.
Amazing Harry Kellar, The
Many people today have never heard of Harry Kellar, but he was the "Father of Magic" in the U.S. Kellar was a good friend and mentor to Houdini and a great performer who astounded audiences around the world.
Amazing story of Adolphus Tips, The
The disappearance of Adolphus, the family cat, prompts Lily and her family to befriend Adie, a lonely Black American GI when he rescues the cat after it wanders into the area where Allied troops are practicing for D-Day. Now fifty years later, a chance encounter between Harley-riding grandmother Lily and Adie, prompts Lily to share her childhood experiences with her twelve-year-old grandson so that he will understand the life-changing decisions Lily and Adie make after their chance reunion.
Amazing Waterfrogs
From the Amphibiana Series, water frogs are beautifully displayed in full-color photos, as well as information about the life cycles from egg to adult along with their habits. Ideas for preventing extinction and sites for further information are given.
Amazing Whales
Photos by Wildlife Conservation Society. Thompson's large well spaced text engages readers with information describing size, how they breathe, how they catch their food, how they communicate, their behaviors, and efforts to protect endangered species. Author makes use of age appropriate comparisons and imagery and large full color photographs. Makes a great addition to easy reading section where nonfiction titles may be scarce. Part of I Can Read series.
Gabe Fuentes' summer takes a major shift as he unexpectedly becomes the Earth's ambassador to the Galaxy in this humor-laced adventure. Can he solve two sets of alien problems and save his parents from deportation?
Amber Brown Horses Around
Amber is happy to spend the summer after 4th grade with her friends at summer camp. She so enjoys learning to ride one of the wonderful horses that she doesn't even mind having to muck out Cinnamon's stall. But her worst enemy, Hannah, is one of her cabin mates, and Amber is sure Hannah has targeted her in some pranks. When Amber and her friends decide to exact revenge, things don't go as planned.
America through the Lens
Through the experiences of a diverse group of photographers, readers may gain knowledge of some of the important social causes of our country's history. The author provides biographical information about each photographer as well as the impact his or her photography had on American society. Of the eleven photographers researched, five were women.
American Flag, The
This entertaining book about the American Flag offers surprising facts. Each page could be used to explore multiple text features. Exceptional pictures and easy to read text on every page make this book eye-catching.
American Shorthairs: Pioneers
The book gives surprising facts about cat's history, its physical appearance, and its personality. Beautiful photos of the of the American Shorthairs will delight any cat lover. Part of the
American Slave, American Hero
This nonfiction record closely follows historical records. York's life from childhood to maturity in depicted in the watercolor illustration by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu. York takes an active role in providing food for the expedition and coping with emergencies, as well as, clowning around with laughing Arikara children.
Amethyst Road, The
With family love, romantic love and systematic racial oppression, this futuristic novel relates the story of 16-year-old Serena and her sister who have been outcast from their tribe due to Serena's sister having an out-of-wedlock child. Serena's temper gets her in trouble so she has to hit the road to escape. A great adventure!
Amina's Voice
Amina has just started middle school and a very unsettling segment of life. Her best friend Soojin is thinking about changing her name to be more American and seems more interested in hanging out with one of the cool girls. Her uncle visiting from Pakistan frowns on her piano playing as “un-Muslim,” and her parents sign her up for a Quran-reading contest. When the local Islamic center is vandalized, her world is further shaken. Timeless struggles of dissonant cultures, family tensions, growing up, and finding one’s voice are deftly portrayed in a tale which grants insight into Muslim beliefs, Pakistani and other national customs.
Among the Enemy
The author has written another tight thriller, number six in the Shadow Children series. Matthias and his friends Percy and Alia, are taken into custody by the Population Police. In the ensuing mayhem, Matthias is separated from his friends and ends up at the Population Police Headquarters, being treated as a hero. Can Matthias use his position to find his friends and stop the evil against the children?
Among the Free
This final installment on the Shadow Children series focuses on illegal third-child Luke, who has been working undercover in the Population Police stables with the hope of somehow helping overthrow the oppressive regime. One woman's refusal to comply to a summons kick starts a revolution. Luke was destined to play a critical role in the revolution. The story moves quickly. A light, easy read that won't disappoint the fans of the series.
An Apple Pie for Dinner
Granny Smith wants an apple pie for dinner but she doesn't have any apples. Through the use of claymation figures we follow Granny as she heads off with a basket of plums hoping to make a trade for apples. The story is based on the English folktale "An Apple Dumpling" and includes a recipe at the end.
An Eyeball in My Garden and Other Spine-Tingling Poems
Especially for those who crave the creepy...This book of poems won't make you sleepy! Stark black and white illustrations add spooky dimension to these selected scary poems.
Anastasia and Her Sisters
Diary style narrative introduces readers to Anastasia Romanov, the Russian princess who must watch world events culminate in the destruction of her family and everything familiar. Young teens will relate to her initial focus on sibling challenges and royal adventures, and track with her growing awareness of the more somber political upheavals beyond her control or comprehension. This well researched historical fiction follows the actual timeline of events, offering poignant insight into the demise of an entire way of life.
Anatomy of a Tornado
Living in Tornado Ally, tornadoes are a reality, especially in the spring.
Ancient Chinese
This book is a quick and easy summary of ancient China, its history and its people. It covers brief discussions and illustrations covering: Great Inventions, Arts & Crafts, Buildings, Beliefs and Festivals, as well as everyday life in rural areas and major cities.
Ancient Egypt
Become an expert on Ancient Egypt with this interactive trivia book. Wow your friends and teachers with facts about the customs and ancient mysteries, and test your knowledge with fun quizzes throughout the book. Varied and exciting layout will keep readers engaged.
Ancient Egypt
Beginning book about the wonders of Ancient Egypt and how people lived as well as some of their beliefs. Very unique pictures.
Ancient Greece: Health and Disease
Part of Changing Times series. Development of new scientific beliefs about health and disease, replacing the traditional belief of gods as healers. Includes timeline, glossary and index.
And Then Everything Unraveled
Delia learns that her mother and the entire expedition ship has disappeared somewhere around Antarctica. Everyone accepts the death, except Delia who knows her mother is too organized to just disappear. Nevertheless, Delia is shipped back east to be cared for by two aunts. To find her mother, Delia uses a psychic, a private investigator, a gifted science class and a cute boyfriend.
Andrew Jackson
Did you know that Andrew Jackson was the first president not born into a wealthy family? At the age of 13 he serves as messenger to assist the Colonies' rebellion against England. His war experience shaped his future and helped prepare him for his two terms as our seventh president. Interesting additions include a glossary, a timeline, and an index in this worthy supplement to an early American history unit.
Angel Burn
Typical of this genre, it is clearly the first part of a series. The story of Willow and Alex.where good and evil are not what they seem.
Angels Grace
Grace's parents are from Trinidad but now are living in Brooklyn. Grace goes to Trinidad to visit her grandmother. As she sees photos that show a man with a resemblance to her she decides to find out more. She's had a feeling of not belonging and hopes she finds answers. Sweet coming-of-age story that keeps readers' interest as it describes in detail life in Trinidad, the author's original home.
Angus MacMouse Brings Down the House
Angus MacMouse is such an adventurer! In a frenzy, and finding himself on stage at an opera, he frightens a soprano into a note so high that it shatters glass. The impresario sees a marketable gimmick in this talent, so he has his daughter befriend the mouse. The skittish soprano and other plotters also develop plans for success. In one dangerous predicament after another, Angus survives, is coached by the conductor, and has his debut with the orchestra.
Animal Crackers Fly the Coop
The Breman Town Musicians have never had so much PUN! With riddle after riddle, and word tricks galore, this familiar tale is re-told with lots of "fodder" for any kid that loves to ask riddles or tell jokes.
Animal Helpers Sanctuaries
What happens to exotic animal "pets" when they grow up from cute, cuddly babies into full size adults, and the owners decide they can't, or won't, care for them any longer? This book has information about wild animal sanctuaries, rescue zoos, and care farms. (The text does make it clear that it is "never a good idea" to keep a wild animal as a pet.) Educational activities are included in the end matter.
Animal Helpers Zoos
Readers take a behind-the-scenes tour of zoos and the wide variety of jobs zookeepers perform. They learn about feeding, care, breeding, and protection through close-up photographs of adorable animals. A good addition to community helpers books.
Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers
Powerful birds of prey might seem invincible to children, but even they can be hurt or injured and in need of help. Color photographs show raptors in the wild and in raptor centers while simple text explains when human help might be needed.
Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators
This book introduces children to wildlife rehabilitators - those who rescue and care for sick, hurt, or orphaned animals. Vivid photographs of a bobcat, bald eagle, and a squirrel with a cast on its broken leg are sure to capture the interest of animal l
Animal Legs
The legs and feet of various insects and animals are very different, and those special adaptations accommodate more than just walking, swimming, grasping, and digging. Who knew there are creatures that can smell or taste with their feet? Close-up photos show the various anatomical features described, while accompanying questions, matching quiz, and substantial end matter merit adding this book to any science room collection.
Animal Partners
With fun rhymes this book describes how animals can help each other out, introducing children to the concept of symbiotic relationships. Colorful illustrations show different species of animals that work together in this early science resource.
Animal School: What Class Are You?
In rhyming text for beginning learners, interesting facts about the classes of vertebrates - reptiles, fish, mammals, birds, and amphibians - are presented. A note about invertebrates is also included along with a very useful chart of the five classes, listing characteristics of each class, examples of species in that class, and exception examples of that class. Beautiful illustrations by Michael Garland add to the appeal.
Animal Strike at the Zoo
I read it! It's true, there's a strike at the zoo! Little Sue is broken-hearted when she comes to the zoo and the animals are on strike. Saddened by the hurt they caused, the animals realize they enjoy making visitors like Sue happy by going wild. Hurray! No more strike at the zoo, but.Lively pictures of expressive characters support the quick rhyming text that makes this a fun read or read aloud.
This is a book of rhyming analogies featuring animals including sounds, physical adaptations, behaviors, and animal classification. It would be useful in showing examples of analogy to students in preparation for standardized tests.
Animals in the House: a History of Pets & People
An entertaining and well-organized book that explores pet ownership and the history of the domestication of pets. Colorful, flashy pages filled with photos, drawings, and fun graphics accompany a wealth of information. Includes a source list and index.
Animals in Winter
All About Winter series. Learn about the many ways that animals survive during the winter. The author explains migration and hibernation using very simple text. Includes vivid photos and numerous text features.
Animals Work
Beautiful, realistic paintings of various animals helping people (herding, carrying, pulling, providing companionship) are featured in this "I Like to Read" book for emergent readers. A world map on the two-page endpapers of the book identify the locations where animals in this book live. The information throughout the book would be useful in a compare/contrast activity for very young children.
Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller
This unique graphic novel illuminates the clash of wills between Annie, the teacher, and Helen, the student. Annie herself was vision impaired, so she had a grand grasp on the realities of teaching Helen nouns first, and then more. Some frames are dark
Another Book About Design
Art teachers will love this book about design. Simple colors, designs, and shapes are used to get complex concepts across.
Answering the Cry for Freedom: Stories of African Americans and the American Revolution
This book chronicles thirteen African Americans who lived during the early years of the United States. Each easy-to-read story is independent of the others and thus can be read in any order. Some are famous in history, some were slaves, some free. One founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church, another the first branch of Black Freemasons. One woman sued for her freedom and won, another worked to guarantee the freedom of her children. The bibliography and source notes at the end implore further research.
At Alexandria Prep High School, everyone has a secret, some more damaging than others. Anna, who has social anxiety disorder, finds a kindred spirit in Palmer, who becomes her first boyfriend. Unfortunately, Anna draws away from her friends as her relationship with Palmer progresses. After Palmer breaks up with her, Anna must repair friendships while other classmates fall apart because of all the secrets that are quickly becoming common knowledge. This would be a great novel to go with digital citizenship lessons. At times graphic, the secrets that are revealed in this book are not altogther school appropriate.
Antlered Ship, The
Marco the fox has so many questions for which he longs to find answers, but none of the other foxes on his island can help. When an antlered ship arrives with deer for crewmembers, he climbs aboard and sets sail on a voyage with other animals. Marco finds some answers through new adventures and his new friends, but also has more questions. The Fan Brothers' illustrations add beauty and depth to a thoughtful story which speaks to life’s continuous quest for companionship and enlightenment.
In this sequel to Gaston, Antoinette is a lone French poodle in a family of bulldogs. All her brothers have special talents, but she has yet to discover hers. When one of Gaston's sisters, Ooh-La-La, goes missing, Antoinette discovers her talent for tracking by leading the search with her nose, and Ooh-La-La is rescued. Fans of Gaston will want this companion book.
Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea
The cat brothers, Anton and Cecil, could not be more different. They go to sea in separate ships. In this somewhat parallel story, the brothers each survive in dangerous situations and all the while, are yearning to find one another. Fierce rats, hungry birds, and angry storms are all challenges to overcome on the high seas as each of the cats learn to keep an "eye" on the sky. This book would make a good classroom read-aloud.
Anubis Speaks!
Take a trip into the afterworld of Egyptian mythology with the jackal-headed-god, Anubis. He shares the story of Ra's journey through the Land of the Dead and points out that his journey served as symbol and metaphor for the human passage through life and afterlife. With ghoulish humor and lots of attitude, the narration, plus the incredible wealth of interesting detail, would make this book a hit in any library.
Anybody Shining?
With no children her age to play with, Arie Mae is lonely for a friend and begins writing to a cousin she’s never met. Arie Mae is determined to fill Caroline in on all that’s happening in her life and she is sure that will open the door between the families. Courtesy of a great author, Arie Mae presents as a delightful storyteller and brings to life the people and events in the mountains of 1920s North Carolina.
Anything but Ordinary
Bryce wakes up from her coma and remembers her diving accident like it was yesterday. But she soon discovers that she's been locked in a five-year coma and is now 22. Her best friends have moved on, her "little" sister is now 17, her parents are distant
Anything but Ordinary Addie
From the time she was small, Addie insisted on shunning the ordinary to perform on stage where she truly came alive. She met and married magician Hermann the Great, becoming part of his act and together they took the world of magic by storm. When Hermann died suddenly, Adelaide again defied expectations to carry on the act herself and take it to new heights. A fabulous tale of a woman determined to write her own narrative is brilliantly enhanced with eye-popping illustrations that draw the reader in like few others.
Anything But Typical
Jason, a twelve-year-old autistic boy who wants to become a writer, relates what his life is like as he tries to make sense of his world.
Anything But Typical
Jason, a twelve-year-old autistic boy who wants to become a writer, relates what his life is like as he tries to make sense of his world.
Apple Countdown
Mr. Yee's class takes a trip to the apple farm and counts down from 20 all the things they learn there. This book combines colorful illustrations and counting backwards with many facts the students might learn from a visit to an apple farm.
Apple Tart of Hope, The
From his super special apple tarts to his uncanny ability to sense those in need, there really is no one quite like Oscar. When Oscar turns up missing and presumed dead, it's up to his best friend Meg to sustain the hope that, somehow, Oscar will return. Along the way, Meg learns some of the hard truths of Oscar's life and the series of events that may have led him to his fateful decision. With a painful depiction of bullying and an earnest look at first love, The Apple Tart of Hope is a fast-moving, fresh novel for young readers.
Applesauce Weather
Faith and Peter watch the apple trees, waiting for the first apple to fall--which means it's applesauce weather, and time for Uncle Arthur's annual visit. Gentle poems grant insight into the characters, including the children's normal expectations for this favorite time of year: apple harvest spiced up with Uncle Arthur's storytelling. But since Uncle Arthur recently lost Aunt Lucy, he's not his usual yarn-spinning, twinkle-eyed self. Young readers gain an excellent exposure to poetry while the mutual comfort and caring reach across generations as the children patiently coax Uncle Arthur through his sadness to share more stories--like how did he really lose part of his finger?
April Fool, Phyllis!
In this lighthearted romp, when Phyllis the groundhog forecasts a blizzard on the first day of April, the same day as the Spring Treasure Hunt, the other groundhogs are convinced that Phyllis is pulling a prank.
Arbor Day Square
Katie and her father help plant and tend trees in their blooming frontier town. This is a great book that explains the importance of Arbor Day.
Archer's quest
Twelve-year-old Kevin Kim helps Chu-mong, a legendary King of ancient Korea, return to his own time.
Arctic Fox Pups
This is one of eight books in the
Arctic Fox: Very Cool!
This Uncommon Animals series profiles some fairly uncommon and rare animals in the world! Students will better understand the creatures and of some of the challenges facing scientists. Excellent photos!
Arctic Thaw: The People of the Whale in a Changing Climate
The effects of global warming are examined here, particularly in relation to the Alaskan Inupiag whaling tradition. This is a sobering look at the possible consequences of global warming, while laced with hopeful notes. Wonderful photography included.
Are You Going to be Good?
Illustrated by Brian Karas. Young Robert is going to his first grown-up party, great-gran Sadie's 100th birthday. He's all dressed up and has practiced his manners but when he gets there he forgets. All the relatives tell him not to do that! Then great-gran shows up and they both have a wonderful time.
Are You Quite Polite?
Silly lyrics about manners to tunes of familiar children's songs.
Sally's class is incubating eggs for a science project. But her egg looks different from the other eggs - it is huge and green with yellow polka dots. And when it hatches, the "chick" is green, scaly, and has big yellow eyes. Sally isn't sure she likes such a different science project, but when the chick, Argus, gets lost, she realizes that "different" is not bad. Deadpan humor and attractive illustrations make this book a keeper.
Armored and Dangerous - Dino Times Trivia Series
The books in this series are high interest action-packed titles students will enjoy. Pages include pronunciation guides and interesting facts with illustrations of the creatures in action. Each book includes maps and timelines.
Army: Civilian to Soldier
Gives the reader a peek into the training and preparation that goes into becoming a soldier. Full color photos enrich the text. A glossary, index, bibliography and websites are included.
Around America to Win the Vote
More than 100 years ago, two women drove all the way across the country to stir up support for equal voting rights for women. Muddy roads got their little yellow car stuck numerous times, naysayers tried to discredit them, while travel through blizzards and deserts added danger. But Nell Richardson and Alice Burke allowed nothing to deter them from spreading their message. Lively and humorous drawings still convey the daunting nature of such a road trip early in the days of motor cars, and energetic narrative describes such highlights as their encounters with other key suffragists. End matter gives more period details of the automobile and highlights of the women's suffrage movement.
Around the World in 100 Days
Picking up where
Art from her Heart
Illustrated by Shane Evans. Clementine Hunter's life on Melrose Plantation is the theme throughout her folk art paintings. Her paintings hang in a museum, but she is unable to see them due to the color of her skin, until a friend sneaks her in after hours.
Art of Flying, The
After three witches accidentally change three birds into humans, they lure 11-year-old Fortuna to help reverse the spell, but she proves an unreliable cohort. Fortuna makes friends with one of the "birds" named Martin who has escaped from their home. Martin doesn't want to have anything to do with the Baldwin's. Silly witches, transformed birds, and a plucky heroine equal "real, live adventure."
Artemis Fowl: the Lost Colony
Thousands of years ago, humans and fairies fought a great battle for the Magical island of Ireland. The fairies went underground except for the eighth family, the Demons. Their island was sent into Limbo after a time spell went wrong. The spell is deteriorating and the demons are coming back to earth. The fairies, with the help of Artemis, must try to correct the tainted time spell before the lost demon colony returns violently to Earth. Another winner fro fans of the series.
Artichoke's Heart
Rosie is overweight and a loner. She eats to comfort herself but finally makes a choice to deal with her weight. Lots of issues pressure Rosie to go back to her unhealthy eating. Rosie's voice is compelling.
Article 5: Compliance is Mandatory
This book is about America and the aftermaths of war. Mother is called a moral suspect and daughter Ember is shipped to reform school. Her former boyfriend is one of the arresting military. Full of adventures and twists and turns, Article 5 is full of
Artist's America
Pop artist Michael Albert gives his rendition of collage works.
As An Oak Tree Grows
In 1775, a Native American child plants an acorn and an oak tree begins its life. In 25-year increments, author Brian Karas chronicles - in text, but also most impressively in detailed illustrations - the changes in one plot of land during the life of a tree, until it perishes in a terrible storm in the year 2000. Included in the pictorial spreads are the disappearance of Native American huts, the advent of farms, the building of towns, and the inventions of electricity and automobiles. Pictures portray other fun details such as the push lawnmower (1850), a "hippie" microbus (1975), and a convenience store (2000), all in the same area where the Native American hut once stood. The book ends on a hopeful note, as a new oak seedling begins growing next to the stump of the old oak tree.
As Brave As You
From Brooklyn, eleven-year-old Genie and his older brother, Ernie, spend the summer with their grandparents in rural Virginia. As a result of some past conflict, the boys’ father and grandfather do not speak to one another. Genie is shocked and fascinated to learn that his grandfather is blind. He asks questions all the time, even writing questions down when he can’t get the answers immediately. He and his grandfather slowly bond. Genie is surprised when Ernie doesn’t want to learn to shoot a gun, which is a tradition in the region for 14-year-old boys. The past rears its ugly head, and Genie learns what happened. The reader will enjoy the strong and colorful characters and appreciate the depth of Genie’s questions.
As Far As I Can See
My America Series. Meg's comfortable life in St. Louis is shattered when her sister and mother become ill and she is sent, with her brother, to live in the "clean, sweet air of Kansas territory."
Ashes brings an excellent if long-awaited conclusion to riveting historical fiction tales begun with Chains (2008) and Forge (2010). After the difficult journey to South Carolina (background story in earlier books), escaped slave Isabel finally finds her sister, who had been captured and returned to slavery in the South. But Ruth doesn’t seem to remember or even like her. Travel companion Curzon reenlists with the Patriot army, and Aberdeen, who escaped with Ruth, joins the sisters in their perilous journey to the North. Against a backdrop of the war-torn Colonies and the debate of Patriots versus Loyalists, the moral dilemma of slavery dogs their heels, and the girls must veer toward Yorktown to avoid bounty-hunting slave-catchers. Missing Curzon and desperate to survive, Isabel does whatever she must to gain their freedom.
This novel, set in 1932 Berlin, shows Hitler's inescapable rise to power and it's impact on a German family. Gaby withdraws from school after her literature teacher presses her to join the Hitler Youth. Then her older sister becomes pregnant and plans to marry Karl, whom Gaby suspects of being a Nazi. Complex characters will bring this personal and political historical period alive for the reader.
Ask Albert Einstein
Einstein actually helped students with their math homework. In this story, based on a newspaper article, a seven year old sends Einstein her sister's math problem. He answers with a clue that helps her figure it out. Fun illustrations, interesting biographical information, but difficult math.
Ask Elizabeth
Written in the spirit of a group diary in a loose journal, this fresh, young view of teen-girl advice will be relied on again and again for comfort and guidance. It will be of special interest to girls who seek answers on life, love, and wardrobe.
Ask Me No Questions
This thought-provoking novel describes the life of one Muslim family living illegally in New York City and the changes that came after the World Trade Center disaster. Told as a first person narrative through the eyes of fourteen-year-old Nadira, the family struggles to find their place in a society that suddenly views all Muslims as suspects.
Astrotwins: Project Blastoff
Scott and Mark are in big trouble for taking apart and ruining their dad's calculator. The twins' punishment is being sent to Grandpa's house where they find plenty of chores and no TV. Grandpa encourages them to work on a project together, but travel into space probably wasn't what he had in mind. With the help of other talented and knowledgeable kids, they set out to build a real rocket that can blast off and orbit earth. But who gets to be the astronaut?
At the Controls: Questioning Video and Computer Games
Part of the Fact Finders: Media Literacy series, this book explores aspects of video and computer games, particularly marketing. The book prompts the reader to think critically about the messages the games reflect. Includes related websites, additional reading, index and glossary.
At the Edge of the Universe
What happens when you wake up one morning and your best friend has vanished? Tommy and Ozzie have been best friends since second grade. Suddenly it is as if Tommy never existed. There are no memories of him in anyone's mind but Ozzie's. Is the universe around the town shrinking? How can Ozzie get Tommy back? And will it mean that he must give up his new friend, Calvin? You won't want to miss this winner about a boy who gradually realizes the things he remembers are being erased from others' memories.
Rio has always dreamed of leaving the underwater city of Atlantia to live in the sun, but she is betrayed by her sister and must remain below. Now she learns the city has secrets: it is failing and soon everyone will have to leave or die. Can her secret power, the siren song, save her and the people she loves?
Attack of the Alien Horde
Miles Taylor is in a new middle school and is dealing with the school bully. When he goes to his dad’s construction site, Miles witnesses an alien attack which is thwarted by the superhero Gilded. Just before Gilded dies, he gives Miles his cape telling him that he is now Gilded. The cape can only be used to help others, not for personal gain nor, Miles learns with dismay, to get back at the school bully. Use of the cape and harnessing the accompanying superpowers brings the realization that being a superhero is hard work. Visual enhancement features a change from prose to graphic novel style whenever Gilded is in action.
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Interactive story about the attack on Pearl Harbor with three story paths, 51 choices, and 17 different endings. The reader will come to understand cause/effect relationships and "choose your own adventure."
Audrey Wait!
After Audrey dumps her musician boyfriend, he becomes inspired to write a song "Audrey Wait." Before Audrey can say "pop star" the song becomes a number one hit and she is being hounded by the paparazzi!
Aunt Minnie and the Twister
After a tornado rearranges a Kansas house, Aunt Minnie and her nine nieces and nephews add a much needed room. A humorous and affectionate look at an unusual family.
Aunt Minnie and the Twister
After a tornado rearranges a Kansas house, Aunt Minnie and her nine nieces and nephews add a much needed room. A humorous and affectionate look at an unusual family.
Aunt Minnie and the Twister
After a tornado rearranges a Kansas house, Aunt Minnie and her nine nieces and nephews add a much needed room. A humorous and affectionate look at an unusual family.
Aunt Minnie and the Twister
After a tornado rearranges a Kansas house, Aunt Minnie and her nine nieces and nephews add a much needed room. A humorous and affectionate look at an unusual family.
Author Day for Room 3T
Preparation for an author visit starts seroiusly as the students in room 3T read books by Harry Bookman and think up questions for someone "new and different." Things suddenly get seriously silly when the librarian, Mrs. Storey, loses her glasses and can't see the monkey business that ensues when a decked out chimpanzee arrives to answer the students' questions. It is silly and absurd enough for youngsters--foolish enough to provide comic relief for teachers and librarians who plan huge author events.
Autism and Me: Sibling Stories
Photographs accompany the essays written by siblings of children with autism. Fears, joys, frustrations, and futures are discussed with the simplicity of child-to-child conversation.
Tanner and Autumn had explored a relationship when Tanner’s family first relocated from the San Francisco area to Provo, Utah a few years ago, which somewhat cushioned the culture shock for this bisexual young man of Jewish descent moving to Mormon territory. He manages to keep a low profile until Autumn challenges him to take a special novel-writing class the last semester of high school. Tanner falls for the TA, Sebastian, the son of an LDS bishop. Sebastian won't admit he is gay, and at first Tanner is patient with Seb's dilemma of keeping his deeply held religious beliefs and accepting his sexuality. Their bromance provides the subject of Tanner’s novel for the class assignment. But Seb eventually loses his family's support and severs his relationship with Tanner in a tale that delicately balances between sexuality and organized religion with very relatable characters.
Avalon High
When Ellie has to move to Annapolis, she enrolls at Avalon High. King Arthur and his court become the theme of the novel. Does reincarnation exists? Is King Arthur alive and well in Avalon High?
Avielle of Rhia
Avielle is a Rhian princess who has inherited the silver skin and hair of her great-great-grandmother, a Dredonian who used her evil magic against Rhia. Because she fears she inherited the black magic of her ancestor also, Avielle avoids contact with the world. The Dedonians attack, killing all of the royal family except Avielle, who is taken in by a kind weaver. As she tries to hide Avielle struggles to accept her heritage, her magic and her duty. She finds the courage to come forward and save her people.
In this sequel to The Line, Rachel learns her father is still living in the devastated territory of Away. Rachel crosses over to their world and struggles to adjust to life Away, after having Crossed the Line where the Others reside as she searches to rescue her father.
Aye-Aye: An Evil Omen
This Uncommon Animals series profiles some fairly uncommon and rare animals in the world! Students will better understand the creatures and of some of the challenges facing scientists. Excellent photos!
B is for Big Ben
We owe much of our American heritage to our mother country of England. These wonderful facts are presented through this alphabet book.
B is for Blue Planet
An amazing look at Earth Science compacted into this fabulously illustrated earth alphabet.
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Black sheep has a lot of wool -- enough for several characters in various fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Will he have enough wool to keep himself warm, or will he share it all? This fun variation of the famous nursery rhyme includes its musical score at the end of the book.
Baba Yaga's Assistant
When her father decides to remarry, Marsha feels that she comes in second to his new family. Her future stepsister is mean to Marsha and generally out of control. So Marsha runs away to be the assistant to a witch in the woods. But first she must pass several dangerous tests. Many old stories told by her grandmother help Marsha in her quest.
Babar's U.S.A.
Babar's family visits familiar places across the U.S. as Zephir documents their journey photographically. The illustrations are done using watercolor cutouts placed on digital photos which creates an unusual effect.
Babe Conquers the World
This is an inspiring biography about Babe Didrikson Zaharias, circa 1930-1950. Babe was a remarkable female athlete who excelled in basketball, track and field events, and golf. In addition, she was an Olympic medalist in three track and field events. This account of her impressive accomplishments offers encouragement to athletes and non-athletes alike.
Babies In the Bayou
As usual, Arnosky has produced an enticing story about nature that is real enough to be used in science class and readable enough for story time.
Baby Bear's Books
In this irresistable and charming tale, Baby Bear finds a book for every moment of the day. The rhyming text, happy illustrations and bear's passion for books make this story a must for little ones.
Baby Bear's Chair
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet. Big chairs for big bears and small chairs for small bears. Everyone has a chair just right for them. In this warm and fuzzy story the best chair for little bear is dad's lap. Great story for bedtime and story time.
Baby Can
Illustrated by Maxine Chambliss. What is the place of a big brother when the baby is learning to grow? And who will be the one the baby wants to impress? A sweet story of siblings with a truthful ring.
Baby on the Way, The
Illustrated by Sean Qualls. A young boy asks his grandmother if she was ever a baby. She answers that yes she was even the baby on the way. She shares traditions over the generations. Then Jamal imagines that someday someone will ask him if he was ever a baby.
Babysitting Activities: Fun with Kids of All Ages
Good information for babysitters. Covers from babies to lower elementary children. Hints on what to do instead of watching TV. Others in the series include: Babysitting Basics, Babysitting Jobs, Babysitting Rules, Babysitting Safety, and Babysitting Skills.
Back of the Bus
A beautifully written book about Rosa Parks' arrest told from a young black boy's perspective witnessing the event. The historical fiction book would work wonderfully in introducing the Civil Rights movement to young elementary children.
Back to School Tortoise
It's back to school time, and Tortoise is worried about lots of things - tripping, not liking lunch, etc. But he gathers his courage and walks in the classroom. When at the end it is revealed that Tortoise is
Back When You Were Easier to Love
What's worse than getting dumped? Not even knowing you've been dumped! Joy got no good-bye, and certainly no explanation when Zan - the love of her life and the only good thing about stifling, backward Haven, Utah - unceremoniously and unexpectedly left for college a year early. Joy needs closure almost as much as she needs Zan, so she heads for California and Zan, riding shotgun beside Zan's former-best-friend Noah. A fun and insightful read for any high school girl!
Backfield Boys
Freshmen Tom Jefferson, quarterback, and Jason Roddin, wide receiver, are accepted into a special sport-focused private school. What is strange is they are placed in the other's specialty group, Tom as wide receiver and Jason as quarterback. Neither is a star at these new positions. It soon becomes apparent that there is a racial undertone from the coaching staff and that there will never be an African-American quarterback at this school and no mixed-race roommates. When Tom and Jason speak up about the obvious racism, they are shut down and punished. Slowly the boys gather evidence that the owner of the school knows and promotes the racism. How to confront this blatant wrong and still keep their scholarships becomes a challenge in this tale that makes strong statements about racism and the power that schools have over high school athletes.
Backwards Moon
Young witches Nettle and Bracken are charged with saving the coven. They must follow clues, create magic, find their mothers, and work to delay the humans who will destroy their paradise. Lots of action, magic, and some really human emotions enter into this fantasy.
Backyard Laboratory
Simple experiments, detailed explanations about what is happening and how to complete each experiment. Excellent text features.
Bad Bears and a Bunny
Illustrated by Jill Pinkwater. Pinkwater does it again. These trouble-making bears are up to no good until a little white rabbit changes their behavior. Silly enough for all to enjoy.
Bad Guy
A self-proclaimed "bad guy" details all the actions (and imaginings) that make him so bad. Boldly declaring himself the victor over pirates, a sheriff, superheroes, and other typical protagonists, he plots and schemes to carry out his ultimate evil plan. But his sister pranks him with some devious deeds of her own, and he is surprised to learn that bad guys are not just guys.
Bad Kitty
Sixteen-year-old Jasmine has always wanted to be a police detective, but her father has worried about this career choice. So she gave up a police department internship to come on the family vacation at a posh Las Vegas hotel resort. Jasmine wants nothing more than to be the perfect Hallmark card daughter and has promised to do no detective work. However, when a young boy and his cat are almost murdered in her presence at the pool, Jasmine can't resist from helping with the investigation. This is a humorous and exciting book-nothing heavy, but lots of excitement.
Bad Luck Chair, The
Addison Darby's worst nightmare is to have people staring and laughing at her. When she winds up with the infamous Bad Luck Chair at her desk one day, Addy knows that her nightmare is about to come true. Every kid in her school that has sat in the Bad Luck Chair has been cursed. Yet there may be hope if Addy has faith in herself and a few not-so-nice classmates. A very funny tale that will appeal to kids.
Bad River Boys
Written from three Lakota Indian boys' point of view about their encounter with the Lewis and Clark expedition. Sun, Antler, and Cloud observe the explorers and experience the anxiety of their chief and his anger with the explorers. His tribe controls the trade along the Missouri River and has limited the trade with other tribes. The conflict was just the beginning of many confrontations and the boys begin to understand the men were angry because the Native Americans were in their way.
Badger's Fancy Meal
Badger wants more than just the staple food he has in his den. He goes out to find a fancy meal but each animal he wants runs from him. He learns that a fancy meal isn't always better than what you have. Wonderful chance for listeners to join in the fun.
Bailey at the Museum
This is a great story about Bailey the dog taking a field trip to the Museum of Natural History. Bailey gets into a small amount of trouble, but is assigned a new partner who takes very good care of her during her visit. Children will enjoy the humor th
Bake Shop Ghost, The
Enchanting story concerning a "baker" ghost not wanting another baker taking over her shop. Then Annie Washington takes over the bakery.
Baker's Dozen, The
Simple rhyming counting book with illustrations and color that fill the entire page. Illustrations have a bit of nostalgic feel. Readers would have to understand the definition of a Baker's dozen as 13 instead of 12 before this would make sense.
Baking Day at Grandma's
Three little bears bundle up and trot off to Grandma's for a day of baking. The short, rhyming text often ends with the refrain "It's baking day!" It's easy to tell the bears love baking with Grandma, and the feeling is shared by Grandma too. This endearing tale is topped off with a recipe for Grandma Rosie's chocolate cake.
Balderdash! John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children's Books
In John Newbery’s younger days, adult books contained adventure and entertainment while didactic lessons and rules were almost the exclusive norm for children’s books. Newbery boldly stepped outside the box by insisting that entertaining stories were not just for adults, and set out to write and publish light-hearted, engaging, fun-to-read, kid-friendly books. Even this story of his life, his business acumen, and breaking-the-mold struggles is a delightful read with its exuberantly humorous narration, imaginative use of typography, and cartoonish pictures, topped off with extensive back matter.
Ballad of a Broken Nose, The
Bart isn't your typical thirteen-year-old. He loves opera, for example. Besides his unique hobby, Bart has a host of challenges that set him apart from the other kids at school. Navigating poverty, neglect, and abuse seems like heavy business, but Bart's sense of humor and boundless optimism help him overcome the odds. Ultimately, Bart's story is one of unlikely friendship, resilience, and fierce loyalty.
Ballet Bunnies
Little girls will love reading about these bunnies as they learn the ballet vocabulary and dance steps.
Ballots for Belva
True story of Belva Lockwood's race for the Presidency in 1884. Belva shows perseverance to fight the odds against her due to her gender. Story eludes to Belva possibly winning if it weren't for vote tampering.
Ballpark, The Story of America's Baseball Fields
Ballpark examines the history and the significance of most of the famous baseball parks. This is a baseball book full of little stories about the unique history of each ballpark, and the illustrations compliment the text beautifully.
Illustrated by Vincent Nguyen. Bandit has a hard time learning that he is moving. He ventures back to his old house only to find it isn't his house. Written in comic book style.
Bane Chronicles, The
This book is a set of short stories about Magnus Bane, the charismatic warlock in The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series. The eleven stories are told in chronological order with a magna-style one-page comic introducing each. This book is a must-have for any school library with a Cassandra Clare collection.
Bar Graphs
Simple text and colorful photos explain how bar graphs are made and used. Illustrated in such a way that even the very youngest learner will understand and remain interested. Features graphing of common objects that younger children will relate to. A great teaching tool with fun graphing scenarios that could easily be reproduced in the classroom. Part 4 of a four book Making Graph series. Other titles: Pictographs, Pie Graphs, and Tally Charts.
Traveling Uncle Everton leaves Nicky a present. It's Barkus, a warm, fun-loving dog that quickly becomes part of the family—and part of Nicky’s school classroom. Antics, escapades, and friendship in clear text and lively animated illustrations fill the pages, giving early independent readers ample reason to follow Barkus on his adventures and eagerly await the next installment.
Baseball Crazy: Ten Short Stories that Cover All the Bases
An interesting variety of views and perspectives of baseball including a story in poems and a play. Baseball fans will enjoy this collection.
Baseball Genius
Jalen DeLuca loves playing baseball and has a special talent for predicting what kind of pitch will be thrown. He really wants to be on a traveling team, but his family doesn't have the money. So Jalen and his friends conspire to steal baseballs from the home of James "JY" Yager, a Yankees star-in-a-slump who lives nearby. But JY catches the kids in the act, and Jaden, to avoid prosecution, bargains his hidden talent of predicting pitches to help JY save his career. All goes well until they learn the General Manager has his own agenda and is starting to get suspicious.
Baseball Hour
Illustrated by Bill Thomson. The hour when all the children improve their baseball game by working hard at practice. Teamwork is the key to success.
Baseball Is…
This poetic salute to America's game attaches many senses to the action. The visual, the sounds, the definitions, the emotions, the fans of all ages, and even the heroes are part of this tribute.
Basketball (or something like it)
This true to life story of a sixth-grade traveling basketball team unfolds as four characters tell their own stories about how basketball affects their lives. Foul-mouthed, super-competitive parents undermine one coach after another, which hinders the team.
Basketball Belles
With adapted rules, and long-sleeved tops and bloomers, Agnes Morley and her Stanford teammates sweat and rumbled through for a win over their Berkeley opponents. This photo essay is a charmer with great illustrations and documentation to prove that even in 1892, there were female sports fanatics!
Batboy, The
Brian's dad, a former big league pitcher, left Brian and his mom years ago when he chose baseball over family. This summer, as batboy for the Detroit Tigers, Brian learns some truths about second chances and letting go. This is an engaging story, full of vivid baseball action.
Batplanes and Batcopters
Readers of this book will be treated to the real-life science and technology behind the gadgets used by Batman! Included are historical notes about when inventions were first made, and by whom, along with how Batman uses something similar. This book melds history of scientific and aerodynamic advances with appeal to those readers who crave more and more about Batman!
Bats at the Beach
Pack your baskets, buckets, towels and moon tan lotion. The friendly bats are headed to the beach to picnic, surf and snooze under the moonlight. A delightfully fun and clever tale perfect for bedtime.
Bats: Biggest! Littlest!
This book covers the importance of bats in our world. It discusses several kinds of bats with stunning photographs from around the world. It invites young readers to investigate up close the features that make each bat unique. This book is a Junior Library Guild choice.
Batter Up Wombat
A humorous story of baseball terms expressed through beautiful laughable illustrations. An Australian wombat joins a baseball team and knows nothing about the game but saves everyone when a tornado strikes.
Beach Party Surf Monkey
P.T. and his friend, Gloria Ortega, live in The Wonderland, a vintage Florida beach hotel owned by P.T.'s grandfather. Catastrophe threatens the struggling Wonderland once again when the owner of the ritzy new resort next door wants to buy the hotel. P.T. and Gloria must stop that from happening. They persuade a Hollywood director to shoot his new film at The Wonderland involving a pop star who can't act, an award-winning teen actress, and the YouTube sensation Kevin the Monkey. Between P.T.'s plan and Gloria's business skills, they are sure they can save their beloved hotel. But complications arise, and hilarious adventure ensues. Now they must save both the movie and the hotel.
Beach Tail, A
Beautifully illustrated story of Gregory and his father's visit to the beach. Wonderful read aloud about life on the beach through the eyes of a child.
Luke Wallace excels in all sports, but baseball is his passion. While getting ready to make a winning hit in a key game, Luke is hit in the face by a fast ball, and his life changes forever. Told in free verse, teammates, opposing players, family members and friends voice their concerns for Luke's misfortune. This book will resonate with both boys and girls.
Bear & Hare Snow!
Hare loves snow, while bear - not so much. But they both eventually find a way to enjoy it together. Subtle details in facial expression convey with quiet humor their different reactions to various adventures in this gently illustrated friendship tale.
Bear and Bee
Bear wants honey when he wakes from hibernation and sees a hive, but he is afraid of bees. He's been told "bees are terrible monsters and never want to share their honey!" The delightful illustrations quickly show Bear has never seen a bee and he soon discovers the friendly offer he had for honey has come from none other than a little bee! A sure hit for the story-hour set.
Bear and Bird
Old Bear and young Bird are friends. Each year as winter comes, Bird flies south and Bear hibernates. In spring they are joyfully reunited. During their third fall together, Bear is especially stiff and sore, and reluctant to leave her friend. Come Spring, Bird excitedly flies back and looks for his friend who is nowhere to be seen. After weeks of searching, Bird gets a glimpse of a bear who turns out to be his friend’s grandson. Bird is saddened to learn of his friend’s passing but is comforted by the bear’s words “She lived a long, happy life. You were part of her happiness. You were her friend.” Memories of his old friend plus a budding friendship with the Grandson leave a sense of hope.
Bear and Hare, Where's Bear?
Gravett returns to her adorable Bear and Hare characters as they try to play a simple game of hide-and-seek. Illustrations elicit chuckles while the results of their game are rather unexpected.
Bear Counts
Bear and Mouse find themselves counting many things as they spend their day together, and entice youngsters to do the same in this excellent read-aloud numbers book.
Bear Dancer: the Story of a Ute Girl
The historical fiction story of Elk Tooth Dress, of the Ute tribe, is presented in different years of her life. From a young girl, to being kidnapped by the Cheyennes, traded to the Arapahos, then the intervention of the white man. The author's note takes us to other information about Elk Tooth Dress and her contribution in saving the lives of several white women.
Bear Hug, The
Cubby loves to visit Grandpa. The two spend time growling, hibernating by the TV, and finding food at the donut shop, but the best thing about visiting Grandpa is the bear hug!
Bear Makers
Life has changed in Hungary following World War II. Kata must use a new name and her mother must support their family by making stuffed bears and ladies' handbags. Her father is suffering from depression. This story of a Jewish family learning to live under Soviet rule is wonderfully written in a way that makes the reader sympathize with the trials of postwar life.
Bear Named Trouble, A
Based on a true story about a bear who breaks into an Alaskan zoo. Ten year old Jonathan whose dad is the zookeeper sees the bear on the night he breaks in. Jonathan's favorite animal, Mama Goose, is killed by the bear. Told from both Jonathan's point of view and Trouble, the bear. Bythe same author as Runt.
Bear Sees Colors
The creators of Bear Snores On are back in this rhyming romp with color. Each two-page spread shows Bear meeting a new animal friend. If students look closely they will see a clue for the next color. That page is followed by another two page spread where children are asked "Can you find BLUE just like bear?" The bright cheerful illustrations and repetitive text make this an excellent choice for read-aloud time.
Bear Upstairs, The
Illustrated by Doug Cushman. The downstairs bear, a writer with a retiring personality who works best in peace and quiet with a cup of tea in her hand is unhappy with the noisy bear moving in upstairs. Upstairs bear makes so much racket moving, dropping and emptying boxes, and singing ridiculous songs in the shower that downstairs bear wonders if she will ever be able to work or sleep again. Cushman splits his lighthearted watercolor illustrations lengthwise so readers see the actions and expressive reactions of characters on both levels. The two finally meet face to face and make some surprising discoveries that may lead to a budding friendship.
Bear's Surprise, The
Meet the curious little bear who ends up performing in a circus with his whole family. Illustrations with peek-a-boo holes pique children’s curiosity and entice them to guess what is coming next.
Eighth grade Mohawk, Baron signs up for the fall bonding experience at Camp Chuckamuck. He senses an evil presence upon arrival and the suspense quickly builds. Fast-paced thriller. Addresses the balance between man and nature.
Beast of Noor, The
The Beast has been in the Shalem Wood for centuries and has returned to kill. 15-year old Miles and his sister Hanna are determined to kill the Beast of the Otherworld and clear the family name in this mix of suspense, horror and courage.
Sarah’s mother has left them, and Sarah must push past her family’s transient tendencies and figure out how to undo the family curse which turns those who love into wild and beastly creatures. Before her father completely turns beastly, he drops her off at the cold, spooky castle-home of her grandmother. Lyrical writing evokes a fairy tale aura as dark magic goaded by a long-standing jealous and vengeful family history must be overcome before Sarah can hope for romance of her own.
Beatle Meets Destiny
Beatle's mother really did name him John Lennon. When he meets Destiny
Beatrix Potter and the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig
Deborah Hopkinson weaves a delightful story of the somewhat absent-minded antics of Beatrix Potter based on entries in her journal. Her unusual love of drawing the animals in her large pet collection inspired wonderful stories, but sometimes ended up in misfortune for the animals. Two pages of photographs and examples of Beatrix's journal entries are included as well.
Beautiful Blue World
Mathilde is selected from all the children in her town to participate in a special program that will help her family financially--she becomes part of a group of kids that helps the military decide how to fight the enemy. Mathilde meets with a captured prisoner, Rainer, to learn what she can about the enemy. What she discovers troubles her, and as the war deteriorates, Mathilde must make choices that leave the reader in suspense and anxious for the planned sequel.
Beautiful Lie, A
The year is 1947 and the country of India is falling apart. But Bilal doesn't want his father, who is dying, to know the truth as he has an optimistic outlook for the country's future. To keep the destruction outside the house, Bilal must use his friend
Beauty of the Broken
Fifteen-year-old Mara was never given the choice to be different. Her parents, an overbearing one-minded father and an alcoholic mother, make life very restrictive for Mara. She begins to find escape with her classmate Xylia. A recent transplant from the big city, Xylia is wildly outside the parameters of small-town normal. Then the reverend's son takes a picture of Mara and Xylia kissing, and they fear they will be "outed." Shortly after school starts, Mara is raped by the reverend's son, and is told that if she reveals he is the perpetrator he will release the photograph of her and Xylia. Charged with emotion, this novel touches on issues of family dysfunction, and will resonate with students who struggle with their own sexual orientation.
This latest entry into Gail Gibbons's collection of nonfiction animal books covers fascinating information about beavers. Included are facts about how they build dams, of course, but also about family life, where they live, anatomy, eating habits, and communication styles. This is informational text at its best.
Beavers' Busy Year, The
Packed with interesting information and vivid full-page color photographs, this book follows a group of beavers through the seasons of the year, with facts about habitat, diet, family life, engineering skills and life cycle. Some of the fascinating tidbits: why beavers have valves in their ears, the purpose of their see-through eyelids and split inside toenails. Six pages of additional information is appended.
Bebe Goes Shopping
A Bebe and his moma make a trip to the grocery store, included Spanish words. Easy to read for English speaker. Glossary and pronunciation guide. Rhyming in both languages.
Because I Am Furniture
Anke, a high school freshman volleyball player, years for her father's attention despite the face he abuses her sister and brother. Sports helps her find a voice and strength. This powerful novel is a quick read with lots of depth.
Because They Marched
Freedman writes a riveting account of this pivotal event in the history of civil rights. In January 1965, more than 100 teachers attempted to register to vote. They were met with violence on the courthouse steps in Selma, Alabama. The brutal confrontations with Alabama state troopers were captured on television footage by all the major networks. This convinced the nation - and Congress - that something finally had to be done. In what has been termed "the crowning achievement of the civil rights movement," the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed. A timeline, select bibliography, source notes, and index round out this well-researched, well-organized story that honors the many who stood up and fought against glaring inequities at the ballot box. This volume is ideal for research projects, and deserves a place alongside other important depictions of this period in our history.
Because Your Daddy Loves You
Illustrated by R.W. Riley. Cartoon type book for early readers that describes things daddys do for their little ones: tie shoes, give piggy back rides, and read stories. Nice daddy book with good illustrations.
Becoming Bach
This beautifully illustrated picture book follows Johann Sebastian Bach from his early life to his first job as an organist. The young Bach eagerly learned to play every musical instrument he could get his hands on and envisioned the patterns of notes he was copying for the older brother who was also his teacher. Pages covered with musical notes and swirls of color portray Bach's world and his love of music, providing a rich and striking canvas for the first-person narrative. End notes include additional life details, source web sites, and a suggested listening list for budding musicians.
Becoming Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin started his life as the fifteenth son of a candle-maker. Coming from a poor family, he became an apprentice to an older brother as a printer. His older brother was not kind to Ben so, at age 17, he ran away to Philadelphia where, through a series of positions and breaks, he became a wealthy politician. Freedman’s biography of Ben Franklin is both comprehensive and interesting.
Becoming Naomi Leon
When Naomi's absent mother resurfaces to claim her, Naomi runs away to Mexico with her great-grandmother and younger brother in search of her father.
Bedtime in the Jungle
It is nighttime in the jungle and animal mothers are getting their babies to sleep in this charming counting book. Written in rhyme, this book has the same style as Over In the Meadow.
Bee-bim Bop!
Introduce Korean culinary culture with this book written in bouncing rhyme accompanied by lively cartoon-like illustrations from a child's eye view. Shop for, prepare and enjoy Bee-bim Bop, the Korean dish of rice, egg strips, vegetables and meat that diners mix up for themselves. This rhythmic read-aloud may prompt a Korean feast based on the recipe and others included at the end.
Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs!
Illustrated by Jane Manning. Beetle McGrady wants to be an explorer, a true pioneer, and boasts she will even eat ants to prove it! She is overcome with self-loathing and doubt during Fun Food Week in science class when she just can't down those ants! Enter Chef Suzanne and a second chance for our plucky second grade heroine. Great illustrations appear on end pages and support text contributing to humor. Good gross factor for primary.
Before Hollywood: from shadow play to the silver screen
This quality book can be read isolated chapters for enjoyment or as a whole for the big picture. It fills a gap in many libraries as it tells the history of visual entertainment up to the time of the first movies. Numerous period illustrations with captions and aside boxes adds to the enjoyment of the book. Timeline, source notes, bibliography, web sites and index are included.
Before She Was Harriet
An unusual reverse chronology and lyrical text sets this simple biography of Harriet Tubman apart from most, culminating with the significant childhood events that shaped her perspective and destiny. Watercolor renderings frame the tale as a train journey through her life which mutely depicts the times in which she lived, including her involvement with the Underground Railroad, and the segregated seating she would tolerate during her elder years. Along with her different names or monikers—some depicting roles, some nicknames, others an alias—the author shares many ways she fought to abolish slavery and advance the cause of human rights.
Beginning, a Muddle and an End, A
Avon the snail is determined to become a writer. Guided by the dubious advice of Edward the ant, Avon manages to write the word "something" but is unable to go any further.
Behind Closed Doors
Classmates Josie and Tasha never speak at school, but one night their secrets bring them together in a strained friendship. In a desperate attempt to escape her mom's pedophile boyfriend, Tasha runs to Josie's house for refuge. But Josie is having troubles of her own. When Josie reluctantly lets Tasha come in, she can barely walk through the house because of Josie's absent mother's "recycling". As the girls are forced together, they begin to find out they aren't so different. Both need the support of someone else to survive their family situation. While tackling two hard-hitting topics—hoarding and sexual abuse—might seem too much for one book, Miriam Halahmy weaves them into a heart-wrenching but ultimately hopeful story that is difficult to put down and very relatable for students experiencing either of these situations.
Behind the Canvas
Sixth-grader Claudia Miravista visits the local art museum and discovers a boy named Pim trapped in the world of paintings by an evil queen. He enlists Claudia’s help to free him. After the curator’s Granny Custos helps Claudia enter the paintings, Claudia finds she is able to interact with the subjects of the painting. Art history may be an odd story-telling vehicle, but it works here. Friendship and the desire to save Pim combines with lots of action and adventure to keep the reader entranced.
Behind the Curtain
Once again Peter Abrahams returns to the world of Echo Falls, where a clever young girl learns that mysterious forces are at work in her town -- and exposing them could put her life in jeopardy. Ingrid finds herself investigating steroid use at the local high school, while worrying about her brother's health, the stability of her father's job, and the pressure on her grandfather to sell his farm.
Behind the Masks: The Diary of Angeline Reddy
One of the Dear America series, The Diary of Angeline Reddy takes place in Bodie, California in 1880 where her father has supposedly died in a wild west gold-mining town. As Angeline explores his disappearance, a gang of scoundrels is uncovered. Include
Being Henry David
Imagine waking up at a train station and having no clue who you are or where you came from. Henry - as he calls himself - experiences just that. Armed with only a copy of Thoreau's Walden, Henry must traverse the harsh realities of a life on the streets to uncover the reason for his memory loss. But will knowing his past be good for Henry? Using the wisdom of Thoreau, Henry learns that the true monster may be inside him.
Being Jazz
Jazz Jennings, transgender high school student and YouTube star, tells her journey of transitioning beginning when she was five years old. Jennings story of feeling excluded from high school activities because of her gender identity will resonate with teens in similar situations. Pictures, letters, resources, and a Q&A help add to the book's relevance.
Being Me
Illustrated by Vincent Vigla. A little girl lets us see that she is happy being who she is.
This semi-autobiography tracks the author's emotional journey through a two-month stay in an eating disorder unit. The complexities of eating disorders become apparent, and the reader gets an insider's look at the treatment plans, in-unit social hierarchies (bulimics, anorexics, overeaters, etc.), manipulation of weight results, and journal entries that track the author's progress along the way. Anyone with an eating disorder, their family, friends, and those in support roles will benefit from this very realistic portrayal of its complexities and challenges.
Bell in the Bridge, The
While visiting his grandparents for two weeks each summer, Charlie fights boredom and loneliness by exploring a stream near their house. He finds that when he strikes the metal bridge with a special bridge-ringing stone it gives a very satisfying "BONG" with an accompanying echo. Some days he hears an additional "BONG" from downstream and wonders if perhaps somewhere down there is a kindred spirit with a similar bridge. Maybe next summer the two will meet.
Bella at Midnight
In a kingdom of knights and peasants, Bella finds joy in life until her father reclaims her years after abandoning her. Caught up in a battle between kingdoms, Bella, complete with the glass slippers, attempts to change destiny.
Jam Gallahue is sent to a special school because her boyfriend died a year ago, and she cannot get over the loss. All the students in the school have issues which they share with their group when they are ready. Jam does not say anything. She gets selected to be in a special topics English class where they study Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. The six students must keep a daily journal that is to be turned in at the end of the class term. They discover a common ground with their journaling they call “Belzhar.” With twists and turns the students reveal themselves in a fascinating look at the efforts people exert to avoid dealing with traumatic events.
Ben Franklin, His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z
This is a fabulous, factual collection of feats attained by one of our most famous early Americans. Arranged in alphabetical order, and accompanied by Franklin's witticisms with pen and ink drawings, this is an historical treat for the reader.
Ben Franklin's Big Splash
This fictional story, based on fact, portrays the ingenuity and inventiveness of Ben Franklin. Rosenstock provides readers with a story that demonstrates perseverance and how hard work pays off. The illustrations and text are a perfect match. At the end of the book, the author provides the factual information used as the basis for the story. A time-line of important events in Benjamin Franklin's life is also included.
Beneath the Sun
This informational picture book describes how animals survive the heat of the summer sun. The author begins with ways humans stay cool in the sun and then explains how various animals survive at the seashore, in field, desert, and wetland habitats.
Benny Goodman & Teddy Wilson
This beautifully illustrated book describes the lives and music relationship of Benny Goodman and Teddy Wilson, who played together in the Benny Goodman Trio and later the Benny Goodman Quartet. They were perhaps one of the first racially integrated bands to play publicly. The author provides additional historical information along with a timeline at the end of the book.
Best Book of Knights and Castles, The
Come into the world of heraldy. Take students into the fascinating world of jousting and armor, knights in training and siege warfare with the backdrop of the world's most famous castles. Introduction to knights and castles.
Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and Claws
This unusual animal book focuses on amazing close-up photographs of different animal's feet, divided into five categories: feet that walk, feet that climb, feet that swim, feet that dig, and feet that jump. Each category is introduced by a full spread close-up photo of a foot and a guessing game: "Whose foot is this?" Turning the page reveals the answer and a full photo of the animal, along with information about the animal, followed by another page of photos and text about other animals in that category.
Best Friends Forever!
This is the first in a series of four books that explore unexpected animal bonds. In this book you'll meet Billy the boxer and Lilly the goat; Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the blue tick coonhound; and two other unlikely pairs that will astound you. This is a good easy chapter book with true stories and additional facts from National Geographic for Kids.
Best Friends Forever: A World War II Scrapbook
Fourteen-year-old Louise keeps a scrapbook detailing the events in her life after her best friend, a Japanese American girl, and her family are sent to a relocation camp during World War II. Tale of friendship and patriotism will be a good start for learning more about World War II and Japanese internment.
Best in Snow
This companion to Raindrops Roll offers a beautiful, close-up look at the snow. Simple text accompanies gorgeous photos teaching readers what happens before, during, and after a snowstorm.
Best of Both Nests
When mom and dad split, Stanley learns it's okay to have two nests.
Best Story, The
A young girl wants to win the best writing story contest at the library but has difficulty writing the story. She takes suggestions from all her family members but still nothing sounds right until her mother tells her to listen to her heart and then is able to write and write and write.
Best Time of the Day, The
Illustrated by Bryan Langdo. A farm family, and even the dog, tell in rhyme what they see as the best time of the day. Story moves nicely with well written word play.
Elysia is created in a laboratory, "born" at 16-years-old as an empty vessel created to serve the wealthy. The Betas begin to evolve and experience feelings and Elysia is the first teenage clone. Futuristic novel planned to be first in a series.
Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake
After one taste, Betty Bunny discovers she loves chocolate cake. She thinks of nothing else and learns the hard way to have patience.
Between Shades of Gray
Fifteen-year-old Lina, her mother, and brother are part of the forcible relocation of Lithuanians by the Soviets in 1941. A gifted artist, Lina begins secretly creating pictures that she sneaks to her father where he's in his own prison camp. Through her art and efforts, she finds reasons to stay alive in the harrowing conditions of the camp. An informative author's note demonstrates that even in the heart of darkness "love is the most powerful army."
Between Two Skies
Evangeline Riley lives in Bayou Perdu, a tiny fishing town, with her mother, father, sister, and her Mamere. She has won back-to-back titles in the under-sixteen fishing rodeo and loves nothing more than the solitude of venturing far out on the bayou by herself. But everything changes the day after her sixteenth birthday. Hurricane Katrina hits and Evangeline and her family become refugees, staying with a relative in Atlanta. That means going to a different high school. However, among all the chaos that Katrina brings, she finds a special friendship with fellow-refugee Tru. When FEMA provides them a trailer back home, it’s hard to want to return.
Bewitching Season
Twins Penelope and Persephone are preparing for their season in London. The plot thickens when their governess is kidnapped. This regency romance has the added twist of magic.
Beyond Cold Blood: The KBI from Ma Barker to BTK
This interesting history of the KBI by Larry Welch, tenth director of the agency, features many high profile cases. He provides readers with the first history of the agency. Focus on these internationally prominent cases will intrigue high school studen
Beyond Lucky
This packed novel has many themes including sports, teams, friendship, and families. Will Ari and Mac's friendship survive?
Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out
Six diverse transgender teens tell their honest in-depth stories of coming out, family and friend’s conversations, the teens’ struggles and triumphs of their “sexual orientation” vs. “gender.” Susan Kuklin respectfully presents photographs used in candid stories of the transgender community.
Big and Small: An Animal Opposites Book
Animal Opposites Bilingual Series. Simple bilingual text and colorful photographs introduce the concepts of big and small by comparing some of the world's biggest and smallest animals. Includes numerous text features. One in a four book series. Other titles are: Loud and Quiet, Smooth and Rough, and Fast and Slow.
Big Bad Fox, The
This graphic novel is a humorous, witty, far-from-typical account of a wanna-be big, bad fox who's anything but fierce. His attempt to make a meal of one farmyard fowl goes embarrassingly awry, and all the chickens scoff as they throw him out of the barnyard. He seeks advice from a wolf—who has his own sneaky plans for the hapless fox—and falls for the wolf’s scheme to steal some eggs and raise his own chickens to eat. What he couldn’t possibly anticipate is becoming attached to the little chickies who refer to him as "mommy."
Big Bear Little Chair
Word plays and silly animals add laughs to this engaging story about telling the truth while text and illustrations dovetail to portray concepts of opposites and contrasts.
Big Bear, Small Mouse
Forest friends portray opposites, "Badger moseys slowly, but Hare runs very fast!," "Wren is flying low, while Owl is soaring high." Young students will enjoy the repetition and the obvious joy on the woodland friends' faces.
Big Brown
Beautiful job of describing the life of a young bat and how he hunts and locates his food by echoing.
Big Brown Bear Goes to Town
Rat's convertible fills with water everytime it rains, but his friend Brown Bear finds a solution. Beginning chapter book.
Big Bug
It's all in the perspective. Henry Cole uses his Big Bug story to teach that sometimes things are little and sometimes things are big. This delightful book with spare text will be engaging for the young child.
Big Bug Surprise
After a swarm of bees comes into the classroom, Prunella surprises and amazes her class when she saves them for a colony. Prunella becomes the show and tell surprise. Great problem/solution for teaching young children.
Big Cat, Little Cat
Big Cat is joined in his home by Little Cat. Big Cat shows Little Cat how to do all the things that cats need to know in life. Bold yet simple illustrations render cat body language and add much to the story. One day the older cat leaves and never comes back. A new little cat comes and starts the cycle all over again in a beautiful, gentle tale about love and loss.
Big Cats
Striking watercolors are presented in this factual book about big cats. Readers learn about where these animals live, what they hunt, and how humans are threatening them. Colorful and bold.
Big Chickens Go to Town
When the chickens are accidentally dumped off the farmer's truck, they follow a trail of feed on many adventures and end up in the middle of town. Lost, hungry, and tired, the chickens eventually find themselves back in the farmer's truck and headed home in this hilarious tale filled with witty words and great humor.
Big Field
Bound for Florida's junior league baseball finals, 14-year-old Hutch is a true team player with promise. When has father mentors a newcomer, who takes over Hutch's position of shortstop, a father-son rift threatens the team's future. Great baseball action and drama will appeal to sports lovers and reluctant readers.
Big Game
Moving to America from Africa wasn’t really a stretch for Teddy Fitzroy, since his new home was at FunJungle, a wild animal park in Texas. His photojournalist father and scientist mother make it possible for Teddy to help with all the animals in the park. When pregnant Rhonda the rhino becomes a target for a mysterious hunter inside FunJungle, Teddy and his friends set out to protect Rhonda and find the culprit. Fast-paced mystery involving wild animals combines with an effective and not too preachy environmental message.
Big George: How a Shy Boy Became President Washington
Beautifully written biography about George Washington and his integrity as a man who loved his country. The book explores why he led his armies and later his country. A nice addition to your collection of George Washington books.
Big Guy Took My Ball!, A
Piggie is upset when a "big guy" takes her ball. Gerald tries to help but even he is not big enough to get the ball back from whale. Readers will thoroughly enjoy the humor and story of loneliness and friendship in this latest installment of the Elephant and Piggie series.
Big Little Elephant
Little elephant wants to find some friends. He seems too large to play with frog, turtle and heron. When they cannot fly their kite little elephant makes a welcome friend. All is well that ends well--cute!
Big Night for Salamanders
Saving Salamanders might be another name for this book. In it, the life cycle of spotted salamanders is examined. In order to protect the salamander as they return to their vernal pool (happening because of spring rain) to mate and lay eggs, people help to slow or stop traffic to allow salamanders to cross the road.
Big One-Oh, The
Charlie Maplewood does not want to be weird all his life like his reclusive special-effects whiz neighbor. To be "normal," Charlie sets about to plan his own big "10" birthday party, but realizes he will have to first make a few friends. Funny, tender and entertaining, this would make a great read-aloud.
Big Splash
Matt Stevens, an average middle schooler with a gift of gab and a knack for solving crimes, uncovers a mystery while working with the organization, a mafia-like syndicate run by seventh-grader Vincent "Mr. Biggs Biggio" specializing in forged hall passes, test-copying rings, black market candy selling, and taking out hits with water guns. Well paced, full of suspense with a message about bullying.
Big Tractor
Tractors are used in so many ways on the farm. This book describes in simple terms how the farmer involves other implements and attachments with the tractor to get his work done. Brightly colored drawings offer a birds-eye view of many activities where tractors play an important role.
Big Wig, A Little History of Hair
A pre-occupation with hair through the ages drives this brief history. Styles, care, trends, and more are documented through the years with focus upon some famous people and the hair along the way.
Big, Bigger, Biggest!
This brightly illustrated book introduces young students to comparisons, synonyms, antonyms, and color word choices. With the use of many different drawings of animals, this book will be a humongous hit!
Bigfoot Is Missing!
Young readers are treated to a disguised poetry collection about eighteen of the world's mythical (or are they real?) creatures such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and El Chupacabra. This creative, graphics-and-text twist on some famous mysteries slips cryptozoological poems onto milk cartons or faux newspaper pages, and imparts geographic factoids about the places where farfetched legends originated.
Biggest Test in the Universe, The
What a fun book! Should be read to every child before the Big Test! The book proves that you can get through the big test and go on with your life.
Bike Like Sergio's, A
Ruben wishes he had a bike like his friend Sergio, but he knows his family can't afford it. When a lady in the store drops what Ruben thinks is a dollar bill, he grabs it and doesn't tell anyone. Later, alone in his room, Ruben unfolds what turns out to be a $100 bill, resulting in a very relatable tale of a child wrestling with doing the right thing.
Billions of Years, Amazing Changes: The Story of Evolution
Beautifully written and illustrated, this easily understood science document showcases powerful processes and reveals changes that have occurred over thousands of years. It also focuses upon those that we can observe in our own lifetimes, such as generations of pests that have become resistant to pesticides. A table of contents, a thorough glossary, index, credits, and many other resources are given.
Billy Creekmore
In 1905, ten-year-old Billy is taken from an orphanage to live with an aunt and an uncle of whose existence he was previously unaware. He enjoys his first taste of family life until his work in a coal mine and his involvement with a union bring trouble. He then joins a circus in hopes of finding his father.
Billy Creekmore: A Novel
Billy Creekmore is a ten-year-old orphan living in the Guardian Angels Home for Boys. Rescued from the home by a long-lost uncle, Billy ends up in a mining town in West Virginia with a chance for schooling and a healthy family life. Through the many twists and turns, this shocking historical fiction exposes the lives of children at the turn of the century making history come alive for today's readers.
Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur
Famous kid inventor Billy Sure and his invention, the All Ball, have it made. So Billy starts an online contest, courtesy of Sure Things, Inc., to help other kids realize their inventing dreams. But how is Billy supposed to pick a winner? And how will he keep a secret that could negate his kid-wonder and hero status?
Billy's Booger: A Memoir
Educators often look for books that will inspire students to try their hand at the written word. Billy's Booger is that book. Billy's memoir tells the story of how he wrote his first book - which is cleverly included in the memoir. Expect this one to be a favorite.
Binny In Secret
Forced to move to a rental house in the country, Binny looks to escape her troubles with school bullies, siblings, and a "witchy" landlady by investigating the history of this old house they now occupy. When one of her brother's chickens vanishes, Binny discovers some rather bizarre truths about the house's residents, past AND present.
Brett Miller is a sophomore who knows exactly who he is: he is a football star, he is the boyfriend of hot Jillia; he is popular. Then he meets Zach in art class. Brett's attraction is undeniable, and suddenly he doesn't know who he is anymore. In the past, Brett and his buddies lashed out at homosexual Nate, but Nate's unwillingness to hide his homosexuality made him the target of continued bullying, which is creating a real problem for Brett. Readers will come away with plenty to think about. This is a worthwhile addition to library collections, especially given the lack of material with bisexual characters.
Twelve-year-old Jewel was born the day her brother, Bird, died. Her Jamaican family blames her grandfather for Bird’s death, and he hasn’t spoken a word since that day. Jewel's house is full of secrets and fear and the family struggles with loss, guilt, and blame and Jewel believes she can never live up to the memory of her beloved brother. Jewel meets a boy with his own secrets and struggles and eventually finds in him a kindred spirit.
Bird is a Bird, A
Several particular characteristics set birds apart from other animals. Simple text encourages beginning readers, while beautiful illustrations name varieties and features of different birds and provide a wonderful introduction to basic ornithology.
Birds in Kansas Vol. 1
These volumes cover the many hundreds of species of birds in Kansas. Individual information for each type of bird includes status, period of occurrence, breeding, habits and habitat, fieldmarks and food. Index included.
Birds in Kansas Vol. 2
These volumes cover the many hundreds of species of birds in Kansas. Individual information for each type of bird includes status, period of occurrence, breeding, habits and habitat, fieldmarks and food. Index included.
Birds in Kansas Vol. 2
These volumes cover the many hundreds of species of birds in Kansas. Individual information for each type of bird includes status, period of occurrence, breeding, habits and habitat, field marks and food. Index included.
Birds in Kansas Vol. 2
These volumes cover the many hundreds of species of birds in Kansas. Individual information for each type of bird includes status, period of occurrence, breeding, habits and habitat, fieldmarks and food. Index included.
Birds in Kansas Vol. 2
These volumes cover the many hundreds of species of birds in Kansas. Individual information for each type of bird includes status, period of occurrence, breeding, habits and habitat, field marks and food. Index included.
Birmingham Sunday
A long-overdue book on a subject addressed in children's books such as
Birthday at the Panda Palace
Animal story in rhyme, two verses per spread. Last word omitted on last line to text prompts reader to fill in appropriate rhyming word as they turn to the next page where it is revealed. Would make a cute read aloud emphasizing prediction and rhyme for early readers.
Bittersweet Summer
Katie has just finished fourth grade and she is faced with so many difficult things! Dad may need a new job and they may need to sell their house and move. Her best friend will be gone for two weeks. Her classmate from across the street is trying to ge
Black and White
Readers will find this non-fiction account very visually appealing - the work uses primary documents and pictures from the time to illustrate the civil rights conflict and Reverend Fred Shuttleworth's courageous stand against Eugene "Bull" Connor, the public safety commissioner of Birmingham, Alabama in the 50s and 60s.
Black Ice
This romantic thriller is set against the treacherous backdrop of the mountains of Wyoming. Falling in love should never be this dangerous! Britt is a trained guide. When she is trapped during a blizzard, two fugitives find her and force her to take them off the mountain. Then a series of murders become even more of a problem...
Black Sheep, The
Be careful what you wish for.fed up with her straight-laced boring parents, Kendra fires off a letter to a reality TV show. Before she knows it she is snatched up and sent to live with an aging hippie family in California.
Black Storm Comin'
This is a great read with excellent historical background. On a wagon train bound for California, Colton, 12, must care for his family after his father accidentally shoots him and then abandons the family. You get a look not only into the Pony Express but also the challenges faced by the biracial rider in early America.
Black storm comin'
Twelve-year-old Colton, son of a black mother and a white father, takes a job with the Pony Express in 1860 after his father abandons the family on their California-bound wagon train, and risks his life to deliver an important letter that may affect the growing conflict between the North and South.
Anne hopes to be able to steal/save enough to leave England and board a ship for the islands. As the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy merchant and a former slave, her options in England are limited. Life changes drastically for Anne when she meets her employer's son Edward. Teach, as his friends call him, is an eighteen year-old boy who does not want the future his father has planned for him. His world is changed by the quick-witted Anne in this story that leads to the infamous pirate Blackbeard.
Blackthorn Key, The
Life is hard for apprentice Christopher Rowe, but Master Apothecary Blackthorn does not beat him, which is rare in the 1600s. Christopher studies potions, medicines, codes, and cyphers. When his master is killed, Christopher and his loyal friend set out to discover who is killing all the apothecaries and why. Renaissance England comes to life while presages of modern science, explosives, and medicine mingle with mystery, danger and action.
Blackthorn Winter
Moving to the English coast to be near her mother's artist friends, adoptee, Juliana and her siblings adjust to being without their father. Juliana takes it upon herself to investigate a murder when the police are quick to arrest the "wrong" person which leads to flashbacks and clues about Juliana's past.
Blade: Playing Dead
Blade is a homeless fourteen-year-old in the United Kingdom who is pursued by police and a girl gang. This is the first in a planned eight-volume series. The book addresses homelessness, teen pregnancy, and the invisibility of the unwanted.
Bleed Like Me
Seventeen-year-old Amelia feels invisible to everyone and doesn’t feel anything unless she is cutting herself. Then she meets the controlling, addictive Michael who takes her deeper into a destructive lifestyle. This novel takes a realistic, gut-wrenching look at the tragic quagmire of cutting and drug use.
Emma Sasha Silver loses her eyesight in a Fourth of July accident. Then a girl in school, Claire, commits suicide. Emma cannot seem to understand why this beautiful, popular girl would want to end her life while she herself has such a miserable life as a blind person. Emma convinces a group of high school kids to meet at the local “haunted” house to discuss Claire’s death and its impact on them. This group starts out drinking and pill popping, but over time their get-togethers evolve into something much deeper. Blind is one of those rare books that totally absorbs the reader into the life and experience of another.
Blind Faith
Liz has always felt closer to her grandmother, Bunny, than her mother, but when her Bunny dies, Liz's mother slips into a deep depression, shutting Liz out even more than normal. When Liz's mother turns to a new age spiritual church to try to communicate with Bunny, the family disintegrates, leaving Liz to deal with a life that is spinning out of control.
At 14, Natalie is excited about high school, friends, boys, and the family goat farm. She knows her eyesight is failing due to juvenile glaucoma. But she hopes she won't go blind even though she attends blind school to learn skills she would need "just in case." When her sight is totally gone, Natalie must decide if she's going to hide out and be alone or get on with life.
Blink & Caution
The paths of two teens on the run collide on Toronto's streets. Blink is a boy who has learned to survive by doing whatever it takes and then he meets Caution, a girl whose life is as rough as his. A fast-paced read with intrigue and suspense, this book follows these two as they forge a fated, tender partnership.
Blood Brother
This book uses Daniel's own letters, papers, and photographs to create a vivid picture of Selma, Alabama in 1965. The conditions which existed and the anger and fear can be felt and seen. The authors give readers a look into the commitment and faith of this young man who heeded Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call to come and help bring about change.
Blood Family
Edward survives early childhood years of being locked in an apartment with his mother by her abusive boyfriend, Harris. Living in foster care and eventually adopted, Edward grows into a likeable, curious young man. When confronted with his past, Edward withdraws, fearing his potential to become just like Harris. Told from the varying perspectives of Edward, teachers, his adopted sister, social workers, and his therapist, this often gut-wrenching tale traces the rocky journey of a survivor.
Blood Will Tell
Nick may have started out as a volunteer with Portland Search and Rescue, but this follow-up to the author’s earlier mystery Body in the Woods finds him a prime suspect of murder based mostly on circumstantial evidence. Now his fellow volunteers, crush Alexis and her friend Ruby, must work to clear his name and track down the real killer. Nick’s obstacles to innocence include his violent-scenes doodling in school notebooks, a knife collection, obsession with shoot-em-up video games, and the discovery of his DNA at the crime scene. Narration alternates between characters, including the killer, and combines with solid forensic elements for an action-packed whodunit.
Bloodlines: Control Under Fire
Lester Donovan must make a decision - either continue his mission as ordered or rescue his fellow soldiers after being shot down and captured by Taliban. This book takes a serious look at work and does not glamorize the reality.
Bloodsucking Leeches
Part of the No Backbone! A World of Invertebrates series of six non-fictional books that include Roly-Poly Pillbugs, Bloodsucking Leeches, Creeping Land Snails, Stinging, Scorpions, Wiggly Earthworms, and Leggy Centipedes. This series would be fantastic to use while teaching text features as each 2-page spread provides beautiful close up photos, simple informational text, and many text features.
Bloom is a powerful fairy who is needed to fix the crumbling castle. The King and Queen can't seem to find her, so they send Genevieve, an ordinary servant, to go in search of the fairy. The results are a magical tale of friendship and triumph over ordinariness.
Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel
After her parents are killed in an accident, Stevie has to go live with a grandfather she never knew. Cranky, unreasonable and cold, her grandfather doesn't provide much of a welcome. But the colorful cast of characters who reside in and around his hotel help her overcome her loss. Stevie makes friends and learns to find confidence in her new situation. Gradually she becomes aware of many things her parents never discussed with her, but finds that these threads to the past lead her to explore rather than merely question.
Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond, The
Violet Diamond is tired of people asking if she is adopted. She struggles with her identity as a biracial child in a white family and a mostly white community until she meets her father’s side of the family. At first, being with these new family members isn’t easy, but the puzzle pieces of her life begin coming together and she grows in confidence.
When her father is sent to fight Hitler, Ann Fay puts on the blue overalls he's given her: she's now in charge of tending the house and watching out for her siblings. Unfortunately, there's a polio epidemic and before anyone knows it the dread disease grabs ahold of Ann Fay's family.
Blue Djinn of Babylon
Book two of the Children of the Lamp series. Twelve-year-old twins, Philippa and John, descendants of a long line of djinn, must travel to Istanbul to recover the book Solomon Grimorie. A book that contains incantations that gives the user limitless power over all djinns. Full of suspense and action, exotic locations, magic and evil villains this sequel can stand on its own.
Blue House Dog, The
A young boy has lost his dog and a neighborhood dog has lost his owner that lived in the Blue House. The two of them find each other and slowly learn to trust one another. This gentle story may help pet owners trust, heal, and form new friendships.
Blue on Blue
Vivid, detailed illustrations and rhyming text bring this tale of a seaside rainstorm to life. After the storm, the family enjoys the sun and mud as they wind down their day and young readers learn concepts of before, during, and after.
Blue Whale: The world's biggest mammal
One of a fourteen title set, SuperSized! Features fabulous photos and simple controlled vocabulary with age appropriate cues and clues in expository text: headlines, captions, bold type, factoids, graphs, info-graphics. Includes table of contents, glossary, index and further reading and research.
Blue-Ringed Octopus: Small but Deadly
Fabulous facts about these tenacious ocean residents verify the terror potential in this Afraid of the Water series. Personal stories of survivors along with full color photos help the reader get a safe close-up of these dangerous creatures.
Boats Float!
Another in the author's series on transportation, all types of boats are illustrated and described in simple rhyming text. Correct terms help boat buffs and land-lubbers to learn water-travel vocabulary.
Boats for Papa
Buckley processes the loss of his father by carving ever more beautiful and detailed boats and setting them adrift. If they don't return to shore, he believes his father received them along with the enclosed notes. Warm illustrations convey the quiet setting and tender love between mother and son, gently portraying their shared grief and gradual healing.
Bobby the Brave (Sometimes)
He's not like me, Bobby overheard his father say. Of course, Bobby interprets that his father considers him to be a "loser". As a fourth grader, Bobby is involved in a class musical, is overcome with anxiety about his PE skills, has concerns about having friends, is conflicted with family talents, and also has to deal with asthma. This is a fast-paced peek at kid stressors!
Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally)
Bobby and Holly are best friends, but at school they try to avoid each other because a boy-girl friendship is considered peculiar. This novel uses humor and relatable situations to show how the two friends manage to support each other, despite peer pressure.
Bodies from the Ash
Fascinating exploration of the buried city of Pompeii from the recreation of the eruption of Vesuvius to snapshots of Pompeii today. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Body & Soul
Alona's spirit has been living in Lily Turner's body for over a month…and it's not been easy. She's failing at playing the sister and daughter of people she barely knows. Ghost-talker Will and Alona consult a psychic for help in separating Alona's spiri
Body Actions
Interesting illustrations accompany this informative book about your body, it's parts, and how it works. There is a list of body systems and a description with a small picture at the back of the book. Includes a glossary.
Body Bones
This nonfiction text explores the framework of bones, both animal and human. Photographs overlaid with diagrams of skeletal structure provide an in-depth view of how bone structures work, and simple text explains different skeletal types and the components that comprise their makeup.
Bomb: The Race to Build-and Steal- the World's Most Dangerous Weapon
In December of 1938, a chemist in a German laboratory made a shocking discovery: when placed next to radioactive material, a Uranium atom split in two. That simple discovery launched a scientific race that spanned three continents. In Great Britain and the United States, Soviet spies worked their way into the scientific community; in Norway, a commando force slipped behind enemy lines to attack German heavy-water manufacturing; and deep in the desert, one brilliant group of scientists was hidden away at a remote site at Los Alamos. This is the story of the plotting, the risk-taking, the deceit, and genius that created the world's most formidable weapon. This is the story of the atomic bomb .
Bone and Muscle: Structure, Force, and Motion
This is a detailed work on the human skeletal and muscular systems and their importance to all functions of the body. Vocabulary is advanced, yet the book is readable and comprehensive.
Bones: Skeletons and How They Work
In this exploration of bones, careful documentation about size is given for each illustration. Many representations are full-sized; and the book includes three foldouts for even more visual comparisons.
Boo, Bunny!
Illustrated by Jeff Mack. Really simple, cute Halloween story of conquering fears!
Book About Design, A
Design is all about the perception of size, shape and color says the author. Simple, basic shapes and a little humor help to show young artists this point.
Book Boat's In, The
Set in 1835, this story tells of Jesse, who wants his own copy of The Swiss Family Robinson very much; so much, in fact, that he is willing to work very hard to make enough money to purchase a used copy from the floating library/bookstore that travels the Erie Canal each week. The simple language and illustrations reflect a simpler time in our nation's history.
Book of Dares for Lost Friends, The
Beginning middle school would be so much better alongside her best friend, but Val is left alone when Lanora decides to reinvent herself. With her dad absent following her parents' divorce, Lanora tries new things and doesn't make the best choices. Lanora gets more and more in trouble and Val vows to save her. With the help of some strange friends, her little brother, and a great Greek chorus of middle school nerdy girls, Val uses the plans from the Book of Dares to create a ceremony that will bring Lanora back. Lifelong friendship, family dysfunction, plus the power of love make for an enchanting story set in and around New York City's Central Park.
Book of Lies, The
When Marcel arrives at the orphanage Lord Alwyn erases his memory of is previous life, except for, thanks to Bea, his name which ties him to two other orphans and the politics of the royalty. With help from the Prince they escape, but still have to sort out the lies and treachery of those who want power and with help from the Book of Lies to secure the future of the kingdom.
Book of Mordred, The
King Arthur struggles to keep his knights in line. Keira, a young girl who can foretell the fate of the world is kidnapped, and her mother, Alayna, flees to Camelot and finds Mordred, her love and King Arthur's greatest enemy.
Book of Storms, The
After his parents have been swept away in a storm of extreme power, eleven-year-old Danny finds a tarot, the seed of a storm, which gives him the ability to speak with plants and animals and elicit their help to rescue his parents. His older cousin feels responsible for Danny and sticks with him through his travels, while not really believing the wild tales Danny is sharing. Pitted against an evil manipulative villain, Danny must use his wits and courage to survive in this highly imaginative and adventurous tale filled with the supernatural power of storms.
Book of Time
Fourteen-year-old Sam is searching for clues to his father's eccentric disappearance when he discovers a totem or voodoo object and a dirty coin with strange lines and symbols engraved on it. Putting the two pieces together allows him to time travel beginning with the era of the Vikings. This time-travel adventure moves from one time period to the next quickly but effectively, often narrowly escaping.
Book Scavenger
Emily participates in an online game called Book Scavenger where lovers of reading provide clues to hidden books. She and her parents have just moved again, this time to San Francisco where Garrison Griswold, the inventor of the game, lives. When Griswold is mugged and so badly wounded he is in a coma, Emily and her first real friend find a strange book near the crime scene that contains what looks like Griswold's newest game. As they begin playing the game, they find they must both avoid and learn the identity of those who attacked Griswold.
Bookmarks Are People Too!
Hank, of the Hank Zipzer series, is now in 2nd grade. Somehow, without intending to, he keeps making his classmates laugh. Although he wants the lead in the class play, he freezes up in the audition and instead is given the role of a bookmark. But in the actual performance, the lead character freezes and Hank has to save the day. This book is written in Dyslexie font, making it a great selection for challenged readers.
Boo's Dinosaur
Boo wants attention, but big brother Sammy just wants some peace and quiet. Enter the dinosaur. Boo asks to keep him and eveyrone humors her, but how did she get up so high in that tree, and more imporantly, how does she get down?
Borden Murders, The
People have for over a century heard the nursery rhyme about Lizzie Borden killing her parents. Sarah Miller's book takes a new look at what happened that fateful day and in the months following. Did Lizzie kill her parents or did the officers investigating the scene make many mistakes? This well-documented nonfiction grants insight into human nature, gossip and preconceived notions, the unique Borden family dynamics, as well as the culture, politics, and social norms of the late nineteenth century.
Border Town: Crossing the Line
Fabiola can't wait to have her younger sister in high school with her. However, she gets uneasy with the group with which Alexis hangs out. Things take a turn for the worse when one of their cousins is blamed for something for which Fabi is sure Alexis'
Embedded in a story about a beloved cat named Boris, readers of this free verse novel will explore the eternal rhythms of life including love, longing, compassion and companionship.
Boston Tea Party, The
The night of December 16, 1773 the American colonists spoke loud and clear; "no taxation without representation." The events and details leading up to the Boston Tea Party are well documented by Freedman. Students will see how this event really was the
Evyn's father remarries and they move to Boston. She gains four sisters and two brothers. She tries to bounce back from all the changes in her life as she moves into womanhood.
Boundless, The
Will's father works for the railroad laying tracks across the Canadian wilderness. Will loves to read his father's letters and draw pictures of all his adventures. When he joins his father for the first journey of The Boundless, the biggest, most wondrous train the world has ever seen, his own adventure begins. Somehow Will winds up in possession of the only key to a train car full of treasure, and must enlist the help of a traveling circus to thwart a sinister plot that endangers the entire journey of The Boundless.
Box Jellyfish: Killer Tentacles
Fabulous facts about these tenacious ocean residents verify the terror potential in this Afraid of the Water series. Personal stories of survivors along with full color photos help the reader get a safe close-up of these dangerous creatures.
Box Out
Liam Bergstrom makes varsity because he is tall and can catch rebounds. He jeopardizes his position when he criticizes his coach for praying before games and practices. Lively basketball action make it a good choice for sports fans.
Boxcar Children Beginning, The
For readers who have wondered what happened to the parents of the Boxcar Children, MacLachlan supplies the answer in this satisfying prequel. In the year before they become the orphans known as the Boxcar Children, Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny Alden l
Boy 2 Girl
At first, Sam Lopez dresses up as a girl on a dare, but the joke gets taken too far and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. This book is light-hearted and fun to read, but it also has some keen psychological insights and brings up a number of thought-provoking questions about gender and identity.
Boy Girl Boy
Told in alternating chapters by three friends, Elliot, Teresa and Larry, who plan to leave their small town and go to LA after they graduate. But as the year progresses things change and they realize that their plan is restricting them rather than liberating them. One of the guys is homosexual.
Boy in the Black Suit, The
Matt's job at a funeral home nets him a pretty good paycheck. Otherwise, nothing about his life is very good. His mom has recently died and his dad can't seem to handle anything but a bottle. When Matt's had about all the bad news he can take, along comes a girl who's dealt with more crazy than he can fathom. But she just might be able to help him work through his wrenching loneliness and find some healing.
Boy Kills Man
Harsh story about young boys being recruited to do the dirty work of the drug lords and when they are not needed any longer what happens tothem. Story takes place in Colombia and good for American children to know and understand what occurs in other parts of the world.
Boy on Cinnamon Street, The
A dark mystery unfolds as Louise, a tiny seventh-grader, nurses a deep wound. She struggles to adjust to her new life with her quirky and adorable grandparents. Her only friends are Reni and Reni's brother Henderson and they help her deal with the trage
Boy Project, The
Upset that she doesn't have a boyfriend, Kara decides to develop her own science project to find out what boys like about girls. She develops and analyzes surveys, graphs, and charts hoping to understand why she hasn't been successful. Kara learns that
Boy Who Ate Stars, The
12-year-old Lucy meets Matthew, a 4-year-old autistic boy who lives upstairs in her apartment building. Lucy takes it upon herself to work with Matthew and help him see the world and be around people as she begins to understand what it means to be autistic.
Boy Who Became Buffalo Bill, The
This colorfully delivered account of the life of Bill Cody, known as Buffalo Bill, weaves in many other historical figures such as Bill Hickok, John Brown, Kit Carson and Annie Oakley. Pivotal pieces of Kansas history impact the story, from its early years as a territory to the struggle between pro- and anti-slavery forces leading to its joining the union as a free state. But most of the tale follows Bill Cody's life from witnessing the bloody beating and resulting death of his father, to joining the Jayhawkers and spying for the Union in the Civil War. He also actively participated in many aspects of frontier life—scouting during the Indian wars, riding for the Pony Express, and, of course, buffalo hunting, which won his nickname. Wrapping up with accounts of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, this informational and entertaining read is a worthy addition to any Civil War history collection.
Boy Who Cried Wolf, The
This timeless fable is complemented by the whimsical illustrations. A winning read-aloud for a variety of ages that is sure to tickle their funny bone.
Boy who Dared, The
Helmuth, just a teenager during the reign of Hitler, was not content to follow and do as he was told. He took action to hear and spread truth in the middle of Nazi lies. Proud of his efforts he would pay the ultimate sacrifice for his determination.
Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower
John Howland found opportunity wherever it was to be had, leaving London on the Mayflower as an indentured servant, and repeatedly proving his worth to the entire expedition. Told in John's voice and enhanced by rich illustrations, the reader is caught up in the suspense and emotion of the entire adventure and introduced to the key historical characters of the story.
Boy Who Invented TV, The: The Story of Philo Farnsworth
This picture-book biography explains how Farnsworth held on to his dream to develop television and the scientific concepts behind it.
Boy Who Saved Cleveland, The
Based on a true event this is the story of how Seth Doan kept his family and neighboring families alive during a malaria epidemic. He carried corn to the mill and had it ground into cornmeal, and earned the respect of all.
Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, The
Visit the Livingston Public Library and join Melvin, a "geeky" but endearing young boy whose innate curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge unite him with a trio of librarians who are willing and anxious to help him find, sort , categorize and use information of every imaginable variety (all the way from Kindergarten through college graduation!) Brad Sneed's characteristically raucous watercolor renderings of the library and all its inhabitants keep you turning the pages to see how this little geek and his library family will fare as he grows into adulthood. Based on a true story, this tribute to libraries and learning comes full circle when 20 odd years pass and Sterling, another "little geek," walks through the doors of LPL to meet the newest librarian on staff...
Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, The
Visit the Livingston Public Library and join Melvin, a "geeky" but endearing young boy whose innate curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge unite him with a trio of librarians who are willing and anxious to help him find, sort, categorize and use information of every imaginable variety (all the way from Kindergarten through college graduation!) Brad Sneed's characteristically raucous watercolor renderings of the library and all its inhabitants keep you turning the pages to see how this little geek and his library family will fare as he grows into adulthood. Based on a true story, this tribute to libraries and learning comes full circle when 20 odd years pass and Sterling, another "little geek," walks through the doors of LPL to meet the newest librarian on staff.
Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, The
Visit the Livingston Public Library and join Melvin, a "geeky" but endearing young boy whose innate curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge unite him with a trio of librarians who are willing and anxious to help him find, sort , categorize and use information of every imaginable variety (all the way from Kindergarten through college graduation!) Brad Sneed's characteristically raucous watercolor renderings of the library and all its inhabitants keep you turning the pages to see how this little geek and his library family will fare as he grows into adulthood. Based on a true story, this tribute to libraries and learning comes full circle when 20 odd years pass and Sterling, another "little geek," walks through the doors of LPL to meet the newest librarian on staff...
Boy, a Mouse, and a Spider, A
A sickly preschooler with a mouse for a companion became a schoolboy with a menagerie of barnyard friends and a love of the outdoors. Capturing his thoughts, observations, and imaginations on paper brought him great satisfaction, and he grew up to become a writer, eventually the author of Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, and The Trumpet of the Swan. This engaging story downplays the biographical details and emphasizes what inspired well-known children's author E. B. White.
Boy, A Novel
Gavin Meeks is one of the popular kids in his high school. He parties, dates, plays tennis—all the good stuff. When Antoinette enters the picture, Gavin is fascinated, but she doesn't want anything to do with him. As his world expands, Gavin becomes interested in photography and wants to go to art school—against his lawyer dad's wishes. Antoinette is his favorite subject, and they gradually spend more time together. When other long-time friendships implode and his parents unexpectedly divorce, it’s Antoinette and her friend Kai who help Gavin survive the upheaval. The reader watches Gavin grow from doing what is acceptable by his peers to what is right for himself.
Boys Don't Knit: (In Public)
Confrontation with a crossing guard, among other things, nets Ben a rehabilitation requirement to keep a journal, do community service, and take up a hobby. Since his crush teaches a knitting class -- he thought -- Ben signs up, only to wind up hiding this new fascination from all his buddies and his soccer-obsessed father. Diary format grants relatable and humorous insight into Ben's worrying tendencies, the conflict between his father's he-man expectations and his own more studious inclinations, and the discovery that knitting actually de-stresses him.
Boys Who Challenged Hitler, The
Incensed by the Danish government's cooperation with the Nazi occupation, a group of schoolboys set out to "clean the mud off the Danish flag" and disrupt the occupying forces' presence and efforts whenever opportunity appeared. Their resolve led to the formation of the Churchill Club, which launched with small pranks including theft of weapons and escalated to sabotage against the despised Germans. Their actions and resulting imprisonment galvanized older Danes to full-blown resistance later in the war.
Boys, Girls & Other Hazardous Materials
Drama and high school girls go hand in hand. But a new year at a new school gives Charlie a chance to start over. Then her childhood friend, Will, returns and the drama begins. After seeing a hazing gone wrong, Charlie will have to decide if she wants to come out about the wrong or let it go as so many have done in the past.
Brave Bitsy and the Bear
Bitsy, a small toy rabbit and her woodland friends befriend a large woodland bear who falls asleep before reaching the den for winter. The friends are reunited in the spring and the nostalgic illustrations go from cold tones of winter to the warm hues of spring.
Bravo Zulu, Samantha
Decidedly unenthusiastic about spending part of her summer vacation with her grandparents, twelve-year-old Samantha is particularly upset by her prickly grandfather's secretive behavior and decides to find out what he is hiding.
Artful graphics adorn these pages of short well-crafted verse about famous but sometimes overlooked Hispanics. Accompanied by vivid portraits or photos, each poem gives a brief description of how that individual has impacted our world, from successful flight ahead of the Wright brothers and other notable "firsts" to human rights advocacy before it was in vogue. A supplemental listing of other notable Latinos is also included.
Readers of historical fiction will love this book. It is the story of Mary Howard, wife of Henry VIII’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy. The author used what little information there is about Mary Howard, a member of the powerful Howard family, and her own imagination to weave a fascinating tale of power, lust, frustration, and deception. Mary is married to Henry Fitzroy at age 14, but the marriage is not allowed to be consummated before the King believes Henry to be of appropriate age. As Mary watches the deterioration of the queen’s marriage, she is determined to strengthen her own. This tale is a unique look into the tangled lives that Henry VIII so heavily impacted by his efforts to have a male heir.
Bread and Roses, Too
Seen through the eyes of Rosa's Italian immigrant family and native-born Jake Beale, Katherine Paterson uses her considerable talent to relate the story of the Bread and Roses strike of 1912 in the textile mills of Lawrence, Massachusetts. As tensions in the city escalate, Rosa and Jake Beale find themselves shipped out of harm's way to sympathetic people in Vermont. Readers will be captivated by this riveting story.
Break My Heart 1,000 Times
After the "Event" which killed millions, ghosts start appearing everywhere. Veronica starts questioning why and gets caught up in a dangerous game which has consequences she can't see. Deliciously creepy, this keeps you guessing until the end.
Break up Bible, The
Jen Lewis thinks her life is over when she is dumped by her perfect boyfriend. With the help of family, friends, and a self-help book from her grandmother, Jen discovers you can survive the pain of a break-up.
Lily James -LJ - knows her place and that is right in the middle of the soccer field. She's good and she knows she's good, but when that self-importance and temper get in the way of team play, her time on the bench gives her a new perspective on more than the game.
Breakaway Beyond the Goal (nonfiction)
Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan, women's soccer star, inspires as she shares her memoir targeted to middle- and older-teen readers. Despite challenges from injury to unexpected coaching changes and keeping academics in balance, her positive attitude and determination netted her a prominent role as the youngest player on the U.S. Women's National Team and in two key World Cup matches.
Breaker Boys, The
In 1897, Nate Tanner, the hot-tempered twelve-year-old son of wealthy Pennsylvania mine owners, goes against his father's wishes by befriending some of the boys who work in the mines and gets caught up in a disastrous clash between mine workers and the law.
Breaking Point
Ember and Chase are still on the run in this sequel to Simmons hit debut novel Article 5. Joining forces with the rebellion to overtake the conservative government of the former United States, the two must learn to stay strong and always know who the real enemy is. This nail-biting installment will capture readers from the first page and have them begging for the final book!
Breaking the Ice
Kaitlin wants so much to be a champion figure skater that she begins homeschooling to accommodate her training schedule. But after a very un-champion-like tantrum gets her dropped by her coach and skating club, Kaitlin must join the Fallton Club -- everyone's last resort. Can they teach her to be competitive AND kind?
School feels like a prison to 8th grader Anthony except during free period when he and friend Keenan practice with their band “The Rusty Soles.” After getting into trouble in school and at home, Anthony vents his frustration in a song called “Breakout.” Keenan posts the song and it goes viral, so it should be a hit at the school's Fall Arts Night -- with students, at least. Administration forbids the prolific strong language. Anthony grapples with rights to free speech versus responsibilities of being in the limelight as he decides how he will sing his song on stage. Fast-paced narrative vividly paints the universal early-teen struggle to feel grown up while others still make decisions for you.
Bridge to America
Based on the true story of Fivel (Phil) Myzel who as an 8-year-old boy in 1920 Poland faces starvation as well as death from Cossacks who kill little Jewish boys just for sport. As the family waits eight years for Papa to send money from America so they can join him, they receive help from Beryl, the baker with a big heart. Finally, in 1921, they reunite with their father in the United States.
Bright Lights, Dark Nights
First love is always special, as Walter and Naomi discover. Their inter-racial relationship meets serious challenges, however, when wall-flower Walter's white-policeman dad is accused of racial profiling during an arrest, and Walter's romance with African-American Naomi is impacted by the ensuing neighborhood tension. Black and white drawings provide supporting imagery as Walter begins to grapple with a new awareness of his white privilege and of deep-rooted racial tensions which did not depart with desegregation.
Bright Path: Young Jim Thorpe
The Oklahoma prairie was where Jim Thorpe called home and the government Indian schools he attended as a child and youth. His tribal name meant "Bright Path" but his way was not always bright or clear. Brown takes us through Thorpe's life through his 1912 Olympics. The story is followed by an endnote with illustrations and photographs about the discussion of his amateur status.
Bringing the Boy Home
This fast-paced and refreshing adventure story is told in alternating chapters from the voices of young members of an Amazonian tribe. It is time for their test of manhood as they approach their thirteenth birthdays.
Brock Lesnar
World wrestling followers won't be the only ones to enjoy this tale of a farm boy turned wrestling champion. The vocabulary enhancing glossary at the end supplements background narrative in simple paragraph format, fact boxes, and full-color photos.
Broken Bike Boy and Queen of 33rd Street, The
Fifth-grade Queen Rousseau is bright, sassy and pampered. Her superior airs don't win her many friends after being home schooled and indulged by her family. When Leroy, a smelly projects boy moves into the neighborhood, he wins the hearts of Queen's classmates and her warm, kind parents. It is Leroy and his agoraphobic actor friend Cornelius who gradually lead Queen to the realization of true friendship and self-worth.
Bronte's Book Club
When a twelve-year-old girl moves from New Mexico to a seaside California town, she comes up with the idea of starting a book club to make new friends, though things don't go as planned.
Tyrell seeks a way out of his dysfunctional family and neighborhood of crime. Several young women want to be involved with him, but they don't seem to understand his desire to change. This book is about the art of being family with lots of action and street language. It is recommended for urban fiction collections.
Bronzeville Boys and Girls
Gwendolyn Brooks celebration of African-American childhood gets a new suit of clothes as it is paired with artist Faith Ringold's exuberant, colorful illustrations. This collection of poems was first published in the 1950s and this new edition should be grabbed up for all poetry collections.
Brook Book, The
Informational book about a brook. Details are given about the habitat in and around the brook and its importance to the environment.
Brooklyn Nine
An amazing story of history intertwined through baseball from 1845 to 2002. Generations of one family tell their stories connecting baseball and the Civil War, segregation, WWII, and Sputnik.
Brown Girl Dreaming
Woodson uses free verse to tell the stories of her childhood in this highly acclaimed book, which has earned multiple starred reviews. Born in 1963, Woodson portrays her growing up experiences during the civil rights movement in Greenville, South Carolina, and later Brooklyn. Her love of storytelling and her development as a writer is a central theme to this beautifully written collection of poems.
Brown Rabbit in the City
Rabbit is going to the city for the first time to visit his friend, Little Rabbit. There is so much to see and do. As they rush from shop to caf
Brownie & Pearl Get Dolled Up
Young students will relate to this description of Brownie and her cat getting dressed up. Colorful illustrations embellish the descriptions in the simple text.
Brownie & Pearl Grab a Bite
When Brownie and her cat Pearl get hungry, they find some good things to eat and drink. Pre-level One readers will enjoy the pictures and relate to the ideas conveyed by the straightforward text.
Brownie & Pearl Step Out
Brownie and her kitty are going to a birthday party. Early primary students will understand Brownie's feeling timid and then enjoying herself anyway in this cute story for beginning readers.
What would it be like to be trapped in a germ-free hospital room for your entire life? Eleven-year-old Joe longs to see and experience the real world just like other kids while at the same time fearing for his life due to his severe immune disorder. His best friend, Henry, also lives in a "bubble" across the ocean and they communicate through Skype. When a rather eccentric nurse begins working with Joe, he shares his obsession with aliens and his plan to get Joe out of his hospital room for a brief excursion courtesy of a NASA-designed special suit. While some plot elements are a tad beyond believable, this touching story told in Joe’s hopeful first-person narration draws the reader to empathetic involvement in Joe's plight and to shared anticipation of this life-changing, if very short, outing.
Mulvaney’s mom has lost her job and broke up with her boyfriend, whom Mulvaney really liked. A new class project involves taking risks, and she just doesn't feel up to that right now. In the middle of it all, she begins seeing bubbles above people's heads which disclose their thoughts. Now she knows more than her 12-year-old brain can handle—the depth of her mom’s depression, a classmate trying to turn friends away from Mulvaney, her bestie has secretly started dating (why didn’t she tell me?)—and it gets harder to separate these bits of information from everyone else’s reality. Whimsical, magical, and maybe a tad far-fetched, the story offers a slightly different take on common middle-grade challenges.
Bubonic Panic: When Plague Invaded America
Bubonic plague, scourge of mankind for centuries, is thought to have killed over half the population of Europe during the Middle Ages. Little was known about its cause and spread until the beginning of the 20th century. In 1900, a man in San Francisco's Chinatown died a horrible death, and the terrifying truth struck home: the bubonic plague was now present in the United States. Political pressure had quelled the truth of its arrival in the U.S., which in turn hindered efforts of health officials to take reasonable precautions, and discouraged research into its cause and possible cure. As a result, many people died from the disease before it could be brought under control. Handling of this epidemic brings to light the danger of politics stifling and interfering with action on public health concerns.
Bubonic Plague: The Black Death!
Excellent text, photos, and illustrations describing the Bubonic plague. Includes overview of other plagues and plague facts, glossary, bibliography, other suggestions for reading, and websites.
Bud and Gabby
Feline friends Bud (big and bossy) and Gabby (small and meek) seem an unlikely pair, but Bud worries when Gabby gets sick and has to go to the vet. Bud finds a special way to show his friendship when Gabby returns. Silly but sweet story with bold pictures.
A classic boy-and-dog tale in the tradition of Old Yeller. Tyrone "Li'l T" Roberts meets Buddy when his family's car accidentally hits the stray dog on their way to church. Buddy turns out to be the dog Li'l T's always wished for--until Hurricane Katrina comes to New Orleans and he must leave Buddy behind. After the storm, Li'l T and his father return home to find a community struggling to rebuild their lives--and Buddy gone. But Li'l T refuses to give up his quest to find his best friend. From the author of the BBYA Top Ten selection The Great Wide Sea comes a powerful story of hope, courage, and knowing when to let go.
Buffalo Song
The story of the first efforts to save the vanishing bison (buffalo) herds from extinction in the United States in the 1870s and 1880s. Based on the true story of Samuel Walking Coyote, a Salish (Kalispel) Indian who rescued and raised orphaned buffalo calves.
Buffalo Storm, The
Hallie leaves all she knows to travel west with her family. During a storm of stampeding buffalo, she learns to conquer her fears and accept change.
Bug Off!
This book includes easily read poems for young children to enjoy with a beautiful photo of the insect. Also included are facts or tidbits about the insects for older students to be challenged in their reading.
Bugs: Poems About Creepy Things
Forty short poems describing bugs of all kinds. The short, silly poems include some for two voices. Amusing black and white drawings add to the fun.
Building the Transcontinental Railroad
This historically accurate narrative allows the reader to choose from three different perspectives: a Chinese worker, an Irish laborer, or an engineer. Each option offers many opportunities to choose what will happen next, allowing students to develop perspectives and point-of-view. After basic information about the task, times, and possible outcomes are given, the reader must choose. This book can read many different ways; and like all great expository works, it provides graphic aids, glossary, index, bibliography, and even web sites.
Building with Dad
Dad takes his young son to work to see where his new school is being built. We join them to watch from the groundbreaking all the way through until the children come. Great technical language young learners will enjoy.
Built to Last
Chronological story of major architechtural feats. Full page photos emphasize the size of some of the projects ranging from tunnels to bridges to the Empire State Building and St. Louis arch. The process needed to accomplish those feats are explained in story fashion. Good for browsers and researchers.
Bulldozer's Big Day
Bulldozer is ready to celebrate his big day, but all his construction buddies see it as just another work day. Bulldozer glumly concludes that none of his friends even remembered his birthday, but at closing time a surprise awaits.
Bullet Catch, The
Leo and his three friends run away from the orphanage, but life isn't all that much better now and the boys are barely surviving on Leo’s ability as a gifted pickpocket. Then Leo finds out one of the boys is betraying him. To make his break from the group, he accepts an apprenticeship with a magician who is staging a comeback by using a wondrous machine called the Bullet Catch. When the magician's rival dies in London while performing with the Bullet Catch, Leo starts to realize being an apprentice to the magician might be more dangerous that being a pickpocket on the streets.
Bullie$ of Wall Street, The
Former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair gives students many personal accounts and explains in easy terminology the triggers and fallout of the financial crisis of 2008. Parts of this non-fiction are very understandable while others are quite complex; but then so are the issues which factor into such economic downturns.
Bullying and Me: Schoolyard Stories
Outstanding essays on bullying by the victims themselves sets a powerful stage for discussion. The added comments from a counselor suggest pathways to choose in overcoming this horrible, all-too-common form of abuse. Tips for dealing with bullies conclude the book.
Bumpy Little Pumpkin, The
Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. Little Nell chooses the bumpy pumpkin for a Jack-o-lantern despite what her sisters say. The woodland animals help her by carving it into a sweet smiling jack-o-lantern.
Bunnies' Picnic, The
In this rhyming story, a family of eight bunnies work together to make a stew only to see it spilled. They give a lesson on perseverance by then making a salad together.
Burn Baby Burn
Senior year in New York City circa 1977 for Nora Lopez was supposed to be full of disco music, dancing, and double dates. But instead she has to battle a heat wave, fear of a serial killer, and blackouts. With her Spanish speaking mother barely able to pay the rent, her 16-year-old brother out of control and her father out of the picture, Nora's life has been on the edge already. The wise words of her boss, Sal, the new boy, Pablo, who might just be the one, and her best friend Kathleen are all that's holding Nora and her life together. This book immerses the reader in both the characters and the time period from page one. Teens will find the narrative authentic, and those who have struggled with rough family lives and the difficulties of what to do after high school will relate to Nora and her story.
Bust to Boom
An outstanding visual record of a most crucial period in our American Midwest history. This 110 pictorial display can stand alone on its own merits but the enlightening text provides valuable commentary to understanding the composition of the state's population and its inevitable shift away from rural life toward today's urbanization and industrialization.
Bust to Boom
An outstanding visual record of a most crucial period in our American Midwest history. This 110 pictorial display can stand alone on its own merits but the enlightening text provides valuable commentary to understanding the composition of the state's population and its inevitable shift away from rural life toward today's urbanization and industrialization.
Bust to Boom
An outstanding visual record of a most crucial period in our American Midwest history. This 110 pictorial display can stand alone on its own merits but the enlightening text provides valuable commentary to understanding the composition of the state's population and its inevitable shift away from rural life toward today's urbanization and industrialization.
Bust to Boom
An outstanding visual record of a most crucial period in our American Midwest history. This 110 pictorial display can stand alone on its own merits but the enlightening text provides valuable commentary to understanding the composition of the state's population and its inevitable shift away from rural life toward today's urbanization and industrialization.
This book is a great early reader about the life cycle of the butterfly. Photos enhance the story.
Butterfly Called Hope, A
A little girl finds a caterpillar in her mother's garden that she learns will become a monarch butterfly. She cares for it daily, providing milkweed plants, and watches it form a chrysalis. Up close photography documents the stages of the lifecycle. She realizes she must let the butterfly fly free to continue the stages of life.
Butterfly's Life, A
This is one book in a series of eight called Animal Diaries: Life Cycles. The illustrations are magnificent. Students will not want to put it down. Includes table of contents, science lab (activities), science words (vocabulary), index, other books, and
Buzz on Bees, The: Why Are They Disappearing?
This beautiful photographic essay answers questions about the decline of honeybees, describes causes and suggests ways we can help.
By the Grace of Todd
Todd's room is not only a mess, it's disgusting. The smells coming from his room are unbelievable. His mother has had enough and demands he clean up his room. He decides to look under his bed to see if there is any room to stuff any of the things on the floor. His attention is quickly drawn to his dirty stinky football socks from last fall - not only by the smell, but by the little lights coming off his socks. In walks the brainy neighbor girl, and he decides to show her the socks. She gets a magnifying glass from home, and what do they discover? A new civilization of very tiny humans has sprung up from the materials left on his dirty socks!
By the Sword: A Yound Man Meets War
A fictionalized account of the memoirs of Benjamin Tallmadge, a school teacher who felt compelled to join Washington's army at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. This is a lavishly illustrated picture book. Oil on canvas paintings by Bill Farnsworth, a timeline and additional resources make this book a nice addition to any collection.
By These Ten Bones
Fantasy fans will enjoy this book. The story begins slowly but picks up. A good read for werewolf fantasy fans.
Bzrk Apocalypse
Members of BZRK are preparing for their final stand. Noah and Sadie have seen death, and it holds no fear for them. Madness does, though - and losing each other. But they will not sit back, the only witnesses to an invisible apocalypse. The world is being destroyed from the inside out, and it's time for them to fight to the last in the streets and in the nano. Action abounds in this conclusion to the BZRK trilogy.
Cabin on Trouble Creek
In 1803 in Ohio, two young brothers are left to finish the log cabin and guard the land while their father goes back to Pennsylvania to fetch their mother and younger siblings.
Cabinet of Wonders
Twelve-year-old Petra, accompanied by her magical tin spider, goes to Prague hoping to retrieve the enchanted eyes the prince of Bohemia took from her father, and is aided in her quest by a Roma boy and his sister. Good book for those who like history with their fantasy or vice versa.
Caddy Ever After
Fourth novel about the Cassson family. The story is told to us by the three youngest member. The events that occur leading up to the attempted marriage of the oldest sister Caddy are both touching and hilarious. Does not stand alone. The Reader will need previous knowledge of the characters and storyline of the family.
Call Me By My Name
Growing up in Louisiana in the late 1960s, Tater Henry has experienced a lot of race-based mistreatment. His town is slow to desegregate and slower still to leave behind deep-seated prejudice. Rodney befriends Tater, beginning a friendship which grows and becomes an unstoppable force on the football field. But Tater and Rodney's twin, Angie, are growing closer too, and Rodney's world is turned upside down. The casual prejudice then so prevalent in the Deep South is conveyed in first person as Rodney must grapple with a growing hate he did not know was inside him.
Call Me Oklahoma!
Paige Turner has the kind of name that encourages bad jokes. In a humorous and encouraging tale about standing up to bullies of all shapes and sizes and remaining true to oneself, Paige announces one day that she is changing her name to Oklahoma. She believes that the new name will put "Yehaw" into her personality and make her brave. Paige's journey of self-discovery should keep readers hooked.
Call of the Klondike
Stanley Pearce and Marshall Bond, two 20-something Yale grads, were among the first to hear about the gold found in the Klondike the summer of 1897 when they watched prospectors coming into Seattle loaded with gold dust. Both young men come from mining families, and with the advancement of funds from their parents, they head out certain their fortunes will be made. This is excellent reading, both for interest and also for support of the Common Core Standards.
Callie Cat Ice Skates
Callie Cat loves to skate more than anything else. When she enters a contest she wants to win. What could be more important than winning?
Desert travel would not be the same without the star of this non-fiction book. Physical characteristics of both the camel and its desert habitat are explained with the help of color photos, diagrams, note boxes, and other features sure to intrigue students and place this title alongside other science and geography resources.
Cameos of Courage
Four separate stories depict the lives of four courageous girls living on the Great Plains between 1856 and 1890. An abolitionist, an Osage Indian, an Exoduster, and an immigrant from Germany all view their different circumstances from varying perspectives, offering the middle-grade reader diverse glimpses into another era. The author and illustrator are native to southeast Kansas.
Campy: The Story of Roy Campanella
Easy to follow biography of the first African-American major league baseball player.
Can an Aardvark Bark?
Stewart opens each page with a question followed by a descriptive term for the sound each animal makes. Collage-style illustrations and large font introduce each animal and its utterance type. Early elementary children will enjoy learning about the animals, more advanced learners can glean more information from the smaller-text inserts, and teachers or caregivers will appreciate the opportunity for vocabulary expansion—and smile at the cacophony of animal sounds when their read-aloud group launches into imitations.
Can I Come Too?
A small mouse decides to have an adventure to find the largest creature in the world. She is joined by a frog, kingfisher, cat, otter, badger, dog, goat, tiger, and polar bear. The new friends are in awe when they finally watch a whale breaching. They agree that meeting each other was the best part of the adventure. The colored pencil illustrations are not to be missed.
Can I See Your I.D.?
Ten short profiles of people who assumed different identities for a variety of reasons are outlined in this "based on true stories" book. Students who liked the movie Catch Me if You Can will enjoy reading this. Although the profiles are short, Barton includes a "What Happened Next" page that should satisfy.
Can We Share the World with Tigers?
Beginning with an explanation of why tigers are endangered, this book teaches us about the many ways that a species can become extinct. It also shares what we can do to share the world with the other plants and animal species. This would be a great book
Can You Greet the Whole Wide World?
Learn how to say twelve common phrases in twelve different languages in this very fun book. Great for experimenting with a variety of languages. Map at the end shows where these twelve languages are commonly spoken. A good classroom reference for teachers to use with both students and their families.
Can You See Me?
Ted Lewin's beautiful paintings of animal inhabitants brightly illustrate this trip through a tropical rain forest. Young readers are invited to spot the camouflaged mammals, birds, and reptiles; some are more difficult to find than others. The spare text, repetition, and large font of this book from the "I Like to Read" series are excellent for beginning readers. The last page features an actual photograph of each animal and its specific name.
The story of a guy who falls in love with a girl before he knew she was a prostitute. He becomes involved with her and she's involved with the wrong people. This is no sweet teenage romance. This is the bitter world of Candy.
Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s “Chocolate Pilot”
Biography, illustrated with photos, of U.S. Air Force flier Gail Halverson, who dropped candy to children in West Berlin following World War II.
Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift's "Chocolate Pilot"
Biography, illustrated with photos, of U.S. Air Force flier Gail Halverson, who dropped candy to children in West Berlin following World War II.
Captain Mac: The Life of Donald Baxter MacMillan, Arctic Explorer
Chronicles the life of teacher and explorer Donald Baxter MacMillan who accompanied Robert Perry on an Arctic expedition and went on exploring and resarching the Arctic for nearly 50 years. Highlights of his expeditions, a list of his awards, end notes, a selected bibliography, and an index are appended.
Captain Nobody
Ten-year-old Newton dresses up as an unusual superhero for Halloween, and then he decides to keep wearing the costume. Opportunities start cropping up for him to save the day, and eventually he saves his injured brother - the local high school football hero. This novel will speak to those kids who feel left out and not part of the "in-crowd."
Captain Small Pig
Small Pig, along with his friends Old Goat and Turkey, spend the day together in a rowboat on a lake. It is important to remember friends get along no matter what happens.
Her father is not just the Prime Minister; he has always been her hero. Then her kidnapping and captivity by terrorists reveals his less wholesome side, which also weakens his bargaining position with her captors and forces her to pursue escape before they get tired of this game and decide to kill her. And the kinder, good-looking one might not be able to prevent it.
Capybara Conspiracy, The
Fed up with her school's sports obsession, Olive and her theater group decide to kidnap their school mascot Cappy the Capybara and then return him for the reward of a great rehearsal space. When other parties become involved in the conspiracy, their plan takes a wild turn. Written in play form with wit and zest, this book is hard to put down and could also be a great class read-aloud.
Car Goes Far
A cheery car looks sparkling clean at the start of the day but quickly gets dirty ("Car does not look good now./Car is sad.") Word repetition and a simple plot pair with bold and bright illustrations perfect for the emergent reader.
Carbon Diaries 2017, The
Sequel to The Carbon Diaries 2015, this tale continues the saga of Laura Brown, university student in London. She's in a band and, while on tour in Europe, revolution breaks out and she must fight to get home to England. If you liked
Cam's father is out of work and is looking everywhere for a job so that he can buy Cam a birthday present. He meets a man on the street that sells him some cardboard for his last 78¢. Cam and his father find magic with the love and laughter they put int
Caring for Cheetahs: My African Adventure
Hansen has produced a beautiful photo-essay chronicling her story at the Cheetah Conservation Fund reservation. Conservation efforts are discussed as well as vast amounts of zoological information about the lives of the cheetahs themselves and the education of area farmers and ranchers so that they can help in the conservation efforts. Beautiful photography and an engaging layout are included as well as websites and glossary.
Carl's Sleepy Afternoon
Carl, that wonderful rottweiller, returns in another beautiful picture book. He is supposed to stay home to nap while his family shops, but he hitches a ride on a truck then visits several shops helping people along the way.
Carly Likes Blue
The story tells the readers why Carly, the Westie Dog, loves the color blue. Each page takes us through Carly's day exploring the color blue in her world through vibrant vocabulary and rhythmic text.
Carmen Learns English
Carmen is learning English at school and then takes her knowledge home to teach her younger sister. This is an excellent book for the beginning of the year and teaching a respect of individual differences. (Includes a glossary of Spanish words/phrases.) Share this one with your ESOL teachers.
Caroline's Comets: A True Story
As a child in Germany, Caroline Herschel contracted typhus and smallpox which left her scarred for life. Her family used her as a scullery maid and thought she could become nothing more. Caroline proved them wrong after moving to England with her brother. At first, she was his housekeeper, taught music on the side, and became a vocalist. Soon she was caught up in his passion for astronomy, and together they built a telescope with which they both studied the skies. Caroline became quite famous after discovering a comet and, despite restrictions on unmarried women in 18th-century England, she became the first woman scientist to be paid for her work—by the king of England himself. Pen, ink, and watercolor drawings convey both the physical scars and her dedication while author notes and other end matter add background information.
Carrots Grow Underground
This would be a great resource for teaching the life cycle of plants and farming. The simple text and photographs describe how carrots grow. It is a nonfiction book containing a glossary, internet sites, and index.
Cars Galore
This colorful book is a rhyming tribute to cars of all kinds. Whimsical illustrations of imaginary vehicles - shark car, skyscraper car, igloo car - add to the fun.
Cars, Rushing! Honking! Zooming!
Car lovers will enjoy this book of all kinds of cars rushing, honking, and zooming everywhere.
Cartboy and the Time Capsule
For a history class assignment, Hal Rifkind must document his sixth-grade year in journal entries for a reader in the future. He hates his new "Cartboy" nickname, given to him when he started using a grocery cart for his school books. He nearly earns an F in history, unsuccessfully campaigns for a room of his own, adjusts to a vegan diet, and temporarily loses his best friend. What else could possibly go wrong? Funny cartoon timelines and occasional doodles enhance the quirky humor. Lovers of The Wimpy Kid will be hooked on this book as well.
Carter Finally Gets It
This is a book high school boys will enjoy as it offers situations to which they can relate. Carter is entering high school, juggling his popularity with the guys from junior high with his newly-found interest in high school girls and relationships. It is full of laughable situations as well as some locker-room humor. Carter's fixation on sex keeps this a high school selection.
Carter's Unfocused, One-Track Mind
After an awful summer, fifteen-year-old Will Carter returns to Merrian High none the wiser. As a sophomore, he's still interested in girls, football, and drama. But Will's world is turned upside down and he'll be forced to make the biggest decision of h
Case of Sense, A
Fu Wang wants people to pay to enjoy the delicious food smells coming from his kitchen. How does one put a price on a smell anyway? The judge in this story steals the show with a fabulous and fair decision in a tough case. A lot of science facts about our senses are also discussed at the end of this engaging fun read.
Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity
When twelve-year-old Steve Brixton, a fan of Bailey Brothers detective novels, is mistaken for a real detective, he must elude librarians, police, and the mysterious Mr. E as he seeks a missing quilt containing coded information. Great characters including librarians (used as elite undercover agents.) Fun mystery with lots of action.
Case of the Incapacitated Capitals, The
The capital letters in Mr. Wright's class room are all out of sorts from lack of use. But the medics gave them CPPR (Capital Position and Posture Repair) and injected them all with fresh fortified ink.
Case of the Lost Boy, The
This new beginning chapter book is a series titled
Case of the Missing Moonstone, The
Genius eleven-year-old Lady Ada, daughter of Lord Byron, is sheltered in her large London home, raised by servants, and just a bit too wild to stay put in her 1820s world. Mary, a "commoner," joins her for lessons with the same tutor, and their budding friendship morphs into solving serious mysteries. Since no one would entrust a serious case to young girls, they call themselves the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency. Complementing one another's talents, they combine efforts with antics and adventure to find their wealthy client's stolen gem.
Case of the Piggy Bank Thief, The
7-year-old Tessa and 10-year-old Cammie, the first female president's daughters, investigate when Tessa's piggy bank goes missing and gold is discovered on the White House grounds.
Case of the Rock 'n' Roll Dog, The
The first female president's daughters look for clues to the mysteries behind missing items in the White House, while trying to control their rambunctious dog.
Case of the Ruby Slippers, The
The First Kids, Cammie and Tessa - our two White House detectives - have another case to solve. Aunt Jen, the official White House hostess, is being thrown a surprise party with a Wizard of Oz theme. A dog that looks like Toto will be there - and so wil
Case of the School Ghost, The
This is Book 6 in the Buddy Files series. Buddy is invited to the fourth grade sleepover at school. He is determined to find out whether the school ghost is real!
Cast Is the Perfect Accessory, A
Mandy is jealous of the attention Natalie receives for having a broken wrist, and is worried that her friendship with Anya may be in jeopardy when Mrs. Spangle assigns Anya to be Natalie's buddy. Can Mandy figure out a way to get back into the center of attention, win back her best friend, AND snag a pair of fancy-dancy periwinkle sunglasses?
Castaway Cats
Can these cats find common ground and work together to survive? In this story written in verse, the cats learn a truth that can benefit humans, too!
Cat Dreams
A cat's dream includes raining mice, dogs running away, and a big bowl of kibbles and cream. Easy rhyming text and beautiful illustrations make this a charming read-aloud.
Cat Master
The elderly and infirm Cat Master, the spiritual leader of all cats has a message to his successor, Buddy, intercepted. A chain of events causes Buddy to leave his pampered life indoors to return to the Outs and a feral lifestyle. A strong cast of supporting characters keeps the action moving. Some language.
Catch That Cookie!
Marshall is a down to earth kid. He knows gingerbread men can’t run. But when they do indeed disappear from the oven at school, he’s pulled into the scavenger hunt. They race from one clue to the next trying to solve the mystery of the missing gingerbread men. At the end of the day, Marshall knows the G-men can run and will if you give them a chance. Lock the doors, Dad! Watch Marshall problem solve. This book is just so much fun, and with David Small’s illustrations it’s a perfect recipe.
Catching the Story Fish
Katharen (Keet) moves from her Alabama home so she can be near to Grandfather. The move is difficult and kids make fun of her because she talks differently, so she stops talking so much. She spends hours with Grandpa fishing, but following a stroke he suddenly seems so far away. Keet is determined to help Grandpa by telling stories--and he doesn't mind her accent. Beautifully written, this gentle tale incorporates various poetic styles, which receive more explanation in the glossary.
Caterina and the Lemonade Stand
Caterina is a clever little bird who wants a shiny new scooter. So she sets out to earn the money for the scooter with a lemonade stand. She makes lists and devises ways for her stand to be different from all the others - unique. She earns the money she needs, but chooses to buy a new scooter for her little brother instead. The pictures are filled with detail, much like a scrapbook page. This book will enhance lessons on financial literacy.
Cats Are Cats
One day Miss Bell brings home a cute kitten from the pet store and doesn't seem at all perplexed when it later grows up to be a tiger. After all, "cats are cats." She heads back to the pet store to buy some fish for her "kitty" because "cats love fish!" Of course, one of the fish grows up to be a SHARK!
Cat's Baton is Gone, The
This is a cute story featuring lyrical, rhyming text for students who are learning about musical instruments and the orchestra. There are nice plays on words such Meowstro for Maestro and mewsicians for musicians as the book features an adorable cast of international cats playing musical instruments from around the world. It's purr-fect for cat and music lovers alike!
Cats in Krasinski Square, The
Two Jewish sisters, escapees of the infamous Warsaw ghetto, devise a plan to thwart an attempt by the Gestapo to intercept food bound for starving people behind the dark Wall.
Cats to the Rescue
This is a collection of true stories about cats. From attack cats to brave mother cats we hear about tales of felines that will impress and inspire.
Catty Jane Who Loved to Dance
Catty Jane is finally old enough to take dance lessons at Mrs. Herron’s Dance Academy. Catty Jane only wants to be a ballerina and she must practice, practice, practice. She has no time for her friends. Finally she realizes it’s good to have friends and be a friend even if you want to be a ballerina.
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Fireworks, Dragons, and Lanterns
Firecrackers! Bright Colors! Dancing Dragons! Vibrant photos and simple text will make the reader feel like they're part of the celebration. This informational book is a must-have for any collection of holiday books. A more in-depth look at the specifics of the holiday is located in the back of the book along with a fortune cookie recipe.
Celestine, Drama Queen
Celestine the little duck was born to be a star! She is thrilled about her role in the school play until a little bout with stage fright sets in. Mother assures Celestine that she will always be her star. The reassuring theme ensures that making a mistake doesn't define your destiny.
Cemetery Street
Courtney isn't looking forward to being the new girl at the high school in Florida where she and her little brother and newly divorced mother are trying to settle in. Living at the end of Cemetery Street has its own negative stigma and Courtney has enough to handle, while dealing with her unemployed, depressed mom and finding a way to navigate through the social structure of school. When eerie happenings start taking place at the cemetery across the street, Courtney teams up with handsome Josh to do some investigating and things start to look up.
Cesar Chavez: Crusader for Social Change
Signature Lives series. Biography of outstanding minority. Includes glossary, index, source notes, selected bibliography, index. Timeline tied to world events.
Ten little chimps go dancing when they are supposed to be sleeping. This is a counting book with descriptive rhyming words and delightful artwork. This is a wondeful companion to the story Five Little Monkeys.
Mirasol is a beekeeper and also the newly appointed Chalice. It is her job to bind the Circle with the new Master of the Willowlands. Usually a ceremonial role, things get complicated when the Master is called away to the human world and leaves the woodland in peril.
A beautifully illustrated wordless book children will love. Three children find a bag of magical chalk on a playground and each draws something. The drawings soon come to life and the illustrations will tell the story.
Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion, The
The Code Red series explores the events in this book as well as the following titles: Nightmare on the Titanic, The 2001 World Trade Center Attack, The Texas City Disaster, The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, The Great Chicago Fire, The Exxon Valdez's Deadly Oil Spill, Emergency at Three Mile Island, and The Hindenburg Disaster.
Chameleon, Chameleon
Pictures by Nic Bishop. Information about the chameleon written in a basic interesting way for young children.
Champ's Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too!
A heartwarming story of a boy's dog fighting cancer. Students who have pets facing an illness will find this book comforting. Pages at the end of the book include information about cancer and animals, chemotherapy, and preventing cancer.
Chancey of the Maury River
After being abandoned, Chancey, an albino Appaloosa horse, finds a new home with Claire who needs him as much as he needs her, but as his eyesight deteriorates, he and Claire start anew as a therapeutic team.
Change Up
Jeter follows The Contract and Hit & Miss with another straightforward anecdote from his own childhood, sharing another life lesson - in this case, "Deal with Growing Pains." The ten-year-old Derek can't wait for this year's Little League season. His father has finally agreed to coach him and his two best friends will be his teammates. But when Derek's nemesis from school shows up on the same team determined to prove that sports are "a complete waste of time," Derek sees his championship dreams vanishing.
Character Driven
Even though Cliff cautions from the outset that he might not be a reliable narrator, that warning is easily forgotten until the end of the novel. A likeable protagonist, Cliff is a 17-year-old ready to be finished with high school despite having a year left. His quest for a girlfriend seems closer to an end when new girl Jillian catches his eye. While his home life might be a bit on the edge with his unemployed father, Cliff's social life is looking up. This rare novel captures the teen male voice in all its sarcasm and authenticity.
Charlie Bone & the Castle of Mirrors
Full of plot twists and thrills this fourth addition to the Red King series will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next installment. Charlie and his friends must find a way to save Little Billy Raven from the sinister deGreys who have unpleasant plans for him.
Charlie Bone and the Hidden King
Charlie and his friends have to work together to get behind the shadow and to the Red King himself in order to protect his parents. Charlie learns more about his family and the struggle with good and evil in this 5th book in the series.
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Perfect Little Turkey
Charlie can't wait for Thanksgiving. But then he finds out his annoying cousin will be staying in HIS room! Now Charlie has to navigate the holiday with a permanent shadow who ruins everything plus come up with his own definition of family for his teacher.
Charlie Bumpers vs. The Puny Pirates
Charlie can't wait to finally be in the 10-and-under soccer league this year with his two best friends. But when they show up for their first practice, it's clear their team, the Pirates, is more puny than powerful. All Charlie wants to do is win one game and survive a candy bar fundraiser catastrophe. Intermediate-aged readers will devour this intensely relatable offering.
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Really Nice Gnome
The fourth grade play is coming up, and the part Charlie does NOT want is exactly the part he gets: the really nice gnome! All efforts of wrangling and possible trades bring him no solution - until Charlie and a friend rewrite the parts. Of course, that doesn’t escape the teacher’s notice; and after many trials, Charlie finally agrees to be the best he can be in this humorous addition to the Charlie Bumpers series.
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Squeaking Skull
As Halloween nears, Charlie and Tommy hope to get out of taking their little sisters trick-or-treating so they can go by themselves to Alex's upscale neighborhood instead, and then attend a sleepover at Alex's house. But when Charlie learns that party goers will be watching a very scary horror movie, he panics. Fans are treated to another great read in the Charlie Bumpers series.
Charlie Bumpers vs. The Teacher of the Year
Charlie Bumpers is doomed and he can't stand it. He has been assigned the one teacher he never wanted in the whole school (and who he accidentally hit in the head with a shoe the year before!) and his parents WILL NOT move him to another class. This is a fast-paced, enjoyable first entry in a new chapter-book series that will delight all who read it.
Charmed, I'm Sure
How awful is it to be the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and NOT have a date to the Fall Festival? Desperate, Rosie seeks the help of her mother to become the fairest in all the land. Rosie finds out that becoming someone other than who she is doesn't lead to happily ever after. This book is full of wit, snarkiness, and humor that young ladies will enjoy while learning it's best to be yourself.
Phin Chase witnessed a murder and then flees trying to evade the people who think he killed the man and the actual murderer. Someone is tracking him on a black stallion, which seems to be able to track like a bloodhound. Fast paced action. Historical facts accurately woven into the novel. Horse lover appeal, also.
Chasing the Milky Way
Lucy wants out of the Sunnyside Trailer Park where she lives with her mother who suffers from mental illness. Her way out is to attend and win the BotBlock competition with her friend Cam. As Lucy's mother spirals out of control, so does the opportunity to enter the competition.
Chasing Vermeer
When seemingly unrelated and strange events start to happen and a precious Vermeer painting disappears, eleven-year-olds Petra and Calder combine their talents to solve an international art scandal.
Cheese, The
Illustrated by Johnson and Fancher. Why does the cheese stand alone? Inquiring minds want to know.just ask Margie! Stunningly expressive, humorous characters each lend a unique voice and exuberance to this "riff" on the classic Farmer in the Dell nursery rhyme. So much waits to be discovered in the illustrations kids will read it over and over.
Chess Queen Enigma, The
Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes are at it again fighting their nemesis, the Ankh. This time they are searching for the lost Chess Queen that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I. They must escort the rather boring Princess Lurelia of Betrovia whose country gave the chess set to the queen years before. Evaline, a vampire hunter, was trained by Mina’s mother, while Mina is niece to Sherlock Holmes. Narration alternates between Evaline and Mina and is often quite entertaining. Plot twists along with the fascinating steampunk underworld will keep readers turning the pages.
Chew on This
This book is designed to make people aware of what they are buying and eating and awareness is key to the choices you make. It is to inform kids about what's in fast food and how fast-food restaurants are run, and encourages kids to make their OWN well-informed decisions.
Cheyenne Again
Bunting has recreated an experience shared by many Native Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Young Bull is taken from his home and placed in the white man's boarding school. His culture is gone, and he fails to understand why they bring him back and punish him when he runs away. His plight is vividly illustrated in acrylic and oil pictures that are realistic and detailed. The Haskell School is mentioned in the afterward.
Cheyenne Again
Bunting has recreated an experience shared by many Native Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Young Bull is taken from his home and placed in the white man's boarding school. His culture is gone, and he fails to understand why they bring him back and punish him when he runs away. His plight is vividly illustrated in acrylic and oil pictures that are realistic and detailed. The Haskell School is mentioned in the afterward.
Cheyenne Again
Bunting has recreated an experience shared by many Native Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Young Bull is taken from his home and placed in the white man's boarding school. His culture is gone, and he fails to understand why they bring him back and punish him when he runs away. His plight is vividly illustrated in acrylic and oil pictures that are realistic and detailed. The Haskell School is mentioned in the afterward.
Cheyenne Again
Bunting has recreated an experience shared by many Native Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Young Bull is taken from his home and placed in the white man's boarding school. His culture is gone, and he fails to understand why they bring him back and punish him when he runs away. His plight is vividly illustrated in acrylic and oil pictures that are realistic and detailed. The Haskell School is mentioned in the afterward.
Chicken Boy
Seventh-grader Tobin McCauley has let life pass him by since his mother died five years earlier and his family has fallen apart. This novel will capture readers with Tobin's wry, sad, immediate voice as he discovers how to nurture chickens, learning many life lessons along the way. The strong narration and the struggle with forgiveness make for moving drama.
Chicken Squad, The: The First Misadventure
This is Humor 2.0! A little more advanced than Click, Clack, Moo and other Cronin delights, it's just the right stuff for early reader adventure. The Chicken Squad and their barnyard protector, J. J. Tully, retired search-and-rescue dog, are ready for anything - except maybe a freaked out neighborhood squirrel. The conversations, descriptions and action provide mystery and possibly prediction for outcomes.
Chickens Fly the Coop
Illustrated by Henry Cole. Four chickens set out in search of the farmhouse. They mistake a doghouse, tractor, and barn for their destination. Bright, colorful illustrations and lots of silliness will appeal to young readers.
Chickens to the Rescue
Farmer Greenstalk and his family are plagued by problems, mischief and mishaps, but never fear, the Chickens are here, a solution is near! But after six straight days even these cluckers get tired. Who can the Greenstalks count on to come day seven?
In true Auch style, this story uses fowl language (eggscited, cholestera). A creative take off on Cinderella, the Auchs weave a hilarious story.
Childhood on the Farm
Good resource. Author retells the stories--both nostalgic and realistic--about the children in the heartland raised on farms.
Childhood on the Farm
Good resource. Author retells the stories--both nostalgic and realistic--about the children in the heartland raised on farms.
Childhood on the Farm
Good resource. Author retells the stories--both nostalgic and realistic--about the children in the heartland raised on farms.
Childhood on the Farm
Good resource. Author retells the stories--both nostalgic and realistic--about the children in the heartland raised on farms.
Children of Exile
Twelve-year-old Rosi and all the children in Fredtown are ripped from the only families they have ever known and returned with little explanation to their birth parents. Going from an atmosphere of love and respect to one of fear and darkness has Rosi questioning why they were taken from their parents as babies and are now being abruptly returned. Rosi discovers that all is not normal and that she has to learn to trust in order to survive.
Children of the Dawnland
In their first book for children, the Gears, known for their adult novels, offer a fast-paced adventure set at the end of the Ice Age. Twelve-year-old Twig is becoming a powerful Dreamer, despite her mother's efforts to suppress this dangerous talent. As Twig's dreams become increasingly apocalyptic and a belligerent tribe begins to systematically eliminate its neighbors, Twig embarks on a risky journey to find and enlist the help of the mysterious Cobia, a self-exiled Dreamer.
Children of the Holocaust
An emotional look at different paths Jewish children took during the rise of Hitler. This book presents the stories of the children who survived in a way that young people can relate. The use of multiple quotes, some of which are hard to read, provide a look at that time of war from a child's perspective.
17-year-old Briony is convinced she's a witch. But worse, she feels responsible for her twin's injury and her stepmother's death, until befriended by a handsome Londoner who helps her see the world and herself in a new light. This lush, romantic page-turner will have readers rooting for Briony with every turn of the page!
Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society
Full of adventure, this novel is a fantasy, based on a true incident that took place in China during World War II. Chinese Cinderella (CC) seeks protection at a martial arts school when her father throws her out of the house when she had a fight with her stepmother. Soon she becomes a member of the Secret Dragon Society where she aids American soldiers.
Chipmunk's Hole
Chipmunk's Hole is one of four book in the series The Hole Truth: Underground Animal Life. Illustrations and photographs are detailed and well labeled. The book includes table of contents, science lab, science words, index, bibliography, and an online r
Chloe in India
Chloe has moved from Boston to New Delhi, India, and she feels like an outcast. The new girl in her Indian school and, of course, the only one with blonde hair, she is different and has no friends. While she desperately wants "in" with Anvi, the popular, high-caste girl at school, she finds herself more inclined to friendship with another new girl from the poverty-stricken lower caste of Indian society. Impacts of the different climate and Chloe's perspective on the culture and food grant young readers a glimpse of human nature played out in a very different world.
Chocolate Moose
Because Moose misread a help-wanted sign (they needed a
Windy is living through the uncertainty of raging adolescence. Things change when a new student transfers to the school and befriends Windy. But what are breath sisters? In order to stay part of the "in" crowd, Windy must agree to take part in the dang
Christmas Farm
Illustrated by Barry Root. Wonderful relationship between a boy and his neighbor grow as he helps her plant and tend her Christmas trees.
Christmas Kitten, Home at Last
In this sequel to
Christmas Mice, The
Illustrated by Stephanie Roth. Annamouse and Willamouse discover they are neighbors. By bringing their talents together, they share a cozy Christmas Eve. Delightful illustrations and a sweet tale of sharing with a town mouse and country mouse feel.
Christopher Counting
When Christopher Rabbit learns to count at school his love for counting begins. He spends his day counting everything in sight, even the kiss his mom gives him at the end of his long day.
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: #3 Soul Eater
Torak, now thirteen summers old, must travel to the frozen far north to rescue Wolf from unknown evils. Renn shows her strength and loyalty as they battle the Soul Eaters to protect the Clans.
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites
Vladimir Tod is a partial. Partial human and partial vampire. Three years after his parents die in a mysterious accident, he finds out his father had a history he didn't know about that has come back to haunt him. The story adds a new twist to the vampire lore. Light fun, such as blood capsules in his sandwich, are mixed with the dark side of vampirism.
Chu Ju's House
In order to save her baby sister, fourteen-year-old Chu Ju leaves her rural home in modern China and earns food and shelter by working on a fishing boat, tending silk worms, and planting rice seedlings, while wondering if she will ever see her family again.
Chuck's Band
All Farmer Chuck's animals join in a band with him. Fat Cat Pat doesn't want to play anything and then finds her voice. Written in rhyme with many tongue twisters.
Chuck's Truck
When Chuck's Truck takes too many barnyard friends to town, it breaks down. Luckily, Handy Hugh knows just what to do. A jaunty rhyme perfect for preschoolers through 2nd grade.
Cicadas! Strange and Wonderful
What an appropriate title for a book about the amazing life cycle of cicadas! The author's observations of the broods, the 13 or 17 year cycle, and the descriptions of habitats make fascinating reading.
Cinco de Mayo
Expository text about how Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated in America. Details of customs and traditions of this Mexican holiday.
Cinco De Mouse-o!
Mouse follows his nose down the street to a Cinco De Mayo celebration. He enjoys all the sights and sounds of the celebration despite the sneaky cat and even manages to find one overlooked lemon drop that fell from the pi
Cinders & Sapphires
Living the glamorous life isn't all its cracked up to be - especially in the early 1900s. Ada is constantly under pressure to do the right thing and bring honor to her family. This, of course, would not include falling in love with Ravi - the handsome man from India. Watching from a distance, Ada's servant Rose learns that her mistress is beginning to crack under pressure. Will she follow the requests of her family or will she listen to her heart?
Cinnamon & the April Shower
One of four books in the Solomon Raven series. It's springtime and a sudden April storm frightens Cinnamon Bear and her new cub. This tale illustrates the important role of rain in animal and forest survival. The books in the series are: A Home for Pearl Squirrel, Lewis Cardinal's First Winter, Cinnamon & the April Shower, and Mason Moves Away.
Circle of Stones
The mystical history and intrigue of Bath, England, is intertwined within three time periods. The period of the druid king who discovers its healing waters, the famous architect who created the first circular street, the King's Circus, and present day England where the mystery of a teenage girl's past is revealed.
Circles Around Town
All about circles showing real life shapes, this book is one of a series. Excellent photography.
Circulatory System
This updated book has an excellent mix of color photos, diagrams, and charts. Includes glossary, web sites, and index.
City Boy
Sam has grown up in the city in Malawi complete with cars and electricity, gameboys and computers. When his mother dies, his aunt takes him to her village where there are none of the luxuries - not even beds - and he is expected to share his possessions with these new cousins. Sam struggles to understand while dealing with his shock and loss.
City Lullaby
A baby sleeps through city noises of horns, motorcycles, and jack hammers. A chirping bird causes the baby to wake.
City of Fire
When the museum is robbed of one of the ancient treasures, Scirye and an odd assortment of "friends" go to track down the culprit. With dragons, lap griffins, and magical creatures to both help and hinder the search, the action never stops!
City of Heavenly Fire
Clary and her friends must face the worst evil yet: her brother. Fans of previous installments in the Mortal Instruments series will love the demons and witty dialogue. This sixth tale is the finale of the series, but the reader will want more and they won’t be disappointed.
City Witch Country Switch
Illustrated by Scott-Gibaba-Brokholm. Two cousins meet and find out that they really enjoy each other. In the way of City Mouse & Country Mouse, these two are very different. Because they are witches they have a solution!
Civil War Kansas
This title is considered one of the best written texts about Kansas during the Civil War. It is easy to read and gives insight into issues, leaders, places and villains that helped establish the state of Kansas during the Civil War. This well researched book contains a bibliography and an index.
Civil War Kansas
This title is considered one of the best written texts about Kansas during the Civil War. It is easy to read and gives insight into issues, leaders, places and villains that helped establish the state of Kansas during the Civil War. This well researched book contains a bibliography and an index.
Civil War Kansas
This title is considered one of the best written texts about Kansas during the Civil War. It is easy to read and gives insight into issues, leaders, places and villains that helped establish the state of Kansas during the Civil War. This well researched book contains a bibliography and an index.
Civil War Kansas
This title is considered one of the best written texts about Kansas during the Civil War. It is easy to read and gives insight into issues, leaders, places and villains that helped establish the state of Kansas during the Civil War. This well researched book contains a bibliography and an index.
Claire and the Unicorn Happy Every After
Illustrated by Susan Mitchell. What makes you happy every after? When Claire asks that question of fairy tale characters she discovers that everyone has his or her own answer. A wonderful discussion starter or writing prompt.
Clancy the Courageous Cow
You can't judge a cow by its color! Clancy and Clanga are memorable characters that "moo"ve the reader through a great story with funny, expressive, cartoonish illustrations kids will love. Clancy is a misfit because he doesn't look like the rest of his herd. His only friend is Clanga, a misfit from the herd in the "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" pasture. Think of it as the Romeo and Juliet of the cattle world, but with a happy ending and a wonderful positive message about how differences can be real strengths that unite instead of divide us.
Classroom, The: The Epic Documentary of a Not-Yet-Epic Kid
Trevor and Libby are beginning 7th grade and want to fit in with the students of Westside Middle School. At the same time, a documentary crew is filming a piece on the average life of a 7th grader there. Students will love this humorous story written in
Classy Crooks Club, The
AJ has to stay at her grandmother's for a month while her parents are gone. All her time is occupied with learning how to be a proper lady. She later discovers that her grandmother's bridge club is really a heist club and she wants to be part of it all. Many surprises unfold in this fun read.
When Emma's sister Helen goes missing, her family spends their last dollar trying to find her. They must leave their home and move into a trailer park. Emma's life now consists of crags or supernatural beings. She finds a cat that is hiding in her trai
Clayton Stone, At Your Service
Clayton Stone is an average student and better lacrosse player in a Washington, DC, prep school and lives with his grandmother who runs a diner. When kidnappers begin snatching rich moms and children from malls, Clayton's help is solicited and he is amazed to discover that his grandmother is the head of a secret agency. She reluctantly allows Clayton to get involved in the investigation and now he must juggle his service to his country and commitment to the lacrosse team. Action tandems with humorous moments as Clayton tries to balance loyalty and responsibility and keep all these secrets too.
While sorting through difficulties in her friendship with her neighbor, Margaret, eight-year-old Clementine gains several unique hairstyles while also helping her father in his efforts to banish pigeons from the front of their apartment building.
Clementine and the Spring Trip
In her sixth book, Clementine's third grade trip to Plimoth Plantation is an experience in learning to be prepared: figuring out which bus would not be stinky; assigned partners for the ride; and any of the other things that you need to know before such a trip. This approach to third grade thinking is humor on the run. The changes now offered in fourth grade - new baby, new friends, and classmates moving offer much fun again in the series of Clementine tales!
Cleopatra Rules! The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen
This biography is a well-documented history of "the original teen queen" - not the one portrayed by her Roman enemies. This striking book presents Cleopatra's story through an unusual text, many informative sidebars, and excellent color illustrations: maps, photos of ancient artifacts, and artworks from many historical periods. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Cleopatra's Moon
This historical novel features the little known story of Cleopatra Selene, the daughter of Marcus Antony and Cleopatra. Rome conquered her country and killed her parents, but she still finds a way to survive and keep her family's legacy alive.
Cleo's Color Book
A rhyming text introduces children to colors. Bright illustrations with smooth swaying text. The book concludes with a glossary and putting two colors together to make a different color.
Click: One Novel, Ten Authors
Novel tied together from ten different authors who have contributed a chapter to the story of George "Gee" Keane, a famed photographer. After Gee dies he leaves his grandchildren gifts that they use to discover who their grandfather really was.
Cliff Dwelling
Mystery still surrounds the builders of those cliff dwellings throughout the southwestern United States because stories and physical evidence have been lost with time. Scientists and tourists alike continue to ponder the mystery as they admire the ruins amid remote and beautiful settings described and pictured in this informative book.
Climate Change
Very informative with easy experiments that can be done using home materials, this book explores causes of climate change and notes the impact for all living creatures on the planet. Links to digital supplemental material allow kids to access visual explanations of the topic's more complex concepts.
Climbing Lincoln's Steps: The African American Journey
*A beautifully written book depicting important African Americans' events toward equality in America beginning with Abraham Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation to Barack Obama becoming president. The Lincoln Memorial has witnessed many of these events.
Clink, clank, clunk!
As Rabbit drives his old car to town, it makes delightful new noises as his friends climb aboard. A fun read.
Cloaked in Red
This book is a collection of eight fractured fairy tales that retell Little Red Riding Hood from different viewpoints. Identifying the fairy tale conventions in the different stories is part of the fun, and the quirky tales can be used to motivate teens to create versions of their own.
Close to Famous
Cupcake baker Foster McFee and her mom flee Memphis from her mom's abusive boyfriend. They end up in Culpepper, West Virginia. With the help of some colorful townspeople, Foster begins to reach her goals while helping "the world to be a better place one cupcake at a time!"
Close to You
Beautiful photos of parent and baby animals in their natural habitat. Simple text with good descriptive language. Also has extra information in back for the older readers.
Cloud and Wallfish
Picked up from what had been a normal day of school, Noah is informed by his parents that he is being given a new identity--new name and age. Now Jonah Brown and his family have been granted an exceedingly rare 1989 extended-visit visa to East Berlin so his mother can work on a research project. Noah/Jonah must follow many new rules, Number 1 being “They are always listening.” “They” are the secret police. Noah/Jonah has a severe stutter and the schools won’t admit him. He becomes friends with a lonely girl downstairs named Claudia who he calls “Cloud.” She calls him “Wallfish” after the Berlin Wall. Noah comes to suspect that his mother isn’t merely researching and that there is something strange about Cloud’s parents’ deaths. Secrets trigger questions too fast for him to find answers in this fascinating read which vividly depicts how it feels to be an outsider.
Cloud Chamber, The
Set on a 1950s-1960s Montana dairy farm, Nate Chance comes home from school to find his father being put in an ambulance and his mother under suspicion for the gunshot wounds sustained by his father. Thus begins a long nightmare for the family. If Nate can just win first prize in the science fair, he'll win a trip to the town where his father is hospitalized. Maybe there he can get answers to his questions.
Cobra King of Katmandu
Twelve-year-old djinn twins Philippa and John embark on a journey to Northern India and Nepal in search of the long-lost and powerful talisman, the Cobra King of Katmandu. It is believed that the talisman holds the answers to mysterious deaths. Humorous fast-paced fantasy adventure that takes the reader into the world of djinn society.
Cock-a-doodle-doo, Creak, Pop-pop, Moo
This book is about what farm life was like before modernization. It's rhyme and color are a celebration of the farm. It's illustrated by Brad Sneed (Kansas resident.) His illustrations are influenced by regionalist painter Thomas Hart Benton. Kansas i
Mel the rooster no longer feels like doing a mere cock-a-doodle-doo. But the sun doesn’t recognize his new jazzed-up early call as its signal to rise. Now the farm animals must figure out a way to work with Mel to fix this problem and get mornings started again.
Code Name Verity
On October 11, 1943, a spy plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France. Two girls are captured. "Verity" is arrested by the Gestapo and during the interrogation, it's revealed that she faces an unbearable tortured death unless she discloses her mission. In o
Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe
Cody has many mysteries in her big world. When her best friend Spencer and his family moves in with their grandmother next door, the two work together figuring out things that happen at school and in their neighborhood. One of the biggest mysteries is Mr. Meen, grandma's neighbor and who he is welcoming home. The author authentically captures the rapidly-expanding life awareness of the characters (and targeted readers) at this age for a very relatable story about learning patience and working with others to solve real problems.
Cody and the Rules of Life
Cody has a lot on her mind—rules, ants, her teacher's off-limits gong, and her brother's new bike which is taking all his attention. Her jealousy over his new bike turns to empathy, though, after the bike is stolen. During her first-ever sleepover at best-friend Pearl’s house, Cody relents uneasily to Pearl’s pressure to trade favorite stuffed animals after Pearl’s enthusiastic declaration that she can trust Cody with her treasure. Cody is less comfortable sharing whispered confidences with Pearl’s furry toy and ends up taking desperate measures to clandestinely reverse the animal trade and to help her brother recover his bike in a tale that touches on topics of sensitivity and conscience.
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Both sides of the transplant process are looked at in this short novel. Fifteen year old Dani has a chance to live a normal life if a heart is found for her. When Tyler's athletic sister dies at a gymnastics meet the heart becomes a reality. The book adds to the understanding that transplants aren't the end all, be all. Medicines and problems change; someone has lost a loved one. The story is uplifting because of the generosity of the donor family and the extension of life for the recipient; however, a transplant doesn't solve all problems.
Collared Peccary: Cactus Eater
This is part of a six-book set of America's Hidden Treasures, unique animals in our environment. The collared peccary has adapted to the desert environment by eating cactus and forming herds. The animal rescuer in this tale was able to re-unite a baby p
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was born into a family with privilege and money. His love for the outdoors drove him to being a rancher in the Dakota Territory, an adventurer, and a Rough Rider. He also had a strong drive for public service. He not only ran for public office, he became known for stopping corruption in the public services. When he became President, he continued to work against corruption by breaking up powerful monopolies. His passion to preserve the environment showed in his significant conservation efforts.
Colors of Insects
A+ books"; contains glossary, index, and incredible close up photos of bugs. Would make a great resource book on insect research. This non-fiction resource includes additional internet sites.
Come Back, Ben
Come Back, Ben is from the Holiday House "I Like to Read" series. Ben floats away through the window past the tree all the way to the moon where he uses moon rocks to weigh himself back down. He returns to his house just in time to see his sister float away for her visit to the moon! Students just learning to read will appreciate the simple repetitive text and the illustrations. Very early readers will successfully read the text with little help.
Comets, Stars, the Moon and Mars
Short, lively poems about each of the planets (and, of course, Pluto) as well as other sky phenomena.
Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes
The lonely child's search for home is the center of this touching picture book about Langston Hughes. There are close-ups of his strong grandmother (who told him family stories of pride and glory) as well as views of his loving foster home and the streets of Kansas City, where the child heard the "jazzy old blues music that drifted down the alleys and tickled his soul." Children like Hughes who dream about a "real home" will take heart from the story of the boy who found community and grew up to write astonishing poetry about it.
Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes
The lonely child's search for home is the center of this touching picture book about Langston Hughes. There are close-ups of his strong grandmother (who told him family stories of pride and glory) as well as views of his loving foster home and the streets of Kansas City, where the child heard the "jazzy old blues music that drifted down the alleys and tickled his soul." Children like Hughes who dream about a "real home" will take heart from the story of the boy who found community and grew up to write astonishing poetry about it.
Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes
The lonely child's search for home is the center of this touching picture book about Langston Hughes. There are close-ups of his strong grandmother (who told him family stories of pride and glory) as well as views of his loving foster home and the streets of Kansas City, where the child heard the "jazzy old blues music that drifted down the alleys and tickled his soul." Children like Hughes who dream about a "real home" will take heart from the story of the boy who found community and grew up to write astonishing poetry about it.
Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes
The lonely child's search for home is the center of this touching picture book about Langston Hughes. There are close-ups of his strong grandmother (who told him family stories of pride and glory) as well as views of his loving foster home and the streets of Kansas City, where the child heard the "jazzy old blues music that drifted down the alleys and tickled his soul." Children like Hughes who dream about a "real home" will take heart from the story of the boy who found community and grew up to write astonishing poetry about it.
All her life, Barrie Watson has been a virtual prisoner in the house where she lives with her shut-in mother. When her mother dies, Barrie promises to put some mileage on her stiletto heels. But she finds a new kind of prison at her aunt's South Carolina plantation instead - a prison guarded by an ancient spirit that long ago cursed one of the three founding families of Watson Island and gave the others magical gifts which have become compulsions.
Confessions from the principal's chair
After participating in a cruel prank, her mother moves them to Oklahoma, where fourteen-year-old Robin is mistaken for the substitute principal and gets to see a new perspective on bullying.
Confessions from the Principal's Chair
When Robin "Bird" Miller enrolls in her new middle school in Prairie Dog, Oklahoma the secretary mistakes her for the new principal with the same name. Bird takes advantage of her 2 days as principal to make changes in the school, herself, and take a stand against bullying.
Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters
Set in old-money Baltimore, the Sullivan family's ultra-rich grandmother, known as Almighty, announces that someone in the clan has offended her and unless the culprit confesses, everyone will be left out of her will! Told in three parts, the Sullivan sisters confess their betrayals - but will it be enough?
Confetti Girl
After the death of her mother, Texas sixth-grader Lina's grades and mood drop as she watchers her father lose himself more and more in books, while her best friend uses Lina as an excuse to secretly meet her boyfriend.
Conrad's Fate
In this Chrestomanci tale we get a first person narrative from Conrad; a twelve-year-old who provides an interesting, thoughtful viewpoint and gives us an exciting look into Series Seven. Accompanying this magical plot are plenty of amusing new characters, well-described places, and enjoyable witticisms. This story can be read on its own, but is much richer when read as part of the series. It's a must for all Jones fans.
Contract, The
In Kalamazoo, Michigan, eight-year-old Derek Jeter dreams of playing for the New York Yankees. Though he has to put aspects of his dream on hold for a time, he learns what it takes to be a champion on and off the baseball field: to always do his best, be a great teammate and friend, keep those grades up, and more. He finds there are specific steps he can take to make his dream come true.
Strange events begin to happen a St. Joan’s Academy where Colleen Rowley is working hard to become the valedictorian of her class. Girls start losing their hair or having seizures, and panic starts to grow because no explanation is given. Colleen is reading The Crucible for extra credit, and she discovers that her hometown is located where Salem village was. The story goes back and forth between the events of the Salem Village witch accusations and trials to the weirdness currently happening at St. Joan’s. Parents are worried for their daughters, government agencies investigate, and the resolution is fascinating.
Cooked-Up Fairy Tale, A
Fairy-tale food follies by a young would-be chef will elicit giggles from young readers with this very unique twist on many of their favorite fairy frolics. Cooking bean soup for Jack was not part of the plan, and neither was a pumpkin pie for Cinderella. Customers at the Three Bears Bistro lodged complaints about the temperature at which their food was served; and oh, the dismay when the chef baked the magic apple for Snow White’s wicked stepmother! Delightfully bright cartoon illustrations and well-placed text clusters guide young readers through this maze of whimsy to its happily-ever-after conclusion.
Cool Dog, School Dog
Cool Dog, School Dog is a fun-to-read rhyming text story of a dog that follows his owner to school. It would be a great book to use as an example of great "word choice." An enjoyable read aloud!
Cool Snowboarders -X-Moves Series
Daredevil athletes stretch their skills beyond in these extreme sports. Each photo essay shows how the sport began and includes record holders/breakers and their feats. Risky tricks get the prizes! Included are diagrams and labels, glossary, bibliography, index, and where to find out more.
Cool Story Behind Snow, The
Straightforward text in this Ready-to-Read Level 3 strongly supplements the water-cycle segment of a science unit. Along with diagrams and charts, key facts and catchy tidbits abound, enhanced by Common-Core-vetted end matter.
Coping with Bullying
Everyone has experienced bullying.
Copper Magic
On the shores of Lake Michigan in the year 1906, twelve-year-old Violet Blake unearths an ancient talisman - a copper hand. In Copper Magic, land and waters are alive with memories, intentions, and impulses. Magic alters Violet and brings her gifts - but not always the kind she thinks she needs to deal with a heartbroken father, missing her mother and baby brother, and life on a failing family farm. Formidable powers at the disposal of a young girl are hard to control and could actually jeopardize an entire town.
Copper Sun
The book deals with a young girl who is taken by slave traders from her village in Africa. This is a compelling account of the life of an African into slavery in the United States. The issue of the white slavery of indentured servants is characterized too. This is a good book on this issue.
This graphic novel adaptation of Gaiman's darkly delicious book is just the right mix of fantastical landscapes and horror. Coraline happens upon a mirror world of her own where her "other parents" scheme to keep Coraline forever. Young Coraline must find a way to free her parents from the horrid looking "other mother" so they can all return to their own boring, but safe world. Junior High students will love this one!
Coraline Graphic Novel
Illustrated by P. Craig Russell. Graphic novel based on a novel by Neil Gaiman about a girl who moves to a new flat only to find an evil alternative universe that mirrors the one in which she lives in.
Cork & Fuzz: The Swimming Lesson
Best friends, Cork (a muskrat) and Fuzz (a possum) realize their differences when Fuzz wants to visit Cork's house but doesn't know how to swim. After some on-the-ground lessons, Fuzz falls into the water, has a moment of panic, then swims. This easy to read chapter book is brought to life with basic sight words and repetition of the text.
Cork & Fuzz: Wait a Minute
Cork and Fuzz’s latest adventure is chasing the sun egg. Lively illustrations of a possum and a muskrat with delightful expressions accompany the text in this everybody reader. This is the ninth book in this series, but this book works well all by itself. It is just right for beginning readers.
Non-fiction book with simple labels and pictures of different types of corn and the growth cycle of the crops. Great for those PreK-2 fall harvest units.
Corner of White, A
In this first novel in a series, Madeleine and Elliot are able to communicate via letter between their parallel worlds - one in the UK and one in the Farms of Cello - through a “gap.” The complex characters represent dimensions of fantasy and real life traits, although reversed, as if Cello may be the real fairyland. Their bond develops as they both must work through the absences of their fathers and figure out their place in their worlds. Plot twists come from unusual Cellian phenomena - rogue Colors presenting as evil dangerous creatures which attack citizens - and family challenges with which the reader can relate. Actual reading level is late-intermediate, but interest level and topic put this title in the senior high category.
Cosmobiography of Sun Ra, The
Jazz pioneer Sun Ra is a self-proclaimed space cadet. He thinks he’s from the planet Saturn. This biography describes his life from his early interest in music to his celebrated career playing music all over the world. The bright watercolor and ink illustrations add vibrancy to this interesting story.
Cottage in the Woods, The
Fractured fairy tales, classical fiction subjects, folklore, and nursery rhymes combine to teach lessons of tolerance and social justice when Miss Ursula becomes governess for the wealthy noblebear family Vaughn. Amid assisting the mute Goldilocks who was found sleeping in young Teddy Vaughn’s bed, Ursula becomes caught up in the politics of the Enchanted Forest, where violence and segregation between its humans and "enchanted" (talking, civilized) animals threaten to mar the idyllic fairy tale setting. Romance adds to the plot lines offering a fun read for lovers of the fantasy genre.
Cottonmouth Club, The
Mitch Valentine and his best friend, T.K. Murphy, have their summer vacation all planned when Mitch's parents drop a bombshell: Mitch, his brother and their mother will be spending the summer in Louisiana, guests of their mother's recently widowed sister, while Mitch's father works at the Pentagon. Thinking this is going to be the worst summer of his young life, Mitch and his brother are soon enjoying all sorts of hilarious and even dangerous activities with their Louisiana cousins. Set in the 1960s, this book would make a wonderful read aloud story for 5-7th graders.
Count Down to Fall
Follow the falling leaves through the book as you count down from 10. Animals frolic and leaves fall around rhyming text. Teaching ideas are located at the back of the book and online resources, including a short musical tour of the illustrations, are located on Sylvan Dell's website.
Count Me a Rhyme: Animal Poems by the Number
Fabulous photographs by Jason Stemple of Wildlife, are accompanied by counting poems by his mother, Jane Yolen.
Count the Monkeys
Count the Monkeys covers a simple premise - but they've all been scared off the pages by - among other things - one king cobra, four grizzly bears, etc. Readers are implored to "make a loud roar," "hum a happy tune!" The hilarious illustrations will have kids giggling (and counting!) It is a lively interactive book that invites audience participation. This is a wonderful book for story time for younger children - and certainly not one to read during quiet time!
This first book in a Sixties trilogy is told through the voice of eleven-year-old Franny Chapman. Franny is on edge as she deals with drama at home, her best friend's betrayal, and worries about a nuclear disaster. Documentary format features historic quotations and photographs.
Counting Cockatoos
Beautiful illustrations. A basic counting book that children will like as they will be interested more in looking at the pictures.
Counting Crows
This delightful introduction to numbers 1 through 12 features crows dressed in red and white striped sweaters. With charming illustrations and rich vocabulary, this is not your average counting book. Oh, and be sure to watch out for the cat!
Counting in the Garden
In this beautifully illustrated book, children will enjoy looking for animals as they count to 10.
Counting on Grace
It's 1910 in Pownal, VT. At twelve Grace and her friend Arthur must go to work in the mill, helping their mothers work the looms. Together Grace and Arthur write a secret letter to the Child Labor Board about underage children working in the mill. A few weeks later, Lewis Hine, a famous reformer arrives undercover to gather evidence. Grace meets him and appears in some of his photographs changing her life forever.
Counting Ovejas
A young boy counts colorful sheep. Text in Spanish and English.
Counting Sheep
Callie and her brother Travis help all kinds of animals around their Texas home in 1901. Callie's granddaddy encourages her to think and learn about the world around her, but her mother frowns on her unconventional, free-spirited, tomboyish ways. She is dubbed “Girl Vet” when she repairs a butterfly’s torn wing and, in the absence of old Doc Pritzker, steps in to help her mother’s prize sheep with the high-risk delivery of twin lambs. Readers new to the Calpurnia Tate series have opportunity to learn some backstory, but this spunky tale stands all on its own.
Courage Has No Color
Set in the 1940s, this documentation of America's first black paratroopers is dynamic and thorough. With original black and white pictures, this epic is told with direct quotes and research in time order. Just knowing that these brave men had to practice their skill after the "official" white paratroopers finished their daily routines, testifies the strength and commitment of these patriotic soldiers. That their skills were delayed time after time shows how deeply embedded the racial separation was in the armed forces.
Courageous Canine!
In this National Geographic Kids Chapter book, young animal lovers will read a trio of true stories about incredible acts of animal heroism. Filled with gorgeous photographs, side bars, and fun facts, Courageous Canine will leave young readers hungry for more.
Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo
With narrative poems, lively explanations of rodeo events, and compelling photography, readers will get a close-up view of a Navajo rodeo over the course of one action-packed day. Each event seems to be filled with dangers - but you could never tell by the determination displayed by the cowboys or cowgirls who seem to be unafraid!
Cowboy, The
Anna decides to take her toy dog, Toto, to the beach where Toto is carried off by a wave! Can the boy with the silly cowboy hat help her rescue Toto? This story gently helps children realize that first impressions can be mistaken and lead us to wrong conclusions about others.
Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa
Illustrated by Betsy Lewin. Cowgirl Kate and her cowhorse Cocoa are an engaging pair. Silverman has created a winning story with a female main character. Easy to read and funny, sure to please.
Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa
Cocoa, the horse, does not want Cowgirl Kate to go to school and leave him. They both come full circle to realize you can make new friends and still need each other.
Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Partners
Beginning readers will enjoy this chapter book about the adventures of Cowgirl Kate and her horse, Cocoa.
In his first novel Coy writes a moving portrait of a teen struggling with adults who demand, but don't always deserve, respect. Miles feels at odds with his teammates, who have turned to steroids. Coy's strong first-person voice connects the story's diverse elements--family secrets, his father's rage, a budding relationship, football, and changing friendships.
Cracker! The best dog in Viet Nam
A young soldier in Vietnam bonds with his bomb-sniffing dog.
Traditionally, cranberries are eaten on Thanksgiving. Where do these delicious berries come from? Besides describing the life cycle of the cranberry from seed to fruit, this book shares many interesting facts about cranberries. Text features such as labels, charts, a glossary, and an index entice children to seek more information from the website provided.
Crash Bang Donkey!
Farmer Gruff is exhausted from chasing the crows out of his cornfield. Donkey shows up playing instruments which disturbs Farmer Gruff until the loud music chases the crows away.
Crazy Like a Fox - A Simile Story
This book is a must have for teaching similes. Great to read aloud and have children predict the correct word to finish the sentence.
Creeping Land Snails
Part of the No Backbone! A World of Invertebrates series of six non-fictional books that include Roly-Poly Pillbugs, Bloodsucking Leeches, Creeping Land Snails, Stinging, Scorpions, Wiggly Earthworms, and Leggy Centipedes. This series would be fantastic to use while teaching text features as each 2-page spread provides beautiful close up photos, simple informational text, and many text features.
Creepy Libraries
When a library is not the cozy friendly place to go browse for books, what could be wrong? This collection of non-fiction tales describes libraries that have a history of eerie happenings and other-worldly noises.
Young Jackson has to deal with larger-than-life issues like hunger, poverty, and homelessness. At the height of his difficulty, his imaginary, mischievous cat Crenshaw appears to help Jackson work through the hunger and vulnerability. A beautiful, moving story of friendship, this tale gives voice to many children who live with hidden stresses and a driving need for stability.
Crimson Crown, The
This is the fourth and final novel in the very popular Seven Realms series. Young Queen Raisa struggles to maintain the peace, both within her own castle walls and outside between wizards and Clan. A simple, devastating truth concealed by a thousand-yea
Crinkle, Crackle, Crack: It's Spring!
In the middle of a winter's night you suddenly begin to hear noises. What could be happening? Join Bear and the other forest animals on their quest to discover the sources of the sounds, and causes of the phenomena.
Crispin at the Edge of the World
Crispin and Bear, now free men, hope to lead a normal life, but these hopes are quickly dashed when they discover that members of Bear's secret brotherhood want him dead. This conflict sets the stage for another wonderful adventure story with the advent of some new characters, namely a disfigured girl named Troth. Readers of Crispin, Cross of Lead won't want to miss this book.
Cristina Keeps a Promise
Cristina is faced with a difficult decision when she is offerred a chance to meet a favorite author on the same day she has promised to watch her brother in the special olympics. A delightful ending will leave readers smiling.
Crocodile Safari
This book is like spending an afternoon in the wild with Jim Arnosky. The sketches, side notes, and narrative introduce the reader to an appreciation of nature in general, and crocodiles in particular. This book is packed with facts, but the observations are narrative in nature and help the reader have a "you-are-there" experience.
Crooked Sixpence, The
In this series opener, debut novelist Jennifer Bell weaves a story of fantasy and intrigue as Ivy and her older brother, Seb, are transported into the magical world of 'uncommoners' where they try to rescue their parents who have been kidnapped. How is their grandmother connected to this strange, enchanted world and is it connected to the mysterious accident that left Ivy with amnesia as a young girl? Harry Potter fans will enjoy the thrilling plot in this whimsical story full of creative characters and common objects that have magical powers.
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
In this sequel to I'd Tell You I Love You, but I'd Have to Kill You, it's clear that Cammie Morgan's life hasn't calmed down. Gallagher Academy will soon be infiltrated by male students from Blackthorne, a spy school for boys. Interesting characters and missions around every turn will keep readers interested.
Crossing Lines
Told from the vantage point of the bystander, this book is about bullying in the form of gay bashing. A star high school football player must decide how far to go with his teammates when the bullying becomes more aggressive and violent toward Alan - a young man struggling with his own identity issues. As the cover on the books says: "How do you decide when to stand by and when to take a stand?"
Crossing of Zebras, A
These poems about animals entertain as well as educate. They are lively but with puns and language play that make them interesting. The collective animal nouns and use of alliterative language and imagery make this a terrific read.
Crossing the Deadline: Stephen's Journey Through the Civil War
When his brother is killed in the Civil War, Stephen is forced by his uncle to sign up to serve the Union. After six months of little action, he is sent South with his unit. Quickly they are taken over by the Rebels and sent to a prison in Alabama. The conditions are horrible. People are dying of starvation, lack of shelter, and lack of clean water. Stephen somehow survives due largely to the concern of a southern lady. But at the end of the war when Stephen is released, the horrors do not stop.
Crossing the Wire
This is a compelling drama of illegal immigrants crossing the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Overwhelmed in the knowledge that his mother and little brother will soon end up living on the streets Victor decides that he must sneak across the American border where there is hope he can make enough money to send home.
Severe drought made free-range cattlemen in 1883 desperate enough to cut farmers' barbed-wire fences to get water. 13-year-old Jessie and his family are farmers. It's his coming-of-age story that will involve readers in the tensions of conflict that has no easy answers. A small gem of a story.
Crow Call
Subtle color and gentle action combine to tell his autobiographical vignette about Lois Lowry's father's return from the war.
Crow Made a Friend
Crow is so lonely. When a friend cannot be found, he decides to make one. Unfortunately wind and weather make it impossible for his friend to stay in one piece. Will crow find any birds like himself? The simple story and illustrations are great for building inferencing and predicting skills.
Crown of Three
Prophecy in Toronia claims that a set of triplets will overthrow the tyrant king and rule in peace and prosperity. Separated at birth, Tarlan was raised in the frozen land called Yalasti, Gulph was a member of the Tangletree players and becomes a prisoner of the Queen, and Elodie was raised as a princess, but unaware of her brothers’ existence. This fast-paced, easy read alternates between the three well-developed characters, commencing a series that readers will be anxious to continue.
Cruelty, The
Like most spy thrillers, the reader must expect amazing feats of heroism, crazy escapes from villainous characters, and much violence. Seventeen-year-old Gwendolyn experiences all of these in her efforts to find her missing father, a CIA agent. Using a coded copy of "1984," Gwendolyn races across Europe following the clues, and gradually changes from timid, bullied girl and becomes a force to be reckoned with. Graphic and strong language is laced throughout this rapid-paced easy read.
Cruisers, The
Zander, LaShonda, Bobbi, and Kambui are students at DaVinci Academy, a middle school for gifted and talented in Harlem. They are also the staff of
Cry of the Icemark, The
A coming-of-age fantasy tale, this adventure tells the story of a beautiful princess and an intrepid warrior. This book heralds the arrival of a heroine who is definitely wild at heart.
In 1835, the predictable, safe life Rufus has always known is forever changed now that his minister father has been put into a Philadelphia debtor's prison. He must support himself, and chess genius is his only marketable skill. At first, Rufus feels honored to be employed as the secret operator of a chess-playing automaton, but now he finds himself almost enslaved by the cruel owner of this show apparatus. Those who previously did Rufus' job have mysteriously disappeared, which means his own life may be in danger. A cast of fictitious and historical characters, including P. T. Barnum, Edgar Allan Poe and his teenage wife among others, combine with suspense and mystery to offer a unique glimpse into this slice of American history.
Curious Adventures of the Abandoned Toys, The
A wonderful tale of the secret lives of toys. Richly imagined and filled with clever, sophisticated dialogue, this story will be treasured by kids and adults alike. This would be a tremendous read-aloud.
Curious George
An old book redone to include text in Spanish and English for the dual language learners.
Curious World of Calpurnia Tate, The
Inland Texas in 1900 is not immune to the effects of a hurricane as Callie's traumatized and abrasive cousin is forced to come live with Callie's family. The journal-style narrative records small-town life peppered with family challenges, dismay over gender limitations, and awakening future goals spawned by her peculiar grandfather's animal-loving influence and the tutelage of veterinarian Dr. Pritzker, another hurricane refugee. Her brother takes in a plethora of odd animals, usually with disastrous results, pulling her into the drama and adding a common if humorous thread to the entire tale.
Curse of the Campfire Weenies
David Lubar continues to draw readers into this collection of warped and unusual stories. Even without the campfire you may be watching over your shoulder.
Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip
Everything Pete had planned came crashing down the summer before his freshman year. His arm is ruined after a pitching accident, and he's forced to leave the sport he loves. In a state of depression and anger, Pete pursues his love for photography and b
Cute As a Button
Zoey is helping take care of her aunt's dog, Draper. She is also sewing him dog clothes to wear out on their walks. Soon a number of people are asking Zoey to make clothes for their dogs. How will Zoey take care of Draper and get everything done? Family relationships, responsibility and entrepreneurial challenges combine with a good plot for an intriguing story.
Nora's long-awaited ride on the Cyclone, a roller coaster at Coney Island, turns tragic when her cousin, whom she blackmailed into riding with her, collapses upon exiting the ride. This tale of Nora's guilt and Riley's slow recovery, often expressed through Nora's pencil sketches, highlights the challenges of communication in relationships and siblings with unresolved conflicts while tracing Nora's journey from self-blame to growing empathy.
D is for Dragon Dance
Chinese New Year and the alphabet come together! The letters have a short sentence. The explanation is in smaller print and could be used to spark even more interest. Bright and colorful it will spice up your winter.
Dad, Jackie and Me
Illustrated by Colin Bootman. Tickets to see the great Jackie Robinson! But the boy's father is deaf and doesn't understand a thing about baseball. But he does understand about prejudice. Beautiful watercolor portraits bring the story to life.
Daddy Hug
A charming picture book of animal daddies. They come in all shapes and sizes and make all different kinds of sounds but the one thing they have in common is making us feel safe and snug with daddy hugs.
Daemon Hall
Five lucky aspiring teenage horror writers, finalists in a writing contest sponsored by world-famous horror author Ian Tremblin, have been invited to spend a night with the author at an old haunted mansion, Daemon Hall. After a night of sharing stories, the winner of the contest will get his/her story published. However, Daemon Hall has an agenda of its own, and an unending night of terror results in death. Horror fans will be quickly drawn to this fast paced novel.
Dairy Queen, a Novel
D. J. does all the heavy work on their Wisconsin dairy farm since her father broke his hip and her two brothers left for college. Between milking cows, mucking out the barn, and mowing clover, D.J. takes on training Brian, the rival high school's quarterback. Then a tryout for her own school's football team develops and D.J. becomes the talk of the town.
Smith's book cuts through the myth to present the gang as nothing more than common hoodlums. He utilizes primary sources while applying reasoned analysis to provide a comprehensive account of their exploits and especially their climactic escape, which took place at Coffeyville, Kansas.
Smith's book cuts through the myth to present the gang as nothing more than common hoodlums. He utilizes primary sources while applying reasoned analysis to provide a comprehensive account of their exploits and especially their climactic escape, which took place at Coffeyville, Kansas.
Smith's book cuts through the myth to present the gang as nothing more than common hoodlums. He utilizes primary sources while applying reasoned analysis to provide a comprehensive account of their exploits and especially their climactic escape, which took place at Coffeyville, Kansas.
Smith's book cuts through the myth to present the gang as nothing more than common hoodlums. He utilizes primary sources while applying reasoned analysis to provide a comprehensive account of their exploits and especially their climactic escape, which took place at Coffeyville, Kansas.
Dan vs. Nature
A back-to-nature bonding trip in Alaska for high schooler Dan and his soon-to-be step-father, Hank, turns into a hilarious fight for survival. While some of the situations are over the top, author Don Calame provides laughs and the rare well-drawn male teen characters.
Dance by the Light of the Moon
This story of barnyard animals shows them getting ready to go out to "dance by the light of the moon," the old chorus to Buffalo Gals.
Dance Like Starlight, A
A little African-American girl goes to work with her mother, who cleans and sews costumes for the ballet school - and the dream to become a ballerina is born and nurtured. But only white girls dance… After watching Janet Collins, the first African-American ballerina, perform at the Metropolitan Opera House, she knows her dreams actually can come true! This inspiring read-aloud for young children offers an opportunity for the advanced primary reader to shine.
Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You
Hilariously funny! Some people may be offended by the story line that revolves around the main character's large breasts and her sister's painting that includes male full frontal nudity and the schools censorship of the painting. High school students will feel the author's voice capture the typical teenage drama.
Dancing with Katya
Anna creates ballet gloves for her little sister, stricken with polio, so Katya can dance.
t would be hard to come up with a tale of western settlers that's not a cliché, but Bunting has done it. She takes a look at a pioneer woman, seen through the sympathetic eyes of her daughter, Zoe. She creates scenes that makes this family larger-than-life; they capture the baked yellow heat of summer, and the golden weed that represents home. A memorable book for the way its characters struggle with unhappiness and slowly overcome it.
t would be hard to come up with a tale of western settlers that's not a cliché, but Bunting has done it. She takes a look at a pioneer woman, seen through the sympathetic eyes of her daughter, Zoe. She creates scenes that makes this family larger-than-life; they capture the baked yellow heat of summer, and the golden weed that represents home. A memorable book for the way its characters struggle with unhappiness and slowly overcome it.
t would be hard to come up with a tale of western settlers that's not a cliché, but Bunting has done it. She takes a look at a pioneer woman, seen through the sympathetic eyes of her daughter, Zoe. She creates scenes that makes this family larger-than-life; they capture the baked yellow heat of summer, and the golden weed that represents home. A memorable book for the way its characters struggle with unhappiness and slowly overcome it.
t would be hard to come up with a tale of western settlers that's not a cliché, but Bunting has done it. She takes a look at a pioneer woman, seen through the sympathetic eyes of her daughter, Zoe. She creates scenes that makes this family larger-than-life; they capture the baked yellow heat of summer, and the golden weed that represents home. A memorable book for the way its characters struggle with unhappiness and slowly overcome it.
Danger Box, The
When his family comes in possession of an old box with a diary inside, Zoomy doesn't realize the danger involved in keeping it.
Dangerous Jane
This inspiring story in verse chronicles Jane Addams' life, and her tireless effort to help those in desperate need during the early 1900s. An idea sparked by her travels abroad resulted in her founding Hull House in Chicago, a place where struggling immigrants could receive housing, education, food, and other necessities. Jane embarked on a mission to bring about peace during World War I by forming the International Congress of Women. Her work with these women and other foreigners caused others to fear her and the FBI ultimately named her "the Most Dangerous Woman in America." The legacy of her tireless work in helping others was finally realized when she became the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.
Daniel and His Walking Stick
Illustrated by Constance R. Bergum. Grandfathers are found in many places. This little girl discovers a new one in the guise of a man who knew her grandfather and can share him with her.
Daniel at the Siege of Boston - 1776 (Boys of Wartime)
In 1776 Boston, twelve-year-old Daniel must protect and take care of his mother and sister while his father is fighting for the Patriots. He works as a spy and messenger for the American revolutionaries, but the pleasure ends when he witnesses the horrors of war.
Daring BMXers - X-Moves Series
Daredevil athletes stretch their skills beyond in these extreme sports. Each photo essay shows how the sport began and includes record holders/breakers and their feats. Risky tricks get the prizes! Included are diagrams and labels, glossary, bibliography, index, and where to find out more.
Dark Angel
David never thought that he'd have to deal with his brother again. He was put away for life with no chance of parole after he murdered a child when he was a teenager. His parents and he moved away to start a new life. But now due to a legal technicality his brother has been released and is coming home. Everyone thinks he's changed, but David knows better.
Dark Companion
Birch Grove Academy for Girls has many secrets that are deeply hidden within the gates of the school. Jane soon discovers that the glamorous people and façade of the school are not all as seemed. Will she be able to decipher between truth and myth? And
Dark Life
When fifteen-year-old Ty, who has always lived on the ocean floor, joins Topside girl Gemma in the frontier's underworld to seek and stop outlaws who threaten his home, they learn that the government may pose an even greater threat. Fresh look in a new setting with plenty of twists and turns.
Dark Star
Audrey is a superhero's daughter with powers of her own. She has always relied on her mother to "save the day" but the evil invading the Twin Cities may call for Audrey to become the hero!
Dark Unwinding, The
Katharine, an orphan living on the charity of her aunt, is sent to investigate rumors of her uncle's insanity and commit him, so her aunt will inherit his estate. She finds her Uncle Tully, who is eccentric, and a whole community of people determined to
Dark Water Rising
While salvaging and rebuilding in the aftermath of the Galveston Flood of 1900, 16 yr. old Seth proves himself in a way that his previous efforts never could, but she still must face his father man to man. This coming of age story is quick paced with sharp and focused descriptions. Fact and fiction are blended into Seth's narrative by using personal accounts and journals. This historical fiction has something for almost everyone.
Rob's having an awful summer; his younger fourteen year old sister is lying in a coma following a riding accident. Nearby is an archeolgical dig which may hold a key to her recovery. Druids, magic, and ancient ways pave the path for Rob to rescue his sister but not before he faces some hard truths about himself.
Jonathan Starling's father is in an asylum and his home has been attacked when, while running away from kidnappers, he stumbles upon Darkside, a terrifying and hidden part of London ruled by the descendents of Jack the Ripper, where Jonathan is in mortal danger if he cannot find the way out. Spooky enough to intrigue older readers but gentle enough for younger readers who like their stories with shivers.
Darkside: Lifeblood
In this sequel to Darkside, Jonathan searches London's Darkside for the same murderer that his mother was seeking when she disappeared twelve years earlier, it becomes clear that it is Jonathan who is being hunted. Another great spooky story for the middle-aged reader.
Darling, Mercy Dog of World War I
Darling, a rambunctious family dog, is drafted to serve in the British Army during World War I. Told from the dog's point of view, the book offers a unique look at the lives of both two-footed and four-footed soldiers fighting at the front. Darling is trained as a Mercy dog, a dog trained to find injured soldiers, race back to their handler, and then lead the rescuers to the injured soldier. Darling's story focuses on bravery, sacrifice, and devotion - a wartime adventure with plenty of heart.
Daughter of the Flames
Set in an ancient temple, baby Zira is the only member of the royal family to survive a brutal attack. Zira is raised in secret and trained to be a Warrior Priestess. Now 15 years old, she must come to terms with her true identity and in the process save the Ruan people.
Day Out with Daddy
A young boy's version of his day alone with dad. Vivid illustrations make the text dance.
Day the Stones Walked, The
Pico's father spends too much time carving the enormous moai, the faces of Easter Island. Pico knows that his father believes in the tales from the ancestors that tell of the help that the moai will give when needed. But when the tsunami hits, it is Pico himself who comes to believe in the power of the great stone faces. A beautifully illustrated glimpse of what might have happened on Easter Island.
Dead & the Gone, The
A companion novel to Life as We Knew It, The Dead and the Gone looks at how the same disaster effects New York City. The story revolves around high school junior, Alex Morales. His parents are missing and he must struggle to keep he and his sisters alive through unimaginable circumstances. A devout Catholic, Alex finds his faith shaken when one of his sisters dies.
Dead Connection
In this high school mystery, it the suspense that surrounds three teenagers into a story about the disappearance of Nikki Parker, cheerleader, that causes the conflict. A teenage loner Murry finds comfort in visiting with the dead in the cemetery. The unusual setting keeps the reader guessing in more ways than one.
Dead Reckoning
A fifteen-year-old orphan learns about life and survival when he sails from England in 1577 as a servant aboard the Golden Hind, the ship of his cousin, explorer and pirate, Francis Drake.
Deadly Drive
Casey receives an anonymous envelope full of money every year around the time her mother was killed by a hit-and-run driver. Casey who shares her mother's passion for basketball is busy with practice and her new neighbor with the AAU basketball team. She still spends time with her beloved neighbor, Megan and daughter Dulcie. She also encounters a man named Rex, who seems willing to help, but is he?
Deadly Flowers: A Ninja's Tale
Kata has lived her whole life training to be a female Ninja. She has been chosen to take another ninja-in-training to kill a target. When they arrive the girls encounter many obstacles, ultimately discovering that their target is actually the younger brother of the other ninja. Now they are on the run to save his life as well as their own.
Dear Author: Letters of Hope
A collection of letters received and answered by some of today's most popular young adult authors. It even includes great bio information on the authors and recommends some super reads! Recommended use in writing and literature classes.
Dear Cinderella
A nice retelling of the stories of Cinderella and Snow White. They exchange letters with each other telling about their lives. Delightfully written and ends with Cinderella and Snow White having their dreams come true and sharing a double wedding.
Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones
The animals at the zoo have really strange behavior. The behavior is a fun way to introduce homophones. Easy reading and young children will "get it."
Dear Hank Williams
Writing to pen pals builds letter writing skills, or so this 1940s class is told. So Tate chooses to write to Hank Williams because her family always listens to his music on the radio. Family love, dealing with tragedy, and surprising insights from a young girl emerge through her letters along with vivid glimpses into the pop culture, prejudices, and other vintage details of the day.
Dear Martin
Justyce McAllister's future is bright. He is going to an Ivy League school and getting far away from his rough neighborhood. But after a series of incidents with white police officers, Justyce sees his dream slipping away. He keeps a journal addressed to the late Martin Luther King, Jr., hoping a focus on Dr. King's teaching will help him cope with his struggles. This great read is reflective of today's social and political issues.
Dear Mr. Rosenwald
Written in poetry, this story is based on the true story of Rosenwald, once a president of Sears, Roebuck and Co. As told from a little girl's perspective, everyone tries to raise money to better their school during the 1920s. Rosenwald donated most of the money while the African American families built the school.
Dear Santasaurus
This countdown to Christmas book will appeal to students who like both dinosaurs and Santa. Letters to Santa from Earnest B. Spinosaurus describe his exploits throughout the year. He’s sometimes naughty and sometimes nice. His adventures are entertaining and this book would be good to use in a letter writing unit.
Death Collector, The
The setting for this book is in 19th century England, the Victorian Era. Robot dinosaurs have been invented to terrorize London. Four unusual people will join together to fight against this industrialist invention.
Death of a Hat
Headlined by an offbeat title, this unique introduction to poetry touches on its backgrounds in history down through the ages, and calls attention to its wildly divergent sources of inspiration. Imaginative art brings the various poetic examples to life, yet leaves the poems themselves as the central focus.
A good paranormal read. The concept of ghostkeeper, as one who can communicate with ghosts, makes this story new and different. Some elements are gruesome but teenagers will be engrossed in the story once it gets to the private school. The mystery and intrigue will keep the reader involved.
Deductive Detective, The
Detective Duck must "quack" the case of a stolen cake from the cake contest. Using deductive reasoning, he eliminates each suspect one by one, until the thief is identified: the monkey, who says he couldn't help it because it was a banana cream cake! End matter includes a deductive reasoning activity for children as well as a compare/contrast the animals activity.
Dee Dee and Me
This is the story of Hannah and her older and taller sister Dee Dee. Dee Dee is never fair, never shares, and is never kind. Hannah has no choice but to run away from home. Before leaving, she has a snack and a nap. There is a knock on the bedroom door. It's Dee Dee and she has mended a teddy bear for Hannah and wants to play. Hannah then lays down some ground rules for Dee Dee and all is well. The book will help students talk about how we treat others. Bright and captivating, this new take on sibling relations is a needed tale for all.
Deep and Dark and Dangerous: A Ghost Story
Ali finds a photograph in one of her mother's old Nancy Drew books with a girl torn out of the photo. When Ali asks her mother about the photo, however, she denies any knowledge of a girl whose name starts with T, or any memory of the photo. A quick and compelling read, this is sure to be a hit with fans of ghost stories.
Deep Cut
Titled after a natural gorge and based upon true events in the lives of the author's ancestors, this book chronicles thirteen-year-old Lonzo's life at Culpepper, Virginia during the Civil War as his family struggles through the dangers and deprivations of war. Abhoring the killing that is being done by both Union and Confederate troops, Lonzo must decide where his loyalties lie when he discovers that his Aunt Mariah intends to feed poison biscuits to the Yankee soldiers quartered in her inn. This is a gripping story of one family's experiences in the Confederate South.
Deep in the Desert
Each of the twelve verses in this book about desert life is paired with a familiar song such as "Down in the Valley" or "Pop Goes the Weasel." It is suggested that each poem be sung to the melody of the paired song, but they can also be read aloud. Extension activities included.
Deep-Sea Disaster
Harry Hammerhead is just a usual, boring shark until his class field trip to a shipwreck turns dangerous. Can he save his classmates? Cartoon-like illustrations underscore themes of teamwork and following instructions.
While vacationing in the country, eleven-year-old Toby, a cancer patient, learns some important lessons about living and dying from an elderly poet and her cow.
Eleven-year-old Toby's cancer has recurred. He defiantly determines not to share the information with his parents. He can't bear the prospect of hospitalization and the painful treatments. He befriends an elderly woman while vacationing in the country. Important lessons about living and dying are learned. Effective example of cross-generational friendship.
Delilver Us From Normal
This novel presents an unusual portrait of a fiercely loving family's struggle with poverty, and the impact that struggle makes in a young person's life. This is a book with an intriguing, adolescent view on what normal is and why it is so important to children and teenagers.
Demon Keeper
When Nat, the weirdest boy in Seattle, leaves for a date with the plainest girl in town, chaos breaks out in the house full of demons of which he is the sole guardian. Blend of fast paced action and humor.
Department Nineteen
Dracula and Frankenstein are woven into this vampire tale that has Jamie unraveling the history of Department Nineteen, a secret government agency charged with hunting down vampires. These are the traditional nasty vampires, not the benevolent ones of present fiction. Jamie must learn all he can before trying to rescue his mother - all the while dealing with the knowledge of his father's secret life.
Derby Girl
Bliss Cavendar does not fit in at her tiny high school in Bodeen, Texas. She is an outrageous individual with a beauty pageant loving mom. Bliss finds her perfect niche on a roller-derby team.
Desert Crossing
Lucy Martinez, her brother, & his friend Kit are traveling from Kansas to Arizona to spend spring break with their father in Phoenix. The guys have a beer while driving in a fierce rain when they hit something. Thinking it's dog, they go back to discover it's a young girl who is dead. This starts a chain of life-threatening and life-changing events for all three of the teens.
Desert Dark
Numbers are her thing, so when Nadia Riley is asked to join an elite group of boarding school students at the Desert Mountain Academy, she is thrilled. Despite it being a program to train Black Ops CIA agents, many things about the academy--navigating jealousy and gossip--still feels like high school; but definitely not the training. When lives are endangered, Nadia decides she needs to figure out who might be the double agent before she is expelled for a crime she did not commit.
Desk Stories
Six punchy stories of desks gone wild highlight this book which will amaze and entertain any kid who's ever sat at a desk in a classroom. Presented in graphic-novel format, look for this to spark some creativity.
Desperate Journey
Jim Murphy builds in lots of suspense to the story, and you feel as if you're traveling along the Erie Canal in 1848 with the family of 12-year-old Maggie Haggerty. Maggie is a truly compelling character who, with her family, triumphs against all odds.
Dessert First
Third grade Dessert learns a difficult lesson for herself as she sneaks and hides a specially-prepared dessert. The dessert and the deceit help her to set an important goal and learn huge lessons in the process.
Destroy All Cars
17-year-old James Hoff isn't happy. He doesn't like American consumer culture and he doesn't like his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, he can't avoid either of them. His story is told through his AP English essays and his private journals. You will see his voice come through in both formats.
Detective Blue
Little Boy Blue has grown up and is a detective solving "nursery crimes." In a graphic novel format, Tedd Arnold (of
Devil's Intern, The
Mitchell Johnson shouldn’t be in hell. There has to be a mistake. After getting hit by a bus, somehow he has ended up on the level of hell as an apprentice to Satan’s right-hand man, Septimus. He and his girlfriend, Medusa (Melissa, dead from an abusive father), Elinor (who died in a fire in 1600s), and Alfarin (a Viking), all plot to steal the Viciseometer. This device can help them travel through time and change their deaths and futures. A great deal of humor and creativity mark this tale where post-death characters are chased by Skin-Walkers and work through their individual existence with unexpected results.
Devine Intervention
Heidi hears a voice in her head and it's none other than June Hancock - a rebel teenager who lived decades before Heidi's time. Jerome is Heidi's guardian angel - sort of. He's more of an angel trainee in heaven's soul-rehabilitation program for wayward
Dexter the tough
A sympathetic teacher and her writing assignment help fourth-grader Dexter deal with being the new kid in school after he punches a kid on the first day.
Diabolic, The
Nemesis is a diabolic, which is a computerized monster hybrid human; Sidonia, a little girl and heir to the galactic Senate, is being protected by Nemesis, so they grew up together. When Sidonia's dad betrays the Empire leader, the empire retaliates by kidnapping Sidonia. Now Nemesis must save the Empire and put her life at risk by becoming Sidonia, and in the process must find her own humanity.
Diamond Willow
Set in Alaska, twelve-year-old Willow enjoys mushing her father's sled dogs more than anything. She finally persuades her parents that she is old enough to mush the dogs the twelve mile distance to visit her Athabascan grandparents. However, an accident on the return trip blinds Roxy, her father's favorite dog, and Willow must save the dog from euthanasia. Written in beautiful diamond-shaped poems written to resemble the shape of diamond willow branches with a special message printed in bold type in the middle of each poem, this book is sure to please all readers.
Diamond Willow
In a remote area of Alaska, twelve-year-old Willow helps her father with their sled dogs when she is not at school, wishing she were more popular, all the while unaware that the animals surrounding her carry the spirits of dead ancestors and friends who care for her.
Diary of a Haunting
Paige keeps an online diary to help her process her parents' high-profile divorce which shuffles her actress mom from LA to a drafty old mansion in Idaho. But this house is occupied by more than just a good-looking but eccentric downstairs neighbor, spiders, and swarms of flies -- in the dead of winter no less. As stranger and weirder happenings begin to rack up, Paige and new goth friend Chloe set out to investigate, and learn the house was occupied by a cult a century ago that practiced eerie rituals. But that's definitely not all.
Diary of a Waitress: The Not-So-Glamorous Life of a Harvey Girl
Kitty's hopes to attend the University of Kansas are crushed when she discovers that her parents can't afford to send both her AND her brother. In a rush to grow up and become a writer, Kitty lies about her age in order to get a job as a Harvey girl. Maybe adventure and opportunities to see the world will give her experiences she can write about in the future.
Diary of Pelly D., The
Set on a planet in the future which has been populated with genetically chosen people, a worker, Toni V., discovers the diary of Pelly D. As he reads we discover that the society is going through an upheaval and now there is a chosen race and Pelly, who has always been privileged is not. As Pelly's life slowly disintegrates we are reminded of the Holocaust. A must read.
Did Fleming Rescue Churchill? A Research Puzzle
This fast-paced story takes the reader on a journey as Jason learns that boring research can turn into an adventure. The element of research such as checking the reliability of information found on the Internet is so vital to this computer generation.
Difficult Boy, A
When nine-year-old Ethan becomes an indentured servant at the Lyman's to save his parents farm he meets Daniel, "Paddy." He also endures harsh punishments and is uncomfortable witnessing the unjust treatment of Daniel and the cheating of customers in Mr. Lyman's store. But what can one boy do to change what is?
Digby Differs
A grim, gritty depiction unfolds of how the deep need for acceptance and belonging gradually reels a young foster girl into the controlling embrace of prostitution. Desperate to bring about rescue for herself and the youngest girl in the household, Dime sets her jaw and pursues a risky plan. This riveting, raw novel pulls the reader into the emotion and loneliness, exposing the lies, physical abuse, and mental manipulation which comprise the trap of human trafficking. End matter includes resources for victims and those who care about them.
Dino Treasures
Crow is so lonely. When a friend cannot be found, he decides to make one. Unfortunately wind and weather make it impossible for his friend to stay in one piece. Will crow find any birds like himself? The simple story and illustrations can help children build inferencing and predicting skills.
Dinosaur Babies
Excellent photo-like illustrations have "kid appeal." Special text features, informational graphics, pronunciation guides, informational expository text clues. An eight book series from I Love Reading: Dino World.
Dinosaur Dinosaur
Illustrated by Daniel Kirk. Little dinosaur has so much to accomplish before the sun sets. Written in silly rhyming prose.
Dinosaur Starts School
Starting to school can be a scary event if you don't know what to expect! A little boy tells his dinosaur all the things he might encounter on his first day of school and all the fun he will have!
Dinosaur Thunder
A Newbery Honor author and a Caldecott Honor illustrator combine talents to create an imaginative story of a little boy's attempts to conquer his fear of thunder. With the help of his family members, Brannon finally comforts himself by comparing the thun
The perennially fascinating subject of dinosaurs has a new addition to books librarians and teachers will reach for first. Simple explanations of the dinosaur family tree and the characteristics that were unique to dinosaurs found on various continents are the book's foundation. Excellent illustrations, fact boxes, glossary, timeline and index are included as well.
Dinosaurs Don't, Dinosaurs Do
From the series "I Like to Read", this book skillfully combines text and illustrations to create a great easy reader. A splendid book to use with primary grades for behavior modeling.
Dinothesaurus: Pre-historic Poems and Paintings
These dinosaur poems are a sure hit as they amuse and inform. The collage pictures will enchant the reader and encourage them to hunt for the dinosaur's name found throughout each page.
Dirt on My Shirt
A collection of 34 silly poems on kid friendly topics such as lost baseball hats, bubble baths, family, friendship and nature. Book includes a challenge to readers to find 30 creatures in the illustrations for the poem, "What do you see?" A fun, catchy and appealing read that is sure to be a hit with young children.
Dirt or Soil: What's the Difference?
Do plants grow in dirt or soil? And what's the difference? What do you call that messy splotch smeared on your pant leg after playing outside? Excellent comparison and contrast examples in this book help elementary readers understand the distinction.
Dirty Gert
In a comically offbeat story about acceptance, readers will meet Gert. Little Gert loves the dirt. She loves it so much she sprouts roots and leaves. The local news crews come and she wilts. But her parents know just what to do. They prune and fertilize her. This is a delightful story children will love having read to them.
Dirty Liar
After escaping from a bad situation with his mother and her abusive boyfriend, Benji moves in with his father, stepmother, and half-sister. Benji hangs out with the other losers in his new high school until he meets a girl that makes him yearn for a normal life. When his stepmother reads his journals and finds out the horror his previous life entailed, the healing process begins.
Distance Between Us, The: Young Readers Edition
Reyna Grande lived many years of her childhood with a stern grandmother in Mexico wanting her parents to come back from the United States and make things better for her and her siblings. When her father finally returns, he takes the family to live in the United States. After traveling illegally over the border they experience a life they could not imagine in Mexico, but it's not exactly the American Dream they had expected either.
Dizzy Izzy
Action and rhyming words tell a silly story about the ice cream van in Jon Scieszka's Trucktown. Beginning readers (Level One) will smile as they turn the pages of this Ready-To-Read book.
Do Lions Live on Lily Pads?
This cleverly done question and answer format book helps young readers to demonstrate their knowledge of animal habitats. Bright illustrations, humor and an interactive format make this a perfect choice for a read aloud.
Do Not Open!
The popular Greek myth of Pandora’s Box is retold for the Level Two primary student. Joan Holub has done an excellent job of simplifying this ancient story so that after reading this book, students will understand the phrase "opening up Pandora’s Box.”
Do Rabbits Have Christmas?
Illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies. A collection of fifteen poems laced with figurative language that highlights the natural wonders of winter and the Christmas season. The lyrical verses are illustrated with pencil and water color paintings depicting beautiful scenes of frost coated windowpanes, animal tracks in the snow, and drift surrounded trees decorated with carrots for yes, rabbits do have Christmas!
Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra
This is a fun mystery involving main character Tess, whose unique view of life has her imagining everything around her as it relates to math. Tess's life is filled with interesting teachers, annoying boys, frustrating parents, and just about any other typical teen problem readers can imagine.
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners
Lively, golden rule pun book. Characters cute and appealing. Would work as a read aloud in small group settings or with the counselor.
Do You Know the Monkey Man?
This is a great emotional and fast-paced suspense novel. Samantha was three when her twin sister drowned, her parents divorced and she hasn't heard from her father in ten years. After trying several methods to find her father, she visits a psychic. Sam comes away confused by the psychic's revelation that her sister isn't dead.
Dog Diaries: Secret Writings of the WOOF Society
A secret meeting of a group of entertaining and literate dogs serves to combine a collection of short stories that share WOOF (words of our friends). The collection offer stories from history (Abu: the dog who ruled Egypt) and humorous stories, such as the one about Tidbit, the dog who sang with Johnny Cash at the Grand Ole Opry. This book should have good kid appeal.
Dog in Boots
In this circular story, Dog is inspired by the story of
Dog Lost
When Mackenzie's dad dumped the new pit bull puppy in bed with him neither one knew the extent the two would be bound together. When his dad gets rid of Cash and the town is enacting laws against pit bulls a chain of events begins ending with an unlikely hero and a brighter future for many.
Dog Scouts of America (Dog Heroes)
This book, from the Dog Heroes series, gives readers a chance to read about real-life heroes. Dog Scouts of America is made up on dogs and their owners; one important goal is for people and pets to work together to learn new skills. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Dog Steals Home, A
Life is changing quickly for sixth grader Zach. His parents are expecting a baby, the new kid in town is also quite a baseball pitcher—a threat to Zach’s place in the lineup—his best friend starts practicing with the new kid, and his parents refuse to get him a puppy. On top of it all, his teacher has assigned a project—at the end of the school year! For the project, Zach ends up working at a shelter for abandoned and abused dogs and cats. He also develops an unusual friendship with Audrey, the new girl in his grade who has many problems of her own. Gradually Zach begins to care for and help others—and focus less on himself.
Dog Who Belonged to No One, The
A delightful story of a stray dog and lonely girl just by chance ending up together. Amy Hest does a beautiful job of telling this heart-warming story.
Dog, Ray, The
Daisy Fellows, 12, dies suddenly and returns to earth as a dog, but can still remember her life as a human. Now she is known as Ray and must adapt to communicating to people as an animal--which causes great frustration because all they hear is barking. Eventually she is found by Pip, a homeless boy who is looking for his father. Daisy/Ray is devoted to Pip and determined to help him find his father. As the story develops, Ray slowly loses her human memories, but her new family with Pip and the friendships they develop make for a heart-warming story well worth the read.
In 1346, 12 yr. old Brind, an orphaned kennel boy, raised with hunting dogs at an English manor, accompanies his master, along with half the manor's prized mastiffs, to France, where he must fend for himself when both his master and the dogs are lost at the decisive battle at Crecy. Fast-paced action includes narrow escapes at every turn. Riveting plainspoken writing about the brutality and absurdity of battle. Readers who favor medieval adventures are sure to enjoy.
Doggone Feet!
The dog tells the story of his time under the table living with his owner until he takes a wife and begins a family. He distinguishes each member through their feet. Good book for point of view discussion.
Part of the Smart Animals! Series. Information is shared about the animal with glossary and resources listed. Other titles include Chimpanzees, Crows, Dolphins, Elephants, Gorillas, Octopuses, Parrots, Pigs, Sea Lions, and Wolves.
Dog's life, A
Squirrel, a stray puppy, tells her life story, from her nuturing mother and brother to making her own way in the world, facing busy highways, changing seasons, and humans both gentle and brutal.
Dog's Life: the Autobiography of a Stray
Like many of Ann Martin's books, this captures the reader's attention with a warm and wonderful story of the life of a stray dog. This dog was born into the wild, traveled from one town to another constantly in search of food and then companionship. She experienced cruelty, abuse, friendship and love. A good overview of the many ways that humans treat animals.
Dogs of War
Military history comes alive in this account of the relationships between soldiers and their heroic dogs that served our military in World War I, World War II, and Vietnam. Actual reading level is late-elementary, while interest level and topic make this a great book for struggling middle-grade readers.
Dogs of Winter, The
A small boy, a cruel city, and the incredible dogs who save him. Based on a true story! When Ivan's mother disappears, he's abandoned on the streets of Moscow, with little chance to make it through the harsh winter. But help comes in an unexpected form: Ivan is adopted by a pack of dogs, and the dogs quickly become more than just his street companions. They become his family. Soon Ivan, who used to love reading fairytales, is practically living in one, as he and his pack roam the city and countryside, using their wits to find food and shelter, dodging danger, begging for coins. But Ivan can't stay hidden from the world of people forever. When help is finally offered to him, will he be able to accept it? Will he even want to? A heart-pounding tale of survival and a moving look at what makes a human.
Dogs of Winter, The
Ivan is a young boy who's known hardship from early on. His mother disappears after a fight with her abusive boyfriend and Ivan must learn to fend for himself as he takes to the streets. Eventually he finds himself living among a pack of wild dogs - the
Doll with the Yellow Star, The
Claudine doesn't understand why she must wear a yellow star on her coat. Her friends don't have one. She is told she will leave France to go to America. To help her keep Maman and Papa close she sews their picture in the star she sews into Violette's (her doll) cape.
Dolphins in the Navy
The Navy Marine Mammal Program began training dolphins in 1960. Since that time, dolphins have been used to search ports for hidden sea mines. This excellent book tells how dolphins have been an important part of our country's defense for over 50 years.
Dolphins on the Sand
A pod of dolphins become stranded on a sandbar. People come to their rescue but have to wait until they are strong enough to swim out in the ocean.
Don't Be Afraid, Little Pip
It's time for Pip the penguin to learn to swim, but she's too afraid to join the other penguins. Instead, she decides to learn to fly. After some flying mishaps, Pip accidently falls in the ocean and her new friend, Merry, teaches her to swim. Pip soon learns that swimming can feel just like flying.
Don't Be Silly, Mrs. Millie!
So clever play on words. Students will enjoy making up words of their own. Illustrations add humor--simply delightful!
Don't Disturb the Dinosaurs
See review of March of the Mini Beasts for this second title in the series.
Don't Feed the Boy
Meadowbrook Zoo. It's one of the perks of having a mother who's the zoo director and a father who's the the head elephant keepr. Now that he's eleven, Whit feels trapped by the rules and routine of zoo life. With so many exotic animals, it's easy to get overlooked. But when Whit notices a mysterious girl who visits every day to draw the birds, suddenly the zoo becomes much more interesting. Who is the Bird Girl? And why does she come by herself to the zoo? Determined to gain her trust, Whit takes the Bird Girl on his own personal tour of the zoo. He shows her his favorite animals and what happens with them behind the scenes. For Whit, having a friend his own age that he can talk to is an exciting new experience. For Stella the Bird Girl, the zoo and Whit are a necessary escape from her chaotic home life. Together they take risks in order to determine where it is they each belong. But when Stella asks Whit for an important and potentially dangerous favor, Whit discovers how complicated friendship and freedom can be.
Don't Know Much About Dinosaurs
Questions and answers provide information about dinosaurs, including the different species, what they ate, how they lived, and why they may have become extinct.
Don't Know Much About Mummies
Presents information on mummies in question-and-answer format, explaining how various cultures around the world made mummies in ancient times and what scientists learn by studying them.
Don't Sit On My Lunch
Illustrated by John McKinley. Freddy wants to win the one open place on the soccer team. He has to first get by Max, the biggest bully in first grade.
Don't Talk to Me About the War
Set in Bronx, New York, in 1940, thirteen-year-old Tommy is interested in maintaining a quiet, mundane life filled with school, friends, playing baseball, and keeping up the Brooklyn Dodgers. However, he can't escape the war because his friend Beth makes sure that he reads the war news in the paper and his friend Sara is worried about the fate of her relatives in Europe. Adler has written another winner about this tense time in American history.
Harvey's "come-to-life" drawings wreak havoc around the house and the whole neighborhood until Mom arrives home after a trip to the store and restores order. Great fun!
Dorothea's Eyes
Dorothea Lange's bout with polio left her with a limp. An ensuing desire to remain unseen helped her acutely observe the world with her eyes and her heart. Persevering through many struggles, she became a photographer who used this vision to tell the stories of others previously unseen.
Chap is a kid on the street that desperately wants to escape his past and remain hidden. When he is recognized as the missing Cassiel, Chap decides that this may be the perfect place to hide. However, he soon discovers that being Cassiel may be more dan
Double Eagle
Mike, 13, is again spending the summer with his dad off the Alabama coast instead of being in California with his mom. Shipwreck Island doesn't hold much for him until he meets Kyle and together they explore the old fort in search of gold left from the Confederacy's mint in New Orleans. Others are searching for the lost gold as well and the approaching hurricane heightens the dangers.
Double Eagle
In 1973, Michael and Kyle's discovery of a rare Confederate coin near an old Civil War fort turns into a race against time as the boys try to find more coins before a hurricane hits Alabama's Gulf coast.
Double Happiness
Moving to a new location far away from everything familiar is a scary thought. But Grandmother encourages Gracie and Jake each to make a box of memories, reminders of things they are leaving behind and things they will associate with each step in their new adventure.
Double Identity
Bethany's life has been pretty normal for almost thirteen years, but that is about to change. Her overprotective parents suddenly drop her on the doorstep of an aunt she never knew existed. Some of the townspeople are spooked by her uncanny resemblance to a dead girl named Elizabeth. Who is Elizabeth and what is her connection to Bethany? Fans of the Shadow Children series will eagerly embrace this newest offering by Haddix.
Double Life of Zoe Flynn, The
When Zoe's family has to live in their van for months after moving from California to Oregon so her father can find work, Zoe tries to keep her sixth-grade classmates from discovering that she is homeless.
Double Reverse
When Jesse's brother Jay is asked to switch from quarterback to safety on the college football team, Jesse decides to try out for quarterback and switch from wide receiver on his 9th-grade team. Then they need a kicker, and in comes Savannah. Now they must all rise above stereotypes and prior expectations to bring their teams to success.
Double Trouble Groundhog Day
Illustrated by Lorinda Cauley. Must have for Groundhog Day. Grandpa is going to retire and which twin will get the job? A great story about cooperation and helping others.
Double-click for Trouble
Disobeying by using the computer and having Whip in the house gets Eddie in big trouble. He has to go stay with his great uncle Peavey for the whole month of school break. Sheldon, Indiana holds secrets for Eddie as he gains understanding beyond his thirteen years.
Dough Boy
This problem novel deals with the subject of obesity. Tristan, now 15, is a good student but mostly a social zero because of his weight. He has a couple of close friends and seems to cope pretty well until the entrance of Kelly, his mother's boyfriend's daughter. She thinks of herself as a nutritionist and rags on both Tristan and her father. And she starts dating Tristan's best friend. The book is filled with teen angst including some sexual references.
Down the Mysterly River
The ultimate Boy Scout Max finds himself lost in the woods and doesn't remember what happened. Things get even stranger for Max when he meets a talking badger who tells him that he doesn't know how he got to the forest, but he remembers getting killed. They find themselves on the run from a group of mysterious hunters and solve the mystery on how to get home.
Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery
This is a top-notch murder mystery for young adults. Ingrid finds herself in the middle of both the community theater production of Alice in Wonderland and a local murder mystery. Ingrid is way over her head and in danger, and her character is so compelling you must read to see how she gets out of trouble.
Dozer's Run
Dozer, a 3-year-old Goldendoodle, slips out of his yard and right into a marathon in this delightful true story. Dog lovers will enjoy the communication between Dozer and his sister Chica. The look of happiness on Dozer’s face when he is finally back home and collapsing into bed is priceless. Don’t miss the inspiring author’s note to find out how Dozer ended up raising $25,000 for cancer research.
Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions
Runt is a werewolf - he thinks. He attends Dr. Critchlore's School for Minions to learn how to become one of the Evil Overlord's henchmen. This year he hopes to be selected for the Junior Henchman program. The school's reputation is under attack, and if Runt and his gargoyle and tree nymph buddies cannot prevent disaster, the school will close. Clever and laced with humor, middle grade students will enjoy this take on how bad guys can be good.
Dragon Castle
15-year-old Prince Rashko is left with his brother to defend the kingdom after their parents mysteriously disappear. This is a fascinating story of adventure, magic, and a secret hidden deep within the castle.
Dragon is Coming!
Similar to The Sky is Falling, a mouse frightens all the animals by shouting a dragon is going to eat the sun. All the animals run to hide in the barn when dog comes in and announces the storm is over.
Prince Ramil and Princess Taoshira have been forced to marry to save their joining kingdoms. The only problem is the two can't stand each other. Can they overcome their differences and join together to fight a common enemy?
Dragons Beware!
This latest installment of the Chronicles of Claudette takes Claudette on an adventure to save her kingdom. With the help of her brother, best friend, and seven lost princesses, Claudette fights dragons and sorcerers to recover the sword that can save her father. Diplomacy and cooperation underlie the humor and action in this exciting adventure presented in vintage animated style.
Dragon's Green
Effie Truelove lives in a world without technology after a massive quake knocked out all wireless systems. Though the world is short on technology, Effie and her grandfather know that it is full of magic. Before he dies, Effie's grandfather gives her a silver ring and leaves her his vast collection of books. But with bills to pay, Effie's parents decide to sell the collection. Trying to fulfill her grandfather's dying wish, Effie and her new friends set off on an adventure to discover their true powers and travel to the Otherworld.
Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans, A
Who is the pet here? The cranky dragon Miss Drake or Winnie the human? Each seems to think the other is the pet as they navigate through adventures with mysterious and fantastic creatures, a magical sketchbook, and the grief of losing a loved one.
Siblings Seth and Kendra have recently been named the new keepers of the dragon sanctuary Wyrmroost, and Celebrant, the most powerful dragon, is setting out to overthrow them. Plenty of action and adventure coupled with sibling rivalry and humor make this a story to keep readers turning the pages and anticipating the next in the series.
Callie loves the theatre and would totally try out for the middle school's play, but she's a terrible singer. Instead, she's the set designer and is determined to create a set worthy of Broadway - on a middle-school budget. This delightful book features
Best friends Sayde (Sarah Paulson) and Demi (Douglas B. Howard) are both accepted to a summer theater camp. Tables are turned and the friendship is tested when Demi becomes the star of the show and even lands the boyfriend of his dreams.
Raúl Colón doesn't need words to tell this delightful story of a young artist who imagines a trip to Africa. Elephants, rhino, giraffes, hippos, and more make this trip a wonderland of sketching possibilities. Children will delight in the adventures even when they discover that the trip was only imaginary. This format is especially useful for encouraging young children to verbalize what they see.
Drawing a Blank
Carlton Dunne IV lives in a prep school, feeling isolated from his father who has become so eccentric that he has driven Carlton's step-mom and half sister away. But when his father is kidnapped in Scotland as part of feud going back for generations, he must find a way to rescue his father. Part cartoon, part novel, this story is hilariously funny.
Drawing and Learning About Series
The perfect series for the drawing book fans. An ingenious combination of informational text and drawing technique. Fun facts about the topic are included with every two-page spread. Twelve titles in the series.
Drawing from Memory
Allen Say is hopefully a familiar name from elementary years due to his Caldecott-winning book Grandfather's Journey. In this, his autobiography, he shares not only the story of his early years, but photos and art as well. Liberal use of these artifacts move the reader along through brief blocks of text on each page. Say's is an interesting story, especially for budding artists, and his reconnection with his mentor inspired by this book shows the power of a good teacher.
Dream Jar, The
Illustrated by Serena Curmi. A little girl's sister helps her to overcome her scary dreams by sharing "the secret" with her. Illustrations give the text a dreamlike quality. Excellent read and discuss book.
Dream Something Big: The Story of the Watts Towers
Piece by piece the towers took shape.amidst skepticism. There was no plan. Chips of broken tiles and thrown away pieces began the work of art that rose nearly 100 feet in the air. Sam, the Italian immigrant, mixed, pressed, and smoothed his pieces into what has become a US National landmark. A "recipe" for the reader's very own tower can be found at the end of the amazing story.
Dreamer The
Fictionalized biography of the childhood Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda. The beautiful design of the book and the poetic flow and compelling drama of the story will keep students reading. The Peter Sís illustrations will intrigue them
Twelve-year-old Lucy Darrington goes on a quest to find her missing father in a remote, magical territory in the Pacific Northwest. He was searching for dreamwood, a rare tree with magical powers that might be the cure for a blight that is killing the forests. Lucy and a new friend, Pete, follow her father’s trail that leads to an exciting adventure.
Drita, my homegirl
When ten-year-old Drita and her family, refugees from Kosovo, move to New York, Drita is teased about not speaking English well, but after a popular student named Maxine is forced to learn about Kosovo as a punishment for teasing Drita, the two girls soon bond.
Daddy is a big rig driver. He wakes up early and has a very active day of driving. An easy book to read that children will enjoy.
Driven: A Photobiography of Henry Ford
The newest in National Geographic's series of biographies for young readers, this book, like the others in the series, uses archival documents to effectively enhance the story of the subject. The life of Henry Ford is covered chronologically and objectively, not glossing over troubles in the Ford industry and other unsavory opinions Ford made public in his later life. Includes a chronology of Ford's life, a list of resources for further study, and an index.
Eleven-year-old Polly Peabody lived on a magical rhubarb farm that starts to wither away due to drought and her brother develops a terrible illness. Polly searches for a way to bring rain and magic back to the farm and to heal her brother.
Drop of Water, A
Follow a drop of water from a child's fingertips to the clouds, mountains, down through woods, streams, ponds and back to the child in the brook. The illustrations are beautiful. Use for water units.
Drummer Boy
The little drummer boy quickly becomes a child's favorite gift. After accidentally being knocked in the trash, the drummer boy goes on an adventure. He returns to the child just in time to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.
Duck at the Door
It was a quiet night until.there was a knock on the door and a perfectly comfortable existence in a perfectly comfortable house was turned upside down by the arrival of the Duck at the Door.aka MAX. Dynamic illustrations make MAX and all his new friends memorable. MAX is only there for a while but readers will want him to come back, and he does, with friends!
Duck Dunks
Super text in rhythmic pattern for a fun counting book. Great vocabulary building book.
Duck for Turkey Day
Tuyet doesn't understand why her family insists on eating duck for Thanksgiving. She is embarrassed to report to her class what she ate for her family celebration, only to find out that she wasn't the only one who did not have turkey for dinner.
Duck Tents
Five little ducks decide to go camping. Their adventure includes pitching tens, fishing, and building a campfire. The rhyming texts tells how each settles into his own tent until things get a bit scary for them.
Duckling Gets a Cookie!?, The
Pigeon is back in his seventh book with his typical tirades. Duckling has gotten a cookie by simply asking politely. Pigeon rants on and on about all the things he has asked for, yet never received. His ranting ends when Duckling offers him his cookie.
Dumpling Dreams
This lovely tale in rhyme tells the story of Chinese immigrant Joyce Chen's rise to food fame in a format accessible to the youngest eaters. More sober topics like war in China and cultural adjustment in America are given a light touch, kept upbeat by bright illustrations and lyrical text focused on her culinary and business successes. Extras include a glossary, timeline, and dumpling recipe.
Dust to Eat: Drought and Depression in the 1930a
The 1930s in America will always be remembered for twin disasters-the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Michael L. Cooper takes readers through this tumultuous period, beginning with the 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression and continuing with the severe drought in the Midwest, known as the Dust Bowl.
E is for Election Day
An unusual alphabet book for older elementary grade readers touches on many pieces of election trivia and introduces students to concepts of civic responsibility and American politics. Terminology branches out to include various bits of history and side notes such as how the elephant and donkey came to be symbols of the two dominant political parties.
Each little bird that sings
Comfort Snowberger is well acquainted with death since her family runs the funeral parlor in their small southern town, but even so the ten-year-old is unprepared for the series of heart-wrenching events that begins on the first day of Easter vacation with the sudden death of her beloved great-uncle Edisto.
Each Little Bird That Sings
Comfort Snowberger's family owns the town funeral home. So this ten year old has been to many funerals.247 to be exact! Her great uncle Edisto dies and then her great-great-aunt Florentine dies. She was Comfort's favorite aunt. Her cousin, Peach, is such a nuisance but Comfort agrees to look after him at the funeral. She misses her aunt terribly and writes an obituary for the paper. It's a funny, compassionate story about death, family love and friendship.
Earmuffs For Everyone!
Cold winter weather in Maine prompted this young boy to figure out a way to keep his ears warm. His improvement on and patenting of an existing idea for earmuffs was only the beginning of a long and successful career as an inventor and businessman. The entertaining format includes wonderful illustrations and early insight into processes of manufacturing and invention.
Earth Mother
Illustrations are magically done with watercolor and colored pencil. Each could be a poster. Earth Mother walks, swims, and climbs while she nurtures creation. She is able to sleep peacefully knowing that all of creation, in its own way, is perfect.
Earth to Clunk
A science fiction story develops when a boy is assigned a pen pal from another planet. Letters and packages are exchanged and he discovers pen pals can be fun and interesting.
Earthquake in Haiti
The news was saturated with stories about the Haitian earthquakes. This overview of the historic disaster will give readers an even better perspective on the devastation caused by this 7.0 earthquake and its powerful aftershocks. With personal stories from several Haitians, and full color photos, the reader is guaranteed a safe look at the devastation.
Easter Egg, The
It's Spring and the rabbits are decorating eggs for the contest that will determine who will get to help the Easter Bunny deliver the eggs on Easter morning. It is Hoppi's first year to be old enough to participate and he cannot decide what kind of egg to make. He finally resolves to just do the best he can when something unexpected happens and Hoppi becomes a hero! Exquisitely illustrated and a perfect read aloud for the holiday.
Readers might initially be put off by Jessica's sexually acting out behavior at the beginning of the story. However, as they get to know the character, the author's intent becomes clearer in showing how the young girl's low self esteem and family dynamics have left her feeling unloved.
Eating Enchiladas (Simply Sarah)
The story is about friendship and learning new things. Sarah finally decides to do her country report on Mexico and how to make it special.
Eating Up Gladys
Hilda and Rose have had it with their older sister's bossiness when she is left in charge of them and the baby. They decide that they are going to eat her up!
It's 1952, and Gabor's family has just escaped Hungary via Australia, they have finally obtained visas and are on their way to live in the two-bedroom apartment with Peti's family until they can get established. The arrangement is anything but easy, as tensions rise, Peti begins to wish that it had been his loving grandfather Apa who made the trip instead of his sometimes mean cousin.
Eco Dogs
Rescued dogs are trained to locate everything from missing pythons, to plants, to specific animal "scat" in this book from the
Ed and Kip
This tale, from the "I Like to Read" series for emergent readers, follows a day in the jungle with two young elephants as they play with a rock, make friends with a bug, and escape danger in an encounter with a crocodile. Beginning readers will get a kick out of this sweet friendship story with its speech bubbles, comic-book-style panels, and fun illustrations.
Eddie's Kingdom
Eddie's kingdom is his apartment building where all the tenants are at odds with each other--and Eddie. Armed with pencil and paper Eddie sets out to bring peace to his kingdom by creating a special group drawing. He knocks on each door and asks if he can draw the tenant's picture. During the sitting he listens to each one's complaint, suggesting or presenting a solution. Once the drawing is complete he invites everyone in his kingdom to the unveiling where they see themselves caricatured stubborn animals.
Edenville Owls
After World War II, fourteen-year-old Bobby Murphy and his friends start a basketball team without a coach. Coming of age story as he deals with romance and fear for his teacher who has a mysterious stranger threatening her. Numerous references to post-WWII radio and movie personalities.
Edgar Allen's Official Crime Investigation Notebook
Fifth grade friendships and sadnesses weave in and around a thief who leaves poetic clues. In this fast-paced journal-type mystery, Edgar discovers the "gift" of poetry.
Effie Starr Zook Has One More Question
Effie Starr Zook and her family are "well fixed" thanks to her great-grandfather Gus's invention of the barf bag. While her parents spend the summer traveling the world in an experimental solar plane, Effie has to leave New York City and spend the summer with her aunt and uncle on a farm in rural Pennsylvania. The nearby town is full of quirky people, Zook family history, and lots of secrets. No matter how many questions Effie asks, she can't get anyone to spill the beans; so she becomes her own detective to learn the truth about the Zook clan.
Egypt in Spectacular Cross-Section
By the author of the cross section series, this book takes the reader on a trip through ancient Egypt's bustling river ports, pharaohs tombs, and on an inspection of the seven steps of mummification. The details and artwork are extraordinary.
El Barrio
Follow a little boy as he introduces readers to urban life and the Latino culture. Bright, vibrant illustrations support the vocabulary in this celebration of diversity.
Electric Animals
Very informative book about eight creatures that have a power no other animals have - electric power. You will read how some can electrocute a large fish or even a person. Others target their victims in near total darkness using electricity. Excellent photos in this
Questions and answers are given on pages with simple but accurate illustrations.
Electrifying Eco-Race Cars
Part of a set called
Elephant Run
Nick endures servitude, beatings, and more after his British father's plantation in Burma is invaded by the Japanese in 1941, and when his father and others are taken prisoner and Nick is stranded with his friend Mya, they plan a daring escape on elephants, risking their lives to save Nick's father and Mya's brother from a Japanese prisoner of war camp.
Elephant Run
In 1941 London, fourteen-year-old Nick Freestone loses his apartment in a bombing raid. His mother sends him to Burma to live with his father on the family's teak plantation. Japanese capture their village and his father is taken prisoner. Nick and Mya his friend plan an escape for their families using wild timber elephants. Action-packed novel.
Elephant Whisperer, The
Short chapters and smooth transitions make the informational text read like a novel. This moving story about the relationship between Lawrence Anthony and the elephant herd he brought onto his reserve is recounted with careful detail and compassion. Had he not stepped outside his comfort zone and taken in these traumatized, misbehaving giants, they would have been killed. And when they escape and head back toward their former home, the tale of tracking and recapturing them becomes a riveting adventure.
When Sam, who can barely read, discovers an old newspaper clipping just before his eleventh birthday, it brings forth memories from his past, and, with the help of a new friend at school and the castle they are building for a school project, his questions are eventually answered.
Elijah of Buxton
In 1860, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman is the first freeborn child born in the Canadian town of Buxton. He helps his friend track down a thief who stole the money to set a family free. Welcome addition to historical fiction genre and wonderful choice for classroom study.
Elijah of Buxton
In 1859, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, a haven for slaves fleeing the American south, uses his wits and skills to try to bring to justice the lying preacher who stole money to be used to buy a family's freedom.
Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter
Eliza has had many hobbies, and none of them has lasted very long. Desperate to work through her ADHD and show her parents that she can be diligent, she volunteers to take her brother's unwanted spot in a Tae Kwon Do class.
Elizabeth Leads the Way
This well-researched biography explains the right to vote played an important role in improving women's economic and social status. It gives a great overview of the beginning of the movement using clear and concise language. Includes bibliographical references.
Ella Sets Sail
Ella, the little elephant, has a new unexpected adventure. Her hat blows away while she is at the carnival and what an adventure comes her way!
Ella Sets the Stage
Ella's school is holding a talent show. Ellas is unable to figure out her talent. She lovingly helps all of her friends prepare and by this, realizes her talent is being a friend.
Ellis Island: Coming to the Land of Liberty
Illustrations and text explain how Ellis Island became the beacon of hope for immigrants coming to America.
EllRay Jakes is
3rd grader EllRay Jakes is the smallest kid in the class and he has a bully problem. EllRay's father has promised a family trip to Disneyland if he can stay out of trouble for a week. This proves to be the real challenge.
Fifteen-year-old Liz Hall dies and ends up in Elsewhere. Killed in a hit-and-run accident, Liz struggles to understand what has happened to her, grief-stricken at all she has lost, and incapable of seeing the benefits of the Elsewhere in which she finds herself. Funny and fast-paced, Liz makes peace with her life and death.
Elsie's Bird
After the death of her mother, Elsie's father makes the decision to leave Boston for far-away Nebraska. Sadness keeps Elsie from getting to know her new surroundings and she's only able to connect to the animals around her.
Elvis & Olive
This realistic novel is about two girls and unlikely new best friends who spend the summer spying on and uncovering secrets of their neighbors. Readers will get a kick out of the girls' spy adventures.
Ema Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree
Hyper-rational Emma Jean doesn't often understand her seventh grade classmates. When she decides to put her analytical mind to work to solve some of their problems, it seems that Emma Jean's own begin. A wonderful story of acceptance and belonging.
Emil and Karl
This book was written for children in 1940 in Yiddish. This is the first translation into English. It is about two friends, Emil and Karl who witness horrendous acts of cruelty by the Nazis. The boys are nine.They are taken by a group of resisters and a sense of stability.
Emily’s Fortune
In this Wild West melodrama, orphaned Emily Wiggins and her turtle travel by stagecoach to live with an aunt, but a devious Uncle has other plans which Emily and fellow orphan Jackson must derail.
Emily's Everyday Manners
Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman. Positive descriptions of basic rules of everyday etiquette in a variety of routine and special situations. Accompanied and reinforced by age appropriate text, lots of tips, and cheerful illustrations. Support for "Manners Monday" and character education programs.
Emily's Fortune
In this Wild West melodrama, orphaned Emily Wiggins and her turtle travel by stagecoach to live with an aunt, but a devious Uncle has other plans which Emily and fellow orphan Jackson must derail.
Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny
Emma O'Fallon has many adventures. Many of them revolve around her pet ferret, Marmaduke, who is consently missing. When Emma's mother finds Marmaduke in her mattress, she threatens to return him to the pet store unless Emma can show some responsibility. Emma also wants to be part of a soccer team but is afraid her mother won't let her play if she isn't more responsible. A new nanny comes and Emma knows she has an ally.
Emma Dilemma and the Two Nannies
A sequel to Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny opens with the prospect of a three week vacation for their nanny. Faced with the thought of the uncool Mrs. Potts substitute nanny, the five children plot to make sure their parents don't keep the new nanny.
Emory's Gift
Thirteen-year-old Charlie, lonely after the death of his mother, encounters a very unusual grizzly bear in this heart-warming tale of a boy's discovery of what really matters - faith, family, and love - set in 1974 Idaho.
Emperor's Riddle, The
Mia Chen is disappointed to leave her friends for the summer but is looking forward to a family trip to China. She is excited to reconnect with her Chinese family and explore with her free-spirited Aunt Lin. Mia is suspicious when an old acquaintance of Aunt Lin's comes around asking questions about an ancient, missing treasure that he and Aunt Lin used to search for in their youth. Mia knows her aunt is in danger when she disappears the next day and is convinced the acquaintance is involved. In Aunt Lin's room Mia discovers an old map filled with riddles. Now she knows the only way to rescue Aunt Lin is to solve the clues and uncover the truth about the ancient treasure.
Empty Places
For Adabel and her siblings in 1932, food is even more scarce due to her father's drinking away a good portion of his meager coal-miner salary. Things haven’t always been this bad; but since her mother disappeared, her father hasn’t been the same. Adabel can hardly remember her mother and sets out to learn what happened to her, discovering painful family secrets along the way. Authentic dialect and vivid characters buoy up this gritty depiction of one family's struggles in Depression-strangled small-town Kentucky.
Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings: A Memoir
Margarita describes in poetic format how she lives for summer when a plane trip will whisk her away from her lonely existence in noisy, crowded Los Angeles and deposit her on the lush, vibrant island of Cuba. When revolution breaks out in Cuba and tensions with the United States culminate at the Bay of Pigs, Margarita fears she will never again be able to glide through the enchanted air and visit her mother's homeland.
Enchanter Heir, The
Jonah witnessed and survived the massacre on his once-thriving community. He did not emerge unscathed, however: Jonah possesses unique magical gifts. At seventeen, he has become the deadliest assassin in Nightshade. Worlds away, Emma was raised by her grandfather who taught her music rather than magic, but when the wild-child finds her grandfather dying and gripping a note warning her that she might be in danger, Jonah and Emma join forces and race against time to uncover the truth about Thorn Hill. The cliff-hanger ending will leave readers restless for more!
Encyclopedia of Me, The
Written entirely in 13-year-old Tink's hilarious encyclopedia entries, this unusual writing style cleverly tells her story by using the letters/definitions starting with A. The first-person narrative demonstrates a great model to design informational tex
End or Something Like That, The
Her best friend Kim died one year ago and Emmy has been expecting a visit from her ever since – Kim promised she’d return. When Emmy attends the funeral of her science teacher she is shocked to be approached by her ghost. Then she’s visited by more ghosts; everyone but Kim. Told in parallel time lines, Emmy describes the months leading up to Kim's death, including a major betrayal and strong skepticism about the possibility of an afterlife; she also tells her story in real time, one year after Kim's death.
After rescuing a baby bonobo orphan, Congolese-American Sophie must struggle to survive and protect Otto as they trek across the Congo during a nasty civil war in order to reach her scientist mother and safety.
Gray Wilton is ready for a new start in a new school; he was bullied in his old school and responded violently. Now with a new school he's hoping things will be different. Unfortunately, there is no change and every adult, including his parents, turns a blind eye to his suffering and the result is tragedy.
Enemy, The: Detroit, 1954
Set in 1954, this novel is based on the author's own childhood. Marjorie is a twelve-year-old whose dad is a proud but troubled veteran of two wars. Her family lives in Detroit during the Cold War. When Inga—with her limited English and a German last name—becomes her new seat mate at school, Marjorie's best friend, Bernadette, who has always led the girl pack, decides to torment Inga. During this heated time in U.S. history, young Marjorie is forced to make difficult decisions about kindness, friendship, and loyalty.
Enigma: A Magical Mystery
The story is engaging and entertaining, the details of the backdrops add significantly to the richness and the texture of the tale. Many of the hidden clues were easy to find and decipher in this book.
Eoin Colfer's Legend of the Worst Boy in the World
Will Woodman has a hard time finding someone at home to listen to his problems. So he decides to rely upon his grandfather, the lighthouse keeper. However, it always seems that his grandfather's woes are much worse than Will's.
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Eon has spent his life studying dragon magic in hopes to be chosen as a Dragoneye, an apprentice to one of the twelve dragons of good fortune. Only there is one problem--secretly Eon is Eona!
Epidemic, The
In this sequel to The Remedy, Quinn has a new challenge: She must find the doctor who has been controlling her life, Arthur Pritchard. However, the only one she can trust is her best friend Deacon who she finds out is keeping secrets of his own. After learning the truth from Arthur’s daughter, she realizes she must be the first step in fighting an epidemic. After temporarily taking on the identity of so many others, she is no longer sure who she is; yet she must dig through the lies and rely on herself.
Epossumondas Saves the Day
Mama needs some sody sallyraytus to make Epossumondas his favorite dessert for his birthday. Epossumondas offers to go to the store to get it but, no, Mama needs him. Different ones go to get it but never return. Epossumondas finally goes and saves them.
ER Vets, Life in an Animal Emergency Room
Illustrated with real photographs of animals receiving medical care, this book illustrates the behind-the-scenes treatment of animals in an emergency room. Captions and sidebars give the reader a deep understanding of animal medicine. Complete glossary and source notes will help the student with additional research.
Erased by a Tornado!
The Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak of February, 2008, was the killer of 57 people. Discussions of tornado alley, kinds of tornados, unpredictability, and more are contained in this expository book.
Ernest Hemingway: A Writer's Life
A very readable survey of the memorable life of Ernest Hemingway, one of America's favorite authors. No wonder his books were so interesting with characters full of life; they mirror the life of the author himself!
Errol and His Extraordinary Nose
Errol thinks of himself as clumsy and awkward, without any talents so he won't enter the talent show. His dad gives him a book that tells of all the special skills of elephants. The message rings clear that everyone has a talent or something that makes them special.
Escape to West Berlin
In 1961 East Berlin, thirteen-year-old Heidi copes with the stress of a crisis with her best friend, government pressure on her father to leave his West Berlin job, her mother's pregnancy, and the ever-present threat of the closing of the border with West Berlin.
Escaping into the Night
This is an eloquent tale of a young girl living during the Holocaust who flees from the Nazi-controlled Ghettos and takes refuge in the woods with other Jews. A very thoughtful, well-written first-person account of a little-known aspect of the Holocaust, the danger-filled account of one girl's strength in the face of destruction brings teens close to a part of Holocaust history seldom told.
ESP: Extrasensory Perception
Sometimes called the "Sixth Sense" this book gives an easy to understand version of the background and study of ESP, as well as serving as a resource for Web sites and other books on the subject.
Essential Maps for the Lost
Mad's life has been planned for her by her mother, but Mad is not at all sure she can be everything her mother demands. She just wants to escape it all, to be lost. That summer while swimming in a lake, Mad's world gets more complicated when she bumps into a dead woman's body, brings the corpse to shore, but then cannot get over the event. She feels compelled to find the dead woman's son and the two eventually connect in a complicated story of love, lies, depression, family issues, and desire to save others.
Estrella's Quinceanera
This book deals with the Mexican tradition of a girl coming out party at age 15. But it is more, dealing with peer pressure and prejudice. Social and different culture issues make this book timely.
Eternal Ones, The: What if Love Refused to Die?
Seventeen-year-old Haven can't wait to escape the oppressive life she leads in Snope, Tennessee. Moving away from her domineering grandmother and ever-watchful pastor will allow Haven to find out why she has such strong memories of a former life and to seek out Ethan Evans. Haven is certain that Ethan was her true love in a former life and that their lives ended together in tragedy, and that they are once again destined to find one another. Paranormal romance readers will be delighted with this tale.
Eva Underground
In 1978 Eva Lott finds her normal life in a comfortable Chicago suburb uprooted when her father moves them to Communist Poland to help with a radical underground movement. Everywhere she goes, the government is watching.
Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest
This nonfiction picture book describes materials used by species of birds around the world. Readers will be amazed by the variety of nests from those as heavy as a car to those as small as a ping-pong ball. A map is included to show where all the species live, along with tips on providing materials that birds can use in nesting.
This grand mythological tale is the story of Kezi, the daughter of a palace official who offers herself to fulfill an unfortunate oath made by her father to save her mother, and Olus, the Akkan god of wind. Both much prove themselves worthy by overcoming tests of seemingly impossible odds in order to have a chance at immortal life together. This is a strong, thoroughly enjoyable fantasy told in two voices.
Everlasting Embrace, The
A heartwarming story of life in Mali, West Africa, is told as if by a baby nestled on her mother's back. The day is spent pounding millet, drawing water from the well, visiting friends, and shopping at the open market - always bound together. The strong bond between mother and child continues even when the child is too old to be carried. Watercolor illustrations warmly and accurately depict the happenings of this tale in their African village setting.
Everlasting Now, The
In Alabama, 1937, being white and having a "colored" friend invited trouble. This vignette of Southern life sheds light on the good, the sweet, and the ugly.
When Allie and Nick are both killed in the same car accident, they find themselves in a place called Everlost, not quite heaven or hell, and not quite dead. The two have many interesting adventures trying to navigate this strange new world they've found themselves in.
Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse
Nellie Sue has lots of chores to do. She uses her imagination to make the best of her situation, but she just knew it would be easier and so much fun if only she had a horse. She receives a bike for her birthday instead of a horse and giddyap, with everyone watching, she does not disappoint her guests!
Every Soul a Star: a Novel
Ally, Bree, and Jack meet at the one place the Great Eclipse can be seen in totality, each carrying the burden of different personal problems, which become dim when compared to the task they embark upon and the friendship they find.
Everything I Know About Cars
Funny text, funny illustrations. Guaranteed to motivate even a reluctant reader to enjoy the pages throughout. Illustrations are loaded with color.
Everything's Changed
In this third book of the series, Celie and her family have moved an hour away to a new apartment with room for Granny, who is becoming increasingly confused as she ages. One of the many changes Celie faces is starting a new school where she meets Mary, who can't seem to stay out of trouble and can't get along with Celie's other new friend, Charlie. As always, Celie turns to her diary to help her work through friendship and family dilemmas, and situations that could become out of control.
Evil Star
In this, book 2 of the Gatekeepers, 14-year-old Matt travels to Peru where another opening to the Underworld is predicted to open. With the help of Pedro, the second gatekeeper, their mental powers and the Inca Warriors they pull you into the deadly battle.
Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, The
Growing up with six brothers in rural Texas in 1899, 12-year-old Callie realizes that her aversion to needlework and cooking disappoints her mother. She prefers to study the natural world with her grandfather, which leads to an important discovery.
Excessive Alphabet, An: Avalanches of As to Zillions of Zs
This alphabet book is far from your average, and supplemented by detailed cartoon-type illustrations that will keep kids poring over the pages to search for letters and objects. This fun addition to the alphabet genre offers minimal text throughout, but inside-cover end papers give quite a vocabulary-expanding list of items to go back and find.
Exit Strategy
Ross Stevens has a habit of making a grand exit every time he leaves a school, and he has gotten really good at it after changing schools twelve times in the past three years. With each exit, he tries to make his prank funnier and more memorable than the last. Now, however, he finds his family will not be moving on, and he must wrestle with the thought of staying and fitting in. His science project is about how to be funny, using the scientific method and research in hopes it will help his new school situation go well. Concerns that resonate with many kids are given a unique presentation.
Expiration Day
Tania always believed she was a human child, a rarity in a world where many cannot have children. What happens when she finds out that she is a teknoid, not human, and that she has an expiration date? Written in diary format, the reader comes to care for Tania, who is more human than many real humans. Recommended for fans of Sci-Fi and Dystopia.
Explore the Tropical Rain Forest
Another in the series of Fact-Finders books that is easy for elementary aged students to understand. The photographs of the actual areas and animals make it very interesting and easy to learn the information.
Explosive Story of Fireworks, The
The history and science of fireworks presented are sure to attract and fascinate some of the more reluctant readers. Cartoon illustrations and mixed media in this Ready-to-Read convey the fun details of a not-so-typical topic.
Extra Credit
As letters flow back and forth - between the prairies of Illinois and the mountains of Afghanistan, across cultural and religious divides - sixth-grader Abby, ten-year-old Amira, and eleven-year-old Sadeed begin to speak and listen to each other.
Extra Credit
As letters flow back and forth - between the prairies of Illinois and the mountains of Afghanistan, across cultural and religious divides - sixth grader Abby, ten-year-old Almira, and eleven-year-old Sadeed begin to speak and listen to one another.
Extra Innings
Tiki and Ronde have their sights set on a big diamond - a baseball diamond. Even though they are experienced athletes, they've never played baseball before. Will they have what it takes to make the team? Batter up!
Extra Yard, The
Teddy is working hard to build his confidence as an athlete. He has the support of his circle of friends, Jack, Cassie and Gus, plays on a baseball team that makes it to the Little League World Series, and is trying his hand at an elite football team. All things seem to be going well, until his mom tells him his dad, who has not been a big part of his life, is moving back to the area. Even more, his father had been a star football player in his younger days. Teddy struggles with what his father's proximity will mean and learning to be a real team player.
Phoebe Rothschild decided back in middle school that the strange outcast girl, Mallory, needed saving. Now in high school, the two girls are as close as sisters. But Phoebe doesn't know that her ancestor made a pact with the Faeries years ago and now Mallory and her alluring brother, Ryland, are bound to collect the age-old debt.
Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil
Basil, 12-year-old, meets an eccentric professor with a flying boat. They take a journey into the clouds where they find a floating city filled with unusual inventions and ideas.
Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy: Return of Meteor Boy
Ordinary Boy, a fifth grader at Watson Elementary, is the only one in the city of Superopolis who has no super powers. Twenty-five years earlier, Meteor Boy disappeared and now they are holding auditions for the character on a TV show. Will appeal to superhero and comic-book readers. Silly book with fun black and white cartoon illustrations.
Extraordinary Jane
Jane lives in the extraordinary world of the circus, but she doesn’t possess a special circus talent. We learn however that she is special in her own right, even without a talent for the circus. Simple text with detailed illustrations convey that it is good to be loved for who you are.
Extraordinary Mark Twain
Colorful biography of Mark Twain using excerpts from his own daughter Susy’s biography of him.
Extraordinary Mark Twain
Colorful biography of Mark Twain using excerpts from his own daughter Susy's biography of him.
Extraordinary Mark Twain, The (According to Susy)
This book-within-a-book biography of one of America's most famous writers, Mark Twain, gets a real boost from his 13-year-old daughter, Susy. Full of humor and introspect, this effort is likely to urge young writers to try their own hands at writing. This accurate, well-researched work is quite timely-published 100 years after Mark Twain's death.
Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June, The
Sisters April, May, and June are feeling stressed over their parents recent divorce and a move to a new town. Real stress comes, however, when the sisters experience the reemergence of special powers that have been dormant since they were small. April, the peacekeeper, can foretell the future; May, the rebel, can disappear; and status-hungry June can read minds. When April is able to predict a catastrophe involving family members, the girls must stop their squabbling to avoid disaster.
Extraordinary Warren
This little “chicken fable” is likely to cause giggles either through the text or the pictures. Warren learns that just being an ordinary chicken is not that bad, after he meets an over-zealous rat named Willard. As he learns the true meaning of “chicken supreme” he must warn his flock and head off disaster.
Extreme Cuisine Series: Baby Bug Dishes
Kids will be amazed to learn about the wide variety of dishes that are cooked - and eaten - by people from different cultures all around the globe. Amazing photos, fascinating fact boxes, and a colorful map will delight students.
Extreme Cuisine Series: Bug-a-licious
Kids will be amazed to learn about the wide variety of dishes that are cooked - and eaten - by people from different cultures all around the globe. Amazing photos, fascinating fact boxes, and a colorful map will delight students.
Extreme Cuisine Series: Mammal Menu
Kids will be amazed to learn about the wide variety of dishes that are cooked - and eaten - by people from different cultures all around the globe. Amazing photos, fascinating fact boxes, and a colorful map will delight students.
Extreme Cuisine Series: Shocking Seafood
Kids will be amazed to learn about the wide variety of dishes that are cooked - and eaten - by people from different cultures all around the globe. Amazing photos, fascinating fact boxes, and a colorful map will delight students.
Extreme Cuisine Series: Spider-tizers and Other Creepy Treats
Kids will be amazed to learn about the wide variety of dishes that are cooked - and eaten - by people from different cultures all around the globe. Amazing photos, fascinating fact boxes, and a colorful map will delight students.
Fab Four Friends
Four ordinary young men, all with their own back story, weave their way into each other's lives to become The Beatles. Stunning illustrations greatly enhance this account of the iconic band's rise to stardom.
Face Bug
Quirky poetry, humorous drawings, and full-color face close-ups inhabit this excellent book. Scientific names are included and the back reference has full-color photos of the entire critter, along with factual information about where the bug is found, how they grow, what they eat, and what eats them!
Face to Face with Butterflies
This first-hand information is collected in a full-color format with facts from egg, to caterpillar, to pupa, to adult. Amazing habits, tricks, fights, migration and more fit into this expository encounter with butterflies. Other resources and ways to help save butterflies are given in the face-to-face book.
Face to Face With Leopards
Series matches text with plenty of photographs to provide in-depth personal look into the lives of animals. Readers get to see first-hand the needs and challenges facing them. Sections like How You Can Help, It's Your Turn, and Facts at a Glance offer excellent background material. The series includes Face to Face With Sharks/Leopards/Orangutans/Wild Horses/Penguins.
Face to Face with Manatees
Spectacular photography and factual information make this expository book perfect for your school. This endangered mammal is likely one that few will see "in person" and this book makes a manatee encounter a realistic venture for the reader. Glossary, index, and sources for more information are also given.
Face to Face With Orangutans
Series matches text with plenty of photographs to provide in-depth personal look into the lives of animals. Readers get to see first-hand the needs and challenges facing them. Sections like How You Can Help, It's Your Turn, and Facts at a Glance offer excellent background material. The series includes Face to Face With Sharks/Leopards/Orangutans/Wild Horses/Penguins.
Face to Face With Penguins
Series matches text with plenty of photographs to provide in-depth personal look into the lives of animals. Readers get to see first-hand the needs and challenges facing them. Sections like How You Can Help, It's Your Turn, and Facts at a Glance offer excellent background material. The series includes Face to Face With Sharks/Leopards/Orangutans/Wild Horses/Penguins.
Face to Face With Sharks
Series matches text with plenty of photographs to provide in-depth personal look into the lives of animals. Readers get to see first-hand the needs and challenges facing them. Sections like How You Can Help, It's Your Turn, and Facts at a Glance offer excellent background material. The series includes Face to Face With Sharks/Leopards/Orangutans/Wild Horses/Penguins.
Face to Face With Wild Horses
Series matches text with plenty of photographs to provide in-depth personal look into the lives of animals. Readers get to see first-hand the needs and challenges facing them. Sections like How You Can Help, It's Your Turn, and Facts at a Glance offer excellent background material. The series includes Face to Face With Sharks/Leopards/Orangutans/Wild Horses/Penguins.
Face Value
Told in alternating chapters, "Lauren Now," "Nessa Then," this book explores the glamour and beauty of the London fashion scene. Up-and-coming models experience that world as well as the underworld of people trying to lure them in with money, parties, and designer clothes.
Fade to Black
A good book for high school students to read. Covers several topics: hate crimes, bullying, truth, HIV, race and mental disability. Written in first person dialogue with three characters involved. A high school boy is brutally attacked with a baseball bat because he has AIDS. A Down Syndrome student witnesses the crime but does the attackee blame the boy who always harrasses him or tell the truth?
Fair Ball
Derek’s baseball team is on its way to the championship game. Meanwhile, Derek had finals at school, and his good friend Dave is treating him differently, cancelling plans and avoiding him—as much as teammates can. When the distractions result in Derek making an error on the field that loses a key game for his team, he realizes he must learn to set problems aside at times and focus on the situation at hand.
Fair Cow
Petunia Pig tries to "re-invent" Effie the cow in order to win a blue ribbon at the fair. It turns out that her friend being plain old Effie is the best.
Aza is blessed with a beautiful voice in the land of Ayortha where singers are rewarded, but physical beauty comes with the help of a magical mirror and a high toll. Queen Ivi will do anything to remain the fairest in the land.
Faith, Hope, and Ivy June
During a student exchange program, seventh-graders Ivy June and Catherine share their lives, homes, and communities, finding that although their lifestyles are total opposites, they still have a lot in common.
Falls the Shadow
When Cate Benson was a kid, her sister, Violet, died. Two hours after the funeral, Cate's family picked up Violet's replacement like nothing had happened. Cate's parents are among those who decided to give their children a sense of immortality by cloning them at birth - which means this new Violet has the same face, the same perfect smile, even all of the same memories. Cate's sister may be a clone, but that doesn't make her an unpredictable, dangerous monster or killer - does it? Murder, morality, and a slow-burning romance fill the pages of this futuristic thriller.
False Memory
Soon after seventeen-year-old Miranda awakens with no memory, she discovers she can release a mysterious energy that creates pure terror in those around her. She's one of the genetically altered elite force of teens strong enough to wipe out entire citie
False Prince, The
The royal family has been poisoned and the Kingdom of Carthya lost their king, queen, and their prince. Sage is a street-savvy orphan and, along with two others, is recruited to train to impersonate the long-lost, but presumed dead, younger prince. Thin
False Prince, The
In this first book in a remarkable trilogy, an orphan is forced into a twisted game with deadly stakes. Choose to lie…or choose to die. In a discontent kingdom, civil war is brewing. To unify the divided people, Conner, a nobleman of the court, devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the king's long-lost son and install him as a puppet prince. Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role, including a defiant boy name Sage. Sage knows that Conner's motives are more than questionable, yet his life balances on a sword's point - he must be chosen to play the prince or he will be killed. But Sage's rivals have their own agendas as well. As Sage moves from a rundown orphanage to Conner's sumptuous palace, layer upon layer of treachery and deceit unfold, until finally, a truth is revealed that, in the end, may very well prove more dangerous than all of the lies taken together. An extraordinary adventure filled with danger and action, lies and deadly truths that will have readers clinging to the edge of their seats.
Fame, Glory and other things on my to do list
Fun, easy to read for the romantic adventurous reader. A high school girl aspires to be an actress someday but wants the new boy in town, whose father is a Hollywood hunk, to have the lead. Twists, turns, laughter and empathy will keep the pages turning.
What is a family? The meaning and makeup of a family is different for everyone. For instance, some have two parents and some have one. This book beautifully illustrates the concept of family through photographs and words.
Families in Many Cultures
Life is different around the world. Take a peek into the lives of families from around the world. Striking photos are accompanied by a world map that shows where each family lives. Simple text with large font make this appropriate for beginning readers as well as younger listeners. Word count and reading level also listed at the back. Part of the four book series, Life Around the World. Other titles included are: Clothes in Many Cultures, Homes in Many Cultures, and Schools in Many Cultures.
Family for Old Mill Farm, A
The Raccoon Realtor easily finds animal families to inhabit Old Mill Farm. The human realtor, as a last resort, shows Old Mill Farm to a human family that thinks it is perfect. Illustrations are adorable, lots of detail in illustrations. A delightful read.
Family Reminders
In 1890s Cripple Creek, Colorado, when Mary McHugh's father loses his leg in a mining accident, she tries to help, both by earning money and by encouraging her father to go back to carving wooden figurines and playing piano.
Fancy Nancy
Pictures by Robin Preiss. Nancy believes more is always better--tiaras, and feathers, and sparkles, and.Nancy is determined to teach her ordinary family members about being fancy. A Fancy Family night out turns the tables.
Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
Illustrated by Robin P. Glasser. Fancy Nancy is ecstatic because her parents are getting her an puppy. Of course, she is interested in the fancy sort. This is another fanciful adventure that will delight readers.
Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words
Take an "excursion" (a special trip) through this delightful A-Z book with Fancy Nancy. Your children will "yearn" (to want really badly) to check it out and it will never be on your shelf, which will be a library "fiasco" (a big flop, a disaster!)
Fantastic Farm Machines
A much needed book about farm implements. The contemporary farm equipment pictured will dazzle youngsters. Excellent explanations of the machine's purpose are included in the text. A must purchase for rural libraries.
Fantasy League
Twelve-year-old Charlie is a fantasy football guru. Though only a bench warmer for his school's football team, his knowledge of the sport is incredible! When his fantasy pick podcast is noticed by a sports radio host, Charlie is befriended by the elderly owner of the L.A. Bulldogs and convinces him to take a chance on an aging quarterback. Charlie becomes a media curiosity and source of conflict for the Bulldogs general manager, whose job Charlie seems to have taken. For a kid just trying to stay on top of his grades and maintain his friendship with Anna, his verbal sparring partner, it's all a bit much.
Far from Normal
Through a magazine article Charles writes about their experience living on their decrepit houseboat, the Bargain Bonanza chain blackmails the family into becoming their spokesfamily. Sequel to Deliver Us from Normal.
Farley Found It
Farley, a sheep, has trouble sleeping in the meadow because he's afraid of the dark. Farley discovers Edna's doghouse and sleeps very well there. Everyplace that Edna hides her doghouse, Farley finds it. What's a dog to do?
Farm Animals
Farm animals is an easy nonfiction for young readers. Photographs enhance the cute way of writing.
Farmer and the Clown, The
With no words at all, Marla Frazee tells the enchanting story of a farmer who entertains a young clown that has fallen off of a circus train. Frazee's charming illustrations will urge the young child to verbalize the happenings that are so vividly depicted.
Farmer George Plants a Nation
This outstanding picture-book biography deals with George Washington's contributions through his role as a farmer. Map on endpapers; includes bibliography, timeline, web sites.
Fashion Rebels: Style Icons Who Changed the World through Fashion
From the past to current-day fashion icons, this book explores styles, looks, and the history behind some of the big movements in the fashion industry. Profiles include Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Ellen Degeneres, Katharine Hepburn and Coco Chanel to name a few. Tips and how-to's round out the chapters.
Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary
George Soper wanted to be a part of the effort in the early 20th century to rid the country of infectious diseases that are spread by unsanitary conditions. In his battle to eradicate typhoid fever, he encountered Mary Mallon, a carrier of the disease. Many more people died because of Mary's refusal to believe him and cooperate with his requested protocol.
Father Abraham: Lincoln and His Sons
This beautifully written biography of Abraham Lincoln and his sons gives the reader a close look at this famous, tragedy-stricken family. It follows each descendant of Lincoln, with anecdotes, pictures, notes, and details that are little-known, all presented with a warmth that might be reserved for one's own family.
Father's Day
Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell. Students in Mrs. Madoff's class are making gifts for Father's Day. Each student writes and illustrates a special book for and about his/her dad that includes something special in their relationship. Jessica has a father at home and one who lives in Texas so her teacher suggests she write a book for both. She gets a special surprise when both come for the presentation. Honors fatherhood, positive role models, and includes different family configurations.
Father's Day Thank You, A
Harvey's siblings give dad neckties, golf balls and nails for Father's Day. Harvey creates a very unique gift for his father.
This is the story of the amazing inventor Henry Winstandly and the lighthouse he built to save hundreds of ships from the reef on Cornwall's coast. He rescues two young boys who become apprentices. The colorful dialogue and solid action make this a fun historical fiction read.
Fearless Flyer: Ruth Law and Her Flying Machine
When Ruth Law made up her mind, there was no use trying to stop her. No one in November of 1916 thought she could survive exposure to the elements, overcome adverse winds and biting cold to fly a bi-plane from Chicago to New York. Beautiful illustrations and biographical information supplement this story of Fearless Ruth fulfilling her ambition.
Fearless, The
More than seven years before, the new anti-PTSD drug far overreached its intended effects, rendering recipients incapable of either anxiety or fear and without conscience. Concentrated doses appropriated by enemies have created an army aptly named the Fearless who invade and medicate anyone they catch to expand their ranks and power. Cass’s father was taken back then, and Cass fled with her pregnant mother to the safety of a private island, safe because no one has since been allowed to come or go. But recently a boy claiming to be from another colony of survivors sneaks onto the island and their cover is blown. Cass’s now seven-year-old brother is captured by the Fearless, and she must go to the mainland on a rescue mission.
Felix Takes the Stage
This fictional account of a family of venomous brown recluse spiders is punctuated by tidbits of history, science, and psychology. Their quest is to be settled and useful and, of course, to always avoid the big E (exterminators.) This mission is finally accomplished after several moves as they arrive at the Boston Public Library.
Fences Between Us, The: The Diary of Piper Davis
In the new addition to the Dear America series, thirteen-year-old Piper records her feelings as she lives life on the WWII homefront in Washington state with her brother at war, her best friend in an internment camp, and her father fighting for the rights of Japanese-Americans while serving as pastor. Includes a section on Life in America in 1941, complete with archival photos.
Ferdinand Fox's First Summer
Through the lens of a nature photographer, we follow the life of Ferdinand the Fox as he plays, grows, and hunts with the other kits throughout his first summer. End pages contain fox facts, adaptations, and more details about the life cycle. Animal lovers won't be able to resist this book.
Fergus and Zeke
Fergus loves being the classroom’s pet mouse and doing everything the children do—in their classroom. But how can he join them on a field trip to the museum? He stows away in Emma’s backpack and all is well until she leaves it in the museum’s coat room. Terrified to lose sight of the children, Fergus sneaks out, encounters, and is befriended by a museum mouse. The two embark on adventures that make for a unique mouse-guided tour of the museum, until the mad scramble to get back to the coat room before the class leaves. Friendship and escapades abound in this easy chapter book introduction to a new series.
Ferret Fun
Fudge and Einstein are two happy ferrets until a chunky cat comes for a visit and thinks they are tasty, large rats. They finally stand up to the bully with hilarious results. Comic-book panels of this fun story will work with small groups, but it might be better for individual reads.
Using single words, this lovely book describes the antics of an ocean-loving canine, while lovely and simple illustrations capture the joy of a day at the beach.
Field Guide to Aliens, A
This creative work of fiction/fantasy follows a pattern: name, origin, diet, features, sightings, technology, and related drawings of each alien on a two-page spread. Additional information is given for those aliens which are harmful to humans. This field guide could easily become a hatching ground for budding young monsterologists!
Field Trip Day
Mrs. Shepherd's class takes a field trip to Farmer Fandangle's farm. Juan, who loves to explore, is the most excited. His eagerness to explore leads him on exciting adventures and ultimately to help find the farmer's two missing calves in one cozy place.
Fiery Friendship, A
In a whimsical, dystopian-style backstory to the Good Witch of the South, thirteen-year-old Glinda must rescue Oz from the grip of an evil sorceress oppressing its four kingdoms by way of four powerful witches. After her mother is taken prisoner for practicing forbidden magic, Glinda enlists the help of some unusual, otherworldly friends to help her mother escape and restore Oz to its former unsullied grandeur under its rightful ruler. Readers meet presages of the Tin Man and other key characters in this series opener.
Fighting for Dontae
Javier is a typical at-risk student; his father is in prison, his mom does drugs, and he and his friends are members of a local gang. He's convinced his life, as far as social status is concerned, is over when he's assigned to work with special ed studen
Turning 12 is HUGE! All those things her over-protective parents have denied are now within Rory's grasp; contacts, cell phones, pierced ears, babysitting and being home alone. Each thing Rory has waited for has a hidden element that is not quite so fun. Add those unexpected traumas to the excitement of a movie being filmed in her school and you get Rory learning what it means to grow up.
Find a Cow Now!
Janet Stevens' illustrations are just perfect for this story of a bored city dog who goes to the country to find a cow to herd. His mis-adventures will entertain and delight young readers.
Find the Magic
Rip, Jesse, and Abbey take a magical trip to the library. Euripides, he frog, takes them on different adventures in beautifully illustrated places. Great to help students understand how you can lose yourself in a book.
Finder: Coal Mine Dog
To help his uncle and aunt stay afloat financially, 14-year-old Thomas has to fake his age and go work in the coal mine. Since they can't afford to feed his dog if Finder doesn't earn his keep, Finder must pull carts in the mines. When a collapsed tunnel and fire trap some of the miners, Finder's excellent nose leads to the rescue of several miners including Thomas. Told from Finder's perspective, this historical fiction avoids the graphic details and keeps the story age-appropriate despite the horror of the actual 1909 tragedy.
Finding Lincoln
This beautifully illustrated book illuminates the cautions and prohibitions held against African Americans in 1951 in Alabama. Louis "shakes things up" as he searches and find a way to complete his assignment about Abraham Lincoln.
Finding the Worm
This stand-along sequel to Twerp finds Julian Twerski in 1970 New York City among his mostly Jewish friends, grappling with the unfairness of life. Unwittingly at odds with his principal first over a bullying incident and then a false accusation of vandalism, he now must write a 200-word essay about good citizenship in lieu of suspension from school. One of his close friends has cancer, he secretly likes Beverly (but does she like him?) and he must prepare for his bar mitzvah. Coming of age involves more challenges than he anticipated.
Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science
Maria Merian, Mary Anning and Maria Mitchell lived decades apart, but they shared a common passion for scientific discovery. Challenging the social expectations and narrow gender roles of their day, the girls' curiosity, bravery, and peserverance led to important breakthroughs in the fields of biology, astronomy, and geology. Told in verse, these biographical tales are inspirational as well as informative. This compelling "biographical novel" will pique the interest of young readers to learn more about these subjects.
Fine Start: Meg's Prairie Diary
My America series. This third part of Meg's Kansas territory story explains how life on the prairie presented daily challenges for the courageous people who dared to begin life in this new place. From "cross writing" to save paper, through Christmas in the cabin, to the school in Lawrence, Meg's Diary entries offer the reader a real taste from the past. The celebrations like weddings and the tragedies such as the tornado help the reader understand the life and times.
Finest Christmas Tree
Real Christmas trees are not in demand as they once were. Farmer Tuttle can't make a living and is considering selling the farm until a group of workers with very small feet come to get the perfect tree for the Boss. (Ho, Ho, Ho)
Finest Kind
The Panic of 1837 causes the affluent Webber family to trade their posh Boston home for a derelict cabin in Wiscasset, Maine, where Mr. Webber finds employment in the lumber camps. With the help of neighbors and his own innate sense of ingenuity, twelve-year-old Jake must learn to exist in Maine, provide food for the family, and take care of his retarded brother, Frank.
Finnikin of the Rock
Finnikin has been in exile for more than a decade, ever since his beloved kingdom of Lumatere was taken over by a usurper, the royal family brutally murdered, and a magical curse was placed upon the kingdom sealing the boundaries. Finnikin trains in combat and diplomacy, preparing for the day when the curse will be lifted and Lumaterans can once again return home. A sweeping fantasy with rich characters, rousing adventure and parallels to modern war atrocities - this tale is a winner.
Fiona's Lace
Patricia Palacco does it again with her latest book, Fiona's Lace. Palacco's great-great-grandmother lived in Limerick, Ireland, and was known for the exquisite lace she created. Fiona passes this talent to her own daughter, the family immigrates to America, and the lace brings the family back together after the terrible Chicago Fire. This story is a beautiful addition to your Palacco collection.
Fire from the Rock
Sylvia is ecstatic and confused when she is chosen as one of the first black students to integrate all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957. This historical fiction is riveting and realistic to what was really going on during the civil rights movement.
Firebears: the Rescue Team
Illustrated by Dan Andreasen. The Firebears of Station 8 are heroes always ready to answer the call to protect their town as they slide down poles, rescue kittens, and save people from burning buildings. Snappy rhyme pairs with toylike renderings of the town and its characters. Friendly looking characters help relieve the scariness of fire and disasters for young readers who will enjoy the daring deeds of these heroes. A natural for fire prevention week.
This is a beautifully illustrated picture book by the American Ballet Theater’s soloist encouraging a young dancer. Misty Copeland is an African American who overcame many odds to succeed in the world of ballet. This book is for dancers and all of the rest of us. It’s all about aspiring to do our best and daring to dream.
Fireboy to the Rescue! A Fire Safety Book
Miller covers the basics of reporting a fire, how to get out, how to prevent fires, and what safety devices every home should have in a graphic novel format that will surely appeal to kids. It will be a hit during fire prevention week each year.
A devastated America of the near future finds the human protagonist David taking on seemingly indestructible science-fictional characters in this sequel to the author's 2013 bestseller Steelslayer. David's first-installment success in eliminating Steelheart was supposed to make things easier, but it has only brought questions and further challenges. Relentless, Marvel Comic-esque violence is offset by introspective considerations of identity and morality interlaced with humorous depictions, smart-aleck dialogue, and touches of romance.
Firefighters to the Rescue
Part of the set
Firefighters! Speeding! Spraying! Saving!
Race along with the firefighters to a fire. See them rescue people from a burning building. Great vocabulary.
Firefly Hollow
When Cricket, Firefly, and Vole set off against the wishes of their elders, they meet Peter, a miniature giant. They've always been told to fear giants, but Peter is different. These four friends all have dreams of their own and look for ways to lift Peter out of his sadness and help each other achieve those dreams.
Firefly July
This is an excellent anthology of poems from such poets as Cid Coreman, Raymond Souster, William Carlos Williams, Lillian Morrison, Ralph Fletcher, Emily Dickinson, and Call Sandburg. Works by other famous poets are included as well. Illustrations by Melissa Sweet are a perfect match to the beautiful poems. All elementary libraries should include this in their collections.
Rachel is asked to take care of a mare and the horse is severely burned and needs help. This tough old mare, queen of the firehorse team, eventually shows her gentler side to Rachel. Moreover, at the same time Rachel discovers she can pursue her dream to become a vet in the late 1800s.
Fires of Invention
Inside a mountain, the steampunk city of Cove has very strict laws against creativity and the word “invention” is a curse word. Thirteen-year-old Trenton is creative, inquisitive, and loves all things mechanical – to his peril. He and Kallista, the daughter of the criminal inventor, Leo Babbage, are on a mission to resolve the power outage that has been blamed on Trenton. They must use illegally created blueprints left by Babbage while evading the government. Friendship and family issues interweave with survival instinct under oppression as the two combine efforts only to find they just might be threatening the underpinnings of their city and endangering their own lives.
First Americans, The
Large uncluttered pages with clear fonts on quality paper makes reading this book a pleasure for browsers and researchers alike. Conversational tone invites readers to become involved in the story. Colorful illustrations and photos enrich the volume accompanied by captions. It would be a great addition to humanities and social studies collections.
First Boy
Cooper Jewett, high school freshman, is left orphaned when his grandfather dies suddenly. Life changes quickly while trying to balance school and the farm. When a smooth talking presidential candidate offers him a way out, it sets off a chain of events that turn into violence and terror. Political intrigue finds its way to rural New Hampshire.
First Day of Winter, The
This lively counting book pays tribute to winter. While the children in the story sled, skate, wear mittens and hike in snowshoes, readers seek and find animals engaging in similar activities. A section at the back of the book includes additional information about the animals hidden on each page.
First Day of Winter, The
A cumulative tale in the Twelve Days of Christmas format, this is the story of a snowman in the making. Beginning with a red cap on the first day of winter, a special friend brings snowman a different gift on each of ten consecutive days. Each spread done in Fleming's classic collage gives readers a variety of perspectives all the way up to the horizontal flip that illustrates the completed snowman. Children will enjoy it as a read aloud or an independent read.
First Day on Earth
Mal is a teenager with more than his share of problems. His father left, his mother is an alcoholic, and he was abducted by aliens for three days, drugged and probed, and dropped in the desert. Or so he vaguely remembers. Easy to read with short chapters will make this book a good read for reluctant readers.
First Dog Fala
Fala, a Scottish Terrier, is known as the pet of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the World War II years. Readers can follow Fala's days in the White House through descriptive text and captivating oil on canvas illustrations.
First Grade Stinks!
Haley is so excited to be in first grade, but it's very different from kindergarten. In fact, it's so different it stinks, or does it? Compares and contrasts kindergarten and first grade.
First Last Day, The
Hayleigh and her friend Kevin have had the best summer at the beach, but tomorrow she will be leaving for a new home and another new school. Haleigh finds a set of mysterious, magical paints in her backpack and makes a wish that summer wouldn't ever end. Her wish comes true, but is it really all she hoped for?
First Peas to the Table
Every spring, Ms. Garcia's class grows a different kind of garden and this year will plant a garden like Thomas Jefferson's. They'll have a contest to see which student's peas will be ready first. It is just like the contest Jefferson and his neighbors
First Pooch: The Obamas Pick a Pet
Presidents make plenty of promises and Obama was no exception. He promised his daughters a puppy. It was a Portuguese water dog and the girls named him Bo. Warm and cheerful illustrations compliment the text. It includes other president's promises and a history of other White House pets.
First Rain
Abby and her parents are moving to Israel, land of their heritage; a move they have dreamed of. For Abby, it means leaving Grandma, which is difficult, but it also means the beginning of new adventures. One thing is missing though - rain. Abby's family arrived in Israel in the summer when it does not rain. Abby has memories of splashing in the rain with Grandma. The story concludes with the first rain of the new season and a surprise visit from Grandma. A glimpse into a different cultural experience.
First Snow
Illustrated by Sebastian Braun. Bundle up and venture out into the snow with bunny and his siblings in this lovely story that will add warmth to a cold winter day.
Maggie the Magpie narrates her befriending of a lone wolf, Blue Boy, who has escaped relocation into Yellowstone. When Blue Boy joins another pack of wolves, Maggie stays and helps them hunt by spotting prey. As Blue Boy becomes the alpha male and eventually sires additional pack members, he has to battle for leadership from outside packs and within his own. His firstborn son, Lamar, balks at the leadership training Blue Boy is trying to instill and eventually leaves the pack for long periods in this strong tale of relationships and the struggles experienced by those trying to live a life outside the acceptable norms.
Fish for Jimmy
It's 1941, and Taro and his younger brother, Jimmy, live in California with their Japanese-immigrant parents. Soon after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, father is taken away for questioning by the FBI and Taro, his younger brother, and their mother are transported to an internment camp. When Jimmy stops eating and rejects the unfamiliar food, big brother Taro decides to take a dangerous risk to save his brother. Yamasaki draws from her own ancestral history to tell this important piece of historical fiction about an all-too-real time.
Fish Had a Wish
Lazily swimming around the pond, Fish daydreams of being what he is not - a bird, turtle, or even a skunk. However, after a particularly satisfying snack of a delicious mayfly, he decides that being a fish is just right. The distinctive artwork of this
Fish School
Charlie brings Wishy, his pet goldfish, to school for show-and-tell. In order to provide further education for Wishy, Charlie stores his pet in a plastic bag and takes him on the class field trip to the aquarium. Charlie and his friends go on a desperate search when Wishy is lost in this heartwarming story of pet ownership.
Fishes in Kansas
second edition, revised This is the revised second edition of Fishes in Kansas which was reviewed in a previous KSRC catalog. This edition features full-color drawings and photographs for the first time. This revised guide describes and illustrates the 135 common and not-so-common, native and introduced fishes found in Kansas.
Fishes in Kansas
second edition, revised This is the revised second edition of Fishes in Kansas which was reviewed in a previous KSRC catalog. This edition features full-color drawings and photographs for the first time. This revised guide describes and illustrates the 135 common and not-so-common, native and introduced fishes found in Kansas.
Fishes in Kansas
second edition, revised This is the revised second edition of Fishes in Kansas which was reviewed in a previous KSRC catalog. This edition features full-color drawings and photographs for the first time. This revised guide describes and illustrates the 135 common and not-so-common, native and introduced fishes found in Kansas.
Fishes in Kansas
second edition, revised This is the revised second edition of Fishes in Kansas which was reviewed in a previous KSRC catalog. This edition features full-color drawings and photographs for the first time. This revised guide describes and illustrates the 135 common and not-so-common, native and introduced fishes found in Kansas.
Fish's Wishes, The
A discontent little fish lives in a pond wishing to be out in the open sea with a showy silver fin and a golden tail. Against advice to wait, his wish is finally granted, after which he realizes that what he wishes for can be challenging or even scary. Rhyming text encourages contentment and seeing the good in one's situation.
Five Little Ducks
Illustrated by Ivan Bates. Bates does a beautiful job of illustrating this familiar children's song. He shows the love between a mother duck and her ducklings.
Five Lives of Our Cat Zook, The
In this warmhearted middle-grade novel, Oona and her brother, Fred, love their cat Zook (short for Zucchini,) but Zook is sick. As they conspire to break him out of the vet's office, convinced he can only get better at home with them, Oona tells Fred the story of Zook's previous life, which is going through a transition she's not yet ready to face. Her father died two years ago, and her mother has started a relationship with a man named Dylan--whom Oona secretly calls "the villain." The truth about Dylan, and about Zook's medical condition, drives the drama in this loving family story.
Five Trucks
Five less common trucks star in this unique and clever book. Pre-school truck lovers can learn ordinal and cardinal numbers from the simple text that is manageable for an early reader. Excellent ink line with watercolor-wash illustrations will coax pre-readers to verbalize what they see.
Flag with Fifty-Six Stars, The
A group of prisoners in Manthausen concentration camp make an American flag out of scraps of material that they find around the camp. They worked from memory and added extra stars not being sure of the number of stars in the U.S. flag. A lot of detailed text makes this an upper level book.
Flag with fifty-six stars, The
This inspiring account of the liberation of one of the Third Reich's most infamous camps is a tribute to the humanity and hope preserved by the survivors. The paintings by Bill Farnsworth depict the events. Source notes, a bibliography, further resources, an index, and a reproduction of the actual flag are included.
Flamingo Sunset
Illustrated by Kristina Robanas. The book is a realistic fictional story of a baby flamingo chick's life throughout the year. Pictures are brightly colored.
Flamings on the Roof
A book of Poems and Paintings by Calef Brown A collection of Child-friendly silly poems and painted illustrations to accompany poems about A Burly Biker named Bob who built a Chopper in a Bottle and Flamingos who appear on rooftops shortly after midnight on December 23rd!
Flashlight Night
Brief rhyming text and intricate pencil illustrations show the adventures in imagination three children have one night with their flashlight as they settle in for a treehouse sleep-over.
Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
Fletcher the fox fears his favorite beloved tree is sick when it begins to lose its leaves. Despite his valiant effort to save the leaves they all fall off, but a magic surprise awaits.
Twelve-year-old Samantha struggles with how to best help her autistic older brother and parents who will not have him tested for a learning disability. This affecting family story set in 1982 deals with the surprisingly widespread problem of hidden illiteracy and its impact on both victims and their loved ones.
Flight Risk
Robert Jackson Kelley, ADHD kid going nowhere, has thoroughly practiced with his computer flight simulator. So tired is he of having no real friends, trouble at school, and frustration with a working mom who barely notices him, that he steals a plane with grand plans to escape his life on an island in Washington state. Of course he barely accomplishes a crash-landing. He steals a second plane and immediately becomes a news sensation. After his third plane theft, Robert is apprehended, convicted, and sent to prison. Based on a true story, this book unfolds as if compiled by journalists from interviews with school personnel, social workers, and law enforcement officials, intermingled with newspaper clippings and talk-show transcripts. Older reluctant readers will relate to and root for Robert as the underdog trying to escape oppression.
Flight School
The Flight School sign advertises that they teach 'birds to fly' and Penguin takes them at their word. The illustrations of the dedicated teachers working with Penguin are priceless. Will the Flight School be successful? This book is a must have!
Flinkwater Factor, The
Flinkwater, Iowa should be a boring place. Wrong. This is the home of ACPOD which makes almost every robot that people own. When Ginger Crump’s father and many others in the town are bonked while using their computers, she works with her best friend (and future husband) Billy George, to discover what is causing the bonking. Craziness ensues, Homeland Security gets involved, the town is quarantined, and in the midst of all this Ginger is worried about her first kiss!
Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move
Follow a variety of seeds as they are spread through different areas via wind, rain, animals, humans, and others.
End-paper instructions tell how to build a paper boat like the one in this vividly illustrated wordless book. Young children learn sequence as they follow the boy and his boat through a rainy-day adventure on a journey that requires no text.
Floating & Sinking
An introduction to floating and sinking with simple text and illustrations. Includes explanation of buoyancy, displacement and more. Hands-on activitiest the back as well as a glossary, resources and an index. Pzart of the First Facts: Our Physical World series.
Floating Island
In this delightful epic fantasy, Ven is ambushed by pirates, lost at sea and near death, he is rescued by a passing ship and travels to Floating Island. Ven is sent to an inn, run by the captain's wife, which is filled with fascinating boarders-among them a talking cat, fairies, orphans, and a ghost.
Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures
Flora is very sad following the divorce of her parents. Then one day, her neighbors, testing a super powerful vacuum cleaner, accidentally suck up a squirrel. Flora throws herself into supporting the squirrel after his near-fatal brush with death and soon discovers the squirrel has developed super powers - strength, the ability to fly, and a fondness for writing poetry. Flora believes she has found a true superhero!
Florida Manatees
Part of the America's Animal Comebacks series, this book discuses the Florida manatee and the efforts made to keep it from extinction. Includes an appended glossary and a bibliography. The other titles in the series are: Bald Eagles, Black-footed Ferrets, Florida Panthers, Gray Wolves, American Bison, American Alligators, Southern Sea Otters, and Grizzly Bears.
Florida's Burmese Pythons
Non-native animals which become invasive can pose real challenges to humans and other animals who share their territory. The focus on Burmese Pythons in this book includes size and characteristics as well as efforts to control their spread and reduce the dangers they may pose. Up-close photos and additional resources round out this volume.
Gorgeous illustrations in this wordless picture book featuring a curious boy who goes to the beach to collect and examine flotsam--anything floating and washing ashore. He discovers an underwater camera that contains a collection of unusual pictures. Multiple layers and level allow for a variety of reads, re-reads and retellings.
Flowers for Sarajevo
Daily, Drasko helps his father sell flowers on the streets of Sarajevo, speaking kindly and respectfully to anyone and everyone despite how the civil war around them has pitted ethnicities against one another. As tensions mount, Drasko’s father must join the army, and Drasko must continue the flower business without him. During this time, a bomb lands in the market area and kills 22 people. The next day, a cellist from the symphony places his chair where the explosion happened and begins playing beautiful, mournful, yet hopeful music, returning each day for 22 days in honor of those who died. The stirring music prompts Drasko to generously share his flowers in this simple yet moving and beautifully illustrated story that mutely exemplifies the uplifting power of beauty in the face of horror and human suffering. Author notes and historical notes are included.
Flu of 1918: Millions Dead Worldwide!
Excellent text, photos, and illustrations describing the 1918 flu epidemic. Includes overview of other flu outbreaks and flu facts, glossary, bibliography, other suggestions for reading, and websites.
Fly Away
In her music-loving family, Lucy is a poet and cannot sing, she thinks. Her sweet connection to her little brother, who is just learning to speak, sparks her hidden talent. When little brother wanders away during a dangerous flood time, Lucy must sing and hope for an answer that is part of her little brother's bedtime ritual and a song, "The Birdies Fly Away." Aunt Frankie affirms Lucy's talents in this warm family tale.
Fly by Night
Readers will delight in the intrigue, danger and unexpected plot twists in this medieval English tale about an orphaned twelve-year old girl, Mosca Mye, as she makes her way to the city of Mandelion in pursuit of an education at a school with ties to her late father. The author uses the story to teach many philosophical truths, which sometimes bogs down the plot, but mature readers willing to struggle with the intense language will be enchanted with Mosca Mye, the plucky heroine.
Fly, Monarch! Fly!
In her typical style, Nancy Wallace takes children through the stages in the life of the butterfly. There are added activities included to enhance the curriculum.
Thirteen-year-old Isla is growing up. Her best friend moved away, her father develops a health problem, her grandfather clings to the gruff exterior that hides the hurt from his wife's death, and now she's met the perfect boy - but he's fighting cancer. A love of swans, which binds her and her father, and the appearance of a very special one bring hope to Isla and all those she loves. Set in the UK, this beautifully written book should appeal to both boys and girls.
When the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) are formed, Ida Mae knows she has to fly. Every since her daddy taught her crop dusting, up in the air is the only place she wants to be. But it's 1940 and she's African American. Her skin is light enough to possibly pass, but what if she's found out?
Flying Lessons and Other Stories
Ten top authors contribute to a collection of unrelated and widely diverse stories. Common themes of love, loss, escape, friendship, school challenges, and rivalry emerge from tales about wheelchair basketball, capture by pirates, escaping an arranged marriage, a geek in love with the prettiest girl, mind-reading and magic, gender non-conformists, and much more. Written in a variety of styles with well-developed and realistic characters that range in age from youth to the elderly, this book will appeal to a wide audience.
Book two of "Septimus Heap". When Princess Jenna is pursued by a dark wizard, it is the apprentice, Septimus Heap, who must save her while enduring such terrors as a night in the Forest with hungry wolverines and carnivorous trees. Readers will be quickly immersed in the imaginative world, going from one adventure to the next at a mysterious pace. Fans of series will not be disappointed.
Fold Me a Poem
Illustrated by Lauren Stringer. Story told in poems and origami. Older students will like the pictures and poems. Supplement this with a few directions on how to make some of the animals and it will be colorful and fun.
Follow the Line Through the House
The text invites the reader to move from room to room in the house to find hidden objects. Along the way the reader will count, match colors, and identify shapes.
Following Papa's Song
Little Blue and his papa are waiting for the whale song that signals the start of their migration. Little Blue gets lost along the way as he explores the deep, dark ocean. He remembers Papa's instruction to "listen," and Little Blue finds his way back following Papa's song. Beautiful mixed media illustrations accompany this simple whale migration story.
Fooled You! Fakes and Hoaxes through the Years
Pascoe presents well-researched chapters on eleven notable infamous hoaxes--from the 1800s to the present--exploring the stories behind them and pondering why people were so easily fooled. These tantalizing accounts hold tremendous appeal and are as much about the craftiness of perpetrators as about the gullibility of believers.
Football Genius
The one thing that separates Troy from every other 12-year-old is his ability to predict what football plays are going to be before they even happen. His ability attracts the attention of star linebacker, Seth Halloway. Could Troy's gift and Seth's playing abilities give Atlanta Falcon's fans and the players what they have wanted for years--a winning season?
Football Hero
Once again Tim Green puts his insider's knowledge to good use in a touching story of family values and greed. After the death of his parents Ty lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin Charlotte in far less than ideal circumstances. When his older brother turns pro Ty is caught up in the pull between a family and what he knows is right.
Football Heroes: Making a Difference - Ben Roethlisberger
This set of books discovers six different football heroes who have all set goals and achieved amazing feats. Each has chosen a way to give back to those who have less. The books also include expository components such as contents, glossary, bibliography, index, and even where to find more information. The series includes the stories of Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Favre, Brian Urlacher, Donovan McNabb, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Matt Hasselbeck.
Football Heroes: Making a Difference - Brett Favre
This set of books discovers six different football heroes who have all set goals and achieved amazing feats. Each has chosen a way to give back to those who have less. The books also include expository components such as contents, glossary, bibliography, index, and even where to find more information. The series includes the stories of Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Favre, Brian Urlacher, Donovan McNabb, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Matt Hasselbeck.
Football Heroes: Making a Difference - Brian Urlacher
This set of books discovers six different football heroes who have all set goals and achieved amazing feats. Each has chosen a way to give back to those who have less. The books also include expository components such as contents, glossary, bibliography, index, and even where to find more information. The series includes the stories of Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Favre, Brian Urlacher, Donovan McNabb, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Matt Hasselbeck.
Football Heroes: Making a Difference - Donovan McNabb
This set of books discovers six different football heroes who have all set goals and achieved amazing feats. Each has chosen a way to give back to those who have less. The books also include expository components such as contents, glossary, bibliography, index, and even where to find more information. The series includes the stories of Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Favre, Brian Urlacher, Donovan McNabb, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Matt Hasselbeck.
Football Heroes: Making a Difference - LaDainian Tomlinson
This set of books discovers six different football heroes who have all set goals and achieved amazing feats. Each has chosen a way to give back to those who have less. The books also include expository components such as contents, glossary, bibliography, index, and even where to find more information. The series includes the stories of Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Favre, Brian Urlacher, Donovan McNabb, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Matt Hasselbeck.
Football Heroes: Making a Difference - Matt Hasselbeck
This set of books discovers six different football heroes who have all set goals and achieved amazing feats. Each has chosen a way to give back to those who have less. The books also include expository components such as contents, glossary, bibliography, index, and even where to find more information. The series includes the stories of Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Favre, Brian Urlacher, Donovan McNabb, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Matt Hasselbeck.
Footer Davis Might Be Probably is Crazy
Shooting off a rifle in their small-town Mississippi backyard gets her bipolar mother admitted to a psychiatric hospital, leaving Footer motherless, at least for now. Footer distracts herself by working with her friend Peavine to find out who shot an elderly farmer and what happened to his grandchildren. At first her 911-dispatcher father just smiles about her eleven-year-old ambitions, until her efforts meet with more serious consequences. False accusations are one thing, but then Footer begins having what might be hallucinations (or are they flashbacks?) and has to wonder about her own mental stability.
Footprints in the Snow
The wolf is offended by all the stories of the "bad, mean" Wolf and he tries to set the record straight.however, he has a very hard time when his wolfish instincts start to sneak up on him. Cute illustrations help tell the story.
For Keeps
Josie and her mother have always been close - it's just the two of them against the world. Everything changes during her junior year. She has a boyfriend for the first time and she meets her birth father for the first time. What Josie knew and loved about her mother and their life together suddenly comes into question.
For Liberty: The Story of the Boston Massacre
This handsomely designed picture book tells the story of the Boston Massacre. The text turns to the night of March 5, 1770, when an unruly mob threatened a small group of British soldiers, who, in the end, fired on the colonists. The book concludes with the soldiers' trial and their lawyer, John Adams, reflecting on the protection of liberty.
For the Birds: The Life of Roger Tory Peterson
This biographical picture of Roger Tory Peterson introduces the reader to birding through the eyes of a world-renowned ornithologist and naturalist. The brilliant illustrations contribute much to the life story of Mr. Peterson, as we learn of his young aspirations, his detailed written descriptions, the support from his family, his studies over the globe, and his outstanding contributions, most of them for the birds.
For the Duration: The War Years
In this autobiography, Tomie hears the phrase "for the duration," which he comes to realize refers to more than just rationing during World War II. This is a must-read title for fans of the series 26 Fairmount Avenue.
For the Win
Set in the future, Doctorow creates a society where the virtual and "real" world meet. Interesting story of online gaming, business, culture, and politics that keeps the reader wanting to read the next page.
For This Life Only
As PK (preacher kid) twins go, Jace and Eli really only look alike. Eli has the steady girlfriend and a clear path to following in his preacher father's footsteps. Jace breaks curfew, takes a few drinks, and doesn't have a plan. After a couple of drinks at a rainy night party, Jace calls Eli for a safe ride home which becomes anything but. When Jace wakes up, he finds Eli has died in a crash that night. Guilt eats away at both Jace and the rest of his family in different ways. It takes the strange girl from school that Eli tutored to put Jace on the right track, both spiritually and emotionally. A realistic male voice speaks well to teens who struggle with coming-of-age and troubles at home.
Elinor and her friends are members of a Cult called the Cause. She doesn't question the lifestyle her mother brought her into years before, or that she is one of the Chosen, who will become one of the brides of the elderly founder. While selling religious tracts in the nearly English town, she meets a young man that makes her question her long held beliefs.
Forbidden Library, The
Alice hears her father talking to someone in the kitchen. Peeking in through the door she sees that he is speaking with a fairy and he's not happy. When she next sees her father he tells her he must go on a journey. He is lost at sea and she is sent to live with an uncle she has never met. Her uncle sends her to his library, a huge building behind his house, where she encounters a strange man - and the book shelves seem to shift and change configurations. That night she tries to sneak back into the library but things get even more strange.
Forbidden Schoolhouse, The
Jurmain makes painfully clear the difficulties Crandall and her students faced when she decided to open a school in 1833 for African-American girls in Canterbury, CT. Appended material, which includes index, bibliography, epilogue, as well as source notes for quotes.
An introduction to forensic science and how it helps law enforcement solve difficult crimes in the field and lab. Includes index and glossary.
Forest World
Edver’s mother sends him from his home in Miami to Cuba to visit his father, whom he doesn’t remember, and Luza, the sister he has never met. Raised in very different socio-economic and cultural situations, the two siblings are opposite in many ways, but come to realize they share an ambivalence toward and frustration with their mother—and a love for jungle plants and wildlife. Written in verse format, the book combines love of poetry and nature while touching on the challenges of Cuban-American families with loved ones in both countries, family tension, growing up, and opportunists who exploit underdeveloped countries—such as the poacher they discover in the nature preserve where their father works. Danger mounts and they must work together to protect the forest they love. End matter includes a glossary of biodiversity terms.
Forest, What Would You Like?
Poet O'Garden's conversation between children and the forest offers a unique blend of lush imagery and bare-bones kid-ness in this colorful book. Children will delight as the two accomplished artists - author and illustrator - devote their passion to celebrating the environment and children's curiosity about it in this stunning picture book celebrating the changes in the forest throughout the seasons.
Forever Changes
Brianna is dying of cystic fibrosis, but the book is not maudlin. Unlike most young adult books, calculus and philosophy merge into an interesting novel of young mind that won't live long enough.
Forever Dog
Illustrated by Dan Anderson. Mike gets a puppy and they grow up doing everything together and even shake on a promise to be forever friends. But Corky gets sick and dies at the Vet's and Mike is angry that Corky broke the promise of forever. A touch of motherly wisdom helps Mike work through his loss and anger to see that a change in focus from anger to happy memories lets him keep his friend in his heart forever. A compassionate story that is classic Cochran complemented by illustrations that reinforce the quirky character traits and special bond of Mike and Corky.
Forever Garden, The
Laurel loves to watch Honey work in her garden. Sometimes Laurel helps and learns about thinning lettuces, pulling up root vegetables, and cleaning the harvest under running water from the pump. Honey eats lunch with Laurel and her mother every Friday, sharing fresh goodies grown in her bountiful garden. When Honey needs to move away to help take care of her aging mother, Laurel is sad. What will become of their friendship and the garden when Honey is gone?
Forever Hot/Truly Fine
Ford and Skylar are on top of their game on the field and on the sidelines. As running back and cheerleader for their high school, they often have it easy in the popular circles. But what most people don't see is the trouble Ford experiences at home with his deadbeat father and the emotional pain Skylar feels after moving to a new school. This flipbook-style first title in the Grovehill Giants series presents romance-fueled teen drama from two points of view.
Forget Me
Morgan's mysterious boyfriend, Flynn, is dead. When she learns that social media facial recognition software suggests he is really Evan, a boy who lives in a nearby town and he is not dead, she begins a dangerous journey to discover the secrets of his past and her family's involvement.
Forget Me
Morgan witnesses her boyfriend, Flynn, being killed by a car. Yet three months later, she sees his picture on a social media site, alive and well. Discovering that the boy in the picture lives in a nearby town, she makes contact with him, but discovers he is not Flynn. Along with her new friend, Evan, Morgan attempts to discover who Flynn really was before coming to her school, where he came from, and why he was killed. Their efforts lead to more surprises and personal danger that cause the reader to want to know: who was Flynn?
Forget Me Not
Calliope June is creative, resilient, and a little lonely. Her mom moves the family constantly—after every breakup with each new boyfriend. Even as she tries hiding her Tourette syndrome at her new school, students catch on. Will her new neighbor—who is also the student body president, very accepting, and rather a heart-throb—let it be known that they are friends? From their alternative perspectives told through verse, prose and email excerpts, a warm story unfolds.
Forgiving a Friend
After Jacob breaks seth's toy truck accidentally, Seth cannot forgive him. But when Seth accidentally breaks the lamp at Grandma Grace's house, he comes to realize that friends and family are more valuable than anything.
Although they only see each other during the summers, Wyatt and his friend Augie are close, and this summer they are building a fort. Free wood helps them finish the fort sooner, followed by nights spent cooking over a campfire and days spent hunting and fishing. Then two bullies discover their fort and sully this best summer ever. But when the bullies also start messing with Gerard, a kid who can’t defend himself, Wyatt and Augie set out to befriend and defend Gerard, someone unlike them but worthy of their friendship.
Fort on Fourth Street, The
As a grandfather and his granddaughter decide to build a fort in the backyard, they know they can't do it alone. They get help from the six simple machines: lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, and wedge. Told in rhyme with a repeating pattern, readers will follow the building process to completion and discover the surprise reason it was built.
Fortune's Folly
In this charming once-upon-a-time tale, Fortunata has been relying on her wits to support herself and her father since Mother died. Coerced by captors into posing as a fortune-teller, Fortunata finds herself telling the prince's fortune, then must fine some way to make it come true in order to keep her father alive. Fortunata is a likeable heroine in a heartwarming story.
Fortune's Magic Farm
Rescued from a rainy, boggy town where she works in a dismal factory, ten-year-old orphan Isabelle learns that she is the last surviving member of a family that tends the world's only remaining magic-producing farm.
Fossa: A Fearsome Predator
This Uncommon Animals series profiles some fairly uncommon and rare animals in the world! Students will better understand the creatures and of some of the challenges facing scientists. Excellent photos!
Mystery and secrets have swirled in the eight months since the tragedy that took Mickey's father, but Mickey is convinced that his father is still alive - he just cannot find the proof. Mickey and his friends, Rachel, Spoon, and Ema are drawn further into the mystery of the Bat Lady’s house and the Abeona Shelter. Mickey’s talent at basketball draws him into a steroid scandal and then Ema’s on-line boyfriend turns up missing - or does she really have an on-line boyfriend? Readers won’t want to put down this fast-paced finale of the Mickey Bolitar series.
Founders: the 39 Stories Behind the U.S. Constitution
All of the founders' stories are brought to light in this fascinating companion volume to Fradin's The Signers. The stories behind the Constitution are as powerful as the nation it created. This volume includes short biographies of the 39 men who created and signed the Constitution in September 1787. Includes bibliography, index, and a copy of the U.S. Constitution.
Founding Fathers!, The
Who exactly are the Founding Fathers? Jonah Winters defines the term and profiles each of the 14 men in this elite group. The profiles are written with humor and provide key facts about each man in a kid-friendly format coupled with amusing illustrations.
Despite living in America for years, Yuki Nakahara's father is taken prisoner by the U.S. in 1942 under suspicion of spying, and soon Yuki's family is moved to a relocation camp. While his family makes the most of their plight, Yuki believes that the only way to redeem his father's reputation is by enlisting. But just because he and his fellow-Japanese-American friend are now part of the U.S. army doesn't mean the prejudice stops. The author's endnote provides additional background about the army's 442nd Regimental Combat Team, comprised of Japanese-Americans that fought in Europe.
Fowl Play
Word plays, silly animals and a fun story cleverly convey the need for telling the truth.
Fox Forgets
Bear is looking for Goose. He can’t really think about anything else. Did Fox forget to tell Bear something? This is the fifth book Susanne Bloom has written about Bear and Goose. It’s a book young children will enjoy.
Fox Tails: Four Fables from Aesop
Fox walks in and out of four well-known Aesop fables (The Fox and the Grapes, The Fox and the Crow, The Fox and the Goat, and The Fox and the Stork) creatively intertwined into one great story.
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Introduces fractions, decimals, and percents through descriptions of items found at a county fair.
Fragile Like Us
Caddy and Rosie have been best friends forever. When Rosie befriends new girl Suzanne, Caddy feels deeply jealous; and yet she is fascinated by Suzanne's wilder nature compared to her own boring average existence. As Caddy and Suzanne grow closer, Rosie becomes more of the third party. Caddy learns that Suzanne lives with her aunt because she was beaten by her stepfather. Caddy tries to help her friend deal with this pain, but unwittingly becomes an enabler for some of Suzanne’s self-destructive choices. Told from Caddy's point of view, the story gives a realistic glimpse into the complex world of deep-rooted family dysfunction and teen friendships.
Framed: A T.O.A.S.T. Mystery
Clever Florian Bates works for the FBI at the young age of twelve. His TOAST (Theory of All Small Things) method enables him to discover clues otherwise missed by most adults. While teaching this to his new best friend, Margaret, they uncover a HUGE national mystery. Characters develop as the plot progresses, and the story gives older elementary readers insight into basic workings of the FBI. This book holds appeal for teachers as they cover inferencing.
Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon
Animal Control Officer Francine Poulet is trying to capture a screaming, ghost raccoon and finding it quite a challenge. This second in the Tales from Deckawoo Driveseries will attract Mercy Watson fans and keep them wanting more.
Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger
Frank and his sidekick, Watson, along with robots Klink and Klank, are determined to tap into energy that will allow their town to live off the grid before T. Edison and his ape monopolize all the area's power. This award-winning author knows how to pack science and humor into a rollicking adventure.
Frankenstein Takes the Cake
Frankenstein is ready to get married and must make plans. Written in a variety of types of rhythmic poetry, these humorous poems are great for kids and adults alike.
Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom
Fourth grader Frankie Piccolini has a vivid imagination when it comes to cleaning his disastrously messy room, but eventually even he decides that it's just too dirty. Perfect for Pickle's fans wanting a longer story.
Frankie Stein
Illustrated by Kevan Atteberry. Frankie Stein was a beautiful baby, however the Stein family thought there was no resemblance. He just kept growing in strange ways. They thought he was the scariest Stein ever.
Franklin and Winston: A Christmas that Changed the World
The Christmas meeting of 1941 for Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill determined the course of the next few years of World War II. The meeting brought the two leaders of the free world together in a time of much pain and tyranny. This is a biography that will enlighten the generations that have followed.
Frazzle Family Finds a Way, The
This is a book for every child who forgets his or her lunch, library book, or backpack. The Frazzle family forgets everything! When they finally decide that "something must be done," Aunt Rosemary comes to help. Her efforts (lists, notes, calendars, strings around their fingers) fail as well, until Annie draws inspiration from Aunt Rosemary's bathtub vocalizing and comes up with a perfect solution. Hilarious illustrations from Caldecott Award winner Stephen Gammell match the fun chaos of the story. A surefire winner!
Freaks: Alive on the Inside
In 1899, anyone with a deformity is known as a freak. 14 year old Abel, is not but his parents are. He runs away and rescues mistreated freaks and forms a new community. Very unusual setting makes this story of respect and affection a novel reading experience.
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
After his mother loses her parental rights, twelve-year-old Frankie Joe must live with his father and a stepfamily that he has never known. This is not your typical sad story. Frankie learns much throughout the story, becomes a better person, and finds
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
When twelve-year-old Frankie Joe's mother is sent to jail, he is uprooted from his home in Texas to live with the father he has never met, his father's wife, and his father's four "legitimate" sons in Illinois. Frankie Joe is miserable. Trying to adjust to his blended family proves too much to bear, so Frankie Joe hatches a plot to escape on his bike back home to Texas. For that he needs money, and so Frankie Joe's Freaky Fast Delivery Service is born. His deliveries win new friends, a place in the rural Illinois community, and a sense of achievement. But his planned escape is destroyed by a heartbreaking betrayal, and Frankie Joe needs all of his incredible resilience and the loving support of his new family to survive the devastating loss.
Freaky-Big Airplanes - World's Biggest Series
Superlatives! From roller coasters to airplanes to earthmovers to trucks, the full color photos illustrate the fastest, biggest, heaviest - and will certainly capture reading appetites that love data. Each title also includes glossary, index, bibliography, and places to find out more.
Freaky-Strange Buildings
Gorgeous photos of unusual architecture of buildings from around world - from books in a library wall in Kansas City to the Guggenheim Museum in Spain. Accompanying narrative and side-notes explain more as you take a journey around the world to these freaky and strange architectural masterpieces. Part of the
Frederick Finch, Loudmouth
Frederick Finch loves the fair and wants to win a blue ribbon. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't win. Then, he finds the perfect contest for him. This story will be excellent to help teach perseverance.
Free baseball
Angry with his mother for having too little time for him, eleven-year-old Felix takes advantage of the opportunity to become batboy for a minor league baseball team, hoping to someday be like his father, a famous Cuban outfielder.
Freedom Over Me
Drawn from a document listing the price of possessions for an antebellum estate, including slaves, this book paints a portrait, in free verse and pictures, of these persons with price tags. The author's treatment of each listing brings each person to life, revealing their humanity not only through the activities of their day-to-day life, but their hopes and dreams as well.
Freedom Ship
Based on an actual event in American history, a nine member crew of slaves kidnapped a ship and delivered it to the Union Army. Five women and three children also escaped. Samuel was one of the children and he tells the story. It's risky but worth it as they race for freedom.
Freedom Stone
Thirteen-year-old Lillie, raised in slavery during the Civil War, uses the magic of the Freedom Stone to bend time to travel to the past to prove her father's innocence and win her family's freedom. This mysterious, suspense-filled story blends history and fantasy in a satisfying outcome.
Freedom Summer
Scores of volunteers converged on Mississippi to open Freedom Schools in the summer of 1964. The schools taught the students about their civil rights and encouraged people to register to vote. When three volunteers turned up missing and later were found dead, national attention was brought to the cause. President Johnson shortly signed into law the Voting Rights Act, making voting discrimination practices illegal.
Freedom Train
Twelve-year-old Clyde Thomason's older brother is a guard on the Freedom Train, which is carrying the Bill of Rights and other documents throughout the country in 1948. But Clyde is also learning about right and freedom as he is saved from a beating by an African American boy, and later returns the favor when men in their Atlanta suburb decide to show the "Nigras" their place.
Freedom's Price
While Eliza Scott fights for freedom from her overly-protective parents, they are fighting for freedom from their slave owners. Before the courts hear their case, the famous Dred Scott case, they are hired out by their owner and must report back to jail every night. Eliza's independent streak lands her in a heap of trouble against the backdrop of a cholera epidemic and the worst fire in St. Louis' history.
French Bulldog
From the Little Dogs Rock II series. French Bulldogs are described in detail with information about characteristics and care of these little dogs and accompanied by a glossary, index, bibliography and places to search for more.
Fresh Delicious: Poems from the Farmer's Market
Irene Latham weaves an appetizing poetry adventure about the delicious sites one encounters at a farmer's market. Included are six yummy recipes for snacks that children would enjoy both making and eating!
Friday Barnes, Girl Detective
Friday Barnes is a student, genius, and girl detective. After she helps her uncle solve a bank robbery, she uses the reward money to enroll herself in an elite boarding school. While there she quickly investigates many crimes at the school. But Ian Wainscott, the smartest boy in school, is out to take her down, and Friday must figure out why.
Friend for Mole, A
Mole and Wolf are both lost and afraid, and an unlikely friendship develops when they decide to help each other face their fears and return to safety. Although normal predator/prey relationships are suspended here, the message about friendship and overcoming fear comes through crystal clear.
Friends and Enemies
Moving to a new town when he is about to start his freshman year in high school isn't easy for William, the son of a Methodist minister. On his first day in Plaintown, Kansas, he meets both Clive, a fellow Methodist and a bully, and Jim, a Mennonite who becomes a good friend. Just as William is beginning to feel at home, Japanese bombs fall on Pearl Harbor, and what were just interesting discussions about war become heated. In a community with a significant population of Mennonites, the question of patriotism vs. pacifism is very real.
Friends and Enemies
Moving to a new town when he is about to start his freshman year in high school isn't easy for William, the son of a Methodist minister. On his first day in Plaintown, Kansas, he meets both Clive, a fellow Methodist and a bully, and Jim, a Mennonite who becomes a good friend. Just as William is beginning to feel at home, Japanese bombs fall on Pearl Harbor, and what were just interesting discussions about war become heated. In a community with a significant population of Mennonites, the question of patriotism vs. pacifism is very real.
Friends and Pals and Brothers, too
Illustrated by Leo Landry. Neat story about two brothers who are different but share fun times together. Written with rhyme.
Friends of the Heart--amici del cuore
Oliver and Lucrezia have grown up together and have been best friends forever. Even though Ollie moved they still see each other every summer at Lou's grandparent's Italian seaside home. In their thirteenth summer together changes take place, which alters Lucrezia's life forever.
Friends: Stories about new friends, old friends
This is a collection of short stories by eleven well-known children's authors. It celebrates the many different forms that friendship can take. Readers will be able to enjoy stories of friendship, offering a wide realm of moods, outcomes and morals. These stories are perfect for sharing with friends.
Friendship for Today, A
In 1954, when desegregation comes to Kirkland, Missouri, ten-year-old Rosemary faces many changes and challenges at school and at home as her parents separate.
Friendship for Today, A
Twelve-year-old Rosemary Patterson is among the first African American students to an all white school. Ultimately, she overcomes the racism of Grace Hamilton and they develop a friendship.
Friendship Over
Celie has problems. She is not talking to her best friend, Lula, and then has to wonder why Granny is freezing her trash. Girls will relate to the relationship difficulties, compounded by an older family member who now is acting strangely.
Frog in the Pond and other animal stories
A collection of four Rookie Readers make up this book. Young children will enjoy reading it themselves.
Frog Trouble: Deluxe Songbook
Author Sandra Boynton goes Country! She now brings Frog Trouble, a terrific CD and illustrated songbook of her new and wildly original Country songs. They're sung by an amazing roster of Country Music's biggest and brightest stars. A great book to add to you library that gives some mighty fine music, with a whole lot of gumption and heart.
Froggy Goes to Hawaii
This is another great Froggy book that children will love. Froggy travels to Hawaii and is so excited that he has difficulty listening to his parents. Great bright, expressive, cartoon-style illustrations along with some fun old fashioned vocabulary such as leapfrog and nincompoop make this book irresistible!
Frogs, frogs, and more frogs, a remarkable collection of photographs from around the world along with great facts. A glossary and index complete this irresistible book.
Pringle has written a concise informational book about frogs. Henderson's illustrations are bright and colorful and enhance the text's information. Conservation issues are discussed and frog web sites are listed to gain more knowledge about frogs. Stud
Froi of the Exiles
In the sequel to Finnikin of the Rock, Marchetta continues with the character of Froi. As he settles into his new home, he is quickly sent on a mission into the kingdom of Charyn. Disguised as a member of the last born children to the kingdom, Froi disc
From Emporia: The Story of William Allen White
Kansas librarian Bev Buller gives us this appealing biography of William Allen White. It begins with White's birth and early life and follows him through his admirable career as a newspaper editor. Includes many primary source documents as well as vintage photographs and documentary illustrations.
From Emporia: The Story of William Allen White
Kansas librarian Bev Buller gives us this appealing biography of William Allen White. It begins with White's birth and early life and follows him through his admirable career as a newspaper editor. Includes many primary source documents as well as vintage photographs and documentary illustrations.
From Emporia; the story of William Allen White
Biography of two-time Pulitzer Prize winner William Allen White.
From What I Remember…
On the morning before her high school graduation, valedictorian Kylie wakes up in Mexico next to gorgeous and popular Max - and no recollection of how she got there. And what is the gold ring on her finger? With only 24 hours to make it to graduation, t
Fuddles and Puddles
Fuddles the housecat's pampered world comes to an end when Puddles the puppy joins the family. However, when Fuddles finds himself in a difficult jam, it is Puddles to the rescue. Fuddles realizes that his former enemy might actually be a good friend. Comic-style digitally rendered illustrations are a perfect complement to this fun story.
Full Count: A Baseball Number Book
Text includes various players, plays, and historic moments from baseball while incorporating rhymes and numbers. Boys will love it!
Full House
Boys will love these ten stories about poker compiled by YA author, Pete Hautman, an avid poker fan. Humor, drama, fantasy, and clever plot twists make this compilation a page turner. Included is a glossary of poker terms as well as a short biography of each contributor.
Full of Beans
Beans Curry and his friends spend a lot of time on the streets of Key West during this Depression-era historical fiction novel. As the adventure builds, they conclude that most adults are liars! Their antics coupled with the story of reviving Key West to a tourist destination will capture readers of many different ages and backgrounds.
Full of Fall
April Pulley Sayre's gorgeous photos take the reader on a leaf's journey through fall. Simple text guides the visual tour and introduces botanical vocabulary. This is a beautiful companion to Sayre's Raindrops Roll and Best in Snow.
Fun with Mexican Cooking
Easy step by step instructions make this kid's cookbook with photos perfect for the beginning chef! Includes glossary, index, and table of contents.
Fun with Roman Numerals
A contemporary illustrated introduction to Roman numerals making them easy to understand. Roman numerals are everywhere, and this lively picture book shows how to interpret them.
Furious Jones and the Assassin's Secret
Furious is still dealing with the murder of his mother seven months ago and the fact that his father doesn't seem to want him in his life. He sneaks into the city to see his father promote his latest book - only to see him murdered before his eyes. When more people in his life end up dead, Furious decides to find out who is murdering his family and friends - before he becomes the next victim!
Fuzzy-Fast Blur: Poems about Pets
A collection of clever and fun pet themed poems with striking photos of children and their pets. The book includes a variety of poetry forms and describes various poetic devices at the back. Other titles in this set extension include: Always Got My Feet: Poems about Transportation; Chatter, Sing, Roar, Buzz: Poems about the Rain Forest; Lettuce Introduce You: Poems about Food.
G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet
This alphabet is a mostly historical work that presents factual information about the Olympics from ancient times through present day practices. Several outstanding athletes are also featured, as well as unique feats, and sports that are no longer part of the Olympics. It also includes the newest entries into the Olympics.
Informative and fascinating, this Level Two book in the Ready-To-Read series describes the role of Gabe, a dog trained to sniff out explosives. This dangerous job is described in age-appropriate terms that show why Gabe qualifies as a "Hero Dog."
Gabriel's Horses
Racing to Freedom Trilogy. In the first book of the trilogy, twelve-year old slave Gabriel Alexander longs to earn his freedom and become a famous jockey. While his father serves in the Civil War, Gabriel cares for Master Giles' horses and saves them from a band of Confederate thugs. The action continues in Gabriel's Triumph and concludes in Gabriel's Journey. These books are excellent choices for horse lovers.
Gabriel's Triumph
Racing to Freedom Trilogy. In the first book of the trilogy, twelve-year old slave Gabriel Alexander longs to earn his freedom and become a famous jockey. While his father serves in the Civil War, Gabriel cares for Master Giles' horses and saves them from a band of Confederate thugs. The action continues in Gabriel's Triumph and concludes in Gabriel's Journey. Excellent choices for horse lovers.
Game Changers
Mike Lupica has written another sports book for young readers and this one will be loved by football fans. The boys work through their season while solving problems with an unpopular quarterback. The adults in the story are understanding and help the bo
Games: A Tale of Two Bullies
Mick Sullivan and Boot Quinn have a long history of fighting. So they are surprised when, after a fight, their principal wants them to play board games together instead of giving them suspensions. They discover that they are both trying to cope with alcoholic and abusive fathers. Each protagonist tells part of the story in alternating chapters. Gorman captures the middle-school mind set.
Garden of My Imaan, The
Aliya is worried about fitting in at her New England school for many reasons, but most challenging - her family is Muslim. She must make some decisions about which parts of her Muslim faith she is going to adopt all while dealing with the divides between conservative and liberal interpretations of her religion, standing up to the school bully, and fasting for Ramadan during Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful book for students to read to increase understanding of people of a different faith.
Garvey's Choice
In this novel in five-line-tanka verse, Garvey is overweight, bullied, and not an athlete like his father wishes. Everyone in his family seemingly has a talent except for Garvey. That is, until his only friend convinces him to try out for the school choir. Garvey finally discovers his gift: his voice. He develops new friendships and is selected as a soloist at the school concert. But Garvey knows this won’t be okay with his father.
Gaston doesn't really fit into his poodle family. On a visit to the park, they meet the Bulldog family; and somehow Gaston seems to fit better with the bulldogs. What to do? With whimsical illustrations, Gaston is a charming book for dog lovers.
Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love, The
Graham is a 17-year-old who has fallen in love with his best friend Roxana and decides to use Comicon to profess his undying love. This hilarious coming-of-age story is great for anyone with a little "nerd" in them.
Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities
A genuine superhero story mixed with comedy and science fiction where middle aged school students' deal with unexpected powers. They live in a day-to-day world like our own except alerts come in the form of battles between good and evil.
Siamese twins Clara & Hailey, whose parents chose to not have them surgically separated as babies, have arrived at a late-high school crossroad. Up till now, their mother has kept them in their secluded town to protect them from media exposure. The twin's very different personalities are reflected in alternating chapters which relay their desires to be normal and also reveal a growing divergence of dreams about college, boyfriends, and life aspirations. The twins begin entertaining the previously dismissed option of surgical separation, and must consider what will be lost by separating along with the very real possibility of a less-than-ideal outcome. What are they each willing to sacrifice in order to live individual lives and follow their dreams?
Genevieve's War
Genevieve has come from America to spend the summer of 1939 with her grandmother Mémé in Alsace, France. A life-altering decision to stay and help her grandmother thrusts her under the Nazi occupation, where Jews are deported, soldiers appropriate crops and livestock for their own consumption, and a German officer impudently commandeers a room right there in Mémé’s farmhouse. Gen soon learns to be cautious about trusting friends and neighbors in this corner of France bordering Germany where loyalties may go either direction and betrayed confidences may bring dire consequences. Her growing involvement with the French resistance and the increasing privations of war build a gut-tightening suspense while Genevieve matures from a flighty 13-year-old to a discerning and caring young woman by war's end.
Genghis Khan
A Wicked History series. Book covers birth to death. Includes timeline of terror
Genius Squad
This sequel picks up where Evil Genius leaves off. Cadel is trying to be a law-abiding citizen while living in an orphanage with no computer. But, he can't believe that the police are up to protecting him from Prosper English. Cadel takes a chance and joins the elusive Genius Squad.
How far would an English teacher go to get students to understand Crime and Punishment? What was in that barrel on display in his class? Four friends decide the English teacher murdered a missing student. The ending is surprising and brings new meaning to accountability.
Geography of Hope, The
Black Exodus from the South Lured by the promise of freedom and free land in return for establishing homesteads, large groups of blacks left the former Confederate States in the 1870s and headed west to Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. The book draws on the rich resources of the period to establish the atmosphere and immediacy of their experiences as frontiersmen and farmers.
Geography of Hope, The
Black Exodus from the South Lured by the promise of freedom and free land in return for establishing homesteads, large groups of blacks left the former Confederate States in the 1870s and headed west to Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. The book draws on the rich resources of the period to establish the atmosphere and immediacy of their experiences as frontiersmen and farmers.
George Washington Carver: Scientist, Inventor, Teacher
Signature Lives series. Biography of outstanding minority. Includes glossary, index, source notes, selected bibliography, index. Timeline tied to world events.
Georgie's Moon
Before Georgie's father left for Vietnam, he gave her standing orders never to let anyone mess with her, and she won't. Worst of all, Georgie's father has been gone a long time - and even though he promised to send her his love every night on the moon, sometimes that's not enough.
Written in prose, this book lets little readers know germs are everywhere!
Get Lit Rising
By introducing her technique for hooking teens on classic poems and getting them to create their own, the author gives teachers a blueprint to make the program work. Examples of Get Lit poets' stories and the poems that inspired them are included with follow-up questions and writing prompts in this excellent resource for literature or creative writing teachers and the teens they wish to inspire.
Ghost is a runner--running from school, his life, and the law. When he is selected to be on a premier track team, Ghost must learn to stay on the straight and narrow, which he finds very difficult. Coach, an ex-Olympic medalist, is determined to keep the kids on the team successful, which turns out to be a full-time job. In this first title of the Track series, Ghost must learn to listen, follow the rules, admit to mistakes, and practice humility--all through trial and error.
Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero
An over-confident ghost named Hoover Porterhouse already resides in the new house were Billy has just moved in with his mom and her new husband and daughter. Billy is not happy, especially since he has to transfer to the new school where his mother is th
Ghost Dog Secrets
Each day, sixth-grader Rusty feeds a dog that’s left chained in the frigid weather with no shelter, food, or water. When he realizes the dog has been injured, he tries to have Animal Control help – but when that fails, Rusty and his friend Andrew unchain
Ghost Dog Secrets
Each day, sixth-grader Rusty feeds a dog that's left chained in the frigid weather with no shelter, food, or water. When he realizes the dog has been injured, he tries to have Animal Control help - but when that fails, Rusty and his friend Andrew unchain the dog and take it. With the dog in their hideout, the boys face multiple challenges, including Andrew's snoopy sister and the escalating threats of the dog's abusive owner. Even more challenging? The appearance of a ghost dog that appears in Rusty's room and is trying to lead him to an even deeper secret.
Ghost of Graylock, The
While visiting relatives, Neil and his teen sister, Bree, check out a nearby asylum that was closed after three girls died of mysterious circumstances. Encountering the aggressive spirit of a young girl, they wonder if she was murdered and is seeking rev
Ghost Ship
The masthead from an old sailing ship the "Storm Goddess" adorns the wall of the Seashell Room restaurant. When the head is removed for repairs Vicki uncovers a hidden secret. With new friend Peter's help and the quartermaster's log from the ship they hunt for answers and the lost gold. Great read!
Ghostly Alcatraz Island
Easy to follow explanation of famous Alcatraz inmates. Great graphics are sure to capture kids attention. Colorful illustrations. Good for reluctant readers. Then/now section, index, glossary, and websites.
Ghosts in the Fog
Non-fiction account of the little-known Japanese invasion of Alaska's Aleutian Islands during World War II. This is a very readable account of the events leading up to the attacks; the first-person accounts detail the effects of the Japanese occupation and the American campaign to oust and defeat the Japanese. Very interesting. Source notes and index included.
Ghosts of Ashbury High, The
This book is the final exam of several students, including two schoalrship students, with a mysterious past. Also included are letters from faculty and the alumni association members. A ghost is discovered and what a surprise of whom the ghost was!
Ghosts of Heaven, The
Four stories from four eras of history are linked solely by the universal spiraling of a corkscrew-like symbol. Conflict and partial resolution follow each of the protagonists in life's often violent ebb and flow. From prehistoric to 18-century Britain to early 1900s in Long Island and culminating with a futuristic astronaut, this common thread -- "what goes around comes around," loss and discovery, pinnacles and valleys, life cycles, strands of a rope -- embodies many universal themes which are skillfully interwoven into seemingly unrelated tales.
Ghosts of the Titanic
Twelve-year-old Kevin Messenger comes in contact with a ghost from the Titanic. He must find out what the ghost wants in order to help it find peace. The historical connections with the sinking of the Titanic are very interesting. The author brings out
Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, The
When Miss Lana accidentally purchases the old Tupelo Inn, it sets off a chain of events that lead to adventure, mystery and ghosts. The Desperado Detective Agency (a.k.a. Mo and Dale) is on the case. Will they be able to solve an old mystery, help a ghost, and save Grandma Miss Lacy's fortune? This book is a sequel to Three Times Lucky; however, it is not necessary to read the previous book to understand the story line.
Giant-O-Saurs: Dino Times Trivia Series
The books in this series are high interest action-packed titles students will enjoy. Pages include pronunciation guides and interesting facts with illustrations of the creatures in action. Each book includes maps and timelines.
Eighth grader George Clark is mentally gifted and socially inept. His self-centered nature adds to his problems--even with his one friend Anita. A week at camp with all his classmates and without his principal father to protect him add up to his worst expectations. Add in a hurricane and George gets a chance to redeem himself, but can he?
Ginger and Petunia
Petunia is a pampered pig when her pet sitter fails to show up. Petunia pretends to be Ginger, her mistress, with great success.
Gingerbrread Cowboy, The
Illustrated by Holly Berry. A fresh new version of the Gingerbread Boy, as a cowboy. Set in the western U.S. this cookie rides and ropes his way across the range and out of reach, until he meets the wily coyote.
Girl and the Bicycle, The
Simple illustrations tell this heartwarming story about a girl and a bicycle without any text at all. Here is a great discussion starter for conversations about perseverance, hard work, generosity, and gratitude.
Girl at Midnight, The
An orphaned modern New York City pickpocket, Echo finds her only belonging with an otherworldly race of magical creatures who live beneath the city streets. With an appeal to Game of Thrones fans, the well-built world of this fantasy puts the strong female protagonist in an ancient high-stakes conflict, where it will require every skill Echo has learned on the street to hunt down and find the one thing that will resolve this battle once and for all.
Girl at Sea
Clio is being sent off to Italy to spend the summer with her father, his new girlfriend, and her family. Odd behavior makes Clio curious about the nature of their yacht trip and she becomes determined to solve the mystery herself.
Girl in Pieces
After trying to kill herself, Charlie is committed to a psych ward where she decides that keeping mute seems the best option. As she avoids conversation with others, Charlie ponders her situation: homelessness, drug addiction, and an abusive mother. A doctor in the ward provides drawing materials which help Charlie open up. Without insurance, Charlie is released early to live with her friend in Arizona. A boyfriend at work is not the best influence as Charlie tries to keep on the straight and narrow in this pensive read for teens who might make bad decisions but can learn from a character who turns her life around.
Girl Named Dan, A
Dandi learns how what it's like to be denied being batboy, even though she won the contest, on the basis of gender. Based on a true incident about Title IX.
Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time
A companion book to the 2013 film "Girl Rising" gives voice to girls world-wide who live where school is something they fight for, not something they complain about. By dividing the book into three sections—The Stakes, The Stories and The Solutions—the author explains why education is essential, personalizes the issues, and provides options for readers of all ages to make a difference. While it might be difficult to absorb some of these girls' stories, the book highlights an important issue and presents it well. The pictures, quotes, sidebars, and graphics create a complete visual package.
Girl Sleuth, Nancy Drew
Who created Nancy Drew? The story of the two remarkable women who created a character that generations have loved to read. How did she go from pulp heroine to American icon?
Girl vs. Superstar
Lucy B. Parker, 12, is having a tough time. Her best friends dump her, she still hasn't gotten her period, and her mom insists that she wear a bra. Then her mom announces that she's dating Alan, whose daughter, Laurel, is a famous recording star. This funny, fast-paced book introduces a promising new series.
Girl Who Fell, The
Zephyr Doyle is a driven 17-year-old girl focused on one goal: getting into Boston College and escaping her small town. A good student and talented athlete, Zephyr has never been much for boys until she meets Alec, who surreptitiously turns her world upside down with his controlling and destructive nature. *This unvarnished portrayal of an abusive relationship is for the mature reader--explicit sexual references.*
Girl, a Boy and a Monster Cat, A
Brandon's mom has made arrangements for him to spend three afternoons a week at Hannah's house--not Brandon's idea of fun. He would like to be watching TV each day, but instead he finds himself the unwilling participant in a series of riotous, imaginative roll-playing games with Hannah and her large cat. And Brandon never gets to good parts in the games! Funny and fast-paced.
Girls Don't Fly
Myra thought she had things figured out to live a better life than her parents. When her boyfriend dumps her, she finds herself doing all kinds of unexpected things.including competing against him in a contest to win a study to the Galapagos.
Girls Like Us
Biddie and Quincy are two special education students, "speddies," who are forced to live together after high school graduation. Alternating between narrations by one girl and then the other, this is a poignant and powerful coming of age story that nudges the reader to a better understanding of persons outside their usual set of friends.
Girls of No Return, The
Lida, a troubled sixteen-year-old, is sent away to the Alice Marshall School for troubled teenage girls. Here, each girl must figure out their "Thing." For most, their "Thing" is a carefully guarded secret and when it is revealed, things go bad. Secret
Girls Rebel!
Rosa Parks, Barbara Walters, and Sally Ride have something in common. They are among a large group of women who fought for what they believed in and had enough spirit to follow through on those convictions. They challenged society's rules for women and, as a result, have brought positive changes to the lives of women today.
Give Me Liberty
Befriended by a kindly schoolmaster named Basil, thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Dunn begins a new life in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1774 and becomes embroiled in the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Well researched to the point of sometimes reading like a history text, readers will experience the struggles our forefathers endured to purchase our freedom as seen through Nathaniel's eyes.
Giving Up the Ghost
Thirteen-year-old Davia Peters accompanies her parents to Louisiana to care for her terminally ill great-aunt Mari. Burdened with the knowledge her great-aunt Mari will die soon and that her own mother is fighting cancer, too. Davia befriends the plantation's resident ghost and is able to find some answers to the dilemmas in her own life.
Gladiator: Fight for Freedom
Marcus is living a peaceful life on a farm with his parents when his father is forced to borrow money when the crops fail. The lender sends men to collect the loan and his father is killed. Marcus and his mother are sold into slavery and he is forced to
Glass Arrow, The
Decades ago men and women were equals. Now women are merely property to be bought and sold for breeding purposes. Aya had escaped this trap by living in the wilderness until the Trackers found her. Now her only hope for escape lies with the wolf she had raised and with the mute boy who may or may not be trustworthy.
Glass Sentence, The
There’s been a disruption and all Earth’s continents have had their time periods scrambled, from pre-history to the far future. It’s a new age of exploration and Sophie Tims is living in 1891 Boston. When her explorer parents go missing and her brilliant cartographer uncle is kidnapped, Sophie must venture out into the unknown to rescue them. Theo, a refugee from the West, accompanies Sophie on a hair-raising voyage through uncharted waters and over rough terrain, relying largely on her uncle's maps to try and rescue her family - without losing their own lives.
Glitter Trap, The
Lacey Under-Ware doesn't expect to find a fairy godmother stuck in her hair. She doesn't expect to have to learn how to perform magic spells, but that is exactly what happens. Read this fun book to learn how a simple glittery poster can alter events in a major way.
Gnarly Skateboarders - X-Moves Series
Daredevil athletes stretch their skills beyond in these extreme sports. Each photo essay shows how the sport began and includes record holders/breakers and their feats. Risky tricks get the prizes! Included are diagrams and labels, glossary, bibliography, index, and where to find out more.
Go Go America
Quick glance at each of the 50 states. Facts and interesting trivia about each one. Good resource for 4th grade Social Studies.
Go, Little Green Truck!
Little Green Truck happily goes about his chores on the farm until he gets replaced by a newer, bigger, shinier model. Thanks to Farmer Gray's daughter, Fern, the forlorn rusty truck gets repurposed for use at the Farmer's Market. Use this story around Earth Day to introduce alternative fuels, buying local produce, and repurposing old materials.
GO: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design
This is a great book for the young reader interested in graphic design. Aspiring designers are introduced to the thought processes behind typography and visual organization. Illustrator Kidd is an experienced comic book and fiction author who uses his writing skill to make design theory more interesting and appealing. This is a book not only for art classes, but also for courses in journalism, communications, media, and writing.
Gobble It Up!
Animals eat all different kinds of food. In this book Arnosky makes a song out of the food chain, we all need to eat to survive.
Goblins! An Underearth Adventure
When two troubled boys go on a police call and capture a goblin, they find themselves battling goblins under the surface of the earth. Fast-paced adventure and great fun.
God is in the Pancakes
This is the unique story of 15-year-old candy striper Grace who befriends an 84-year-old man suffering from ALS. It's not just an ordinary coming of age book - it deals with the life and death of one who suffers from the terminal illness commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The personalization of this disease is shown through the teenage characters interaction.
Gods of Manhattan
Twelve-year-old Rory discovers a spirit world that thrives alongside his contemporary New York City, filled with fantastical creatures and people from the city's colorful past who have become gods and goddesses and who have chosen Rory to perform a dangerous mission. Inventive fantasy-adventure that uses real historical figures and events. Fast-paced and very readable.
Going Going
A young girl becomes politically active when chain stores are taking over and the "ma and pop" stores are becoming a thing of the past. Good book for government classes.
Going Places
Rafael has waited a long time for the Going Places contest, and he is excited to finally build his go-cart. But when he checks in on Maya, she has built something completely different. Who will win the race and who is going places?
Gold Medal Summer
Gymnastics is a demanding sport and Jordan is not sure if she wants to give up all the things she must give up to continue in the sport, especially a boy. To make matters worse, she has doubts about her ability due to continued remarks by her competition
Gold Rush Kid
After their mother dies, 12-year-old Billy and his 16-year-old sister, Edna Rose, decide to leave their home in Skagway, AK and find their father, who's gone in search of gold in the Yukon Territory. With Edna disguising herself as a boy, they set off on a journey that many do not survive.
Golden & Grey: An Unremarkable Boy and a Rather Remarkable Ghost
Tom Golden's life at school is miserable since the move. He is bullied and teased and doesn't have the heart to let his parents know how miserable he is. Grey Arthur is looking for his place in the ghost world. He much prefers being Tom Golden's "invisible friend" to being a screamer or poltergeist. Hilarious, touching and impossible to put down.
Golden Dreams of Carlo Chuchio
Carlo Chuchio is a dreamer who lives in a busy seaport. Adventure comes in the form of a map hidden in an old book. As he begins his journey he collects a number of companions with impossible dreams.
Golden Retrievers
Children will enjoy reading about golden retrievers in this book from the series, Dog Breeds. They will learn the history of the dog as well as jobs they perform.
Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates
It’s not three bears that return home to discover Goldilocks, it’s three pirates that arrive back on their sloop to find a stowaway. Not the greatest housekeepers—ahem, boat keepers—the pirate family climbs aboard to find not the leavings of a brat’s whirlwind tour, but an improved breakfast gruel, mended hammock mountings, and repaired stool in the galley, courtesy of the smart and resourceful Goldenlocks. After their initial growly response as befitting fierce pirates, they realize how Goldenlocks has improved life on their vessel, and invite her to join Papa, Mama, and Baby as a fellow Pirate. An appended glossary offers explanation for the pirate-isms found throughout this humorous rewrite of a familiar fairy tale.
Goldi Rocks and the Three Bears
This is not just another fractured fairy tale - it’s quite a different story. She’s tried the mikes and headphones before falling asleep on the keyboard, but it turns out she’s just the singer they’ve been looking for. Together they write a ditty and rock the charts. Harmony at last!
Goldminer's Daughter, A
The villanous Banker Bigglebottom is about to foreclose on the Gold Mine. Gracie Pearl isn't about to marry the banker. Can she find another way to save the mine and herself?
All of a sudden everyone over fifteen is gone. The children are left to fend for themselves to feed and care for the young, fight fires and find a way to escape the 20-mile impenetrable wall that closes them off from the outside world.
Good Boy Fergus!
Fergus is your typical Westie. He's independent, stubborn, messy and likes to chase cats. However, Fergus is a "good boy."
Good Brother, Bad Brother
This biography of Edwin and John Wilkes Booth is the story of the family of one of history's most well-known assassins, the man who killed Lincoln. Engaging and informative, it includes some nice analysis and even a little intrigue. Giblin uses many sources to draw a very thorough overview of the lives of the brothers. As interesting as the text is, the many photographs are amazing.
Good Citizen Sarah
An unexpected snow storm cuts electricity forcing Sarah to help her neighbor with cleaning up after the storm.
Good Fight
Four light-hearted stories with comic-style illustrations tell how disagreements between some of our founding fathers changed the trajectory of our country's history. Strong personalities with often downplayed quirks could have widened the gap between divergent viewpoints on the issues of the day. This book offers a unique perspective on how heated arguments need not be polarizing; they can actually move a nation forward.
Good Fortune
It is 1933 and Li Keng Gee and her family move to Chinatown, San Francisco from China to join their father. This is a child's tale of the hardships and happiness of a close family in "gold mountain", the United States.
Good Night, Baddies
A cast of fairy tale villains find their way home at night, tired from a long day of being bad. As the baddies get ready for bed, they seem like loveable characters instead of their usual persona. Kids will enjoy this unique fairy tale perspective.
Good Night, Bat! Good Morning, Squirrel!
Bat searches for a home, and ends up in a cozy squirrel's nest. Unfortunately, the nest is still occupied. The miscommunication that takes place between the nocturnal bat and the diurnal squirrel humorously results in the two very different creatures becoming great friends.
Good, the Bad, and the Barbie, The
She's fifty years old and here is the unauthorized biography. In addition to learning about the doll, readers will learn about the inventor, the business, and the cultural changes reflected and caused by a toy.
Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
Two children observe the signs of the seasons changing as they take a walk, quietly acknowledging the different indicators of fall along the way. Watercolor-and-pencil drawings gently draw the reader along from the pile of leaves perfect for jumping, to the farm, and finally into the city, moving from left to right along with the lyrical text. The following morning the children share the first snowfall of winter in this beautiful read-aloud and companion to Pak’s earlier Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.
Goodbye Days: A Novel
Carver Brigg's best buddies Mars, Blake, and Eli die in a car accident caused by texting. Who was texting the driver? Carver. The overwhelming guilt he feels is compounded by the fact that the district attorney is considering filing criminal charges. When Carver begins having panic attacks, he starts seeing a therapist. He befriends Eli's girlfriend Jesmyn and they work together to overcome their grief. Blake's grandmother asks Carver to spend a "goodbye day" with her where they do all of Blake's favorite things. Realizing how much this day helped them, Carver does the same things with Eli's parents and Jesmyn. It doesn't go as well, but it still helps. Mars' dad, a judge, is beyond angry at Carver, but surprisingly demands that Carver spend a goodbye day with him in this heartbreakingly sad, beautiful story.
Good-bye, Sheepie
Sweet story about the death of a beloved family pet that will help many children cope with this event. Owen's father helps him realize that Sheepie will always be part of their happy memories. Team this one with Dog Heaven.
Gooney Bird is So Absurd
Gooney Bird Greene and her fellow 2nd grade classmates discover poetry and learn the difference between haiku, limericks, and couplets. When the teacher's mother - who was once a writer - dies, Gooney Bird and the other students create their teacher a poem. Great read-aloud.
Gooseberry Park and the Master Plan
With the drought in Gooseberry Park, Stumpy the Squirrel and friends must find a way to get water to the elderly and baby animals that live there. They hatch an ingenious plan that will require split-second precision and the cooperation of a crow, possum, cat, three young squirrels, and 200 owls. Antics and amusing illustrations enhance this tale of friendship and teamwork.
Paul Rudnick encompasses elements of Matched, Uglies, Romeo & Juliet, and even Shrek - complete with magical romance, the supernatural, and the vanity of beauty. Becky Randle is the typical teen given the opportunity to live her dreams of beauty, royalty, and fame with one simple catch: falling in love. Her whirlwind year as the most beautiful woman transforms Becky into Rebecca. Will she get lost in the supernatural, or discover her true self and live out the dream life in reality - happily ever after?
Gorgonzola! A very stinkysaurus
Illustrated by Tim Bowers. Gorgonzola the dinosaur isn't mean, fierce or scary but everyone runs from him to avoid his smell until a little bird teaches him to brush his teeth and wash. Soon he is spiffed up and proud to be the first dinosaur declared "ex-stink."
A sensitive tale of how our dreams come to us through the gossamer touch of "The Littlest" as she tries to help a young boy in a foster home. A wonderful read for all.
While learning to bestow dreams, a young dream giver tries to save an eight-year-old boy from the effects of both his abusive past and the nightmares inflicted on him by the frightening Sinisteeds.
Goyangi Means Cat
Soo Min, a young girl from Korea, is adjusting to her new life with her adopted American family. This book will hit home with many children who do not speak English. An understanding cat helps to bring the characters together and expresses the honesty about how difficult it is for adoptive children to adjust to their new lives. Very gently done.
Grace wants to dance but the other girls think she should just give up. To make herself feel better, Grace decides to paint a picture. As her mood and confidence begin to change, she gets an idea that might help the other dancers. Children will identify with this simple story about finding your true talents.
Grace's mother died when she was born. Her Da sends her to Angel House to become an "Angel." An Angel is someone who carries a bomb and detonates it and themselves in the war against Keran Berj society. An "Angel" gives up life in honor of the People. Grace has been trained, she has her bomb, and her assignment. But, she separates herself from the bomb before detonating it. She wants to live. She is now a traitor to both sides. This is Grace's journey to find out what it means to live.
Katsa is born with an extreme skill called a grace. Her grace is the grace of killing. Katsa's skill is exploited by her uncle. She combats this despised grace by setting up a council to right wrongs. Eventually she teams up with another graceling, Po, to save the kingdoms.
Grand Canyon
Human history melds with ecology and geography in this detailed reference book describing the past and present of the Grand Canyon. A father-and-daughter hike through the various levels and depths of the canyon traverses amazing rock formations, touches of history, and a wealth of science vocabulary and concepts. Attractive fold-out illustrations, look-through features, and end notes enhance this rich resource.
Grand Mosque of Paris, The: The Story of How Muslims Saved Jews During the Holocaust
During the Nazi occupation of Paris, no Jew was safe from arrest and deportation to a concentration camp. Few Parisians were willing to risk their own lives to help. Yet many Jews found refuge in an unlikely place, the sprawling complex of the Grand Mosque of Paris. Not just a place of worship but also a community center, this hive of activity was an ideal temporary hiding place for escaped prisoners of war and Jews of all ages, including children.
Grand Old Tree, A
This book takes you through the life cycle of a tree. A neat story even showing decomposition.
Granddaughter Necklace, The
A necklace is the link between generations, passed along at one of those key moments in the daughter's life. The author traces one family's journey from the old world to the new, from past to present and across continents by telling the stories of each wearer of the necklace. The Granddaughter Necklace can spark wonderful family conversations by drawing out special memories that deserve to be shared.
Grandfather's Dance
This story completes the tale of the Witting family on the prairie. They celebrate a wedding, entertain three aunts from Maine, and have pretend weddings. Cassie experiences joy, sorrow, and Grandfather's special dance.
Grandma in Blue With Red Hat
Told what makes art special -- something beautiful, something funny, something that tells a story -- and that anything can be art, the main character gets an idea. He believes his grandmother is all of these things and thus qualifies to be an exhibit in a museum. When the curator says they don't accept grandmothers, the boy gets an even better idea. Warmth and love between grandma and grandchild are at the heart of this humorous tale.
Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip
Grandma grows a large turnip so large that she enlists the entire family to help her pull it out. This contemporary and multicultural rendition of "The Turnip" includes a note about African American cookery and the origins of the original Russian tale.
Grandmama's Pride
Illustrated by Colin Bootman. Grandmama tells her granddaughters to sit on the back seat of the bus because it's the most comfortable. Then six-year-old Sarah learns to read and she begins to understand what all the signs in the South mean. An inspiring story of dignity and strength in the black community in the 1950s.
Grandma's Hurrying Child
Illustrated by Kay Charao. Grandma tells her grandchild how she had to hurry across three states to attend her premature arrival into the world. Chorao's soft pastels tell a warm and loving interteneratoinal story. Good curl up with grandma book.
Grandma's Pear Tree
Jesse has a problem when his ball gets stuck in his Grandma's prized pear tree. My - what an adventure Jesse and his family have trying to get the ball out! The big surprise is at the end and how to get a special someone down from the tree.
Grandpa's Music: A Story About Alzheimers
This touching story written from a child's point of view, follows Grandpa's journey with Alzheimer's. Many suggestions for supporting those with Alzheimer's are given as this story progresses. The devastating effects are handled respectfully - and the soft illustrations contribute to the sensitivity of this story.
Grandpa's Tractor
Grandpa Joe takes Timmy to visit the family farm, where the old house and barn still stand. They find the rusted old red tractor that brings back many happy memories for Grandpa.
Grasshopper Jungle
In this crazy, end-of-the-world romp, two high school boys discover their small Iowa town is not the “quiet” place it has always seemed to be. Written from the perspective of a young man trying to figure himself out sexually and religiously, these boys confront giant bugs and their own fears. They must save themselves, a girlfriend, a dog, and a few select others. The book is written using adolescent boys’ language and involves blunt topics.
Thirteen-year-old Thomas Hunter has always longed to taste life on the Western range. So when a letter arrives inviting him to join his father and new family on their Kansas farm he can already see himself riding the range like a real cowboy. The farm is hardly what he expected: barely enough food, his new stepmother seems harsh and he spends all his time mucking out the barn and working in the fields. Just as Thomas grows restless the family's herd gets swept up in a cattle stampede and he must follow a bunch of cowboys to reclaim it. Facing the prairie adventure he has dreamed of, he finds himself in some eye-opening action that causes him to honor the Code of the West.
Thirteen-year-old Thomas Hunter has always longed to taste life on the Western range. So when a letter arrives inviting him to join his father and new family on their Kansas farm he can already see himself riding the range like a real cowboy. The farm is hardly what he expected: barely enough food, his new stepmother seems harsh and he spends all his time mucking out the barn and working in the fields. Just as Thomas grows restless the family's herd gets swept up in a cattle stampede and he must follow a bunch of cowboys to reclaim it. Facing the prairie adventure he has dreamed of, he finds himself in some eye-opening action that causes him to honor the Code of the West.
Great American Whatever, The
Quinn Roberts and his sister used to make movies. He would write the witty scripts, or at least most of them, and she would film and edit. At least that is until she died in a car wreck. Now Quinn and his mother can't do much of anything. Reaching out one last time, Geoff, Quinn's best friend, insists he go out to a party. When he meets a hot and seemingly nice guy at this college party, it might just be the start of Quinn healing. This story will resonate with students who are having a hard time overcoming a death or struggling with a life-changing decision.
Great Ball of Light
Twins Fiona and Fenton capture a ball of light after a terrible storm on their farm, and discover that the ball has powers to bring things back to life. Trying it out on ever larger dead things, they finally go for their former dog Scruffy -- only he comes back as a zombie dog. Debate ensues as to whether they should use these powers any more, but temptation wins out and they call up their grandpa. Now they have two zombies on their hands. How they deal with their father, the neighbor, and two zombies is humorous, interjected with some rather gross descriptions which will delight younger zombie fans.
Great Big Boom, The
This third adventure sweeps Hilo along on his quest to find the portal that sucked Gina away in a previous installment. He and D.J. find themselves on Polly's magical planet of Oshun where they discover Gina to be just fine. Along the way, Hilo begins remembering more of his past, including the existence of a sister and snippets of the duties he is to accomplish. Non-stop action, clever, vivid illustrations, and resolution of one major mystery in the story will satisfy series fans and entice even the most reluctant readers while setting stage for the next adventure.
Great Big Green, The
What is so green that it includes every conceivable color imaginable? Read this beautifully illustrated book to discover the answer.
Great Big Guinea Pigs
Mother guinea pig tells little guinea pig about their big ancestors in Venszuela millions of years ago. Little guinea pig cannot believe it and is happy to be the loveable pet he is today. Great illustrations.
Great Cake Bake, The
Illustrated by Matt Collins. Something disastrous always happens when Donna Rae enters a contest. Her cakes spew tea, explode or result in a cake fight. Kids will love the silliness of it all in this funny tall tale.
Great Dane: Gentle Giant
Meet Gibson, the Great Dane Therapy Dog. This book offers a unique look at the gentle giants that have been around for a long time and gives a detailed history of the breed from a hunter to a house pet. These dogs are really a treasure in a giant package.
Great Death, The
As their Alaskan village's only survivors of sickness brought by white men one winter early in the twentieth century, sisters Millie, aged thirteen, and Maura, ten, make their way south in hopes of finding someone alive.
Great Divide, The
This book combines rhyming division story problems with unusual collective nouns (a group of squirrels is a dray; a group of rhinoceros is a crash.) For example, "Twenty tough gorillas, magnificent and grand, march in five directions. How many in each b
Great Escapes
This volume in the Mysteries and Mayhem series explores five famous escapes—some from danger, some from the law—including three Alcatraz inmates, and a geologist and explorer fighting for their lives in Antarctica. While the dramatic narrative may at times edge over into the sensational, its fast pace also may draw in reluctant readers.
Great Fuzz Frenzy, The
The fuzz is flying in prairie dog town and what havoc it causes! When Violet, the dog, drops a tennis ball into their town the fun begins. A charming story about working together and friendship.
Great Good Summer, The
Ivy Green's life has turned upside down since her mother left to supposedly follow charismatic pastor "Hallelujah Dave" to Panhandle, Florida. Ivy and her father try hard to piece together their lives amid the loneliness and growing concern over mom's true whereabouts. Through a summer babysitting job, Ivy befriends a science "nerd" who dreams of becoming an astronaut. Their summer becomes a quest to see the Space Shuttle before that program is shut down -- and to find Ivy's mom.
Great Graph Contest, The
In this lively story, Toad and Lizard hold a contest to see who can make the best graphs. The graphs are cleverly woven into the storyline. Leedy includes tallies, surveys, venn diagrams, circle, picture, and bar graphs. More information on graphing at the back. Informative and fun!
Great Math Tattle Battle, The
Math whiz Hzrley is the biggest tattle tale in second grade until Emma Jean joins the class.
Great Migrations
This is a collection of amazing photographs in an interesting format that includes maps and graphics to satisfy a hunger for information. This book almost guarantees that the reader will continue to seek more information and is related to a global television event.
Great Receiver
Being plucked from water-boy obscurity to become your high school football team's star wide receiver is just a fantasy to Joey until a chance catch in front of the coach earns him a tryout. Rich characters and heart-pounding game action makes this a winner.
Great Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match, The
Move over Sherlock Holmes! Meet the pint-sized 4th grade super sleuth detective, Shelby Holmes, as she teams up with her best elementary friend John Watson and takes on the case of the new science teacher who seems to be in trouble. The quieter John, well-liked and friendly, must navigate family problems and health challenges related to his diabetes all while providing counterpoint to the usually opinionated and overbearing Shelby as they get to the bottom of things.
Great Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog, The
Illustrated by Julie Paschkis. A read aloud of this retelling of a British Beauty and the Beast tale will have young readers chiming in on each repetition of the "Great Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog" refrain. Less violent and more upbeat than most traditional versions, the "GSSSTD" rescues a rich man from bandits, claims his daughter as a reward, and after two near misses GSSSTD is transformed, through words of true love, into a prince.
Great Texas Hamster Drive, The
Illustrated by Bruce Whatley. Slue Foot Sal was a tiny little gal with three older brothers. They all had pets and she wanted one too! She settled on two hamsters and that led to 18, 376 of them! Like a cattle drive, the family drove the little varmints from Texas to Abilene where they were to go back to Chicago. What pet would come next?
Great Wide Sea, The
Ben Byron's mother went out for ice cream and is killed in a car crash. Her death forever changed the pleasant tenor of life for fifteen-year-old Ben, his two younger brothers and their father Jim Byron a college professor. Without talking it over with this three sons, Jim Byron takes a leave of absence from his college, sells everything, and invests the money in a sail boat. Unwilling participants in this venture, the boys nevertheless struggle to learn the skills required. Then while on watch one night by himself, Jim falls overboard, leaving his three sons at the mercy of the storm. Packed with action, this book would make a good classroom novel with plenty of discussion and research topics.a good read!
Greek Mythology
Learn ancient stories of how Prometheus outsmarted the gods, how Achilles' heel led to his death, and how we mere mortals always seem to get mixed up in so many misadventures. This title is one of five stand-alone books in the Junior Genius Guide series by Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings.
Greek Myths and Legends
From the earliest civilizations people have wondered about the beginning of time. Where do we come from, who started our world, and why are we here? This book relates many of the myths and legends used by ancient Greeks to explain the world around them.
Green City
Although this title describes the devastation and tragic loss felt in 2007 when a tornado destroyed most of Greensburg, KS, it quickly moves on to the local leaders' decision to rebuild the town and make it environmentally sustainable. Side bars give additional detailed information on the process of rebuilding Greensburg into one of the greenest towns in America.
Green Jasper
This is the middle book of a trilogy in the time frame of the Crusades. England is in turmoil over who will be king. This is a story of two brothers who fight for home, love, and country.
Green Thumbs-Up!
Displaced from her small hometown and fellow-gardener friends, Anna strongly dislikes apartment life in Chicago and the unfriendly kids at her huge new school. First in the Friendship Garden series, this tale tracks Anna's discovery of a neglected community garden plot and coinciding opportunities to cultivate some new friendships.
Green Witch
A year after her world was nearly destroyed, sixteen-year-old Green has become the one villagers turn to for aid, especially to record their stories, but Green will need the help of other women who, like herself, are believed to be witches if she is to find her best friend and her one true love. The language and voice make the reader beg for more from Green.
Greetings from Nowhere
Agnes Duncan and her husband have enjoyed running the Sleep Time Motel in the Great Smoky Mountains for years. Now her husband is dead, the bills are mounting, and there hasn't been a paying guest in months. Reluctantly, Agnes sells the motel to Clyde Dover and his daughter Willow who are looking for a new beginning after Clyde's wife deserts the family. Told through the eyes of Agnes and Willow, the old motel's new beginning may be just what Agnes and Willow need.a great read!
Greetings from Witness Protection
Nicki has been through six foster homes while waiting on her father to get out of prison. But when two U.S. Marshals show up at the "Center" looking for help with a family in the Witness Protection program, Nicki seizes the opportunity. She really tries to stay “average” and maintain a low profile while creating a new identity and keeping her new family safe from the criminal elements that threaten them. In spite of her best efforts, will her old pick-pocket habits or past secrets put them all in danger? Great characters and enough suspense will keep readers flipping pages until the very end.
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods
Gregor must find the cure for a deadly disease or he will lose his mother, friends, and Aries. He has no choice but to put his life in danger once again. Number three in The Underland Chronicles Series.
Gregor and the Marks of Secret
Book 4 of the Underland Chronicles does not disappoint fans of the series. When the mice who saved Queen Luxa start disappearing she, along with Gregor, and Temp must travel the Underworld and face the challenges of Bane.
Grendel's Guide to Love and War
High schooler Tom Grendel is the lone teen in the middle of a retirement community. With his sister gone at college, his father suffering from PTSD, and his mother dead for over nine years, Tom's companions are mainly the elderly widows whose lawns he mows and Ed, his wine-making buddy. When Tom's neighbors move to Florida and the Rothgars move in, including the beautiful Willow, he thinks his social life might be looking up. But the Rothgars start throwing parties every night that are loud enough to wake the neighborhood. If Tom wants to get any sleep, he's got to do something. In a series of laugh-out-loud encounters, Tom and his friends try to put a stop to the revelry next door. In an homage to Beowolf, A.E. Kaplan presents a touching, funny novel that will especially resonate with male readers.
Greyhound, a Groundhog, A
Meet a round greyhound and a plump groundhog who work themselves into a frenzy as they chase each other round and round. A swirling, simple palette and rhyming, tongue-twisting text make this one fun read-aloud that celebrates rhyming words and the satisfaction of exuberant play with a good friend.
Greyhound: Canine Blur!
Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world. This speedy canine can run almost twice as fast as a human. Information included about the history of the breed, the dog's life as a race dog, and about greyhounds as pets. Lots of fantastic photos and easy to read text with text features make this seven-book series entitled
Grimm Legacy, The
Elizabeth's new job at the New York Circulating Material Repository brings new friends, incredible magical adventures, danger, and a little romance. Intermingled classic fairy tale elements and modern-day conflicts make this clever novel a sure hit.
Gross Body Invaders
This REALLY close-up view of parasites that can be found in or on your body is part of a set called
Gross Out Defenses: Deadly Poison Dart Frogs
A beautiful set of books that explore animals who use their bodies natural defenses to protect themselves. Readers will be captivated by the detailed photos and simple text.
Groundhog Stays Up Late
Illustrated by Jean Cassels. Much like the ant and the grasshopper groundhog's friends are not going to help him out if he decides not to hibernate. When he plays a trick on them they get him back but all ends well. Groundhog is a party animal!
Grouping at the Dog Show
Rookie Read About Math series. An interesting little non-fiction story about how they group and categorize dogs in a dog show. Shows a Venn diagram as an illustration.
Grover Cleveland, Again: A Treasury of American Presidents
Each U.S. president gets a two-page spread, complete with formal portraits and some key or maybe humorous facts in this late-elementary resource. Pencil-type illustrations with digital touches help convey the historical setting of each presidency, while end matter includes details such as birthplaces, locations of presidential libraries or museums and historic sites.
Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature
This interesting discourse of the Fibonacci patterns in nature is supported by photographic evidences found in nature. This is a bonus for discussion of numbers.
Grudge Keeper, The
Who knew there were so many names for grudges?! Imbroglios, bones to pick, pique, high dudgeon, tiffs. The vocabulary in this title is impressive!  Everyone in the village writes their grievances down and gives them to the Grudge Keeper for safe keeping. When a windstorm spreads the grudges everywhere, they realize there's no need to keep hanging on to their grudges. This story is a great discussion starter about forgiveness.
Grumbles Forest: Fairy-Tale Voices with a Twist
What were all those fairy-tale characters thinking? Yolen and Dotlich answer this question in paired poems, with sometimes startling results. Fifteen well-known fairy tales have two short poems in formats spoken from the point of view of a character. The poems invite readers to write their own fairy-tale poems.
Grumbles from the Town: Mother Goose Voices With a Twist
Mother Goose rhymes are paired with two other poems, each giving different twists on the familiar classic. "The Rosebush Grumbles (Again)," companion poem to "Ring Around the Rosie," humorously explores the perspective of the bush and how it hates the song! This fun read caps off with end matter providing background information on the original rhymes.
Grumpy Bird
Grumpy Bird goes for a walk collecting other animals along the way. When he figures out that they are copying him, he no longer is grumpy.
Guantanamo Boy
Set just six months after 9/11, a 15-year-old British boy of Pakistani and Turkish descent reluctantly visits family in Pakistan. There he is mistaken as an enemy combatant, kidnapped and taken to Guantanamo Bay. How private are online computer games? What will be done in the name of national security? How important is family? This book puts a face on the prisoners of Guantanamo and is a must read for teens.
Guide to Kansas Architecture
A one-of-a-kind guide to Kansas architecture that is a handy reference invaluable to the well-versed architect but assembled so the merely inquisitive reader will appreciate state history and its people. Well written text of localized architecture supported with 601 black-and-white photographs gives this selection a strong place in all Kansas collections.
Guide to Kansas Architecture
A one-of-a-kind guide to Kansas architecture that is a handy reference invaluable to the well-versed architect but assembled so the merely inquisitive reader will appreciate state history and its people. Well written text of localized architecture supported with 601 black-and-white photographs gives this selection a strong place in all Kansas collections.
Guide to Kansas Architecture
A one-of-a-kind guide to Kansas architecture that is a handy reference invaluable to the well-versed architect but assembled so the merely inquisitive reader will appreciate state history and its people. Well written text of localized architecture supported with 601 black-and-white photographs gives this selection a strong place in all Kansas collections.
Guide to Kansas Architecture
A one-of-a-kind guide to Kansas architecture that is a handy reference invaluable to the well-versed architect but assembled so the merely inquisitive reader will appreciate state history and its people. Well written text of localized architecture supported with 601 black-and-white photographs gives this selection a strong place in all Kansas collections.
Guide to the Other Side, A
Baylor Basco isn't exactly at ease with his ability, but he can communicate with ghosts. His twin sister Kristina--who is a ghost--helps him relay messages from those who have passed into the afterlife to their loved ones still among the living. Along with his day-to-day middle-school life adventures, the whole paranormal dialogue thing is not too overwhelming until an evil spirit begins to haunt Baylor, and he realizes his life could be in danger.
Guinea Dog
Rufus is desperate for a dog, but his father simply will not allow it. When Mom brings home a guinea pig, Rufus is skeptical - until he discovers this guinea pig thinks he's a dog!
Guinea Dog
Rufus is desperate for a dog, but his father simply will not allow it. When Mom brings home a guinea pig, Rufus is skeptical – until he discovers this guinea pig thinks he’s a dog!
Guinea Dog 3
Sequel 3 is a worthy addition to the award-winning, hilariously funny middle-grade series about guinea pigs who act like other pets. When Pedro admits he has a paralyzing fear of water, his friends try to cheer him up with a pet. Only this pet won't leave the water - he swims like an otter.
Guinea Pig Scientists: Bold Self-Experiments in Science
This is a well-documented fascinating book of ten true stories of men and women who have been so dedicated to scientific research that they have experimented on themselves. Sketches and historical photos illustrate the exploits; also included are biographical references, a timeline and index.
Gully's Travels
A spoiled dog living the good life with his professor owner has a rude awakening when he is given away to the doorman and his noisy, rowdy family.
Gym Candy
Mick's love of football was instilled in him at the ripe old age of 4. As he realizes his high school career hinges not on his speed or agility but his lack of power, Mick is convinced to use "gym candy" or steroids. Bigger, stronger, faster comes at a price. An honest look at an ugly addiction.
H is for Hook: A Fishing Alphabet
A fishing alphabet book using poetry and prose. A wonderful book of expository text.
Hachiko Waits
Professor Ueno's loyal Akita, Hachiko, waits for him at the train station every afternoon, and even after the professor unexpectedly dies while at work, Hachiko faithfully continues to await his return until the day the dog dies.
Hades Speaks!
Hades escorts the reader on a tour of the land of the underworld as only the top god can. The author uses a light-hearted if slightly macabre first-person approach to describe the darker realms of Greek mythology. Learn about the monsters and special torments that may await you in the afterlife in this second title of the series Secrets of the Ancient Gods.
Hair Dance
Girls love hair. This gives it to them in stunning photos of African-American girls of varying ages combined with easy text. Positive upbeat message says take joy in you. Definitely urban setting and appeal with good introduction.
Half a World Away
Jaden was adopted from an orphanage in Eastern Europe when he was eight years old. When he arrived at his new home, he had many issues: setting fires, not feeling love for his new parents, and anger that his mother gave him up to the orphanage when he was four. Now that he is twelve years old, his family is traveling to Kazakhstan to adopt another child - a baby boy. When they get there, the baby they came for has already been adopted, and they are confronted with an agonizing decision between six other babies. Meanwhile, one of the toddlers at the orphanage has seemingly "chosen" Jaden, and now Jaden finds he is concerned with someone outside himself - a total deviation from the blinding fury that has long consumed him.
Half Bad
White witches are good; black witches are evil. Sixteen-year-old Nathan, the illegitimate son of a white witch mother and a black witch father, is neither - yet. He is designated a Half Code due to his mixed parentage, a status met with fear and disgust by most. He is kept in a cage, beaten regularly, and toughened up for when he turns 17 and receives his three gifts. Both white and black witches want him, because he is the path to his father - the most powerful, and evil, and reviled of all black witches. But Nathan has no desire to kill anyone and knows he must escape and gain his freedom. Some of the violence (beatings, bullying, and torture) may be off-putting to more sensitive readers, but lovers of dark fantasy will enjoy this energetic, gripping volume.
Half Brother
On Ben's thirteenth birthday, he is introduced to his newest family member, a newborn chimp named Zan, who is to be raised as part of the family and taught sign language. A warm and loving connection develops between Ben and Zan, but it is apparent that Ben's father views Zan simply as a scientific specimen. Ben is concerned about what will happen to Zan once the experiment is over. Set in Canada in the 1970s, this is a thought-provoking, memorable story.
Half-True Lies of Cricket Cohen, The
Confronted by her teacher for telling "half-truths" in her final project, which is a memoir, Cricket must rewrite the assignment. However, when her parents leave for the weekend, Cricket and her eccentric grandmother Dodo find it much more entertaining to go on a somewhat upscale adventure in Manhattan. But the romp soon reveals lapses in Dodo’s memory, and the two are stopped for shoplifting as a result. Cricket proves to be a compassionate, patient partner to her grandmother during their ensuing time in police protective custody. In the end, her memoir is rewritten to reflect at least a partial coming to grips with the need for truth-telling, and middle-grade readers gain an age-appropriate understanding of early dementia.
Halfway Normal
Twelve-year-old Norah is returning to school as a seventh grader after a two-year absence due to leukemia. The academics have been easy, but the social part is causing many bumps in the road. Other students either tend to coddle and pity her, or have moved on to other friendships, leaving Norah on the sidelines. Her parents fear she will overdo it at school, imposing rules that keep her home on weekends and limit extra activities—and hamper her ability to fit into the middle school scene. Norah has gotten so far ahead in math that she is bumped to an eighth-grade class where she meets Griffin, the good-looking new guy who also loves mythology and art—and knows nothing of her absence or illness. Norah initially decides not to tell him. The book is less about cancer and more about moving forward and accepting who you are.
Hallelujah Flight, The
An inspirational picture book based on actual events from 1932. Pilots, Joe Banning and Thomas Allen, made history as the first African Americans to fly across America.
Halloween Book of Facts and Fun, The
History, activities, riddles, crafts, traditions and websites are combined in this colorful book about Halloween.
Hammerin' Hank Greenberg
This book follows Greenberg from his childhood in New York City to his long career with the Detroit Tigers, his military service during WW II, and his role as a baseball executive. Born to Romanian Jewish immigrants in 1911, he overcame many anti-Semitic taunts throughout his career and went on to be inducted into the Baseball Hall-of-Fame.
Hamster Camp: How Harry Got Fit
Pictures by Nancy Cote. Harry's pet hamster is worried about the eating habits of his owner. At hamster camp, Harry becomes a hamster and enjoys the exercise and eating habits of his furry friend. The health instructor will find this to be a good read aloud for the healthy lifestyle part of the course.
Hamsters to the Rescue
These two adorable hamsters will enchant small children. Good story which teaches a lesson.
Hamsters, Shells, and Spelling Bees: School Poems
A collection of 20 light-hearted poems written by various authors that celebrate school experiences. Illustrations are delightful and the text is appropriate for building reading and vocabulary skills in beginning readers. A terrific new choice for a back to school read aloud. Part of the "I Can Read" series, Level 2.
Hand in Hand: Ten Black Men Who Changed America
This book tells the stories of ten influential African-American men from different eras in American History. These include Benjamin Banneker, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, A. Philip Randolph, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson,
Hank Finds an Egg
This wordless picture book uses photography to tell the story of Hank, a bearlike creature, who finds an egg on the forest floor. After several unsuccessful tries, he enlists the aid of a hummingbird to carry the moss-wrapped egg to the nest. When the eggs hatch, Hank is rewarded with three new friends!
Hansel & Gretel
The author's original flare enhances this wonderful version of Hansel and Gretel, and illustrations create a dark and mysterious mood. Students will enjoy interpreting and analyzing the detail.
Hansel and Diesel
Brave brother and sister trucks Hansel and Diesel travel into the middle of the junkyard searching for fuel to hellp the family through the winter. They have a frightening encounter with the Wicked Winch. Contemporary take on Hansel and Gretel with special boy appeal.
Hanukkah Bear
Bubba Brayna is 97 years old and doesn’t see or hear well at all. It’s Hanukkah and she mistakes a bear for the Rabbi. When the Rabbi arrives with all of her friends, there are no potato latkes left. She gave them all to the bear! This is a well told holiday story with charming illustrations.
Hanukkah Mice, The
Illustrated by author. During the first night of Hanukkah, Rachel gets a beautiful dollhouse. The mouse family watches each night as Rachel receives furniture. Food magically appears for the mice as Rachel smiles secretly.
Hap-pea All Year
The Peas are back and this time they are happily making their way through the months of the year. Each page offers a colorful illustration of the months from January to December. Fans of this series will enjoy this addition.
Happy Birthday Hamster
Hamster fears his friends have forgotten his birthday. He helps his best friend, Dog, run errands without knowing they are actually for Hamster's
Happy Birthday Tree! A Tu B'Shevat Story
Tu B'Shevat is a Jewish holiday known as "New Year for Trees" or "Birthday of the Trees." The little girl in the story knows just the right gift for her favorite tree. The story has an ecological message for caring for trees and could tie in nicely to A
Happy Feet Savoy
Illustrated by E.B. Lewis. Based on fact, this book tells of a time in black history. The author brings alive a by-gone era. Well-written and illustrated.
Happy School Year!
Illustrated by Mary DePalma. Little ones all over town awake to the promise of a new year. The children, teachers, and parents arrive at school just knowing it will be a best ever school year.
Hard Hat Zone
Interesting and factual information about the construction of a sky scraper is accompanied by photographs of the heavy equipment used at the site. Also included are pictures of safety gear and descriptions of simple safety guidelines for construction workers. Children interested in building and big machinery will love this book, and educators will appreciate its curriculum connections to tools, jobs, and machines.
Hard Hit
Mark has a desirable life as the star pitcher in school, with a new girlfriend, best friend and decent family. When his father is diagnosed with cancer, Mark's world is devastated and everything he takes for granted or believes in is questioned.
Harlem Summer
Sixteen-year-old Mark Purvis will never forget the summer of 1925 in Harlem. In just a month's time, Mark will get to meet the best and the worst people of New York City. The root of Mark's troubles is his desire for money--the easier, the better.
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
A runaway slave named Harriet Tubman risked her life for over 20 years by returning to the south to bring other slaves north on the Underground Railroad. During the Civil War, she continued to serve the cause by working for the Union Army as a spy. After the war, she worked tirelessly for the rights of both blacks and women. The book is filled with wonderful primary sources from that time period.
Harriet Tubman, a Woman of Courage
These beginning biographies are formatted like easy readers with excellent photographs, sidebars and timelines. Solid information about the person's life, family, and accomplishments is given.
Harvey Girls
This book introduces us to this little-known chapter of American history. Through period photographs and lively anecdotes, you'll meet the women whose culture and courage changed the American West.
Harvey Girls
This book introduces us to this little-known chapter of American history. Through period photographs and lively anecdotes, you'll meet the women whose culture and courage changed the American West.
Hat for Mrs. Goldman, A
Mrs. Goldman knits hats for all of the little ones in her neighborhood. After Mrs. Goldman gives her own hat away, young Sophia worries that Mrs. Goldman's head will get cold. She decides to knit a special hat for her using the skills that Mrs. Goldman taught her in this tender story about love between the generations.
Hattie & Hudson
Hattie loves paddling her canoe on the nearby lake after all the motorboats have docked. The peaceful scene inspires Hattie to sing, which draws a massive but docile lake "monster" up from the depths to seek the source of this lovely sound. Hattie senses this is no dangerous beast, and names him Hudson. When the townspeople discover his existence, the talk is all about eradicating this grave danger. But Hattie implores them to give him a chance, convinced they will come to love him as she does. Stunning illustrations and a story with exceptional vocabulary gently expose the typical human fear of the unknown and encourage consideration for those not similar to us.
Hattie big sky
After inheriting her uncle's homesteading claim in Montana, sixteen-year-old orphan Hattie Brooks travels from Iowa in 1917 to make a home for herself and encounters some unexpected problems related to the war being fought in Europe.
Haunted Caves
Explore haunted caves from across the United States and England. Read about the history of the caves and possible reasons they may be haunted.
Haunted Hotels
Recounts the true stories behind haunted hotels across the country, describing the events that led up to the hauntings and what hotel guests have seen. Sensationalized content will keep these books from growing dusty on the shelves. Other books in the series: Abandoned Insane Asylums; Creepy Castles; Ghost Towns; Haunted Houses; Spooky Cemeteries.
Haunted House, Haunted Mouse
Three costumed trick-or-treaters come to Mouse's door, so he scurries into one of their candy-filled bags to see what Halloween is all about. Consider this for a Halloween adventure story!
Haunted Kansas:
An intriguing blend of Kansas history and ghost stories that will appeal to readers from Middle School to Adult. Many of the ghost stories (as told by the locals) have several different endings. Hertz gives all of the known versions of a particular ghost story, and also points out possible fallacies in the legend.
Have a Look, Says Book
As young children explore their world, hands on, so this book invites the reader and listener beyond just hearing the words. The little girl in the book enters the world of imagination in each brightly illustrated rhyme.
Have No Fear!
When Veronica sees a second-grade classmate’s severe anxiety at recess time, Veronica befriends her and tries to help. Between upending the class’s charity penny jar (among other fiascos), and eliciting responses that range from blank stares to blood-curdling screams, Veronica is sure she’s made things worse. Best friends and a sibling join forces with Veronica in the endeavor, but it takes a wise suggestion from her mother to really make progress. The plan: a stair-step approach for Maya to deal with her aversion to creepy-crawly things. All rejoice when Maya celebrates small victories in facing her bug phobia head-on, and the "Fix-It Friends" are born, presaging a book series. An appended "Fix-It Toolbox" gives practical ideas for dealing with fears and phobias—so common at this age—and anxiety resources for both students and parents.
Have You Seen My Monster?
A girl has lost her monster at the fair and doesn’t know where to find him. Children will enjoy searching the richly detailed illustrations to find the monster amid a variety of hidden geometric shapes.
Hazy Bloom and the Tomorrow Power
Third grader Hazy Bloom unexpectedly begins having premonitions of future events, and her best friend is certain this is a superpower which they call "tomorrow power." Her first vision includes green peas flying midair just a day before a food fight at the school cafeteria—with peas. However, her inability to correctly interpret her visions leads to a series of disastrous and hilarious messes, requiring Hazy to sort out her superpower and resolve the trouble she has created.
He Will Go Fearless
Determined to find the father he as never met, fifteen-year-old Billy leaves St. Joseph, Missouri, at the close of the Civil War and heads for Virginia City. Not wanting to make the trip alone, Billy signs on as a teamster and battles weather, river crossings, outlaws and other problems in his quest to find his father. Based loosely on diaries of western artist William Henry Jackson, readers will cheer for Billy as he struggles toward Virginia City and steps into adulthood.
Kyle Bailey pursues his dream to become a WWE superstar by enrolling in a school for professional wrestlers. He shows promise and after graduation lands a beginner's role in an established routine. On the brink of fulfilling his dream, the teen has to give up his fledgling career to care for his grandmother, who raised him after his mother abandoned him. The book focuses mainly on Kyle's relationships with his mother, grandmother, and older girlfriend. The resolution is a little too pat and glib but most readers will find the book a satisfying read.
Heart of a Shepherd
Ignatius "Brother" Alderman, nearly twelve, promises to help his grandparents keep the family's Oregon ranch the same while his brothers are away and his father is deployed to Iraq, but as he comes to accept the inevitability of change, he also sees the man he is meant to be.
Heart on Fire: Susan B Anthony Votes for President
Outrageous…Unbelievable…True! - that women could not vote, was the stance that Susan B. Anthony took a stand against in the election of 1872. Having registered, both she and the officials who allowed it were arrested after the election. She was brought
Hearts of Iron
This novel is set in 1820 in mountainous western Connecticut community dependent on their ironworks. Jesse dreams of a life in the Navy but is torn between his need to leave and his love for Lucy while Lucy's dad plots to for her to marry better and move to Boston.
Heart-Stopping Roller Coasters - World's Biggest Series
Superlatives! From roller coasters to airplanes to earthmovers to trucks, the full color photos illustrate the fastest, biggest, heaviest - and will certainly capture reading appetites that love data. Each title also includes glossary, index, bibliography, and places to find out more.
Heat Wave
Illustrated by Betsy Lewin. What did people do before air conditioning to keep cool during a heat wave? The yellows and oranges in the fun illustrations let you know how hot it really is. When the town comes together to cool off, in tones of blue, they all have the same dream.which comes true!
Helen's Big World: The Life of Helen Keller
This beautifully illustrated biography shares the huge challenges Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, faced and overcame. Each double-page spread includes a well chosen quote from Helen's own writing. Bibliographic references and end papers il
Hell and High Water
Caleb, a mixed-race teen, and his father travel around the countryside of 18th century England performing Punch and Judy shows. When his father is wrongfully convicted of theft and sent to America, Caleb moves in with his aunt and her stepdaughter, Lettie. Unable to find work because he's considered a "darkie", Caleb helps with the sewing his aunt takes in. One day Caleb finds a body washed up on the beach and is shocked to find his father's ring on the man's hand. The village minister and local lord try to convince Caleb that the man was not his father. Caleb and Lettie grow closer as they investigate; but when dark secrets begin to emerge, they must escape in this well written tale with lots of action and romance.
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
The life of Johnny Cash from his humble Arkansas beginnings to his rise as a country music recording artist is recounted using lyrical language and beautiful illustrations by A. G. Ford. Readers will readily pick up on Johnny Cash's spirit of determination and perseverance.
When asthmatic and normally cowardly Marlow musters up his courage to save Pan's life and learns she has signed a contract with the Devil's Engine (or essentially sold herself to the devil), his brushes with the law and possible expulsion from his New York City school suddenly seem paltry. Told in alternating perspectives, this otherworldly chaotic-paced conflict touches on themes of loyalty, dealing with fear, and challenges of growing up portrayed by flawed yet relatable characters and colored with horror and otherworldly mystery to be resumed in future installments.
Help Me Learn Addition
Addition processes are colorfully illustrated to make it easy for a young child to understand. A page at the back explains common core expectations in Math for kindergarteners. There is one page of preview for subtraction.
Help Me Learn Subtraction
This book illustrates subtraction. It is intended to support the Common Core Standards in kindergarten and that students understand that subtraction is a take-away action.
Helpful Puppy, The
This puppy on the farm wants to help just like all the other animals, but what can he do? Then when the boy whistles for him, he finally learns what he can do - give love.
Helping Out Our Earth
What can we do to help out the Earth? This book shows ways that we can make a difference.
Hen, a Chick & a String Guitar, A
Illustrated by Sophie Fatus. A cummulative story based on Chilean folktale about a young boy who is given animals by his family. Each animal then has offspring which are included in the counting by two's song. A CD is included. Fun to read aloud and perform.
Henry Aaron's Dream
Henry Aaron dreamed of playing in the major leagues. Just when he was about to give up, he got a chance playing against his hero, Jackie Robinson.
Henry's Amazing Imagination
Henry finds himself the new star of show and tell with his embellished stories about giant snowmen, aliens, and pet dinosaurs. When his classmates call him a fibber, his teacher encourages him to use his imagination to write and illustrate his own stories.
Henry's Freedom Box
When Henry Brown was a child his master gave him to his son, so he was taken from his family. Henry grew and had his own family. When his wife and children were sold and taken away, he had had enough.
Her Right Foot
Far more than a simple history of the Statue of Liberty—although it is that—this book challenges the reader to consider her stance. Not merely standing, the statue is posed as if walking, right foot off the ground in mid-stride. The author makes the very timely point that she is not on her way to some banal everyday pastime, but instead symbolizes significant action. After all, “liberty and freedom from oppression are not things you get or grant by standing around,"
Here Comes Santa Cat
Easter Cat has become Santa Cat in this humorous cat-and-narrator exchange using cat-held signs. Some typical cat characteristics, including loner and self-centered tendencies, pose challenges for filling the role of Santa. The tale encourages pre-readers to verbalize what they see in the simple illustrations, and ends with encouragement to do something nice for others.
Here Comes the Easter Cat
The indignant cat in our story speaks through his expressions and the signs that he holds up. The narrator responds. Cat is upset about all the attention the Easter Bunny receives and decides he will be the Easter Cat delivering chocolate bunnies. No cat naps, you say? That won’t work at all. Could an Easter Cat on a motorcycle work faster and still have time for naps? This is a funny book children will love. The simple pen and ink illustrations are perfect for the text.
Here Comes the Girl Scouts!
Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low would be so proud of this book! It is a history of the Girl Scouts who celebrate their 100th birthday this year. Daisy was a visionary who would not take "no" for an answer. She believed that girls could do anything, and she
Here Lies Daniel Tate
In order to get the Canadian authorities off his back, our protagonist tells them he is Daniel Tate, missing since he was abducted at the age of ten. Reunited with Daniel’s wealthy family in California, he soon realizes that things are not quite right. The mother drinks and stays in her bedroom most of the day. The older brother and sister hover over him and don't want him to go to school or speak with the FBI about his kidnapping. The would-be Daniel figures out that the mother, brother, and sister know he isn't Daniel, but how and why are they so sure? He determines to find out what really happened to their little brother. With so many twists and turns in this thriller, the reader won't know who to believe or guess what will happen next.
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
A delightful presentation of the traditional song and dance. Includes ten action packed verses of the song with darling illustrations of children from four different cultures. A history of the song and dance is also included at the back, as well as a wonderful CD featuring Fred Penner. A fantastic choice for getting little ones up and moving during story time.
Here, There Be Dragons
Three strangers board the ship, Indigo Dragon, where they must learn to overcome their fears and trust in one another if they are to defeat the dark forces that threaten the destiny of two worlds. A journey of myth, magic, and mystery.
14-year-old Zach is learning a lot since his father's death in a plane crash, including some powers he didn't know he had. He's also having a hard time figuring out who the good guys are and who are the "bads" and it's a dangerous question. Not your typical Lupica sports book, but one that will leave readers demanding the sequel.
Hero Beowulf, The
The epic poem is retold in words and pictures that will appeal to upper elementary students. A scary night creature named Grendal is terrorizing the king and queen. Then Beowulf offers to battle the monster. It's a classic fight between good and evil. Illustrated in well-done paintings.
Hero Cat
The story of a stray mother cat rescues all five of her kittens from a house fire and the firemen celebrate her heroics and bravery. Inspired by a true story.
Heroes Don't Run: a Novel of the Pacific War
Follows A Boy at War and A Boy No More. Adam Pelko and his two friends witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor where his father was killed. He feels he owes it to his dad to enlist, even though he's underage. After bootcamp he's sent to Okinawa to fight. War is not glorified here. It is brutal and friends are lost. Historical data summarized at the end of the book. A quick action-packed read.
Heroes of Baseball
This is a book with biographical material on sportswriter Lipsyte's favorite players. He gives an overview of baseball history that uses ey-catching design with red-bordered test and many photographs.
Heroes Who Risked Everything for Freedom: Civil War
Readers gain exposure to many heroes of the Civil War in this action-packed book. From better-known characters such as Harriet Tubman to lesser-known heroes, this book takes a look at spies and how they helped advance the fight against slavery during the Civil War.
Hey, You! Poems to Skyscrapers.
A collection of fun poems written by well-known poets, addressed to things, as the title suggests, such as a skyscraper or a fly. The gentle watercolor illustrations add visual appeal.
Hi! Fly Guy
Buzz wants so badly to enter the Amazing Pet Show but he has no pet. He captures Fly Guy and proves everyone wrong that a fly can be a pet, a super pet!
Hickory Dickory Dock
Count off the fun filled hours (and learn telling time basics) with a busy mouse and animal friends who buzz, nibble, kick, buck and wind away the hours from noon to midnight in this expanded version of the classic nursery rhyme. Colorful illustrations feature detailed actions of mouse on every spread with other characters bussing, kicking, slithering and nibbling their way across the page.
Hidden Child
Inspired to write this book after speaking to a group of middle school children the author tells the story of his survival during World War II. Vivid composite paintings and family photos sprinkled throughout the book help to make his story unforgettable.
Hidden Dangers
Meet 13 of the world's deadliest animals that lurk in ocean depths, swamps, forests, jungles, rain forests, and mountain tops. Look closely in these environments for the animals and try to avoid the dangers as they use their defensive behaviors to protect themselves—or as in the author's words, "You will DIE."
Hidden Girl
When Shyima Hall was eight years old, her impoverished parents sold her to pay a debt. Two years later, the wealthy family who bought her moved to Orange County, California, and smuggled her with them. Shyima served the family eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, until she was twelve. That's when an anonymous call from a neighbor brought about the end of Shyima's servitude - but her journey to true freedom was far from over. Hidden Girl is an inspiring and compelling memoir of a young women who lost her childhood to slavery - and built a new life grounded in determination and justice.
Hide & Seek
This is a fast moving outdoor adventure with hero Chase, a fourteen-year-old, who has begun geo-caching in the foothills of Arizona. With his first find, he also discovers a clue that leads him into a sequence of events: danger, hungry young boys, a strange campsite, a computer search--all kept secret from his family and friends. A great story and read-aloud.
After a severe beating by bullies, Sam needs to prove to himself he has what it takes, like his police chief father. The fishing boat he receives for his 13th birthday gives him ample opportunity to explore and find solace in the Mississippi marshland near his home. While searching for a missing dead body the authorities have been unable to locate, he finds instead is a young boy named Davey living alone and in need of food. As he starts secretly bringing provisions to Davey, he stumbles upon clues to a robbery that his father is trying to solve. Typical swampland dangers and encounters with the thieves ramp up the suspense in this coming-of-age thriller.
Hiding Dinosaurs
Something mysterious happens when Mom decides not to cook the eggs because they are too old. They begin to hatch. But these are not bird eggs, they are dinosaur eggs! The boy tries to hide the newly hatched dinosaurs from his family, but they keep growing and growing until it's very hard to keep his dinosaurs a secret.
High Score and Lowdown on Video Games, The
This Level 3 Ready-to Read gives background on a subject of high interest to most kids. Quizzes challenge reading comprehension of historical tidbits about video games from Pong to X-Box, and segue into Common-Core-vetted extras which incorporate science and math concepts.
Higher Geometry, A
This is a great picture of life in the 1950's when girls were expected to get married and raise a family even if they had great talent as did Anna. Her ability in math enable her to win a state-wide contest to get a college scholarship, but will she be allowed to use it? A well-written book with love interest, expectations, & loss.
Highway Cats
When mysterious kittens are dropped off along a highway, even the most bitter wild cats untie to stop a highway project that threatens their territory.
Hilo, Saving the Whole Wide World
Visiting alien Hilo and his earthling friends, DJ and Gina, must save the earth from a parade of kooky space monsters entering through portals all over town. A fantastically diverse cast of characters drives a knockout science fiction storyline in this vibrantly colored graphic novel sure to be a hit with students in the action/adventure/humor camp.
Hippie Chick
Lolly is different from most teen girls. She would rather spend her time on her boat off the shores of the Florida Keys. When a boating accident occurs Lolly is all but done for until a group of manatees rescue her. She forges a unique connection with the animals that help to save her.
Hippo Goes Bananas!
Each animal embellishes the story as they repeat a story about Hippo's actions when he has a bad toothache.
Hippopotamus Stew: and other silly animal poems
Illustrated by JoAnn Adinolfi. Vivid illustrations combine with playful poems about "quirky" animals of all sizes from whales to mosquitos. Laughs a plenty when you read these twenty - poems that is.
Hired Girl, The
In the first-person format of a diary, Joan describes her avoidance of a cruel father while dreaming of a better life away from the family's hardscrabble farm in 1911. Hopefully running away won't ruin things. Hopefully hiring out to a wealthy family in Baltimore will open opportunities -- if she can get past swooning over their sons, making mistakes with unfamiliar or everyday household conveniences, meddling, eavesdropping, and figuring out the expectations of the Rosenbachs and their old housekeeper.
Hiroshima Dreams
This coming-of-age novel about Lin who has psychic abilities, a gift she shares with her grandmother, who has recently come from Japan to live with Lin's multi-racial family. Lin can't explain the knowledge she has of the future, but her grandmother teaches her to develop her gift through meditation. The family's unspoken past is always in the background, and when the facts are revealed, they are captivating.
Omar wants a pet and he doesn't want a dog - he wants a snake - more than anything! He has done his research and knows how to take care of his snake. There's a problem - his mom refuses to have a snake in the house. What will he do now? This story is
History of Money, The: From Bartering to Banking
This expository experience with money guides the learner clearly from first evidences of wealth to present-day high-tech monetary systems. A slightly advanced vocabulary is enhanced by simple illustrations, allowing the learner to glean the information from either the text or the picture.
The national debt has been bought out by Valor National Bank, the first step in their insidious takeover. Individual debtors are then confronted with the option to pay up now, die now, or become assassins/ debt-collectors in this near futuristic thriller. Patsy takes her mother's place as an assassin, and learns with horror that her first ten "hits" are not all strangers.
Hit & Miss
Baseball action drives the narrative which intertwines with friendship frustrations and the mental challenge of focusing through a "slump." This fictionalized account of the author's own childhood centers on the lesson "think before you act," while touching on themes of prejudice and dealing with bullies.
After Moss is laid off from his job at the airstrip, Hitch sets out to find his dad in the Depression era novel. After he finds him he discovers he's nothing but an unemployed drunk. So it's up to him to support his family. He becomes a part of CCC and learns many lessons. A great tie-in with American History.
Hitch at the Fairmont, A
Jack's mother has died, and he is forced to live with his strange Aunt Edith at the swanky Fairmont Hotel. Then when Aunt Edith is kidnapped, Jack goes from fetching her chocolates to deciphering a ransom note - written in chocolate. Maybe in the process of finding his Aunt Edith he can also resolve the mystery behind his mother's death. So Jack tracks sinister villains, deciphers cryptic coded clues, and finds hidden passages and doorways with the help of an unlikely accomplice - Alfred Hitchcock himself!
Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow
This large format book is well done--plenty of black and white captioned photos and wide margins. This well-researched collection will aid casual readers and researchers alike. Although often eye-opening they encourage discussion about the power of a leader.
Hold Me Tight
Inspired by true events, told in prose poetry, this is a moving and powerful novel. Essie's father leaves the family abruptly and unexpectedly. Crisis after crisis (non-graphic inappropriate touches) looms, and finally, Essie and her family find ways to connect with friends who help them to cope.
Hold Still
How can Caitlin go on after the suicide of her best friend Ingrid? Feeling abandoned and unsure of the world around her, Caitlin reads Ingrid's last writings and slowly finds the closure she so desperately needs.
Holding up the Universe
From the author of All the Bright Places, this story deals with two teens and the issues they encounter learning to navigate life and high school. Libby Stout, formerly known as “America’s Fattest Teen”, is returning to school for the first time since 5th grade and the death of her mother. Jack Masselin, the cool, charming teenager with a secret is attending the same high school. When a cruel high school game goes bad, both end up in counseling. The two are drawn together due to the circumstances and discover the importance of looking beyond what they see on the outside.
Holiday Stew
Fun word play and clever illustrations abound in this collection of poems that celebrate practically every holiday. Organized by season, and offering poems of varying length, this volume of poetry will make a good resource for teachers.
Hollywood Dogs
Part of the Dog Heroes series, this slim volume discusses how Hollywood dogs are "discovered" and trained for their careers. Photos of famous dogs and their films are included, along with a reading list, websites, bibliography and glossary. There are fourteen titles in the series.
Hollywood Horses
Horse Power series. This informative book provides unusual facts about the challenges of making movies with horses. Discusses their training to become celebrity horses, and how they work along side people. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Home in America, A: A Volga German Story
Generations ago, Eva Maria’s ancestors had migrated from Germany to the Volga River region in Russia. Now in the 1890's, her family must endure another major relocation. When the news reaches her family of the threat of forced Russian military service for young men, her father decides to take their family and immigrate to America. Such a trip is not possible for the blind, feeble, great grandmother who has raised her, and Eva is heartbroken to leave her. Finally, after a long, grueling journey across the ocean, the suspense of passing health examinations at Ellis Island, and train rides half-way across the continent, the family meets up with Uncle Johann in Hays, Kansas before arriving in nearby Herzog to begin a new life on the prairie. This historical fiction is true to numerous oral accounts of Volga Germans who relocated to Herzog, now known as Victoria, Kansas.
Home of the brave
Kek, an African refugee, is confronted by many strange things at the Minneapolis home of his aunt and cousin, as well as in this fifth grade classroom, and longs for his missing mother, but finds comfort in the company of a cow and her owner.
Home on the Range
An illustrated biography of John A. Lomax who wrote down all the cowboy songs he heard growing up in Texas. He later achieved fame for his preservation of folk music.
Home, and other Big, Fat Lies
Whitney is a foster child that has been shuffled through 11 homes throughout her life. Now she's moving to the 12th foster home in a place like no where she's ever lived before. She is a city girl, and her new home is in the middle of a forest in a community built on the logging industry. Circumstances of why her new foster parents have agreed to take her in seem mysterious until she starts finding out about her new community. Whitney's humorous tone makes this story fun to read while showing the many problems faced between those whose lives depend on trees and those who live to protect the wildlife that depends on the trees.
In this sequel to Little Brother, Marcus Yarrow continues his fight for civil rights, internet freedom, and political corruption. When Marcus is attending the Burning Man event, enjoying the myriad of oddities there, he is approached by Masha, a secret agent he met three years earlier. She hands him a flash drive containing the key to unlock files with major whistle-blowing data about corporate and government wrongdoings and asks him to make it public if anything happens to her. Doctorow combines excitement, romance, humor, and geekery to create a book for anyone concerned about the future of information.
Homeroom Headhunters: The Tribe
Moving to a new school is hard enough, but it is even harder when you start to see people in the ceiling. Of course, convincing people to believe you is even harder, especially since you accidently burned down several classrooms at your old school. Things get even crazier when you see a missing person flyer that looks like the face you’ve seen peering down at you from the ceiling. When Spencer finally meets the student, he has an important decision to make. Will he leave his family and friends to join “The Tribe”?
Homerun King, The
This book brings to life the era when Major League Baseball teams were for whites only. Two brothers learn some valuable lessons while traveling with the Negro League baseball team.
Homework Machine, The
Kids will love this title. An unlikely group of four kids share a secret-the homework machine. The secret becomes overwhelming and the four of them are in a raqce to keep from going to jail.
Honest Ashley
Ashley procrastinates writing an assignment and is tempted to use an old paper of her brother's. After reading her brother's paper about honesty, Ashley thinks hard about doing the right thing.
Hoofbeats: Silence and Lily
A young girl named Silence lives during the tense time right before the Revolutionary War. She and her family must decide where their loyalties lie while learning more about themselves as well. Part of the Hoofbeat series.
Hooray Jose!
Written in verse, this is a story of a very short mouse that wants to play basketball but no one will choose him. He practices and waits for his chance.
Hop, The
This book is about Tad, a toad who is destined to become a leader, and Taylor, a young girl conflicted by her love of the nearby pond, her grandmother's cancer, and her parents' seeming lack of concern for her. They each wish to save the pond, the living
Hope and Tears: Ellis Island Voices
The book Hope and Tears is a mixture of fictional stories, dialogues, prose, and letters of people's experiences as well as factual information about Ellis Island. Illustrated with poignant and affecting photographs, this is a unique exploration of Ellis
Hoppy Hanukkah!
The Bunny family teaches its young children the rituals associated with Hanukkah in the heartwarming story about the traditions of this celebration.
Horace Pippin
A look at a simple man who was a great painter. Illustrations in the book are mainly made up of his paintings. Fun cartoons throughout to hook the reader.
Horrible Harry and the Secret Treasure
Harry leads his friends on a mystery case, only they are the detectives and Harry is the chief suspect. Will Mary be able to solve the case and get the reward Harry promised her?
Horse from the Sea, The
Nora Donovan's family doesn't have much except each other in this 1588 Irish story set during the war with the Spanish and British over Catholicism. Nora's devotion to the wild ponies will draw fans as she endangers her life to rescue a Spanish sailor and a horse from a shipwreck.
Hot Dog!
Eleanor Roosevelt is hosting a picnic to entertain King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and decides to serve (gasp!) finger food - the all-American hot dog. Students will be entertained by the text and colorful illustrations. An author's note in the back provides more detailed information about the story.
Hot Hand
Lupica's series of well-executed, fast-paced sports novels will have great appeal to middle-graders who gravitate to sports books. In Hot Hand, 10-year-old Billy and his siblings are having trouble adjusting to their parents separation. Their dad happens to be Billy's hot-headed basketball coach and pays little attention to Billy's younger brother Ben's talent as a piano player. It seems that Billy is the only one to notice how badly things are unraveling and he has an important championship game himself to concentrate on.
Hot Rod Hamster
Younger readers will delight in this rhyming text and bold, colorful illustrations as the hamster designs his hot rod and enters in the big race. The book's interactive format "Which would you choose?" will guarantee the reader's involvement.
This is a picture biography of Harry Houdini. Interspersed with the story of his life are pages that describe the sequence of his elaborate magic escapes. While the author and Houdini do not share how he did it--the author does tell the reader some fascinating facts about Houdini. He could pick up a coin with his palm, he took locks apart so he understood how they were made, he practiced some of his tricks for three years before doing them on stage, and he trained his toes to work as efficiently as his fingers.
Houdini: the Handcuff King
This graphic-novel biography is creative and suspenseful and gives great insight into the life of Houdini. This story focuses on the events of a single day, May 1, 1908, and a single publicity stunt, in which Houdini leapt into the near-frozen Charles River in Cambridge, Mass., wearing only a bathing suit and shackled at the wrists and ankles.
House Arrest
Making choices for Levi is not black and white. When he is arrested for stealing a wallet to get money for his critically ill brother, he is put on house arrest and ordered to put his thoughts on paper. Levi journals about money woes since he and mom find it hard to ask for help even though his father left the family and his infant brother's illness requires around-the-clock care.
House of a Million Pets, The
Hedgehogs, prairie dogs, voles, rabbits, rats, ducks, bats and sugar gliders have all called Ann Hodgman's house their home. Entertaining and informative, this book is a delightful account of the blending of Ann's human family with her animal one. Kids can only dream of having the kind of house the Hodgmans enjoy.
House of Tailors, A
When thirteen-year-old Dina emigrates from Germany to America in 1871, her only wish is to return home as soon as she can, but as the months pass and she survives a multitude of hardships living with her uncle and his young wife and baby, she finds herself thinking of Brooklyn as her home.
House of the Star
Elen, Princess from the land of Ymbria, is to travel to the land of Earth to learn the ways of the riders of the world runner, magical horses that can travel between worlds. This would be Elen's dream if it were not for the rider from Caledon who has also been sent to learn the way. These two countries have been at war for centuries and if peace and trust cannot be found, their worlds will be isolated and die. Is the desire to be a world rider strong enough to overcome inbred distrust?
House on Dirty-Third Street, The
This beautiful story gives an uplifting message about a young girl and her mother who find a dirty old house that needs a lot of refurbishing. With hard work, love, faith, and help from friends and neighbors, the house becomes all they could ever hope!
House That Jane Built, The
At an early age Jane Addams came to realize that many others were not as fortunate as her wealthy family. Her visit to a settlement house in London prompted her to found the Hull House in the "gritty" part of Chicago. She devoted her life to helping those in poverty learn skills to better their lives, and to breaking down ethnic and economic barriers. Hull House became a template for modern community centers, and Jane became the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
How a Recession Works
This small books takes a complicated topic and explains it simply. It defines what is and is not, tells how a recession works, and how to deal with the effects. It also contains a glossary, index, and further reading recommendations.
How Big Is It?
Double-page articles on 22 incredibly large creatures, objects, and plants. Perfect for a short read aloud. Fantastic pictures.
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food
Illustrated by Mark Teague. Do dinosaurs burp, play with their food, and have bad manners? Of course not, they have wonderful manners!
How Do I Love You
Simple, rhyming text with bright, energetic illustrations gives an introduction to counting to twenty. Adorable alligator child and parent interact in familiar ways young readers will easily identify with and relate to. Cheerful loving ending. Supports math curriculum and standards.
How do you Count a Dozen Ducklings?
A dozen ducklings is a lot for mama duck to keep track of. She finds clever ways to count her ducklings and trick the hungry wolf that is counting on having them for lunch.
How Fast Is It?
Compares speed of different objects from ostriches and sloths, to the human brain and sneezes. Very interesting visuals.
How I Saved My Father's Life
After her father leaves and marries the glamorous Ava Pomme, Madeline blames her mother for their difficult new life, but in spite of the twelve-year-old's efforts to achieve sainthood, it takes a summer trip to Italy to put her family into perspective. A touching story of how one girl deals with the breakup of her family.
How Jelly Roll Morton Invented Jazz
What can raise a young boy out of sadness and maybe even poverty? Music – jazz, specifically. Told in a magical "What if…" style, this quasi-biography weaves the life story of Jelly Roll Morton into his recipe for jazz, a music he promoted to the whole country.
How Many Guinea Pigs Can Fit on a Plane?
"How many soccer balls would fit inside a hollow Earth?" "When will I be a billion seconds old?" These are just some of the brilliant questions that Laura Overdeck, creator of the Bedtime Math books, has included in this funny, ingenious book for reluctant math lovers. Unique illustrations help visualize the equations in this creative resource for extending math activities.
How Strong Is It?
Gives proof to the strength of objects by comparing them to other objects.
How the Cookie Crumbled
This story-plus-guessing-game presents three versions of how chef Ruth Wakefield developed the now-familiar chocolate chip cookie in the 1930s. Which one is true? Along with a brief background of Ruth’s life from child chef to entrepreneur, author's notes give more biographical information along with the recipe for the original Toll House Cookie.
How to be a Good Dog
Bobo, the dog, has difficulty being good. He is sent to the doghouse but Cat misses him and is determined to teach him good manners.
How to be Friends with a Dragon
Simon loves dragons and wants one as a friend. His sister tells him several rules he must follow to have a dragon as a friend and none of them scare Simon!
How to be Popular
Ever since the sixth grade when she split a red Super Big Gulp on a popular classmate, Steph Landry's name has been synonymous for "klutz". Now an eleventh grade she is trying to repair her image by studying an old book entitled, How to be Popular. While the advise is dated, the ideas help Steph overcome her reputation. She finds that sitting at the popular kids' table where she wants to be. It is a light, fun read for even young teens.
How to Draw a Dragon
Using rhyming text and a variety of colorful dragon drawings, the author entices kids to create their own dragons. Complete with early drawing tips, the story culminates with an art show at the end where all the dragons are on display.
How to Find an Elephant
This tongue-in-cheek tale reads like a guidebook directed to the safari-clad main-character child who keeps missing the elephants hidden in the brightly detailed illustrations. He dutifully follows all the suggestions and looks for all the right clues, which surreptitiously teach young readers quite a bit about elephants, their habitat, making careful observations, comparisons and contrasts, and much more.
How to Get Rich on the Oregon Trail: My Adventures Among Cows, Crooks & Heroes on the Road to Fame & Fortune
Fictional account of an overland journey in 1852. Told from a 15-year-old writer's viewpoint, it allows the young reader to relate to this colorful introduction to the time period. Includes further reading and online resources and a section that defines the terminology used within the text.
How to Read a Story
Fun illustrations help draw the elementary-age reader into this guide to reading -- from choosing the book, to reading, reading aloud with a buddy, and gaining story clues from the pictures.
How to Speak Dog
This fascinating book has everything you might ever want to know about how to "read" a dog. From eyes and ears to tail, and with all manner of sound thrown in, a person can determine what a dog is thinking or even why he reacts as he does. Even basic information about exercise and feeding is included in this comprehensive "how to" book.
How to steal a dog
Living in the family car in their small North Carolina town after their father leaves them virtually penniless, Georgina, desperate to improve their situation and unwilling to accept her overworked mother's calls for patience, persuades her younger brother to help her in an elaborate scheme to get money by stealing a dog and then claiming the reward that the owners are bound to offer.
How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend
Giovanna's twin brother, Dante, decides to run for class president against the mayor's son and in a heat of the moment incident, Giovanna breaks up with her boyfriend Jesse because he is supporting the opponent's side. She regrets the break up and goes on a mission to get Jesse back. The book is absorbing, entertaining and hilarious.
How to Teach a Slug to Read
Pearson cleverly presents ten rules for teaching a slug to read, which happen to be great tips for teaching young students to read. The illustrator's bright, bold pictures will make this a crowd pleaser especially for the beginning of the year.
How to Track a Truck
The author/illustrator combination of How to Train a Train (2013) are back with a humorous instructional on how to track a truck. Be sure to think carefully when deciding which type of truck is right for you. Look for it in its natural habitat. When you find your truck, give it the Universal Truck Signal (make a fist and pull it down twice--Honk! Honk!) Then you'll have to name it and care for it lovingly. The playful vehicles shown in oversize illustrations will have great appeal to the younger truck crowd.
How Underwear Got There
Here is a very clever and funny look at a very private topic--underwear. Examining the functions and styles of all manner of undergarments throughout history, this book is filled with interesting bits of history, hilarious drawings, and vintage illustrations. This is a worthy addition that should circulate well.
How We Get Around
Students in the United States get to school by bus, car, or walking. But imagine if you lived in the snowy regions of Mongolia, or on the crowded streets of Delhi, India. You might ride on a reindeer or in a rickshaw. Discover the different modes of transportation around the world in the pages of this colorful book.
Hubbub Above, The
Sydney likes the quiet of living on the 52nd floor of her building until she gets new neighbors. They are very loud (they're also elephants). In the end they win her over with their fun parties. Will make children smile.
Huge Earthmovers - World's Biggest Series
Superlatives! From roller coasters to airplanes to earthmovers to trucks, the full color photos illustrate the fastest, biggest, heaviest - and will certainly capture reading appetites that love data. Each title also includes glossary, index, bibliography, and places to find out more.
Human Body, The
The wonders and grossness of the human body get a quirky, fun spotlight in an engaging and upbeat format. Kids will enjoy flipping through this fact-filled supplement worthy of its place in any science library.
Humphrey's Playful Puppy Problem
This Humphrey Tiny Tale, an off-shoot of the Humphrey series for older readers, continues the saga of Humphrey the lovable hamster, class pet for Mrs. Brisbane and the kids in Room 26. Humphrey has fun going home for the weekend with one of his favorite students, Richie, until Richie’s new puppy begins to take a little too much interest in Humphrey.
Humphrey's Really Wheely Racing Day
This beginning chapter book and its companion stories, like Horrible Harry, will be popular with the beginning chapter book crowd. Here we are introduced to Humphrey the Hamster, class pet for Room 26, who understands human (and frog!) speech, and can answer, although humans are only able to hear Squeak! Squeak! Lots of time is spent on his hamster wheel; but after he gets the chance to drive his friend's hamster car, Humphrey wants one of his own.
Hunger Games, The
This first book in a series, Hunger Games, depicts a horrific future for the U.S. The Hunger Games is the government's way of both entertaining and terrorizing its citizens. One boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts of what is now Panem, are forced to compete to the death. Watching the survivor-type competition is mandatory for the masses. Katniss, the main character, senses this could be a death sentence. The question is what will she sacrifice to survive?
Sequel to Dogboy. Rural and townsfolk alike fear the unknown which includes the plague progressing across the countryside. Eager for a place to put blame, they are quick to single out Brind and Aurelic as the devil's own as the two youth fight for their lives as they try to help Sir Edmund.
Hunwick's Egg
Illustrated by Pamela Lofts. Illustrations make these desert animals come alive. A well written story about an animal who takes care of an egg he finds. Good story for predicting.
Hurricane Hunters
A special weather reconnaissance team for the Air Force fly into hurricanes to gather information. Double-page spreads in bright pastels.
Hurricane Song
The book personalizes the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. Miles moves to New Orleans to live with his divorced father two months before Katrina devastates his new city. Miles loves football and his father loves jazz. The book deals with father-son issues and survivors in the Superdome after the hurricane.
Hurricane Wolf
Noah and his family very carefully prepare for a hurricane. This sensitive story of one family's survival includes information about hurricanes, a hurricane plan, and what to inlcude in a hurricane kit.
Hurricanes, Tsunamis and other natural disasters
Short fact-filled chapters that explore key ideas in two-page spreads will hook the reader. Digital artwork and photography are used throughout the books. Great presentation along with chapter summaries, bibliographies, web links, information on locations, and career information will entice the students to go beyond the book.
Hurry Up and Slow Down
All Hare wants is for Tortoise to hurry up all day long. But when Tortoise reads Hare a story, Hare is ready to slow down!
This book is the author/illustrator team's fourth title about rural life with Nora and her grandparents. The hay has just been cut when the wind picks up and the sky darkens. Nora, Gramps, and Gram work hard, loading the hay onto the horse-drawn wagon and bringing it under cover just as the rain starts.
Hurry! Hurry!
It's a big day in the barnyard! All the animals hurry to greet the newest member of the community whose just pecking his way out of the egg. Vibrant colors and simple text make this a delightful read.
Hurty Feelings
Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. Fragility is a solid piece of work but dissolves when someone gives her compliments. She turns them into insults and turns her friends away. She meets a bully who helps her to realize her overreactions.
Hush, Little Puppy
Illustrated by Susan Winter. Easy text and darling illustrations - both boy and puppy are adorable. Hush Little Baby Piggy Back song/text with very appropriate illustrations. Good bedtime story/song for early primary.
Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath
Hyacinth and her sometimes-ditzy mother move from small-town Illinois to live with an aunt in London. One day when Hyacinth gets fed up with her aunt’s plumbing issues and tries to fix things herself, she inadvertently mixes ancient waters, opening a veritable Pandora’s box of a magical underworld that has long resided in London’s sewers. When the mud men take her mother captive somewhere in its labyrinth, Hyacinth sets off after them to reverse her apparently serious error and rescue her mother. Complex, relatable, and hilarious characters combine with humorous wordplay enticing even reluctant readers to explore this mystical new world—and anticipate possible future installments.
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!
Illustrated by David Catrow. David Catrow's vivid colors set the tone for a playful take off of a familiar song. The reader is drawn into this story with a surprise ending. Sure to bring a smile!
I Am a Dodo: not a true story
Illustrated by Kae Nishimura. A professor who believes that the dodo is not yet extinct finally finds one in New York City. He trys everything to capture it until he learns why Dodo should be free.
I Am Abraham Lincoln
Determination and love of learning mark the life of Abraham Lincoln, as described in this biography from the "Ordinary People Change the World" series. Told with simple vocabulary, humor, and cartoon-like illustrations, the primary reader will learn many career and human-interest aspects of the boy and the man who became the 16th President of the United States.
I Am Albert Einstein
Even as a kid, Albert Einstein did things differently than most other people. His thinking was in pictures instead of words, which helped him understand and think through concepts in ways many people did not understand. So people didn't think of him as a genius then - they thought he was just a dreamer. This biography from the "Ordinary People Change the World" series recounts some of his discoveries and insights, sprinkled with humor and illustrated in cartoon fashion.
I Am Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart never let anyone stop her from trying new things - even when it wasn't a "proper" thing for girls to do. The true story of this famous female pilot is told in first person with cartoon-like illustrations. Appended are photographs and additional flying facts in this worthy addition to the "Ordinary People Change the World" collection.
I Am Fartacus
Maciek Trzebiatowski, "Chub," is a bald, Polish, sixth-grader who tends to be at the center of any pranks that occur at his school. Because of what he knows about the principal, he is able to evade many of his punishments except detention. That actually turns out to his benefit when he convinces the detention-monitor librarian that he can fix her computer—which gives him access to the school's confidential files. Chub wages war on Archer "Arch" Norris, the jock-jerk former friend responsible for Chub’s bald state, and whom everyone treats as a superhero—but Chub knows otherwise. Arch is hiding something, and Chub intends to find out what it is. When the secret involves illegal poker playing and huge debts, Chub and his pals devise a plan to uncover this secret and he becomes an unexpected school hero.
I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
Julia yearns for independence from her very strict mother, and her somewhat reclusive father—a challenge many teens can understand. Her adventurous spirit and love for writing and culture are concepts far removed from her hard-working illegal immigrant parents who dropped out of school by the eighth grade. Various aspects of Mexican culture and traditions are woven into this tale of extreme poverty in Chicago and Julia's frequent struggles with having enough to eat. The most overwhelming conflict for Julia is piecing together the details of her “perfect” sister's death. The book's themes of battling through adversity and developing confidence are strong lessons for teen readers.
I Am Rosa Parks
Background information critical to the understanding of civil rights is included in this biography of Rosa Parks, one of the series “Ordinary People Change the World.” Comic-book-style illustrations and speech bubbles combined with narrative text make this account appealing and yet simple. It can be read aloud or used for research. Some young readers will be ready to read this on their own.
I am Sacajawea, I am York
Beautifully illustrated, this picture book is about two members of the Lewis and Clark expedition who did not volunteer to go: Sacajawea and York. Both were considered to be property that belonged to others. It is told in their perspectives and is based on some true incidents according to the journals of Lewis and Clark. Helpful text features such as maps, afterword, bibliography, list of web sites, and pronunciations.
I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Desi Lee has never been successful at love because she is a disaster at flirting. She has achieved everything she puts her mind to—except romance. Desi decides to use her father's favorite Korean soap opera to help her catch Luca, the new cute guy in school, and writes up a plan to win her true love. Desi's antics are funny and unpredictable, and the ensuing craziness includes intentionally crashing a car. Like with all romances, trouble develops, and Desi is brought face-to-face with reality in a fast-paced tale that readers will finish with a smile.
I Can Do It Myself
Emily Pearl is a very big girl. She can do a lot by herself but when it is dark and time for bed - it's nice to have mama there.
I Can't Stop! A Story About Tourette Syndrome
Nathan has "habits" that begin to bother classmates and family. It begins with his eyes winking, moves to sniffing, then becomes head snapping. Through diagnosis and medication he begins to control his TS. The story and illustrations lend a sensitive look at this issue. There is introductory information to parents and teachers.
I Could Do That!
Esther Morris's answer to many of her life's challenges was "I can do that!" And she did. She was the one who started the movement to get women the right to vote. Esther was a 6 ft. tall, strong-willed woman who seized many opportunities to show that women can do the same things men can. She became a justice of the peace; Judge Morris was the first woman to hold public office. This picture book is a biography of a woman we should remember.
I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark
Ruth Bader Ginsburg grew up knowing the sting of prejudice against her own family and witnessing injustice in the world around her. She came of age in a time where women were expected to find a husband, stay home with children, and certainly never aspire to become a lawyer. Each time Ruth chose to object. Her bold thoughts and exceptional work ethic helped her rise above notions of who she "should" be and fight for equal treatment for everyone. Students will devour this must-have biography of a Supreme Court justice unafraid to enact change with her differing opinions.
I Don't Want to be Crazy
This is a book of poems about a college freshman girl's feeling of alienation and detachment during her freshman year in college. Her condition turns into a panic disorder and everything seems quite bleak. However, the book gives a hopeful portrait of such a debilitating condition.
I Dreamed of Flying Like a Bird
Fascinating photo essay! This author has chosen to photograph animals from a helicopter. Extreme patience and skillful flying has helped him capture amazing animal action, and then he has quite simply written the accompanying narrative to finish each picture.
I Feel a Foot!
This classic tale is retold with beautiful pictures. Once the animals unveil the elephant, he joins them in their hammock. The surprise ending will lead into some entertaining discussions about what will be coming next.
I Have a Balloon
Owl has a red balloon, and Monkey decides he wants it. In fact, Monkey will exchange anything for that red balloon. Seemingly valid trade articles are declined, until a holey sock is proffered. Both animals begin to envision delightful uses for this barter item—a puppet, maybe?—and suddenly Owl is the one who will trade anything for his heart’s desire in this hilarious book about NOT sharing.
I Know Someone with Autism
Part of the
I Lived on Butterfly Hill
In the throes of Pinochet's catastrophic takeover of Chile in 1973, people are disappearing. Celeste is worried when one of her friends fails to show up at school, and the rumors are that the family disappeared during the night. She has heard tales of prison ships in the harbor where people are held and beaten. Are her best friend and her family prisoners, or did they escape during the night? Celeste comes to hate the word "disappeared" but it takes on a whole new meaning when her parents have to go into hiding. Conditions continue to deteriorate until Celeste is sent to Maine by her grandmother to live with an aunt. Will her family ever be together again?
I Lost My Tooth in Africa
A little girl from Portland, Oregon visits her extended family in Bamako, Mali, Africa. She learns about their tradition of what happens when a child loses a tooth.
I Love Bugs!
Illustrated by Shari Halpern. Picture book with rhyming text follows the explorations of a little boy decked out in a safari outfit as he investigates the tiny movers in the outdoors around his home. This basic introduction to the world of bugs has notes on bug behaviors on one page and large pictures for identification on the facing page. Features photos and appealing illustrations that use bright colors, bold outlines and close-ups of bugs the boy encounters. End pages feature interesting bug facts and trivia for readers a bit older.
I Love Cats
Illustrated by Anne Mortimer. Easy, limited, repetitive text/vocabulary, mostly adjectives, describing cats. The illustrations make the book. The cats are absolutely adorable!
I Love Tools
Illustrated by Shari Halpern. A very basic introduction to simple tools and machines for youngest readers. Simple, bright illustrations show how a boy and girl use a variety of tools to make a house for a friendly bluebird.
I Love You Just Enough
In this Book Five of the Hazel Ridge Farm Stories, Heather's family is committed to living an environmentally friendly life. As a result, Heather works outside with her family. One day she discovers a young wood duck that she aptly names Mr. Peet because of the sounds he makes. Responsibilities for feeding and care make Heather love Mr. Peet and wish to keep him. Learning and growing in her appreciation of nature and wildlife, she realizes that she must love him enough to allow him to leave when it is time.
I Pledge Allegiance
A group of boys who grew up together agree to enlist in the military (in different branches) at the same time. They make a pledge to serve and come home together. This compelling novel, the first in the series, focuses on Morris, a sailor on the USS Boston. The friends find the pledge is not as easy to accomplish as they first believed.
I Remember Avelito
Bilingual explanations of preparation for the Day of the Dead. A young child wonders if grandfather's spirit will find his way to each.
I See a Cat
Adorable pictures and simple text render the frustration of a dog stuck indoors while watching all the action outside the window. Repetition lets new readers build confidence with well-paced introduction of new vocabulary and also makes for an excellent read-aloud.
I See a Kookaburra!
This eye-catching, colorful book describes various animals, insects and sea life in their habitats. The vibrant paper collage illustrations and the appealing hide and seek format will captivate even the most reluctant readers. Includes detailed information on the six habitats and animals at the back.
I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001
The only thing Lucas loves more than football is his dad's friend Benny, a firefighter and former football star. So when Lucas's parents decide football is too dangerous and he needs to quit, Lucas has to talk to his biggest fan. He takes the train to t
I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916
The world of 1916 widely believed that sharks were harmless, until the first twelve days of July. Four deaths were accounted for, and a close call... a leg bite was survived. Ten-year-old Chet Roscoe tells the historical fiction account, laced with elements of friendships, trying to fit in, playing pranks, along with plenty of factual information.
I Wanna Go Home
You can’t help but laugh at the grandson who is trying to avoid staying with his grandparents in a retirement community for a whole week while his parents are on vacation. Desperate emails to his parents transition into tales of special treats and memory-building fun and culminate with asking to stay another week. This is a story of young and old relationships at their best, humorously told through email exchanges and wildly exaggerated illustrations.
I Want to Help!
Even though Emily Pearl is a smart, strong, independent girl, she becomes scared when her dad is late to pick her up from school. The teacher asks Emily Pearl to help her - which helps time pass more quickly until her dad shows up to take her home.
I Was Once an Apple Pie
ABCs done in a playful poem. Full of rhyming.
I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree
Hannelore shares her stories of the events that she witnessed in the labor and concentration camps in the 1940s. She shares about how she loses each family member and how she falls in love. The lilac tree plays an important part, but you have to read the book to find out.
I Wish I Had a Pet
Maggie Rudy uses photographs of felt mice, posed with varied insects and other animals, to teach young children about the responsibilities of having a pet. The text is straightforward and informative.
I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby
I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa. (978-0-9724973-7-4) Engaging pictures and text make these bilingual books fun stories for library or classroom. Paired reading would be an obvious use.
I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby
One of a series of four books, "I Wish." takes every day problems and situations of individuals and shows the uniqueness of us and how we come to appreciate the differences in each other. The books in the series include: I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie, I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel, I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa, and I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby.
I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa
One of a series of four books, "I Wish." takes every day problems and situations of individuals and shows the uniqueness of us and how we come to appreciate the differences in each other. The books in the series include: I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie, I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel, I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa, and I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby.
I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel
One of a series of four books, "I Wish." takes every day problems and situations of individuals and shows the uniqueness of us and how we come to appreciate the differences in each other. The books in the series include: I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie, I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel, I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa, and I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby.
I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie
One of a series of four books, "I Wish." takes every day problems and situations of individuals and shows the uniqueness of us and how we come to appreciate the differences in each other. The books in the series include: I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie, I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel, I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa, and I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby.
I Wish You More
Simple and inspirational text built around the word “more” employs rhyme, while alliterations and play on words will draw chuckles from the older reader. Stated wishes for the positive instead of the less pleasant are depicted in the comic-type illustrations.
I Won a What?
A small boy's only chance of getting a pet is by winning a goldfish at the local carnival. When the winning prize turns out to be a big, blue whale, the boy gets the pet he has always wanted and lots more. This whale of a tale is a humorous addition to any pet story time.
I, Dred Scott
This fiction book, based on the facts of the life of Dred Scott, not just the court decision, hold true to his memory. Told in first person with the dialect of a slave gives a glimpse into a slave's life different from many we normally read about. Treated well most of the time but still longing to be free. With the help of some good white folk Dred Scott was able to pursue his case to the Supreme Court.
I.Q., It's Time
I.Q., the classroom mouse, is getting ready for parents' night. I.Q. comes up with a surprise which truly makes him a part of the classroom. Fun to read or a great read aloud.
Ibby's Magic Weekend
Ibby is sent to stay with her two cousins while her parents go to a conference. Her cousins have found a magic kit in the attic and are experimenting and find out the tricks really work!
Sixteen-year-old Tom lives in the projects in London. As he heads to visit his friend Lucy, he is hit on the head by an iPhone thrown from a window 30 stories up. Fragments of the phone imbed in his skull and give him the power to hack into cell phones, browse the internet, and manipulate emails. Will his need to have revenge on those who did wrong to Lucy make Tom the hero, or the wrong-doer himself?
Cassie has lived her entire life on an arctic research station with her father and believing her mother to be dead. In this modern-day retelling of the folktale "East of the Sun and West of the Moon", Cassie chooses to become the bride of the Polar Bear King in order to free her mother who is alive and being held captive. Fans of fantasy/romance spiked with adventure will be heartily recommending this to one another.
Ice Bears
This beautiful picture book details the life of a polar bear and briefly touches on global warming.
Ice Whale
This dramatic nature tale is told in two voices: the whale and the boy. Through the decades after Toozak witnesses the birth of a whale with a distinctive birthmark, generations have pledged to protect the great whale Siku. With sightings confirmed, the promise is kept and scientists discover amazing factual information by joining in the sightings. The story begins in 1848, and continues into the future, 2048. Changes in climate, laws, and how all things interact with one another are noted in this fabulous book.
ICE! The Amazing History of the Ice Business
Laurence Pringle's book is a nostalgic glimpse into life as it was over a century ago. Students will learn the revolutionary methods developed to cut ice from frozen winter lakes and streams and stored so it would be available - even in the hottest times
Solveig, along with her brother and sister, have been hidden away in a fjord to save them from an opposing chieftain. Waiting for their father to come for them, they find their food supply dwindling and a traitor in their midst. A beautifully written story that will captivate the reader.
David is learning about the Artic as Gwyneth appears to "help" with the new dragon that has the power to grant wishes as long as they benefit dragons. It is David's task to learn how Lucy's wish for snow relates to the last known dragon as the series turns somewhat darker and more dangerous.
Ida B.and her Plans to Maximize Fun and Disaster
Fourth grader Ida B spends happy hours being home-schooled and playing in her family's apple orchard, until circumstances force her parents to sell part of the orchard and send her to public school.
Ida, Always
Two polar bears live in the zoo in the middle of a large city. Ida becomes ill and Gus has to learn to live without his best friend in a gentle story that deals with the death of a loved one.
If Dogs Were Dinosaurs
Illustrated by James Warhola. Size is all relative if you read Schwartz's book that plays with the principles of ratio and proportion. In the back, explanations encourage further investigation in math.
If Frogs Made Weather
This book has a great potential as a writing prompt. If.made weather what would happen? Cut paper illustratoins enhance the text.
If I Stay
A heartachingly beautiful book about Mia as she decides to live or die after a car wreck that killed her parents and brother. A compelling look that makes readers think about the afterlife and the importance of friends and family in this life.
If Only
Most students are excited to return to school in August to see their friends, but that is not the case for Corinna. Her mother has died over the summer from cancer. The experience has changed Corinna and she doesn't think her friends truly understand ju
If Sharks Disappeared
Shark fans are treated to an amazing book chock full of great shark facts circling the theme of how our oceans and even our world would be impacted if sharks disappeared. Science lessons include food chain and environmental impact with vocabulary expansion to enhance language arts units.
If Stones Could Speak: Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge
Illustrated with full-color photos, this informative book draws the reader into the archaeologists' search for the purpose and mystery of Stonehenge and about the people who built and used it. A map of the region, captioned photographs, and occasional sidebars complement the text. Includes reading list, timeline, websites, glossary, and index.
If You Could Be Mine
Sahar is used to hiding her face and keeping her opinions to herself. This is common practice in the nation of Iran. What Sahar is hiding, however, would shock everyone she knows. She is in love with her best friend, Nasrin. Homosexuality is forbidden in her country, often punishable by death. So how can Sahar spend the rest of her life with the girl that holds her heart, especially now that Nasrin is engaged to marry? You will be shocked to learn Sahar's decision.
If You Decide to Go to the Moon
Illustrated by Steven Kellogg. A child goes through a very realistic imaginary space journey to the moon and back. Interesting story with beautiful illustrations.
If You Were a Chocolate Mustache
Plays with words; Plays on words; Silly thoughts; Tons of puns! Poetry for every season, Poetry beyond all reason!
If You Were an Adjective (Word Fun Series)
Grammar can be fun! In this picture book series on parts of speech the vibrant colors and whimsical format make an excellent introduction to grammar. Includes links to grammar games. Great for sharing with teachers. Eight titles in the series.
If You Were an Even Number
Colorful illustrations and simple text introduce even numbers and provide many examples in a fun format.
If You Were Onomatopoeia
A word play story that explains onomatopoeia and gives examples of what people might do if they were onomatopoeia. "You could clang like a pot or pop like corn." Colorful textured paintings accompany the text.
If You'll be my Valentine
Illustrated by Fumi Kosaka. A little boy expresses his affection for family, friends, dog and even his teddy bear by making each a handmade valentine card, each with its own special rhyme. The format is consistent with rhyming text on left page along with a small illustration of the valentine card and a coordinating illustration that shows the boy interacting with recipient on right hand page.
If You're Happy and You Know It!
This darling, high spirited sing along book will make youngsters want to roar like a lion, clap like a monkey and flap like a bird. A great book to accompany a feelings unit for prekindergarten through first grade.
If You're Not From the Prairie
Blazing skies in bright blues bounce from the full-page acrylic illustrations that face every page of poetic text in this piece about modern-day life on the prairie. In them a young boy and his dog play through every season on farmlands, prairie fields, and country roads. The accompanying verse is well written. With its attractive format, this will make a nice additional purchase for poetry collections. In prairie areas, it is a must!
Igraine the Brave
Igraine wants nothing more than to be a brave and noble knight. When her family's castle is besieged by Osmund the Greedy and her magician parents are out of commission, she puts her skill and knowledge to the test. Magic, chivalry, and loveable characters make this book a treat.
I'll Give You the Sun
Jude and Noah are twins; she outgoing, he introverted. Noah meets the new boy, Brian, who lives across the street, and they try to ignore their mutual attraction. Jude’s story is three years later while she is in art school where Noah should have been. As the story goes from Noah and Brian to Jude, it is revealed that both the twins’ lives have not gone as planned. As events develop, Jude and Noah learn the truth about their parents’ marriage and begin to accept their own lives. This is a wonderfully written story about young people struggling to figure out who they are, separately and together.
I'll Meet You There
Her mom loses her job just when Skylar thought attending art school in the city was within reach -- she has a scholarship, after all. But mom has started drinking again and needs her help. Escaping this dead-end small-town life now seems less and less possible. Josh's dream escape via the Marines turns nightmarish when he loses his leg in Afghanistan. Both work at the Paradise Motel along the dusty highway at the edge of town, and take turns narrating the tale as they work through their disappointment, edge into romance, and try to figure out how to make something of their lives.
Illegal Immigration and Amnesty: Open Borders and National Security
The volatile issue of immigration is addressed through history and laws while it poses questions for thought and discussion. A valuable tool to aid understanding.
Illusions: Heirs of Watson Island
This finale to The Heirs of Watson Island trilogy links together the previous threads of family stories as background for the curse Barrie is working to release. In the process she must acknowledge her racial preconceptions in order to heal rifts on the island. Although at times the pacing seems off, the reader is left with a satisfying resolution to the series.
I'm a Frog!
Gerald the elephant is stunned when Piggie announces he is a frog. So Piggie explains the concept of pretending - but Gerald just doesn't get it. With a funny surprise ending, this installment in the Elephant and Piggie story will delight children and help them understand the difference between pretend and things that are real.
I'm Dirty!
A must read for kids who have trouble staying clean, and their parents who work so hard to keep them presentable. A little backhoe loves his job.
I'm Exploding Now
Sixteen-year-old Max's life is very frustrating. Nothing and no one appreciates him. The turning point is the death of the family cat. Max takes the dead cat back to his Aunt Ginny. He meets Zini who turns his life around.
I'm Going to Grandma's
A young girl spends the night with her grandparents for the first time. Feeling homesick at bedtime, grandma explains the special quilt she is sleeping with which gives the granddaughter comfort for the night.
I'm Not Scared
Baby Owl insists that he is not scared when he roams the woods at night. The other animals think differently. Simple, childlike text and expressive childlike illustrations make this a joy to read and share.
Imagine a Day
Paintings by Rob Gonsalves. In her book, Thomson dares all to imagine a day that . Gonsalves beautifully stretches your sight into imagining. Resembles Escher's artwork.
Imagine a World
The invitation for readers to stretch their imagination spills beyond verse. Rich illustrations use gradual changes in visual subjects to lend subtle yet captivating enhancement to the slightly more advanced text.
Immi's Gift
While fishing, a child finds different colorful items and uses them to decorate her igloo. As the igloo melts, she returns them to the water for someone else to find. She also adds a personal item hoping someone else will find it as well.
Immortal Max
Sam's biggest wish is to have a pedigree dog that he can call his own. However, he has a mutt named Max that his sister rescued, and pedigree dogs are expensive. Sam decides to begin a summer business to pay for his dog. There are many surprises and revelations along the way in this great story about responsibility and sacrifice.
When Rosemary Elizabeth's mother deposits her three children at the Shaker community of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, the 14-year-old thinks she might have found heaven on earth. Safe from her violent, alcoholic father and the Civil War raging around her, she struggles to walk the Shaker path, holding on to the hope of her mother's return. It is hard, she discovers, to attain Shaker perfection and keep your sense of self. This carefully crafted novel lovingly details the strengths of the Shaker world.
Impossible Knife of Memory, The
Hayley Kincain lives with her father who suffers from PTSD. They are barely surviving, and Hayley lives with the fear that her father may take his own life or even harm her. She keeps all of this to herself. At school she gets involved with the school newspaper and into a rocky relationship with Finn. As her father deteriorates, Hayley begins to realize that she needs to open up and allow others to provide her with support.
Impostor Queen, The
Elli is next in line to be the Valtia of Kupari, the all-powerful queen and keeper of fire and ice magic. When the queen dies, the magic somehow does not transfer to Elli, and she is cast out. Rescued by Oskar, an outlander with powers of ice magic, she is taken to the outlands where criminals are banished and where she learns the truth about her life in the temple. Elli becomes more and more determined to use her skills to help her country in this tale of magic, devotion, love, and determination.
In Defiance of Hitler
Varian Fry, eyewitness to the early atrocities of Hitler, was a journalist who had to do more than write. He helped over two thousand Jews escape France. Black and white photos suggested sources.
In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb
Rhyming text of this familiar proverb describes March weather in terms of the well-known animals' behavior. This is a fine spring story with several similes.
In Memory of Gorfman T. Frog
This humorous story features the exploits of a mischievous fifth grader, Josh, who brings a mutant frog he found to school. It causes chaos for everyone until the principal confiscates the frog, leaving Josh and his friends to fight for what they know is right.
In Search of Goliathus Hercules
At age 10, Henri Bell discovered his strange power; he can talk to insects. Henri isn't interested in fame and fortune - he wants to find and capture the legendary giant insect known as Goliathus Hercules. Author Angus breathes life into her characters (both six- and two-legged) and color into her Victorian-era world, giving the story a sense of wonder and an air of danger.
In Search of Mockingbird
On the eve of her 16th birthday, Erin's dad tells her he is getting married. He also gives her a book, her deceased mother's diary. Armed with the diary, Erin takes off on a cross-country pilgrimage to Harper Lee's hometown, the author her mother most admired. Along the way she meets up with an assortment of odd characters.
In the Coils of the Snake: Book 3 Hollow Kingdom Trilogy
This third book of the Hollow Kingdom Trilogy has created a fantasy full of goblins and elves that seem to come alive. The author draws readers deep into her magical realm for one last incredible story.
In the Garden with Dr. Carver
A historical fiction book of Dr. George Washington Carver taking his "movable school" - an old wagon - to the Alabama countryside and teaching the people the importance of growing plants and keeping the soil healthy.
In the Garden: Who's Been Here?
Jeremy and Christina pick vegetables for their mother. They find evidence of animals and insects that have been in the garden before them. Simple very readable text accompanied by large vivid pictures from varied perspectives make this a great choice for read aloud. Children will love guessing who has been here, especially at the end!
Finn is a prisoner in a vast sentient prison called Incarceron, yet he feels that he must surely be from Outside. Meanwhile, Claudia has been raised in extreme privilege as the warden's daughter in a future which has been designed after a simpler era, the 1700s. Claudia seeks to find out the mysteries surrounding Incarceron, which her father keeps from her. What she eventually discovers is a link between Claudia and Finn that Finn could never have imagined. Extremely well-written and hard to put down.
Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming, An
Al Gore writes a very informative book over global warming which is filled with color photographs. Includes easy to read graphs and websites listed for further research. Companion volume to the documentary film. Adapted for younger readers.
Incredible Charlotte Sycamore, The
This steampunk novel is a mix of adventure, suspense, humor, alternative history, and a touch of romance. Charlotte Sycamore is the vivacious daughter of the Queen's Royal Surgeon. At night when she sneaks out of the palace, she can be her true self, a daring duelist and fierce friend. When her friends are attacked by rabid mechanical dogs, Charlotte embarks on a wild adventure to find a way to save her friends. This is a great fantasy adventure story that middle grade readers will wholly enjoy.
Incredible Space Raiders from Space, The
When Jonah wakes up on a spaceship instead of in his warm bed, he knows he is in for an adventure. Now that he's with the Space Raiders, he learns their newest mission is to sneak into the Dark Zone so the universe can be saved from the Entirely Evil Things. When other Space Raiders start to disappear, Jonah realizes he must step up and find out what's happening.
Focused on the culture, people, and places in one of the world's largest countries, this introduction to India features beautiful photos and easy-to-read descriptions about life in this colorful country. Text features such as a table of contents, glossary, and index enhance reading comprehension.
Indian Orphanages
Holt's book is the first to focus exclusively on this subject. It relates Indian history, educational history, family history, and child welfare policy to the context of the orphan asylum in America.
A high school football player seems to be perfect, but he must deal with his aggressiveness. The book deals with date rape and all its conflicts and problems.
Infernal Devices
The third installment of the series that began with Mortal Engines, this book finds Wren becoming a captive, a slave, and then the bait that leads Tom and Hester back into perilous waters.
Infinite Sea, The
In this second book in the 5th Wave series, readers will be sitting on the edge of their seats as Cassie and her companions, who barely survived through the Others' four waves of destruction, now find themselves facing the 5th Wave and in another battle for their lives. The Others have stooped to a new gut-wrenching low by implanting carbon-dioxide-triggered bombs inside the throats of small human children to take out entire nests of survivors. Told in alternating perspectives from Ringer, a beautiful teen with deadly aim, and tough and tender Cassie, who thought she was the lone surviving human, and Evan, an alien who has shifted his allegiance in the face of true love, readers will learn why pound cake no longer speaks, how Evan is related to super-strong Grace, and why chess is important to Ringer. This installment will keep action-craving readers enthralled and breathless to the very end.
After a biological disaster which has turned residents of the eastern United States into bloodthirsty savages, unaffected humans are forbidden to go there. Land McEvoy steps way out of her comfort zone to help a friend by crossing into the Feral Zone, and is totally unprepared for what she finds. Governmental attempts to lock down those who are not infected and to find a cure for the continually mutated strands of the virus complicate life in this dystopian saga of catastrophe and survival.
This art form is explored from simple to complex; from single drop to multiples; swirls; many folds; all to challenge the thinking, creative brain. This book was created to spark hands-on efforts, arranged almost like recipes!
This is a gripping continuation of Inkheart. Meggie is still caught within the story and Dustfinger is desperate to return to the original tale. A must read for fantasy and book lovers.
Inside-Outside Dinosaurs
This large-format book contains two spreads for each dinosaur. The first is a skeleton with the dinosaur name and it's meaning in large font. The second picture shows the dinosaur in its habitat. The appendix gives information about each dinosaur, perfect for advanced readers
Into the Unknown: How Great Explorers Found Their Way by Land, Sea, and Air
This amazing compilation of fourteen adventurous explorers is illustrated by Stephen Biesty who is well-known for his cross-section illustrations. In time order, each of the explorers is showcased with information and drawings of tools used and routes taken. Fold out maps and cross-sections help the reader to envision the daring feats achieved by these historical heroes.
Into the Volcano
A fast-paced graphic novel about two brothers sent to spend some time with their aunt, but fall into an adventure in search of a treasure.
In this prequel to Fallen Angels and Sunrise Over Fallujah, readers are reunited with Josiah "Woody" Wedgewood and Marcus Perry, two friends who had their whole life ahead of them but are on their way to an uncertain future. One white, one black, these young men have nothing in common and everything in common as two soldiers in 1944. World War II is ramping up and these young recruits are ready and eager. As they come together in the greatest test of their lives, they learn hard lessons about race, friendship, and what it really means to fight. Set on the front lines of the Normandy invasion, readers will see the fear, confusion, horror, and brutality of war through Woody's eyes. With the constant forward movement of the soldiers and the continuous battles they fight, this novel can be hard to read - but also hard to put down.
Invasion of the Road Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales
Thirty-five short stories that all have a creepy theme. Funny, clever, and off the wall these stories are just right for reading alone or telling aloud in the dark.
Invention of Hugo Cabret, The
A work of genius combining elements of the illustrated novel, wordless storytelling and minimal, brilliant text, The Invention of Hugo Cabret is the story of an orphan with a precious secret to protect and a family mystery to solve. Set in a Paris train station in the 1930s, we see Hugo's secret life intersect with a shop owner and his goddaughter who each protect secrets of their own. Beautiful and memorable.
Inventor McGregor
Wonderful illustrations that help tell the story of an inventor who can invent anything at home but when made to invent in an office in town he cannot invent one thing. He gets his inspiration from his surroundings and family.
Inventor's Secret, The
What would have happened if the Patriots had lost the Revolutionary War and America was still a colony of Britain's industrial empire? This alternate eighteenth-century novel finds Charlotte living under the radar, just barely surviving until she must join the resistance at age 17. When she finds "Grave", a boy lost in the woods, everything changes. She, along with her brother Ash, and Jack Winter must go to the Floating City to find the Inventor. Charlotte learns that Jack is actually one of Britannia's elite families on whom she must rely to achieve their goal. She struggles with pretending to being a lady and accepting Jack as a true partner. Truly creative and fun to read, this book is difficult to put down.
Doug is obsessed. His only friend is Andy, a next door neighbor who he talks to from his window. And his only occupation is building a replica of the Golden Gate bridge for his model train set that takes up most of the basement. But there's something else that's going on and the reader gradually becomes aware of the state of Doug's mental health.
Invisible Girl
Stephanie is thrust into two different worlds and must learn to live in them both. Her childhood home is full of pain, rage, and alcohol. Her wealthy new home is full of money, privilege, and lies. How Stephanie comes to adapt to both is the intriguing story. Girls will like this book for its real features. Many will identify with the situations Stephanie must handle.
Invisible Lines
Trevor's upbeat personality, talent for soccer, and artistic abilities help to ease him into his new school when he moves to a housing project with his mom and younger siblings. However, fitting in with wealthy classmates is hard work, particularly when there is absolutely no money for things like soccer. Its worse when his classmates are jealous of his abilities and try to sabotage things! An eccentric gifted teacher encourages Trevor to "bloom where he's planted" as his mom teaches him to "rise above it." Clever word play, realistic characters, gritty realism, and a snappy plot make this a winner.
Invisible Mistakecase, The
Have you ever wanted to erase a mistake? Charlotte really hurt her best friend's feelings by calling her a "big pink baby." In an intergenerational story, Grandpa shares the secret of how to take responsibility for personal mistakes and then make things right--but making them invisible. Vivid, colorful illustrations and a satisfying ending make us all want an Invisible Mistakecase.
Invisible Thread Christmas Story, An
Based on the true story that inspired the original book An Invisible Thread, one woman befriends a young homeless boy and invites him to celebrate Christmas with her family. Both their lives are forever changed as her gift of sharing and kindness captures the true meaning of the holidays in this heartwarming tale.
Iraq, Enchantment of the World
Focus is more on the details about the nations' different ethnic groups, environmental issues and wildlife and information about the current political situation rather than major events or people. Books contain full-color photographs, statistics, time lines and Web sites. The current information makes them accessible and useful for reports.
Irena's Children: A True Story of Courage
Even before the war, Irena Sendler was a tireless advocate against poverty in her hometown of Warsaw, Poland. When the Germans overtook her city, Irena was forced to use more creative means: forging documents, arranging secret organizational meetings, and smuggling lifesaving vaccinations into the Jewish ghetto. Risking her life, Irena worked with Jews and Gentiles to save over 2,500 Jewish children. Sneaking them from the heavily guarded ghetto through dank tunnels, hiding them in coffins or in disguises, Irena led them to the fragile safety of an underground network of resistance workers. Irena’s story of boundless courage and selfless determination, now told in this young reader’s edition, inspires readers both young and old.
Iris & Walter and the Field Trip
Illustrated by Christine Davenier. Iris and Walter are going to the aquarium for a field trip. Iris turns out to be a good friend again when she thinks Walter is lost. A good "friend" book is always a good buy.
Iron Thunder: the Battle Between the Monitor and the Merrimac
First book in Avi's I Witness series. Thirteen-year-old Tom Carroll becomes his family's breadwinner when his father is killed soon after the start of the Civil War. To earn money, Tom is hired to work at the iron works in Greenpoint where inventor John Ericsson is in a race against time to build the first iron clad ship that will do battle with the Confederate iron clad, the Merrimac. Based loosely on historical events.
Iron thunder; the battle between the Monitor & Merrimac
Tom's job as an assistant to Captain John Ericsson, the inventor of the Monitor, makes him a target of Confederate spies.
Iron Tomb, The
Thirteen-year-old Sam Force must spend another summer break with his uncle Jasper in Egypt. But Sam arrives to find his uncle missing and accused of stealing. Sam eludes the police who want to question him and takes off to find his uncle on a journey full of adventure and danger. He uses skills Uncle Jasper taught him through the years to decipher codes and clues his uncle left for him. Enlisting the help of Mary, a half-English-Egyptian girl, Sam must travel through souks, rat-infested sewers, and miles of desert, enduring helicopter escapes and sand storms. Will he find his uncle and discover whatever Jasper was looking for?
Keir Sarafian was accused of a date-rape in the prequel Inexcusable. Now his self-justification and denial don't prevent the deed from dogging him, and the girl's boyfriend gives him the beating of his life. He attends college clear across the country to escape the backlash only to discover one fellow student is a former high school football teammate who knows and holds resentment. In the end, Keir continues to evade justice and seemingly develops little remorse for his actions, a somber but likely depiction that leaves the reader wishing for resolution.
Is That a Cat?
Cat is looking for another cat with which to play. Something at the window looks like a cat’s tail. Is it a cat? No, it is an umbrella handle. The owner of the umbrella is looking for something too, and the group of searchers grows with each page in this fun pattern story that helps children build inferencing and predicting skills.
Is That Wise, Pig?
Mouse is making soup, and Pig and Cow are ready to help. However, Pig does not understand what makes good soup ingredients. He brings umbrellas and galoshes. Mouse and Cow are very patient with Pig and eventually his ingredients come in handy. Fans of Thomas' previous stories will love this one too.
Isaac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers!
Isaac describes how Asperger's affects his thinking, hearing, impulse control, and need for physical movement. This would be a wonderfully simple introduction for PreK-2nd classmates of those on the autism spectrum.
Israel, Enchantment of the World
Focus is more on the details about the nations' different ethnic groups, environmental issues and wildlife and information about the current political situation rather than major events or people. Books contain full-color photographs, statistics, time lines and Web sites. The current information makes them accessible and useful for reports.
It Girl, The
Anna is painfully shy and almost a social outcast. She recently set a girl’s hair on fire--accidentally of course--and fills her lonely times by recreating famous movie scenes with her dog. When her father dates and then becomes engaged to one of the most famous movie stars in the world, Helena Montaine, Anna’s life is turned upside-down. She enlists Helena’s daughter, Marianne, to help her navigate this new world of paparazzi and popularity. Anna must learn some hard lessons while adapting to her new family and the limelight in this humor-laced easy read.
In 1968, after the death of her beloved Gramps, Delores "Itch" Colchester and her grandmother move from Florida to an Ohio trailer park, where she meets new people and, when she learns that a friend is being abused by her mother, tries her best to emulate her plain-spoken grandfather.
Delores Colchester, better known as Itch, lives happily in Florida with her grandparents. When Gramps dies, Delores and her grandmother relocate to a trailer park in Ohio where Cousin Effie can help them start a new life. Trying to follow the advice that Gramps gave her, Itch struggles to fit in and find new friends. Will Itch have the courage to speak up as Gramps has taught her?
This book reads of the strong determination of Penelope as she awaits her husband Odysseus, to return home. Chaos erupts as she is forced to contemplation remarriage.
It's a Mall World After All
Though Charlotte's intentions are good, trying to find out if her best friend's boyfriend is cheating on her, the way she goes about it is one social disaster after another for the heroine in this story. Laugh out loud funny especially for someone who can identify with the embarrassing mishaps that befall her.
It's About Time!
Illustrated by John Speirs. Simple picture book for young readers connects time with events throughout a young boy's day. Each page includes both digital and analog clock that correlates with clean illustrations of child's routine activities in a 24 hour period. Part of Math Start series.
It's Only Temporary
Skye's older brother was in a terrible car accident and now needs full-time care from their parents. Skye is sent to live with her grandmother in California. Problems at school get her in trouble and friendships are in jeopardy.
It's Probably Penny
Excellent characters, illustrations and story line that introduces the basics of probability. Can use some examples in the book to use hands-on with kids.
It's Raining!
Gail Gibbons doesn't disappoint in this solid introduction to the subject of rain, the water cycle, types of rain clouds, rainfall amounts throughout the world, and types of rainfall and storms. She also touches on the topic of acid rain and developing clean energy to reduce water pollution. Typical of Gibbons' books, she includes lots of text features - captions, diagrams, maps - to help learners access the information.
Itsy Bitsy & Teeny Weeny
Heartwarming story about caring for injured and wild animals. Demonstrates that wild animals need to be set free.
Iva Honeysuckle Discovers the World
Iva does not appreciate her double first cousin Heaven. She is jealous, spiteful, hateful, and avoids having to do anything with Heaven, who breathes through her mouth, steals her grown-up friend, and secretly gets a kitten. On a mission to discover Gen
I've Got an Elephant
One elephant is lots of fun, maybe two. How many elephants is too many? Counting the new elephants is as much fun as the illustrations.
Ivy lives in the town of Broomswept with her Grandmother who is a healer of forest friends, both mythical and mainstream. When the townspeople set out to win the new queen's "Best Town" contest, Grandmother and Ivy come under pressure to clean up their messy cottage garden with its overgrown healing herbs and menagerie of convalescing creatures. Ivy learns that sometimes conformity must yield to compassion, friendship, and loyalty.
Ivy's Ever After
A princess discovers that her fate includes being locked in a tower on her fourteenth birthday guarded by a dragon. If a prince slays the dragon, he wins her hand, but she discovers she prefers the dragon over the arrogant prince.
Izzy Barr, Running Star
Izzy usually is faster than everyone else in third grade; but now that Skipper got some fancy track shoes he just might have a winning edge. She loves to run, is dedicated to practicing, and her times are improving. Dad is also her PE teacher and coaches those who are preparing for the citywide 10K run, where she intends to be the fastest. But Dad always goes to her half-brother's races, like he thinks Dustin is better than she, or something.
Jabari Jumps
Jabari has finished swimming lessons and is ready for the big jump off the high diving board. Well, almost. Dad helps him—and the reader—learn how to face fears in this delightful book with diverse and relatable characters.
Jack & the Hungry Giant
Jack and the Beanstalk meets the USDA nutrition standards in this fractured fairy tale. Instead of trying to eat Jack, the Hungry Giant teaches him about healthy eating and exercise.
Jack and the Night Visitors
Although wordless, this book tells the story of visitors to Jack's room one hight.
Jack Plank Tells Tales
Park yourself on your sea chest and sit for a spell. You don't want to miss one of Jack Plank's stories. A pirate to begin with, Jack just didn't have the heart for pillaging and plundering. He's found himself on shore in a town called Saltwash, finding where he fits and looking to make a living. But just what can a pirate like Jack do to earn his way? Natalie Babbitt spins another good yarn. Good choice for read-aloud.
Jack: The True Story of Jack & The Beanstalk
Jack longs for adventure, so when giants turn up in his neighborhood, he is thrilled! His excitement turns to determination when his father is carried away by the giants. Jack trades the family cow for some magic beans, grows a ladder to get to the land of the giants beyond the clouds, and climbs with his pesky little sister to save his father – and ends up saving the giants too.
Jackie Robinson, Strong Inside and Out
These beginning biographies are formatted like easy readers with excellent photographs, sidebars and timelines. Solid information about the person's life, family, and accomplishments is given.
Jack's House
Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka. Thought you knew Jack build the house? Well, find out the real story told from his dog Max. Great book to pair with Little Red Hen.
Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow
Meet 6th grade classroom terror, Jacob Wonderbar. He and his best friends, Sarah and Dexter, meet Silverman and his spaceship in the woods near their homes. They exchange the spaceship for a corndog. Great deal - now they are off on a quick spaceship test ride - not so. Read on to find out all the adventures they encounter.
Jake Skates
Jake loves to skate. He even skates in his dreams at night. A great easy reader.
Jake the Philharmonic Dog
A wonderful book to introduce children to instruments played in an orchestra. Jake, the dog, goes with his master to work as a stagehand for an orchestra. Musical terms are used throughout the story.
Jake's 100th Day of School
Jake's teacher asks everyone to bring in a collection of 100 items to celebrate the 100th day of school. Jake forgets. Great problem resolution.
Jake's Best Thumb
Jake happily sucks his thumb for comfort until he gets to kindergarten. There a bully almost makes him feel bad enough to think about giving it up. When he finds the bully's secret, he learns that we all have our own special needs.
James Madison
Early readers learn about the burning of the White House, and the very small size of our fourth President of the United States. Note insets and photos supplemented by timeline, glossary, and index offer a wealth of information in this story-like history supplement.
Jane in Bloom
Devastated when her beautiful, seemingly perfect older sister dies as a result of anorexia, Jane must come to terms with losing the person she was closest to and the unraveling of her family.
Janey and the Famous Author
Janey's class is going on a field trip to the college for the literature festival. Janey is very excited because her favorite author is one of four authors they get to meet. This is a good and easy chapter book by an already well-known author.
Jangles: a Big Fish Story
This is the biggest fish story with wonderful illustrations and a secret surprise ending. Everyone is going to want to read this book and then they will want to read it again!
January's Sparrow
Sadie tells the story of January, her brother, and her family, the Crosswhites. The Crosswhites are terrorized by slave catchers and they flee from their Kentucky plantation. They are ever-watchful until the dreaded slave catchers arrive in the middle of the night to take them back to the plantation. Polacco's storytelling is exquisite in this tender, but violent tale.
Japan, Enchantment of the World
Focus is more on the details about the nations' different ethnic groups, environmental issues and wildlife and information about the current political situation rather than major events or people. Books contain full-color photographs, statistics, time lines and Web sites. The current information makes them accessible and useful for reports.
Jasmine and Maddie
Jasmine's father has died and she and her mother are struggling to make a new life for themselves. Maddie seems to have everything she could possible want, but looks can be deceiving. Narration alternates between the two girls to reveal personality and background variances which factor into their conflict. Can Jasmine and Maddie become friends? Middle school drama is vividly captured to portray point of view, adolescent identity questions, and learning to move on in an imperfect world.
Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen
Eight-year-old Jasmine wants to help her family make mochi, the traditional Japanese sweet rice cakes thought to bring good fortune, as they prepare for the New Year celebration. Mother always says she is not old enough to help, and instead must babysit her cousins. Jealous of her older sister who gets to do everything first including roll the mochi balls, she decides to help pound the mochi—but that part is usually reserved for the boys. This series opener touches on very relatable growing-up and sibling frustrations while offering a glimpse into a special tradition of many Japanese-American families.
Jayhawker Book
n response to continued demands, this title has been reissued in the special revised edition. This book about the state of Kansas, the state flower, bird and tree, products and people, can be read with ease by boys and girls in the second and third grades. Teachers looking for easy material about Kansas for the primary level will welcome the fifth reprint of this book with its original illustrations.
Jayhawker Book
n response to continued demands, this title has been reissued in the special revised edition. This book about the state of Kansas, the state flower, bird and tree, products and people, can be read with ease by boys and girls in the second and third grades. Teachers looking for easy material about Kansas for the primary level will welcome the fifth reprint of this book with its original illustrations.
Jayhawker Book
n response to continued demands, this title has been reissued in the special revised edition. This book about the state of Kansas, the state flower, bird and tree, products and people, can be read with ease by boys and girls in the second and third grades. Teachers looking for easy material about Kansas for the primary level will welcome the fifth reprint of this book with its original illustrations.
Jayhawker Book
n response to continued demands, this title has been reissued in the special revised edition. This book about the state of Kansas, the state flower, bird and tree, products and people, can be read with ease by boys and girls in the second and third grades. Teachers looking for easy material about Kansas for the primary level will welcome the fifth reprint of this book with its original illustrations.
Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph
In 1958 when Esquire magazine was producing an issue dedicated to jazz music, photographer Art Kane set out to gather 57 famous jazz musicians together in the heart of Harlem for a mid-morning photo shoot using borrowed cameras. Poems and prose told from unique perspectives introduce young readers to the various musicians who appear in the now-iconic cover, while vivid illustrations capture the setting and feel of the day. Supplements include brief biographies of all 57 musicians, extensive author's note, photo key identifying each musician in the fold-out reproduction of the original photo, and much more.
Jazz on a Saturday Night
Some of the greatest jazz artists are mentioned as you swing through a Saturday night full of jazz.
Jeannette Rankin Political Pioneer
Jeannette Rankin, first U.S. Congresswoman, worked for women's right to vote, social justice, and peace. Forgotten for a time she re-surfaced in the 60s to work with feminists and Vietnam peace activists. Photos, sidebars, index and timeline.
Jefferson's Sons
In telling the story of the sons of Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley reveals an ugly and hateful time in our nation's history. This powerful and well-researched book forces the reader to ponder many of the same questions as Jefferson's sons (and their sister and friends.) Can a person be great and still participate in evil? What does it mean to be truly free? Are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone or just certain people? Bradley wisely shifts the point of view between three characters and provides an author's note to present a well-rounded story which will become one not easily forgotten by readers.
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens, an African American runner, helped break the color barrier when he won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. His achievements were especially notable at the time since the German ruler, Adolph Hitler, had criticized the US for even including black athletes on its Olympic teams, probably expecting Germany to resoundingly demonstrate Aryan superiority. Owens played a major role in the discrediting of Hitler’s brand of racism, as Hitler reportedly stomped out of the stadium after the awarding of Owens’ fourth gold medal. Extra information in end matter includes related math and history facts plus a short write-up about the Olympics. Look for other titles in the "You Should Meet" series.
Jim Thorpe: Greatest Athlete in the World
Part of the Graphic Library: Graphic Biographies series, this is the story of Jim Thorpe, the American athlete who won both the pentathlon and the decathlon in the 1913 Olympics.
Jimmy the Joey
In this true story, Jimmy is an orphaned baby koala rescued and taken to the koala hospital in Port Macquarie, Australia. The pictures are outstanding. Young readers will enjoy learning about koalas and hearing how Jimmy was cared for and ultimately released back into the wild. The back of the book includes more information about koalas, notes from the photographer, and websites for additional information.
Jimmy's Stars
During World War II, Ellie is certain that her beloved brother, Jimmy's draft deferment will keep him safe. When Jimmy is inevitably called to duty overseas, Ellie is certain that he will be home in time for Christmas just as he promised. But Ellie learns that some promises go unanswered, no matter the faith and love behind them. Filled with period details and warmth, this would be a good addition to any collection.
Jingle Bells: How the Holiday Classic Came to Be
In 1857 in Savannah, Georgia, James Lord Pierpont sat down to write a song for his church choir and came up with the enduring classic "Jingle Bells." This fictionalized account is based on a true story.
Job Site
The bulldozer, the excavator, the loader and other heavy machinery all have important tasks to complete at the job site - digging, lifting, carrying, dumping, moving, and shaping. Striking illustrations with the easy to ready text offer construction fans a close-up view of the action and excitement at the job site.
Job Wanted
Dog needs a job, but Farmer doesn't want any dogs because he thinks dogs are not helpful. Dog tries to be a cow, a horse, and a chicken. Dog is helpful, but he cannot be a cow, a horse, or a chicken. Will Dog be able to convince the farmer that he is needed on the farm?
Joe and Sparky Get New Wheels
Joe, the adventurous giraffe, takes Sparky, the very cautious turtle, out for an adventure when a car shows up at the zoo where they live. Joe thinks the car is one he has won in a raffle! The two are hilarious as they journey to a car wash, mall, and burger joint in this beginning chapter book.
Joe Louis, America's Fighter
Easy to read and understand biography.
Joey Fly, Private Eye in Creepy Crawly Crime
Loaded with detective story puns, this graphic novel lingers long on a missing diamond pencil box and some deceitful friends. The dialog and narrative keep the story moving, although the art is not as invigorating.
John Cena: Wrestling's Tough Guys
This biography of the WWE champion, John Cena, will fly off the library shelf. This will be one of those high interest books that will get reluctant readers - boys especially - to commit to reading a biography.
John Deere, That's Who!
From his poverty-stricken days as a Vermont blacksmith in the early 19th century, John Deere relocated to Illinois. The soil there was much different, making it very difficult for farmers to turn the soil with the typical plowshares of the day, which John had so often helped to forge. This easy-to-ready story tells what John did (design a much-improved plow that revolutionized farming), and what he did NOT do (design the tractor), and how his innovative pursuit of improved farm implements allowed him to start his own company. This early STEM-concept non-fiction features acrylic-on-plywood illustrations crackled to appear old, harmonizing with the time period of the story and its folksy telling.
John F. Kennedy
Easy to read biography. Students will be hooked by the fun cartoons. Actual photos enhance the text.
John F. Kennedy, the Making of a Leader
These beginning biographies are formatted like easy readers with excellent photographs, sidebars and timelines. Solid information about the person's life, family, and accomplishments is given.
John F. Kennedy: his life and legacy
Sommer, an administrator at Boston's JFK Library, wrote an appealing biography. She begins with his birth, ends with a review of his legacy, and in between devotes chapters to his childhood, education, political advancement, life in the White House and foreign and domestic threats and achievements. Includes bibliographical references and index.
John Ronald's Dragons: The Story of J.R.R Tolkien
A must read for anyone who loves J.R.R Tolkien or The Hobbit, this beautifully illustrated biography tells about the young John Ronald who learned to dream of a colorful, wonder-filled world. The quiet serenity of his early life took a sour turn at age 12 when his mother died, forcing him and his brother to go live with an aunt who could barely tolerate boys. But his imagination allowed him a place of reprieve then, through the horrors of battle in World War I, and the monotony of grading lots of exams during his days as a college professor. His first story of a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins was originally created for his own children. Extensive author notes and back matter will satisfy young fans.
John, Paul, George, & Ben
A humerous look at these four founding fathers, along with Thomas Jefferson, before they were famous. They did take liberties along the way.
Johnny and the Bomb
Having stumbled upon a way to time travel, Johnny knows exactly when a German bomb will be dropped on his English village. Johnny and his friends make several trips to alter history enough to save the town but also to make sure modern time remains the same. Story alternates between 1990s Britain and World War II. Funny dialogue, fast-paced and quirky sidekicks keep the plot moving.
Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale
This is a Kansas tall tale with a Kansas author and illustrator. Five minutes old and Johnny was already 6 feet two. Johnny’s parents started west to find a farm big enough for Johnny. When they crossed the Missouri River, they knew they had found a place. The illustrations are full of Kansas symbols including the Jayhawk and the wildcat. Every Kansas school library will want to have a copy of this story. It will be in demand when you talk about the elements of a tall tale and when you study Kansas.
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
Joe DiMaggio was one of baseball's greatest players, and Jonah Winter has written an outstanding biography for the elementary age reader. The story focuses on the hardships that DiMaggio overcame to become a baseball player. Author's notes include intriguing baseball statistics and history.
Jose! Born to Dance
Jose Limon was born in a family of eleven in Mexico. His family immigrated to the U.S. because of the Mexican Revolution. This is the story of how he became a professional dancer and formed a dance company. He performed with many ballet groups and was a teacher at Julliard School. He was a boy who was determined to make a difference in the world of dance. Beautiful art work.
Josias, Hold the Book
Growing up in Haiti, every member of the family is needed to produce enough foot to eat. Many people are uneducated. Josias' beans don't grow even with TLC. Josias worries his family won't have enough to eat.
Journey that saved Curious George
Biography of Margret and H. A. Rey, authors of the Curious George books. Both German born Jews, they must flee France in advance of the Nazi takeover. They take only the manuscripts for Curious George and other books as they make their perious way to the U. S.
Journey, Stories of Migration, The
Buttrflies, locusts, whales, caribou, and other animals move from place to place their whole lives. This is an introduction to migration with beautiful paintings of the animals' journeys.
Juan Pablo and the Butterflies
Mexico’s monarch butterfly sanctuary town is no longer peaceful after being taken over by a vicious drug cartel. Juan can’t grab his violin and leave with everyone else because his dear Abuela is on her deathbed. Danger from the cartel increases, and Juan poisons part of the gang in order to rescue his beloved, beautiful Rocio from their lewd intentions. The two barely escape with their lives, Juan hoping to make it to California and the father he has never met, and Rocio hoping to be reunited with her mother. Chased by vengeful members of the cartel and hindered by everything from unethical immigration officials to a lack of money for food, the two embark on a white-knuckle journey, following the butterflies as his Abuela had instructed. Reminders of Abuela's wisdom and encounters with the butterflies soften the intensity of their plight.
Jubilee (Judith) hasn’t spoken since her mother left her on the island with Aunt Cora. She loves her new 5th grade teacher, has found a dog, and made friends with classmate Mason. She is happy not talking, using only her drawings to communicate. A terrible storm, a lost child, and reuniting with her mother help Jubilee realize that she has a good life that might just be worth talking about.
Judy Moody and the Bucket List
Judy is visiting Grandma Lou when she finds a to-do list and realizes it's actually Grandma's bucket list. Well, who said bucket lists are exclusively for Grandmas? Judy decides to draw up her own very official list of things to do before she starts fourth grade. Some items are more within her reach (learning to turn cartwheels) while others are a ways out there (riding a horse, visiting Antarctica), but soon she is crossing things off her list. Along the way, Judy learns that the doing is as much fun as the finishing.
Julia Gillian (and the Quest for Joy)
Ten-year-old Julia Gillian's best friend is keeping secrets, their beloved lunch lady was replaced by a tyrant, and trumpet lessons prove difficult. Julia find it difficult to "look for the joy."
Julia Gillian and the Art of Knowing
Nine-year-old Julia goes out of her way to avoid unhappy endings in this first book of a trilogy. Julia learns a lesson about facing her fears during summer break when she starts to read a new book and her observation skills point in the direction of an unhappy ending.
Julian Game, The
Cyber bullying. Facebook lies and deception. Adele Griffin delivers a timely book. When two girls attempt to become popular by creating fake facebook pages, things go very wrong and quickly out of their control.
Julia's kitchen
When her mother and younger sister are killed in a house fire, eleven-year-old Cara struggles to find a way to deal with her emotions and to reach out to her grieving father.
Julia's Kitchen
When her mother and sister are killed in a fire, Cara struggles with confusion about her faith, her fragile relationship with her grieving father, and her questions about how to hold on to the memories of her mother and sister and still move forward in life.
Juliet Club, The
Practical Kate from Olathe, Kansas wins a Shakespeare contest and gets to go to fair Verona.and that is where our story lies. Kate isn't looking for romance but finds it in the true complex, mixed up manner that the Bard himself would approve of! Fun book.
Juliet's Moon
Juliet's safe southern life has been torn apart by the war between the states. Orphaned, she fears for her brother, Seth, who rides with Quantrill's Raiders. Held captive with dozens of other female hostages, Juliet escapes when the dilapidated Kansas City house collapses.
Julio's Magic
Julio, an artistic little boy in Mexico, discovers the power of true friendship and develops an understanding of creativity and sacrifice when he helps his nearly blind mentor win a prestigious wood-carving contest. Unique collages of grainy/fuzzy photos are color washed for artistic effect. Excellent storyline and structure.
Julius Zebra, Rumble with the Romans
When a talking zebra decides he's too good for the local watering hole where everyone also bathes and poops, he heads for elsewhere, only to be kidnapped by Romans and destined for a horrible death in the coliseum. Absurd humor predominates in this zany adventure where African animal captives enter the arena for slaughter, only to take up weapons and become gladiators that wow the crowds. Middle grade readers will laugh their way through this off-beat exposure to Roman history, culture, and numerals, complete with daffy cartoon-style illustrations and a glossary of Latin and Roman terms.
Jumping Off Library Shelves
This delightful and beautiful story lets the reader know what a library and its books have to offer. The included collection of poems takes a child through the excitement of finding a library, getting a card, and discovering the wonder of the story inside a book.
Jumping the Scratch
After moving with his mother to a trailer park to care for an injured aunt, eleven-year-old, Jamie Reardon struggles to cope with a deeply buried secret. Captures not only the quilt, shame, and pain of the abused boy but the point of view of a new student who is friendless, targeted and belittled by a teacher.
Jumping the scratch
After moving with his mother to a trailer park to care for an injured aunt, eleven-year-old Jamie Reardon struggles to cope with a deeply buried secret.
Junction of Sunshine and Lucky, The
Auggie lives with her grandfather who is a trash hauler. As she begins a new school year in a different school, she suddenly becomes aware that some students have far more affluent lives than she and her little group of friends. When a beautification project begins, her less wealthy part of town is targeted, and the problem solving begins. Auggie and her grandfather discover hidden talents through recycled-object sculptures that they create and sell in this genuine feel-good story.
Jungle Bullies
A domino effect happens to the animals when Elephant begins with the bullying of Hippo. It trickles down to Monkey and he learns from his mother how to share.
Junior Genius Guides: Dinosaurs
Like the other Junior Genius Guides, this book presents information about dinosaurs in a unique and humorous way. It leads the reader through the lives of dinosaurs utilizing interactive text features and fun facts to keep kids (and adults) turning the pages.
The junk yard is cleaned up by two robots, and they create a beautiful park. This book teaches children about the need to recycle and the possibilities that exist when we take care of the earth.
Junkyard Wonders
Polacco again draws from her own life for this story of Trisha whose special education class is known as the Junkyard. Thanks to a teacher who is special in her own way, each child in the class discovers their own unique talent.
Junkyard Wonders
Polacco again draws from her own life for this story of Trisha whose special education class is known as the Junkyard. Thanks to a teacher who is special in her own way, each child in the class discovers their own unique talent.
Junkyard Wonders, The
This celebration of teaching and learning is centered around a group of challenged learners assigned to Mrs. Peterson. She begins the new year with the definition of genius. Throughout the year, she is able to evoke most amazing results from these outcast students. This story is based upon the author's own experience and is a testament to diversity.
Just a Lucky So and So: The Story of Louis Armstrong
Though "Little Louis" Armstrong grew up in an impoverished area of New Orleans, his neighborhood was rich with the music of "brass bands, funeral marches, honky-tonks on Saturday nights, and church services..." He especially loved the music of jazz great Joe "King" Oliver. At the age of eleven, after some scrapes with the law, Louis was sent to the Colored Waif's Home for Boys where he convinced the band leader to let him learn instruments and be in the school's well-known marching band. Upon returning to his neighborhood Louis was mentored by the "King" himself, and taught to play the cornet. He ultimately performed with Oliver in Chicago, fulfilling his boyhood dream and showing the world that his success was less from luck and more from determination and perseverance.
Just Another Day in My Insanely Real Life
If your library is in need of another book about a dysfunctional family, then your readers will enjoy and maybe even identify with the problems encountered by seventh grader Cassie Emerson as she struggles to hold the family together since her father left the family.Saddled with an older sister who won't pull her share of the load and a younger brother who always needs attention, Cassie struggles to rebuild her life.
Just Behave, Pablo Picasso!
Pablo Picasso's talents were apparent from his boyhood. As he grew and changed, so did his fabulous artwork. His early art was called elegant and beautiful, and his later works were often called ugly. This book helps the reader understand how this chan
Just Ducks!
A young girl is awakened each morning by the quacking of the ducks. We travel with her through the book and learn the difference between the quacks of female and male ducks and other duck terms such as preening, upending, and dabbling.
Just Fine the Way They Are
We need a better road!" This lively documentation of transportation in the US includes debates over the National Road, the railroads, and the interstate system. It leaves the reader wondering what might come next on the frontiers of transportation.
Just for Today
Ignore the clocks, have popcorn for breakfast.The bear family plays hooky to spend Just Today devoted strictly to fun and enjoying each other's company. Even the dog and cat get involved in the family activities. The rhyming text and dreamy watercolor illustrations will appeal to the youngest readers.
Just for You to Know
Carmen Cathcart, a thirteen year old girl with a dream of her own is sure to capture the hearts of young readers! The oldest girl in a family of 8, Carmen is appalled to find out her mother is pregnant again.
Just Grace Goes Green
In this fourth lively chapter book in the Just Grace series, Grace and her classmates are grateful that Mr. Frank, their always-fun former student teacher, has inspired Miss Lois to try some new things. Passionate about going green, she shares her excitement with her students, and Grace and best friend Mimi are inspired. Harper knows how to keep the first-person story moving while sneaking in information about recycling and reusing.
Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln
Polacco retells the one day battle at Antietam (a re-enactment) when Michael and Derek are invited by a strange museum director to "play a game." This story brings history to life as it shows a pivotal movement in the Civil War.
Just Jake
Jake is moving to a new state, a new grade, and a new school, but he remains at the bottom of the social ladder. Can Jake overcome a mean older sister and a truly wild bully? Lots of pictures embellish this easy-to-read school story.
Just One Wish
When seventeen-year-old Annika creates a genie to grant her 6-year-old brother a wish before his cancer surgery, he asks for the real Teen Robin Hood (from TV fame) to come give him archery lessons instead of asking for the action figure he wanted. Annika decides to head to California to try and make his wish come true - never imagining what could happen along the way.
Kali's Story: An Orphaned Polar Bear Rescue
Kali was a three-month-old polar bear cub when she was rescued by an Inupiat villager after the cub's mother died. This true story follows Kali, with minimal text and lots of adorable photographs, as she is taken to a wildlife vet, then to the Alaska Zoo, and finally to the Buffalo Zoo in New York. Appended sections include information on polar bear life in the Arctic region, the polar bear life cycle, and polar bear math.
Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas
This book focuses on 203 species of birds located while nesting in Kansas over a period of six years. Two pages are devoted to each bird and includes a description, drawing and distribution data.
Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas
This book focuses on 203 species of birds located while nesting in Kansas over a period of six years. Two pages are devoted to each bird and includes a description, drawing and distribution data.
Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas
This book focuses on 203 species of birds located while nesting in Kansas over a period of six years. Two pages are devoted to each bird and includes a description, drawing and distribution data.
Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas
This book focuses on 203 species of birds located while nesting in Kansas over a period of six years. Two pages are devoted to each bird and includes a description, drawing and distribution data.
Kansas City and How It Grew, 1822-2011
Kansas City is more than jazz, BBQ, and the Chiefs is the premise of this carefully documented and beautifully illustrated book. Kansas City grew from a cowtown nurtured by the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers into a metropolis straddling two
Kansas Day by Day
A collection of stories that make up Kansas' remarkable history. Three hundred and sixty-six anecdotes, adventures and momentous events-intriguing, entertaining, somber, ridiculous, and true-Kansas Day by Day offers a glimpse into the everyday life of our 34th state.
Kansas Wetlands: A Wildlife Treasury
A crisp, clear wildlife presentation, featuring color photos (by seven photographers, taken over a period of seven years) with explanatory captions, following an introductory essay.
Kansas Wetlands: A Wildlife Treasury
A crisp, clear wildlife presentation, featuring color photos (by seven photographers, taken over a period of seven years) with explanatory captions, following an introductory essay.
Kansas Wetlands: A Wildlife Treasury
A crisp, clear wildlife presentation, featuring color photos (by seven photographers, taken over a period of seven years) with explanatory captions, following an introductory essay.
Kansas Wetlands: A Wildlife Treasury
A crisp, clear wildlife presentation, featuring color photos (by seven photographers, taken over a period of seven years) with explanatory captions, following an introductory essay.
Kansas Wildlife
Photographs by Bob Gress, Gerald J. Wiens, Suzzanne L. Collins and Joseph T. Collins. One hundred and twenty-one extraordinary photographs with text by Kansas Zoologist at the University of Kansas, Joseph Collins. The text provides little-known information about the habits and habitats of Kansas creatures.
Kansas Wildlife
Photographs by Bob Gress, Gerald J. Wiens, Suzzanne L. Collins and Joseph T. Collins. One hundred and twenty-one extraordinary photographs with text by Kansas Zoologist at the University of Kansas, Joseph Collins. The text provides little-known information about the habits and habitats of Kansas creatures.
Kansas Wildlife
Photographs by Bob Gress, Gerald J. Wiens, Suzzanne L. Collins and Joseph T. Collins. One hundred and twenty-one extraordinary photographs with text by Kansas Zoologist at the University of Kansas, Joseph Collins. The text provides little-known information about the habits and habitats of Kansas creatures.
Kansas Wildlife
Photographs by Bob Gress, Gerald J. Wiens, Suzzanne L. Collins and Joseph T. Collins. One hundred and twenty-one extraordinary photographs with text by Kansas Zoologist at the University of Kansas, Joseph Collins. The text provides little-known information about the habits and habitats of Kansas creatures.
Kansas, the History of the Sunflower State, 1854-2000
An exceptional book on the history of Kansas. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Kansas--The History of the Sunflower State, 1854-2000
A great Kansas resource book. It treats the past history as well as history about Kansas that has not been found in previous history books. A wonderful addition to a Kansas collection.
Kansas--The History of the Sunflower State, 1854-2000
A great Kansas resource book. It treats the past history as well as history about Kansas that has not been found in previous history books. A wonderful addition to a Kansas collection.
Kansas--The History of the Sunflower State, 1854-2000
A great Kansas resource book. It treats the past history as well as history about Kansas that has not been found in previous history books. A wonderful addition to a Kansas collection.
Kansas--The History of the Sunflower State, 1854-2000
A great Kansas resource book. It treats the past history as well as history about Kansas that has not been found in previous history books. A wonderful addition to a Kansas collection.
Karma: A Novel in Verse
Told in verse, half Hindu, half Sikh, Maya has returned to India with her father to return her mother's ashes at the same time Indira Ghandi is assassinated in 1984. Sikhs are being hunted and executed and Maya gets separated from her father. In a strange country, she must hide her identity and find refuge. Sandeep offers to help her and she has no choice but to accept.
Kate Larkin, the Bone Expert
Kate breaks her arm over the summer and learns a lot about bones on her way to recovery. Information on bones with numerous medical vocabulary words.
Katerina's Wish
Katerina has a dream. It's her papa's dream too. Her family came to America to buy their own farm. But a year later, Papa is still working in the dangerous coal mine. Each day, the farm seems farther away. Then Katerina is reminded of the carp that granted three wishes in an old folktale. When her younger sisters hear the story, they immediately make wishes. Trina doesn't believe in such silliness - but what is she to think when her sister's wishes come true? A farm is still too big to wish for. But, with the help of the neighbor's handsome son, Trina starts building her dream with hard work and good sense. Then tragedy strikes, and it seems that nothing Trina wishes for will ever come true again. With warmth and gentle humor, Jeannie Mobley tells the story of a girl whose determination is as inspiring as her dreams.
Katherine Johnson
Meet Katherine Johnson, a brilliant mathematician who worked at NASA beginning in the early 1950s. Katherine accomplished complicated calculations by hand which helped in planning NASA's Mercury and Apollo missions. End matter includes extra information about subjects like history, math, and careers for math lovers which springboard from Johnson’s story. Be sure to look for other titles in the "You Should Meet" series.
Katie Duck is a Caterpillar
Katie Duck is very disappointed when she is cast as a crawling caterpillar in the school play. She wanted to be a swan, or a flower, or a cloud, but then she finds out caterpillars become beautiful butterflies.
Katie Loves the Kittens
A dog loves the three kittens Katie has brought home but scares them with her barking. How will they ever love her? Hilarious story and illustrations.
Katie's Sunday Afternoon
One very hot day, Katie wants to go to the pool, but it's full so she visits a museum to get cool and gets into (literally!) the pointellist paintings. A very exciting way to introduce these artists' paintings. A must for the art section.
Keep a Pocket in Your Poem
Want a clever way to pay tribute to a poet? Write a parody of their poetry. This is exactly what J. Patrick Lewis did in this unique volume as he brilliantly takes a beloved poem and rewrites it on the next page as a parody, often humorous, frequently sentimental, even offering deeper insights into the original work. Young readers will enjoy and developing writers will gain insight into scribing their own poetry parodies.
Keep On!: The Story of Matthew Henson, Co-discoverer of the North Pole
The inspiring story of Matthew Henson tells of the determination and courage of the African-American explorer. Matthew Henson, along with Robert Peary and four Inuit men, reached the North Pole in April 1909.
Keeping Corner
Set in 1918 India, Leela worries little about her future or world events. Tragedy strikes when her betrothed is killed and she must spend a year in mourning. Only allowed lessons by her teacher, Leela discovers the real world around her while being confined to her home.
Keeping Score
Dad is a Yankees fan, but Joey, Mick and Maggie-o (named after Joe DiMaggio) are die hard Dodgers fans even though they just can't quite win the World Series. After Jim teaches Maggie how to keep the play/score book on games and befriends her he is sent to fight in the Viet Nam War. His traumatized return tests Maggie's patience and understanding.
Keeping Score
Maggie learns to keep stats for the Dodgers and relays them to a friend fighting in the Korean War.
Keeping the Night Watch
A thirteen-year-old African American boy chronicles what happens to his family when his father, who temporarily left, returns home and they all must deal with their feelings of anger, hope, abandonment, and fear.
Illustrated by Sherry Rogers. Kersplatypus is a heartwarming story about a little platypus that is bullied by one of his little friends because he can't do things. His other friends provide encouragement to help him find his own way.
Keturah and Lord Death
Keturah follows a stag into the forest and meets Lord Death. Because she doesn't want to die she bargains with him and as result changes her life and her entire village as she seeks her one true love to escape Lord Death and the bargain she has struck. Romance & adventure!
Ketzel, the Cat Who Composed
As a composer, Moshe Cotel’s busy life in the city is filled with music. During one of his outdoor walks he finds and adopts a cat that he names Ketzel. Upon entering a contest to create a composition shorter than 60 seconds, Moshe finds this challenge impossible until Ketzel begins walking across the piano keys. Children will enjoy this intriguing exposure to the music world based on a true story.
Kevin Durant: Basketball Heroes
In this one of a set of four sports hero books in a series called Basketball Heroes, Kevin Durant delivers championship play and inspires his teammates to do the same. He also gives back to his community with Christmas surprises, food, and sports gear fo
Kevin Love
Basketball has helped Kevin Love earn his fame along with a living, but it is only part of his life story. Successes on the court net him a ranking among the best for three-point shot percentage, jump shot accuracy, and passing skills to dazzle fans and dismay opponents. Off the court, he ranks an exemplary high among charitable donors for the many ways he helps people in need.
Keys to the Kingdom: #3 Drowned Wednesday
The third installment in the Keys to the Kingdom series finds Arthur Penhaligon in the hospital awaiting transport by ship back to the House. If Arthur can survive the voyage, he may be able to claim the Third Key and save the human race.
Kids Cook 1-2-3
This is an easy child friendly cookbook that children can prepare almost all by themselves. It has great ideas for child creativity.
Kids' Guide to Money in Sports, The
With eye-catching photos, layouts, colorful charts and graphics, this collection of data about money in sports gives the reader a fast-paced examination of the most, the least, the best and worst - and lots of added interests. While at a more advanced reading level, this book will not be a shelf-sitter!
Killer Instinct
In this graphic and intense novel, Lane pursues her secret obsession of studying serial killers. She understands them and knows what makes them tick. Why? Because she might be one herself. Lane channels her dark impulses by hunting criminals and delivering justice when the law fails. The vigilantism stops shy of murder, but with each event the boundaries are pushed further and further. Fans of Dexter and Criminal Minds will appreciate this one.
Killer Within
This sequel to Killer Instinct finds Lane struggling with that first kill three months ago, which unwittingly launched her alter-ego Masked Savior and inspired a fan club. But this right-the-wrongs vigilante role no longer satisfies, and now a copycat has pulled off increasingly violent killings of people who don't deserve it. A dash of possible romance and hints of Lane's leanings toward sociopathy add plot twists as Lane checks out her groupies' new fan site in an effort to figure out who the imitator might be.
Killing Sea, The
This novel is a survival story that puts a human face on a shocking disaster of the tsunami of 2004 in Sumatra. Told from the point of view of Ruslan, an Indonesian boy and and Sarah, an American girl. Ruslan is searching for his father and Sarah is trying to get medical treatment for her sick brother.
Killing Time in Crystal City
A relationship with his father that's just as broken as his arm leads Kevin to conclude running away and becoming a different person will be his ticket to a better life. En route to Crystal City to live with his estranged, black-sheep uncle, Kevin meets up with girls who also have broken arms and lives, and finds tentative belonging with a group of rough beach bums. Now he wonders if this was such a great idea. Coming of age and gaining acceptance sometimes means confronting past choices and ditching the denial games.
Kimchi & Calamari
Joseph Calderaro's life if complicated by his growing awareness of the gulf between his Korean ethnicity and the Italian heritage of his adoptive family. A school assignment is the catalyst for his search for information about his birth family. His status as an honest guy is jeopardized when he claims a famous Korean marathoner as his grandfather. His confusion is handled in a touching and humorous way.
Kindergarten Luck
While it all starts with a boy finding a penny, the story conveys that a person more or less "makes his own luck" by deciding how to look at things that happen during the day. Colorful and engaging illustrations enhance the concept.
Kindergarten Rocks!
First day jitters shake Dex to the bone. What is kindergarten going to be like? His sister (a big third grader) tells him kindergarten rocks and he finds out it does!
Kindhearted Crocodile, The
This is the story of a very kindhearted crocodile longing to be a family pet. Thanks to the magic created by the author and illustrator, the crocodile steps out of a picture book at night and tidies toys, washes dishes, makes breakfast, and tends to other chores while the family sleeps. When they discover the crocodile comes to life, the parents are alarmed, but the children already love him. Mom is an easy sell, but dad is concerned about those sharp teeth! A charming tale with fun illustrations sure to be loved by children.
King Jack and the Dragon
Three friends build a fort/castle in the back yard. As night falls, the two friends leave - leaving Jack alone imagining giants and other things lurking outside "the tent" until he too is rescued by the thing - his parents!
King of Little Things, The
Never underestimate the power and importance of small things. When the King of Little Things "who had everything he needed and didn't want for more" is targeted by the ambitious and obnoxious King Normous, the little insignificant but loyal subjects of the King of Little Things come to his rescue! This is a very powerful book on how everything in life is important.
King Puck
What's the solution to loneliness in the remote Irish countryside? Good books, a close friend to read and talk to, and a frequent sprinkling of fairie dust. Thanks to the fairies magic Seamus's goat, Finny, develops the ability to talk, is crowned King at the Puck Street Fair and wins a special prize that will warm the hearts of book lovers everywhere.
Kiss Me Tomorrow
Starting middle school is tough enough plus dealing with family and friends while emotions are flaring. When her best friend, Jonah, gets arrested for shoplifting 13-year-old Blister ends up in the middle.
Kiss Means I Love You, A
Colorful photographs depict children expressing different emotions that help children understand that a kiss means I Love You, a wave means hello, a tug means let's go, etc. The attractive picture pairs brief rhyming lines with the colorful photos.
Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story
Wonderful illustrations highlight a story about how some things that seem so wrong - the kite lost in the storm - turn out to be the perfect solution for a mother bird and her babies. It offers them protection from the storm! Simple text (easy vocabular
Kite that Bridged Two Nations, The
In this historical fiction (based on actual events) readers will learn the story of Homan Walsh, the best kite flyer in a small town near Niagara Falls, who had a dream to win a contest that challenged participants to fly a kite across the Falls bridging the US and Canada. The winner's string would then be used as a guideline for the cables of the first American suspension bridge connecting the two countries. Perfect for libraries looking to strengthen units on engineering and New York history.
Klipfish Code, The
It's 1942 Norway. The Nazis have invaded and twelve-year-old Marit and her younger brother are sent to the island to stay with their grandfather. Shortages, secrecy and fear are vividly portrayed as the resistance tries to protect the homeland.
Klondike Gold
A hundred years ago miners set off to Alaska and the Yukon to find their fortunes. This is the story of Bill Howell and his friend Joe who are infected with the fever. A unique format that shows the action plus gives the facts leads the way for the reader of this adventure.
Knight Who Took All Day, The
A brave fearless handsome knight wants so to impress a beautiful princess by slaying a terrible dragon. When one shows up, it takes him so long to get ready that the princess goes after the dragon herself.
Knights of the Borrowed Dark
Denizen, an Irish orphan, is suddenly whisked away from the only home he has ever known to meet his aunt. He discovers that on his 13th birthday he will develop powers to see shadow monsters. He joins an order of knights, which his aunt leads, to fight this enemy, the living darkness. The first of a trilogy, this book develops Denizen’s character and that of his best friend, Simon, who is still at the orphanage. Harry Potter fans will appreciate similarities in the language and creatures.
Knucklehead: Tall Tales and Almost True
Entertaining and enthralling, this autobiography of Jon Scieszka provides a unique glimpse into the author's life growing up. The short chapters and subject matter should tempt reluctant readers.
Knut: How One Little Polar Bear Captivated the World
The amazing story of Knut the orphaned polar bear born at the Berlin Zoo and the dedication of his keeper, Thomas Dorflein who saved his life.
Konza Prairie: A Tallgrass Natural History
The Konza Prairie, the largest remaining tract of tallgrass prairie in North America, may not immediately demand attention. It is this unassuming beauty that O.J. Reichman, associate professor of biology at Kansas State University, deals with in his book. He introduces the ecology of the Konza from its prehistoric periods through what is being done to preserve the prairie today. The book reads easily and can fit into Kansas history units as readily as those dealing with more specific areas. Color photos along with pen and ink sketches help bring the prairie to life.
Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams
A six title set, Super Bowl Superstars, with each book devoted to an individual Super Bowl star. Primary age boys and girls will recognize these famous and favorite athletes and love to take them home to read to parents and siblings. Close up, live action photos pop off the pages. Signature text features, cues and clues in non-fiction: headlines, captions, bold type pull quotes and kickers, glossary and post reading extenders. Real emphasis on positive role model of each athlete: community service, family commitment, charity work, etc.
Kylie Jean, Blueberry Queen
Kylie Jean is a girl who knows how to set goals and then she sets about to conquer them step-by-step! Her current wish is to be a beauty queen. Upon hearing about the up-coming Blueberry Festival, she knows she can be the very best Blueberry Queen. Enlisting family and friends is crucial to her success in this successful girl book!
La Linea
15-year-old Miguel describes the dangerous attempt to cross with his sister, illegally from Mexico into the United States to join their parents in California. Robbed, threatened and struggling to stay alive, this is for more mature students than the Will Hobbs, Crossing the Wire.
Lady Friday
Fifth book in the Keys to the Kingdom series. The plot is complex and readers need to read the four previous books to follow the story. Arthur's friend, Leaf, has been captured by Lady Friday. Witty and entertaining.
Lady Midnight
Julian Blackthorn is not another Jace Herondale. Not even a little. Emma is not another Clary. This is not just a repeat of Clare's other books. All the elements for a great Shadowhunter Academy book are there: ruthless fairies, secrets, bloody lotteries, lies, dark magic, and gross demons in a kingdom by the sea, a lost love and a promise for revenge. All of them combine results into a mesmerizing tale you never want to end. It is a story full of action, suspense and mystery entwined with romance, heartache and the struggles of a broken family to stay together against all odds. Intertwining plot lines involving magic, mystery, and murder along with a fully developed cast of characters makes this a good choice for serious fantasy lovers. Fans will be anticipating the next book.
Ladybug Girl at the Beach
Lulu and her dog, Bingo, are finally at the ocean and cannot wait to swim. When Lulu runs to the edge of the water, she realizes just how big and noisy the waves can be. While there, she discovers all the other wonderful things she can do such as build a sand castle, fly a kite, eat an ice cream cone, and collect seashells. When her favorite pail is drifting out into the water, she discovers just how brave she can be.
This is a great informational book for young students looking for facts about the ladybug. Information about their life cycle, body parts, why they are helpful to the environment, and what different types of ladybugs there are is outlined. Includes a ba
Land Shark
Lively text tells of Bobby's one birthday wish which, alas, does not come true. He is at first bitterly disappointed, but slowly comes to appreciate the birthday gift he actually received. Illustrations add humor to a lesson on acceptance.
Landry Park
Madeline Landry, 17, is heir to the vast Landry Park estate in Kansas City, built by a revered ancestor, Jacob, who invented the "Cherenkov lantern" that now powers the world. As a member of the privileged gentry, Madeline is subject to frequent teas, formal debuts, and a constant stream of suitors. She resists them all until she meets dashing David Dana, who flirts shamelessly but escorts Madeline's archrival to her debut. David's ties to the Rootless slaves, who maintain the gentry's nuclear energy sources, force Madeline to question her beliefs and contemplate rebellion. This futuristic science-fiction saga expertly blends elements of dystopias and nineteenth-century British fiction.
Langston's Train Ride
This poetic tribute to Langston Hughes as he reaches the point where he knows that he really is a poet, is expressed in rich language narrative and brilliant illustrations by Leonard Jenkins. Also included is Hughe's famed poems "The Negro Speaks of Rivers."
Langston's Train Ride
This poetic tribute to Langston Hughes as he reaches the point where he knows that he really is a poet, is expressed in rich language narrative and brilliant illustrations by Leonard Jenkins. Also included is Hughe's famed poems "The Negro Speaks of Rivers."
Langston's Train Ride
This poetic tribute to Langston Hughes as he reaches the point where he knows that he really is a poet, is expressed in rich language narrative and brilliant illustrations by Leonard Jenkins. Also included is Hughe's famed poems "The Negro Speaks of Rivers."
Langston's Train Ride
This poetic tribute to Langston Hughes as he reaches the point where he knows that he really is a poet, is expressed in rich language narrative and brilliant illustrations by Leonard Jenkins. Also included is Hughe's famed poems "The Negro Speaks of Rivers."
Language of Stars, The
Sarah has always done as she was told; and then she is told by the crowd to join them as they break in and vandalize the beloved poet Rufus Baylor's vacation home. As part of her punishment, she must take a poetry class taught by the famous poet himself. Through her journey, Sarah learns to find her creative voice and not be defined by others' expectations for her.
Larger-than-life Lara
Using the writing techniques she has learned in school, fourth grader Laney relates how an obese girl new to the class changes the lives of those around her, despite being bullied by her peers.
LaRue for Mayor
Ike is once running amuck while Mrs. LaRue is absent. This time he is running for mayor while his poor mistress is in the hospital.
Last Boy and Girl in the World, The
What should be the last few months of a glorious summer before her senior year might turn into some final goodbyes for Keeley Hewitt. Her small town of Aberdeen is slipping away--literally. While Keeley's parents struggle with the emotions and politics of an impending decision, Keeley and her friends try to live it up with a few last dances, practical jokes, and the hope that if they ignore the future it will never arrive. Learning to cope with mistakes and the loss of friends, home, and family is powerfully told in Keeley's first-person narrative.
Last Child
Head-strong Roslaie is pulled between loyalties to her white father and Native American mother. This action page-turner is told from the point of view of Last Child with diary excerpts from the father. Historical fiction based on the smallpox epidemic of 1837.
Last Codfish, The
This is a compelling and at times riveting story of friendship, loss and survival. Ever since his mother's traumatic accidental death seven years ago, Tut has remained mute and his father began to drink heavily. Alex, a new girl Tut's age with family problems of her own, reaches out to Tut.
Last Day of School, The
Third grade has been great in Mrs. Mallory's class. Matthew had a special job of keeping the classroom clock at the correct time. He has a very special present for Mrs. Mallory.
Last Free Cat, The
Jade hears a noise in her backyard and is startled to find a cat. Due to a deadly strain of cat flu, cats are illegal to own unless you can afford a permit. Jade begs her mother to keep it and when authorities come to her house looking for a cat, she is
Last Harvest, The
After his father's gruesome and mysterious death last year, 17-year-old Clay Tate goes from popular high school quarterback to overworked, talked-about farm boy. It doesn't help that his mother is going a little crazy and he must look after his sisters, “Goth” Jess and sweet, innocent Noodle. When Clay's dreams of evil overwhelm him, he seeks help from a school counselor who just might believe the devil has come to Midland, Oklahoma. A creepy, atmospheric book that will appeal to horror fans brings a surprise conclusion that keeps the reader guessing.
Last Holiday Concert, The
Life is usually easy for popular sixth grader, Hart Evans, but when his music teacher puts him in charge of the holiday concert, Hart must use all his leadership skills to unite the other students.
Last Leaves Falling, The
Since the prognosis of Lou Gehrig's disease is quick physical degeneration and early death, Abe loses his ability to play his beloved baseball, then his independent mobility, and ultimately must surrender his dream of becoming a professor. Set in urban Japan, this portrayal of a teen facing his own soon demise manifests in poignant and stark introspection intensified by the seemingly continuous onset of further debilitations, the struggle to foster friendships sans pity, and the agony of burdening his single mother with it all. But support from his mother and online friends plus snippets of Samurai honorable-death haiku -- some written by Abe himself -- subtly ease the reader through the somber finale.
Last of the High Kings, The
This sequel to The New Policeman follows J.J. Liddy into the future. He is married with four children and wonders if his visit to the fairies land long ago has anything to do with the strange happenings with his young daughter, Jenny. She has befriended a ghost, roams the wilds barefoot and has a mysterious goat patrolling the hillside. Lots of Irish folklore woven into this family's adventure to defeat the forces gathering to destroy mankind.
Last of the Roundup Boys, The
This companion book to Grasslands is set in Kansas in 1885. Tom is now seventeen and is hired as a cowhand to work on the Parson's cattle ranch. Tom is smitten with sixteen-year-old Evie, the ranch owner's daughter. Narrated in interchanging voices of Tom and Evie, it tells of the iffy romance between the two. This historical fiction has substance with women's rights, the legacy of slavery, tension between cattlemen, railroad men, and farmers, and class differences and sex roles on the Kansas prairie.
Last of the Roundup Boys, The
This companion book to Grasslands is set in Kansas in 1885. Tom is now seventeen and is hired as a cowhand to work on the Parson's cattle ranch. Tom is smitten with sixteen-year-old Evie, the ranch owner's daughter. Narrated in interchanging voices of Tom and Evie, it tells of the iffy romance between the two. This historical fiction has substance with women's rights, the legacy of slavery, tension between cattlemen, railroad men, and farmers, and class differences and sex roles on the Kansas prairie.
Last of the Roundup Boys, The
This companion book to Grasslands is set in Kansas in 1885. Tom is now seventeen and is hired as a cowhand to work on the Parson's cattle ranch. Tom is smitten with sixteen-year-old Evie, the ranch owner's daughter. Narrated in interchanging voices of Tom and Evie, it tells of the iffy romance between the two. This historical fiction has substance with women's rights, the legacy of slavery, tension between cattlemen, railroad men, and farmers, and class differences and sex roles on the Kansas prairie.
Last of the Roundup Boys, The
This companion book to Grasslands is set in Kansas in 1885. Tom is now seventeen and is hired as a cowhand to work on the Parson's cattle ranch. Tom is smitten with sixteen-year-old Evie, the ranch owner's daughter. Narrated in interchanging voices of Tom and Evie, it tells of the iffy romance between the two. This historical fiction has substance with women's rights, the legacy of slavery, tension between cattlemen, railroad men, and farmers, and class differences and sex roles on the Kansas prairie.
Last Summer of the Death Warriors, The
Pancho, a ward of the state of New Mexico, is placed in an orphanage at the age of sixteen. He is determined to avenge the senseless death of his sister. D.Q., also living at the orphanage, has terminal cancer and recruits Pancho to accompany him on an extended trip to Albuquerque for medical treatment. Pancho has his own reasons for agreeing to go along, but both Pancho and D.Q. find out on this trip what it means to be a Death Warrior. Those who like
Last True Love Story, The
Tedd Hendrix decides to take his Gpa on a road trip with the help of his friend Corrina, who can drive. But it's not the leisurely trip one would expect. Gpa has Alzheimer's and Tedd takes him out of the assisted living facility for a phony family reunion with only a three-day window to get from LA to Ithaca, NY. Well-developed characters, touching relationships, and a killer playlist make this a great read for teens looking to come to terms with parents and growing up.
Last Wild Place, The
Chip explores the woods behind an abandoned farm where he discovers a family of Florida panthers that has been driven out of their home in the Everglades. A developer leases the property and starts to bulldoze it and Chip finds himself in the middle of a protest.
Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Knot the Size of Texas
Warning: Stressful Holiday Ahead! It's almost Thanksgiving, all of Lola's grandparents are coming to visit, and she volunteered to care for her friends' dogs without asking permission. To top it all off, she is afraid she will have to confess that she doesn't like the pumpkin pie one grandmother makes, her dog won't stay out of the neighbor's yard, and she has a huge knot in her hair that just can't be tamed. How is she ever going to survive Thanksgiving?
Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken
Lola Zuckerman, always last because of the Z, is in for the worst week ever. Her Mom and Dad are each traveling, Grandmother comes to stay, she wants to be best friends, but she is always the "rotten tomato". Her teacher and the principal each try to help, but Grandmother's social stories are the very best! There are so many real-life incidents, and working from a child's reasoning and point-of-view, this is fun, hilarious, and also a teaching tool.
Late Nate in a Race
This is an "I Like to Read" book. Young readers will enjoy being able to read this story of Late Nate who wins the race. Colorfully illustrated with nice detailed drawings. A recommended purchase for the easy reader section.
Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little Town
Miller's book provides a detailed account of life in De Smet in the late 19th century. The key strength of this work is allowing readers to envision the historical context from which Wilder's writing sprang. Miller is also careful to point out that Wilder's remembered experiences (she only started writing the "Little House" books in the 1930s) are not always an accurate portrayal of historical reality.
Laura's Album
This book is a lovely tribute and chronicle of the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Included are photos, reproductions of original communications and keepsake treasures accumulated by Laura. The historical research represented by this work will capture young and older fans of the Little House saga.
Laura's Album
This book is a lovely tribute and chronicle of the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Included are photos, reproductions of original communications and keepsake treasures accumulated by Laura. The historical research represented by this work will capture young and older fans of the Little House saga.
Laura's Album
This book is a lovely tribute and chronicle of the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Included are photos, reproductions of original communications and keepsake treasures accumulated by Laura. The historical research represented by this work will capture young and older fans of the Little House saga.
Laura's Album
This book is a lovely tribute and chronicle of the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Included are photos, reproductions of original communications and keepsake treasures accumulated by Laura. The historical research represented by this work will capture young and older fans of the Little House saga.
Leaf Man
Read the leaves in this picture book true to Ehlert's signature style. Large easy to read text coordinates perfectly with gorgeous illusstratoins composed from leaves the author collected in her travels to numerous places (including Kansas City). Specially edged pages, authors notes on the gathering process in preparation for writing, and specially designed end pages for leaf identification support and extend the text.
Leaf Trouble
Pip Squirrel wakes up to discover his home tree falling to pieces. He frantically tries to gather the colorful leaves and stick them back on the tree, until his mom explains autumn to him. The very fun descriptive text and colorful pictures draw the reader in to the story.
Leaflets Three, Let It Be!
Poison ivy isn't really poisonous, although its itch-inciting oil causes plenty of discomfort! Vivid pictures show this infamous plant through the four seasons alongside the many animals and insects which benefit from its leaves, stems, blossoms, and berries all year round. Author's notes include a question-and-answer section and how to distinguish poison ivy from its look-alikes.
League of Seven, The
This steampunky novel is the first in an alternate history series about Mangleborn monsters which the Septemberist Society had long ago trapped in underground prisons. But the Mangleborn are now escaping their prisons, as the America of 1875 discovers electricity - lifeblood of the Mangleborn. One of these monsters has brainwashed Archie's parents and the other Septemberists. So Archie and his friends set out to stop the Mangleborn's escape, rescue his parents, and save the world.
Leap of faith
Forced to attend a Catholic middle school because of her conduct, Abigail discovers a talent for theater and develops a true religious faith.
Leap of Faith
Abigail is forced to attend a Catholic high school, because she's been expelled from her old school for stabbing a boy in the arm. Just to irritate her parents, she tells them she's converting to Catholicism, then finds she doesn't mind the required religion classes and services. As she studies the traditions and beliefs of the Church, Abby finds that forgiveness of the people who have mistreated her is the most difficult obstacle to overcome.
Learning Not to Drown
Everyone has skeletons in their closet. For Clare’s family, it’s her older brother Luke. A gripping story of a girl who slowly learns the truth of her brother and the dysfunctional role he plays in her family.
Learning the Game
Nate and most of the guys on his basketball team steal from a frat in the summer and it changes everything in their lives. How does Nate make peace with his girlfriend, parents, and a brother who accidentally shot a friend in middle school? This is a good study in guilt and how much power we give others through guilt.
A book about the seasons as seen through the eyes of a bear. He follows the leaves while going through his own changes.
LeBron James: I Love Challenges!
This sports biography follows LeBron James from his humble beginnings through his brilliant basketball performances to his Olympic gold medal in 2008. The glossary gives pronunciations and clear definitions and is a great way to begin reading about this superstar.
Leepike Ridge
While his widowed mother continues to search for him, eleven-year-old Tom, presumed dead after drifting away down a river, finds himself trapped in a series of underground caves with another survivor and a dog, and pursued by murderous treasure-hunters.
Left Behinds, The: The iPhone that Saved George Washington
Mel, Brandon, and Bev are at a reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware when the three suddenly find themselves back in 1776, discover that George Washington has been shot, and history is at risk! They have their iPhones and Mel can text with their teacher. Adventure ensues as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and others come to the rescue to avoid changing history forever. Fast-paced and quirky fiction overlaps with historical references for a fun read.
When Spirit White's entire family dies in a car crash, she finds herself at Oakhurst, an exclusive boarding school in the middle of nowhere in Montana. Every student at Oakhurst has special, supernatural abilities except Spirit - at least not yet. As she settles into the routine, she and her new friends discover that something evil is responsible for the occasional disappearance of Oakhurst students. Readers who appreciate Harry Potter will be drawn to this book and it's sequels.
Fifteen-year-old June, born into an elite family, is a prodigy in the government's highest military circles. Day was born into the slums and fights for his family's very survival. When June's brother is killed, she sets out to catch Day - the suspected
Legend of the Curse of the Bambino, The
Excellent book for boys to read as a biography. Wonderful illustrations. Text includes interesting facts and history. Love of baseball!
Legend of the Ghost Dog
While accompanying her father on a writing expedition in Nome, Alaska, Tee becomes involved in a mystery. Walking through the Alaskan wilderness near her family's vacation home, she encounters a shadowy figure - the ghost of a dog and becomes enveloped i
Leggy Centipedes
Part of the No Backbone! A World of Invertebrates series of six non-fictional books that include Roly-Poly Pillbugs, Bloodsucking Leeches, Creeping Land Snails, Stinging, Scorpions, Wiggly Earthworms, and Leggy Centipedes. This series would be fantastic to use while teaching text features as each 2-page spread provides beautiful close up photos, simple informational text, and many text features.
Lemonade War, The
Evan and his very smart younger sister find out they will both be in the same 4th grade classroom. As the end of summer approaches they battle it out through lemonade stands trying to be the first to earn $100. The basic economics takes a backseat to the realizations about themselves and their relationship.
Lemonade Liberty Witt's mother recently died, and she must go live with a grandfather she's never met. While in Willow Creek, she meets eleven-year-old Tobin Sky, the CEO of Bigfoot Detectives, Inc. Although Tobin is odd—likely on the Asperger's spectrum—they become friends as they investigate all the Bigfoot sightings in their area. Each make an exciting discovery and face difficult challenges that help them understand about families, friendship, and navigating grief.
Lenny & Lucy
Moving to a smaller house in the deep dark woods is scary for Peter. So he uses his imagination and everyday materials to create make-believe guards in this quiet story about facing fears. The next day Peter and his dog are more at ease, and even make a friend from next door. Illustrations that begin in grays introduce more color as the story progresses to portray a brightening outlook.
Leo: A Ghost Story
In this story about facing fears, the main character uses his imagination, everyday materials from his house, and his dog to find a way to relax and even make a friend from next door.
Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Master
Maisie and Felix use time-travel as they continue to learn the magic of the Elm Medona and Pickworth family histories. In this ninth and latest adventure, the twins travel to 15th-century Italy where they meet a young Leonardo da Vinci, dine with the great Medici family, and celebrate Carnival.
Leprechaun Under the Bed, The
Brian the Leprechaun is not happy when Sean McDonald builds a cottage above Brian's underground home. Brian tries to scare Sean away, but to no avail. Sean figures out where the strange noises are coming from and befriends Brian. When thieves break int
Leroy Ninker Saddles Up
This first in a series of Leroy Ninker chapter books introduces us to Leroy, his job at the drive-in movie theater, and his horse Maybelline. Leroy's quest to get a horse is primed by a newspaper ad. After walking all day, he immediately falls in love with the horse of his dreams, who comes with three rules that he must remember. And therein lies the makings of a joyful story!
Let it Begin Here! Lexington and Concord
The first battles of the American Revolution are described and illustrated in this book. A who's who for both the American side and the British side is included as well as what heppened to these people after the war. Pictures are beautifully done.
Let Me Play: the Story of Title IX
Specific facts and fascinating personal stories give readers a wide view of the history and future of Title IX, which bans sex discrimination in U.S. education. Title IX does not just cover equality in sporting opportunities. Title IX actually mandates that schools may not limit the educational opportunities of students based on gender--and that includes admissions policies and access to classes. Includes notes, web sites and index.
Let them play
Recounts the true story of spirit and determination from America's early civil rights history and the Cannon Street all-stars who were not allowed to play in the World Series game.
Let's Add to Ten, Again and Again
Illustrated by Joan Michael. An interesting way to look at the basic addition facts that equal ten. Photos used to engage children.
Let's Do Nothing?
Can two active little boys do absolutely nothing for 10 seconds? The boys use their big imaginations to try to meet this challenge!
Let's Go for a Drive!
Best friends Gerald the elephant and Piggie the Pig decide to go for a drive. They come up with a plan for all things they need, yet fail to realize until the end that they lack the most important thing…a car! Another Willems success.
Let's Look at Animal Teeth
This book explains why some animals have sharp teeth, while others have flat teeth. Fabulous photographs. One of a series.
Let's Look at Fall: Veamos el Ontono
Very simple bilingual text in a larger format with vivid photographs to describe the season of Fall. Includes table of contents, glossary, index and internet sites. One in a four book series entitled, Investigate the Seasons. Other titles include Let's Look at Winter, Spring and Summer.
Let's Sign: every baby's guide to communicating with grownups
These short stories with playful pictures and easy instructions are designed to help parents and babies communicate. Easy to read instructions. Great for older siblings too. Signing children increase their vocabulary and begin to speak earlier.
Let's Talk About Race
If we were to go outside without our skins on and without the hair on our heads, we would all look the same! That's part of the powerful message in this book. The dramatic illustrations help us understand that our differences are what make us unique.
Let's Talk Riding
This book explains vocabulary used by horse riders. Pictures match the terms and explanations.
Letter Writer, The
Eleven-year-old Harriet Whitehead lives on a Virginia plantation in 1831. Treated as a poor relation after her father's death, Harriet is assigned to write letters for her blind stepmother. When Nat Turner comes to the plantation to build furniture for her stepmother, Harriet strikes up a friendship and supplies him with a map of area plantations. Thus, Harriet unwittingly helps Nat and his followers kill dozens of innocent people, including all of Harriet's family. This is a graphic account of this turbulent, bloody time in American history.
Letters from Rapunzel
Cadence feels like a modern Rapunzel, stuck away in an after school program while her dad is battling depression and her mom is busy picking up the slack. Cadence feels certain that she can save her dad if she can only get the unknown "someone" that her dad has been sending letters to write back and shed some light on his illness.
Letters to a Soldier
The book features correspondence which took place in 2008 between fourth-grade students in Mrs. Julie Hutt's class from Long Island, New York, and the author, a solider serving with the Army National Guard in Iraq. Students will come away with a better understanding of life in the military.
High school sophomore Danny excels at gymnastics but is bullied, like the rest of the gymnasts, by members of the football team. When a series of pranks between the football and gymnastics teams at a high school turns tragic, an unlikely ally comes forward in the form of a stuttering, damaged football star. This unflinching look at what happens when steroid use and bullying spin out of control shows how much courage it takes to be the one who says "Stop."
Lewis Cardinal's First Winter
One of four books in the Solomon Raven series. Lewis Cardinal is confused as he watches his woodland friends prepare for winter. Solomon Raven explains hibernation and migration, helping Lewis understand the necessity of change and the comfort of lasting friendships. The books in the series are: A Home for Pearl Squirrel, Lewis Cardinal's First Winter, Cinnamon & the April Shower, and Mason Moves Away.
Liberty or Death
Not-often-covered history of early attempts to free blacks in the colonies is discussed in this work by Blair. Most history books never refer to this British attempt to recruit local troops to maintain control of all British land holdings in the Americas.
Liberty Porter, First Daughter
With interest high because of the Obama first daughters, this novel will appeal to numerous kids, including reluctant readers. On nine-year-old Liberty Porter's first official day at the White House, she makes many new friends and gives distinctive tours while in disguise.
Liberty Rising
The story of the Statue of Liberty is told with beautiful pictures that illustrate the process from start to finish. It's a fascinating story: a face bearing the likeness of the creator's mother, a hand and a torch that came alone first to Philadelphia, and seventy train cars packed with pieces. Also included: a large fold out picture of the statue.
Liberty's Voice: The Story of Emma Lazarus
Emma Lazarus was born into wealth and privilege. However, the notions of 1849, her birth year, were that girls did not study, (it made them ill,) but her father hired tutors and educated Emma, who was gifted with the power of words in poetry. After she traveled and witnessed the misery, hatred, and violence that Jews in Russia were enduring, she realized how thankful she was for the peace and freedom of the USA. She turned her talents for poetry into a tribute to The New Colossus, Lady Liberty, the poem which is etched into the base of the Statue of Liberty today.
Librarian on the Roof! A True Story
A flamboyant new librarian arrives at the oldest public library in Texas and is dismayed that it is underused and lacks a space just for children. Based on the true story of RoseAleta Laurell, this book chronicles her fund-raising plan: she vows to camp out on the library roof until $20,000 is raised for a new children's section. Illustrations by Kansan Stephen Gilpin are lively and fun.
The word is important and women are the strongest character. Centuries in the future, technology masquerades as magic. Haly is a Libyrarian - one of a group of people dedicated to preserving and protecting knowledge stored in books. Haly's secret is that the books speak to her.
Lie for a Lie, A
Juniors Kendra and Jenn have planned a breakout summer. Together at a waterfront festival in Portland, Maine, they see Kendra's father with a woman other than his wife in an intimate conversation. A picture is snapped, and Kendra calls him on his lie about where he is. She begins to follow him to find out what's going on. More than just boy-girl angst at the beach, this story delves into family life and growing-up issues for an interesting read that makes good points on trust and true friends.
Life as we Knew It
Miranda & her family are in survival mode after an asteroid hits the moon & forces it nearer earth resulting in a change of gravitational pull which changes tides & weather patterns. Miranda's journal keeps us on edge as we see how she & her family cope with the mounting difficulties of deprivation and danger. This is excellent in every way!
Life in Outer Space
Shy film-geek Sam and his friends are the school outcasts, avoiding the cafeteria and hanging out with nerdy friends, working haphazardly on screenplays, and playing a little World of Warcraft. That is until cute, quirky new girl Camilla arrives. Camilla fits in easily into the popular crowd, however, she has different plans. She wants to spend time with whomever she wants, like sincere, kind Sam and his friends. Readers will enjoy this humorous, heartfelt, and angst-y romance with the potential to break the gender barrier.
Life Just Got Real
Besides dealing with a move from the countryside of Louisiana to the city of Nashville, 16-year-old AJ has to adapt to a new private school and her mother's engagement announcement. But AJ isn't one to get caught up in drama, so she makes the best of her new surroundings. Quickly finding friends with the school's nerd crowd and a potential boyfriend in a cute guy she meets while fixing his car, AJ doesn't realize she's breaking the unwritten rules of high school. When a reality TV show crew shows up to film jet-setting, popular Kate Kelly but latches onto adding down-to-earth AJ to the cast, the drama can't be stopped. Christian overtones throughout are mild, not preachy, and help send the message to be true to yourself.
Life of Zarf: The Trouble With Weasels
As a troll, Zarf Belford is at the bottom of the social ladder at Cotswin Middle School. But when the king goes missing and his insufferable son takes control, Zarf leads his friends Kenen and Chester on a rescue mission. Fairy tale mixes with real world in this illustrated and humorous adventure.
In this easy non-fiction reader, we take a look at light; what it is; what it does; what we can use it for. Photos match the text.
Light in the Darkness
This historical fiction picture book, a first person narrative told by a young slave girl, tells us about pit schools - dug by slaves and covered with branches - where, in the dead of the night, they gathered to learn to read and write. They were under threat of a whipping if they were caught - a lash for every letter they learned. The author adds the quote by Frederick Douglas at the end of the book, "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." This is an outstanding informative book.
Light of the World, The
Illustrated by Francois Roca. A very well-written book about the life of Jesus, the light of the world.
Lighter than Air: Sophie Blanchard, the First Woman Pilot
This daring woman faced great criticism for her ambitions but rose above that to realize her dream of being the first woman to fly solo in a hot air balloon. Frowned upon by her fellow French for such "unladylike" aspirations, Sophie found encouragement from and eventually married aeronautic daredevil Jean-Pierre Blanchard. Ink and watercolor drawings aptly portray the mood of each illustration, from snooty disapproving society marms, to earnest dreaming, and scenes above the treetops and cloud tops.
Lightning in a Drought Year
Love and politics collide to make feminist history in Gilded Age Kansas. A forbidden friendship turns to love amidst the social and economic turmoil of the Populist Uprising and, as women seek political equality with men, an unlikely heroine steps forward to make history. "In this charming novel, Michelle Black has displayed a hero and heroine worthy of one another. Her descriptions and strong voice are a symphony to the eyes.
Lightning in a Drought Year
Love and politics collide to make feminist history in Gilded Age Kansas. A forbidden friendship turns to love amidst the social and economic turmoil of the Populist Uprising and, as women seek political equality with men, an unlikely heroine steps forward to make history. "In this charming novel, Michelle Black has displayed a hero and heroine worthy of one another. Her descriptions and strong voice are a symphony to the eyes.
Lightning in a Drought Year
Love and politics collide to make feminist history in Gilded Age Kansas. A forbidden friendship turns to love amidst the social and economic turmoil of the Populist Uprising and, as women seek political equality with men, an unlikely heroine steps forward to make history. "In this charming novel, Michelle Black has displayed a hero and heroine worthy of one another. Her descriptions and strong voice are a symphony to the eyes.
Lightning in a Drought Year
Love and politics collide to make feminist history in Gilded Age Kansas. A forbidden friendship turns to love amidst the social and economic turmoil of the Populist Uprising and, as women seek political equality with men, an unlikely heroine steps forward to make history. "In this charming novel, Michelle Black has displayed a hero and heroine worthy of one another. Her descriptions and strong voice are a symphony to the eyes.
Lights, Camera, Amalee
Sequel to Amalee. When 7th grader, Amalee uses an inheritance to make a movie about endangered species. In the process of making the film, she goes through life's ups and downs and discovers a link with the mother she never knew. She grows in many ways which is evident throughout the novel. A very satisfying story.
Like A River: A Civil War Novel
To prove himself worthy of his father, fifteen-year-old Leander determines to enter the Union Army and so must lie about his age. After losing his arm in a careless accident, he meets Polly who is caring for her critically wounded father at the same hospital. They become close friends, and hide one another’s secrets after her father dies, and Polly sets off as “Paul” to fight with the army. Captured and sent to the infamous Andersonville prison, Polly works with a soldier named Given to survive. After the war, Polly and Given’s trip home to the north is disrupted by a steamboat explosion. Polly goes to tell Given’s family what she believes happened to him, only to learn he is still alive and that Leander is his neighbor. Historical accuracy provides a sometimes grisly backdrop for this powerful story of survival and romance.
Like No Other
Devorah, a Hasidic Jew, and Jaxon, an African American, are drawn to each other after being forced to wait out a storm in the same elevator. They continue to meet, and to risk everything, by deceiving their families. Their relationship deepens, but Devorah ends up being sent away, and both young people must reevaluate their relationship. Realistic dialogue conveys wonderful relationships that are strained with friction between cultures and challenges to family boundaries. What happens is truly remarkable and worth the read.
Like People
Baby animals grow up with help from their moms and dads. Learn how the animal moms and dads care for their young in many different ways.
In this "sequel" to Gulliver's Travels, Gulliver has kidnapped Lily to serve as proof of his travels. After many, MANY failed attempts at escape, Lily finally has a chance to get out of London and back home to Lilliput. This adventurous tale touches on the concept of true freedom, and readers will enjoy it without being familiar with the original Gulliver story.
Lilly and the Pirates
What if???? Write all your worries. Close them up in a book so they won't come true. When Lilly meets a pirate in the neighborhood, things happen faster than this little worrier can write her "what if's". Her quest to rescue her Momma and Poppa involves wild pirates, being sea-sick, a storm, and a reckless chase. The solution to all this drama involves books, a library, and far fewer "what if's" for Lilly.
Lilly's Big Day
Lilly has big plans to be a flower girl at her teacher's wedding, but he asks her to be the flower girl's assistant. Can Lilly save the day when the flower girl freezes?
Lily and Bear
Lily loves to draw, and she draws everything. One day the bear she draws becomes a good friend, and the two go on girl adventures and bear adventures. This quiet book celebrates artistic creativity and friendship.
Lincoln and American Friendship
A wonderful story depicting the lives of each man growing up and their friendship when both lived in Washington, DC and Frederick Douglass being invited to Lincoln's inaugural reception.
Lincoln and His Boys
The very human, family side of President Lincoln and his sons Tad and Willis parallels the extreme sadness of wartimes. The incidents in the story are historical facts; only the dialogue and circumstance may have been invented, according to the author's note.
Lincoln's Flying Spies: Thaddeus Lowe and the Civil War Balloon Corps
For two years during the Civil War hot air balloons were used by the Union to spy on Confederate troops, plan attacks, and direct artillery. Thaddeus Lowe believed in the use of balloons, promoted them whenever possible, and yet it would be over 120 years before an Atlantic crossing would take place. Index, timeline, and extensive documentation included.
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Daugherty's pictional interpretation in mural-like imagery uniquely illustrates Lincoln's influential speech. With brilliant colors, the author brings the Gettysburg Address to life. History and art teachers will want this outstanding picture book in their collections.
Lincoln's Grave Robbers
Counterfeiting was rampant in the 1870s, when it was estimated that half of all currency was phony. When master counterfeiter Benjamin Boyd was arrested and sent to prison, his gang members lost their meal ticket. So the gang devised a plan to steal Abraham Lincoln's corpse and hold it as ransom. Their demands were $200,000 in cash and Boyd's release from prison. Action alternates between Boyd's gang, the Secret Service agents on the trail, and an undercover agent who moves back and forth between the two groups in this nearly unknown tidbit of American history.
Line, The
Rachel is consumed with questions about the Line, an invisible border that runs near the greenhouse at the back of The Property, separating the Unified States from Away. When Rachel has the opportunity to cross into the forbidden zone, she is both frightened and intrigued.
In this very appealing sequel to
Lion vs. Rabbit
This is a great story to teach how to deal with bullying. Bear is being a bully to all of his friends so they request some help. Rabbit shows up and is successful at teaching bear a lesson. This would be a great book in any classroom or library.
Lion Who Stole My Arm, The
Young Pedru has lost his right arm to a hungry lion that attacked him on his way home from fishing. Pedru wants revenge, but when he learns more about lions and the reasons for their increasing attacks, he develops a sense of understanding. Students will enjoy reading this story based on the realities of life in the African bush.
Lions of Little Rock, The
As twelve-year-old Marlee starts middle school in 1958 Little Rock, it feels like her whole world is falling apart. Until she meets Liz, the new girl at school. Liz is everything Marlee wishes she could be; she's brave, brash and always knows the right thing to say. But when Liz leaves school without even a good-bye, the rumor is that Liz was caught passing for white. Marlee decides that doesn't matter. She just wants her friend back. And to stay friends, Marlee and Liz are even willing to take on segregation and the dangers their friendship could bring to both their families.
Lipman Pike: America's First Home Run King
Set in the mid 1800s, the game of Base is all the rage of neighborhood boys. Lipman and his brother are devoted to the family haberdashery in Brooklyn, but yearn to play the popular game. Jewish traditions insist that family is first, but father decides that the boys might fit into the neighborhood better if they are allowed to play, which is just the beginning for this stellar professional baseball champion.
List, The
Every year, there’s a list published. It categorizes eight girls into two groups: the prettiest and the ugliest in her grade. No one knows the true originator of the list. And only the girls on the list know what it’s like to be singled out. This rivet
Listen to Our World
This book takes us on a trip around the world, making stops in different locations and listening to sounds created by a variety of exotic and familiar animals that young children will recognize. The natural habitat of each animal is beautifully illustrated throughout the book.
Listen to the Wind
This is Greg Mortensen's children's version of his adult book Three Cups of Tea. He tells the story of how a village in Pakistan nursed him back to health. Mortensen promises to build a school in this remote village. Through the children's eyes, we see how his promise came true.
During her solitary convalescence from a crippling accident, twelve-year-old Charley finds a wild dog, and the arduous process of training him leads her to explore her feelings about her mother's death two years earlier.
First the loss of her mother and now 2 years later a car accident leaves Charly having to spend her summer taking long walks to strengthen her legs and her spirit while her friends are away and her father is working long days. She befriends and attempts to tame a stray dog which begins to open her heart again.
Listening at the Gate
In this epic of love, identity, and change, Kat, an outsider in both her father's and mother's villages, must confront an earthly battle between the two tribes as well as the struggle within herself and with the man she loves. A classic coming-of-age tale.
Listening for Crickets
Jake's parents fight often and loudly. At night he creates stories of dragons and magic to tell his little sister to drown out the sounds of their arguing. A powerful lesson on life.
Little (Grrl) Lost
TJ is fourteen-years-old and upset about her family moving. She meets and befriends Elizabeth, a run away who is sixteen-years-old and only six inches tall, living in the walls of TJ's new home.
Little Audrey
Drawing on the author's girlhood in the 1940s Virginia coal camps and narrated by Audrey, the author's elder sister, the reader meets a family living in abject poverty. The father's mine pay goes for liquor and not food. The mother suffers from depression. Audrey, recovering from scarlet fever, is in a continual battle with her three younger sisters, dubbed "the three little pigs," to get enough food. Readers will applaud Audrey as she tries to make a life for herself.
Little Bits of Sky
Miracle (call her Ira, please) and Zac have been in and out of foster homes since their mother abandoned them long ago. Arriving at Skilly House, a home in London for "care kids," they yearn for a family of their own. When the opportunity arises, Zac almost ruins everything, and tragedy disrupts their sampling of life in a “normal” home. Descriptive language typical of the British setting, unexpected surprises, and a heartfelt longing combine in this very relatable story.
Little Blog on the Prairie
Wanting the family to become closer, Gen's mother signs them up for a genuine 1890s adventure. After giving up all their techno possessions, Gen sneaks in her phone and begins texting her friends about the "little hell on the prairie". When one friend creates a blog using the text, Gen becomes a national sensation. But not all is bad in the 1890s and Gen learns new things about herself and her family.
Little Blue Truck
A catchy rhyming story about a little blue truck who tries to help a big dump truck and finds himself in a jam. All is resolved when he receives a little help from his farm animal friends.
Little Cat's Luck
Patches the cat sees a golden autumn leaf fluttering past her window, slips through a torn window screen, and ventures outside to chase it. An indoor cat up till now, Patches finds herself unable to get back home to safety. She increasingly feels the need to find a secure place, only to encounter more and more difficult circumstances. Other neighborhood animals help her along the way until she discovers a cozy spot--inside the doghouse belonging to a grumpy canine. By now the reader is getting hints to the reason behind Patches' need for a secure place, and will want to learn how Patches and family reunites with her human girl.
Little Cricket
After the upheaval of the Vietnam War reaches them, twelve-year-old Kia and her Hmong family flee from the mountains of Laos to a refugee camp in Thailand and eventually to the alien world of St. Paul, Minnesota.
Little Divas
Preteens who enjoy the "Alice" books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor may enjoy this contemporary book about two seventh grade African American cousins adapting to changes in their lives brought on by divorce, strict parents, and boyfriends. While the tone and the dialogue of the book are lighthearted, some mature subject matter is included so the book may not be suitable for all collections.
Little Elephant's Trunk
Little Elephant learns to walk but his trunk trips him up. Slowly the young elephant learns just how useful his trunk can be.
Little Fox in the Forest
A wordless picture book tells the tale of a little girl who is surprised when she takes her beloved stuffed fox to school and a real fox steals her furry toy right off of the playground. She and a friend go in search of her fox, deeper and deeper into the woods, where they come upon a vibrantly colored miniature world they didn't know existed. The blue-hued illustrations mutely beg to be explored while guiding young searchers on the trail of the fox-thief.
Little Green Peas
The little green peas return to teach us colors. Keith Baker has filled the pages of this book with his adorable peas in a way that encourages careful inspection of pea details.
Little House on the Prairie
Includes a brief history of how the story became published with illustrations. 65th anniversary collector's edition.
Little Moose Who Couldn't Go To Sleep, The
Little Moose cannot sleep, and it is affecting her entire life. She isn't doing well at school, and she is tired all the time. Her mother and father have tried several things, but nothing works. Finally Little Moose meets someone who can help her. A live field-recording of Maynard Moose on CD is included, along with a tongue-in-cheek Glossary to interpret Moose Words.
Little One
Big Bear and her new cub step out into the spring sunshine of the forest. Big Bear shows Little One how to be kind with smaller creatures and how to fish and swim. In this sweet, gentle story, the pair explore their beautiful world until winter begins to set in and it is time to cuddle up in the winter den. Black, white and grey charcoal illustrations help convey the peaceful, secure mood.
Little Owl's Day
Little Owl is awake during the day for a change. The forest he knows so well at night is very different during the day. He watches the butterflies dance, the wolf pups play, and sees his very first rainbow. Before returning to his tree for the night, he does something he has always wanted to do: he shows is friend, Bear, the moon. Here is a simple and brightly illustrated story for young readers interested in the natural world.
Little Owl's Night
Little Owl enjoys night in the forest visiting his friends. This book contains great examples of "word choice." It also has wonderful illustrations.
Little Rat Makes Music
Little Rat wants to make music with her new violin, but she hates to practice. Her teacher finds a fun way for Little Rat to practice.
Little Red
This twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood has a girl-power theme since this little girl isn't one bit afraid--she's too busy making a plan to outsmart the wolf. Students will recognize the familiar 'what big eyes you have' refrain, and chuckle at the side-long glances Red gives the wolf as she pretends to go along with him. Although Grandmother isn't saved, she is revenged by the fact that Red ends up going home with a new wolf fur coat.
Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah, The
Cute! Traditional "Little Red Hen" story with the Passover Matzah instead of bread. Includes information about Passover after the story, glossary of Yiddish words and recipe for matzah. Especially good to add if you have a large Jewish population.
Little Red Riding Hood
If you're looking for a beautifully illustrated edition of the traditional version of this fairy tale, this book is for you. It is an adaptation of the Brothers Grimm's "Little Red Cap" and the illustrations are reminiscent of the Dutch painters of the 17th century.
Little Rex, Big Brother
Little Rex wants to be the loudest, scariest, biggest dinosaur in the whole world until his baby brother dinosaurs hatch and they are frightened of him. Now he just wants to be the best big brother dinosaur in the whole world.
Little Shark
Illustrated by Megan Halsey. This narrative about a shark pup will please the young readers. As the shark grows, Rockwell gives interesting facts about shark behavior and deep sea dangers. An author's note is appended.
Little Sister is Not My Name!
Sassy is known to her family as "Little Sister", which she hates! Newly independent readers, particularly girls, will identify with Sassy in this heartwarming story. In the story's dramatic climax, it is the smallest kid who saves the day.
Little Stevie Wonder
Easy-to-read biography that includes an author's note telling more about Stevie Wonder's life and a CD with two songs. Illustrations are bright, big colors of simple shapes.
Little Trucks with Big Jobs
Great photos and format that makes excellent use of colors and shapes throughout. Some truck names are new and difficult for primary, but text is clear, well spaced for easy reading. Stresses that big isn't always best or most important. Will probably be of special interest to PreK-1 boys.
Little Yoga: a toddler's first book of yoga
This first book of yoga introduces nine simple yoga exercises. Colorful, clear and simple illustrations invite participation in movement that develops body sense in youngsters.
Lively Elizabeth!
Elizabeth is a lively preschool girl who decides to push someone in front of her and the chain reaction occurs with everyone falling. Elizabeth apologizes and they all go outside to play.
Living Color
A colorful book showing how animals use color to warn predators, signal friends, attract mates or hide from enemies.
Living Landscapes of Kansas
Kansas' unexpected beauty is presented in text and photographs. It is a wonderful addition to Konza Prairie and A Tallgrass Natural History by the same author. Known and unfamiliar forests, prairies, rivers, and lakes are depicted, which reveal a beautifully diverse state.
Living Landscapes of Kansas
Kansas' unexpected beauty is presented in text and photographs. It is a wonderful addition to Konza Prairie and A Tallgrass Natural History by the same author. Known and unfamiliar forests, prairies, rivers, and lakes are depicted, which reveal a beautifully diverse state.
Living Landscapes of Kansas
Kansas' unexpected beauty is presented in text and photographs. It is a wonderful addition to Konza Prairie and A Tallgrass Natural History by the same author. Known and unfamiliar forests, prairies, rivers, and lakes are depicted, which reveal a beautifully diverse state.
Living Landscapes of Kansas
Kansas' unexpected beauty is presented in text and photographs. It is a wonderful addition to Konza Prairie and A Tallgrass Natural History by the same author. Known and unfamiliar forests, prairies, rivers, and lakes are depicted, which reveal a beautifully diverse state.
Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life
The complex process of photosynthesis is conveyed simply by tracing how the sunlight that hits the earth turns into a living, breathing human being. Additional information is given and over-simplifications are explained.
Living With Jackie Chan
In this follow-up to Jumping Off Swings, 17-year-old Josh moves away from his hometown and in with his uncle - he's running away from his responsibilities after a one-night stand resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. Josh is tormented by his guilt and his Jackie Chan-obsessed uncle welcomes his troubled nephew with open arms. As his friendship with his uncle grows, Josh is forced to face his responsibilities and his journey from self-hatred to self-forgiveness shows that you can accept that you're a good person who made a bad choice.
Amazing photographs of lizards. This book discusses where lizards live, eat, and survive. The author includes his thoughts at the end of the book.
Lizette's Green Sock
Lizette finds a green sock while out for a walk. What to do with it? Put it on and wear it of course, but that leads to bullying criticism that socks must come in pairs. Lizette searches for but cannot find the second sock, but her loyal friend and a resourceful mother provide a unique and satisfying solution.
Lizzie Nonsense
Life in the Australian bush is filled with hard work and isolation for Lizzie's family--especially when Papa leaves for weeks to take the cut sandlewood to town. Lizzie uses her vivid imagination to alter routine tasks. Gardening allows her to gather flowers for her bride's bouquet, hauling water for baby's bath means a voyage on the deep blue sea, dinner of "turnips, as usual" becomes peaches and cream, and mending is transformed into making a party dress. Mama calls it all nonsense, but we learn that imagination runs in this close knit pioneer family.
Llama Llama Home With Mama
Llama Llama's mother takes care of him while he is sick. Once he is better, Mama gets sick so Llama Llama gets to take care of Mama. What wonderful rhyming text that appeals to young readers! Interesting way of reversing roles.
Loathsome Dragon
A wicked queen casts a spell over her beautiful stepdaughter, turning her into a loathsome dragon until such time as her wandering brother shall return and kiss her three times.
Lock & Mori
Both from painful home situations, Mori and her brilliant, arrogant classmate Lock (Sherlock Holmes) join forces to solve some bizarre London murders in this modern-day spin on an Arthur Conan Doyle type mystery. At first they set out to improve on some shoddy police work in the investigations, and pledge to share all leads with one another. When Mori learns that her recently deceased mother may be at the center of everything, she doesn't want Lock involved any more, and her holding back puts them both in danger.
Lock & Mori: Mind Games
After proving her abusive father was a serial killer, Mori must deal with having her brothers in the foster system and being framed for a murder she did not commit. This second mystery/thriller book in the series has lots of twist and turns, with a cliffhanger ending to whet the reader's appetite for the upcoming series finale.
Lock and Key
Ruby has been keeping a low profile living on her own. Unfortunately, her landlord calls in social services and seventeen-year-old Ruby must go and live with her sister and brother-in-law. Distrustful of everyone, Ruby begins to change after meeting Nate.
Lola and the Boy Next Door
Lola and Cricket used to be close.and maybe a little in love. But Cricket and his attention-hogging twin sister moved away. Lola has grown up and now dates her rocker boyfriend Max. When Cricket moves back next door, is there enough left of their relationship for him and Lola to be together again?
Lola and the Cupcake Queens
Lola Zuckerman wants to wear one of the coveted Cupcake Queen costumes for Halloween. She makes up stories to impress her friends, and then gets caught up in her lies. While Lola means well, she acts on her emotions, which gets her into trouble. To top it off, she has the most lines in the Halloween play and just can't possibly learn them all. Lola will need courage to deal with a possible ghost next door, stage fright, and making amends with her friends.
Long Shot (Comeback Kids)
Pedro, a point guard for the basketball team, runs for class president against Ned, the star forward. Pedro learns the hard way that Ned does not appreciate the competition.
Long Way Down
Jason Reynolds packs a powerful message of love, loss, revenge, and how decisions shape many lives. Will has grown up in a neighborhood with three rules: don't cry, don't snitch, and get revenge. When his brother Shawn is killed, Will sets out to follow those rules. In spare prose, Reynolds takes us on the shortest, most intense elevator ride of Will's life where he finds out the rules just might not always apply in a must-read for all high school students and teachers.
Look How It Changes!
This book tells about changes in our world by showing chemical changes, matter changes,and changes in time.
Look Out, Mouse!
It's dinner time, and suddenly all of Mouse’s predators are on the loose. Cat, Weasel, Owl, Fox, and Snake want their dinner too. Can you guess who is to be the main course? Beginning readers will want to see if Mouse can escape his predators and find a meal at the same time.
Look! Look! Look!
When a mouse family discovers a postcard with a ladies picture on the front, they discover shapes, colors and lines they hadn't seen before. Strong support for primary art curriculum.
LOOK…Look Again!
John O'Brien has assembled a collection of hilarious and never-before-seen cartoons that tease the brain and tickle the funny bone. These original drawings are beautiful, funny, and sure to make you laugh.
Looking for Luna
A girl and her father search for the family cat that has escaped from the house. Through rhyming text they meet lots of other cats along the way as they look for Luna.
Loop, The
Caught in a time loop, Ben and Maggie are forced to repeat the same two days. This fate has led them to face the same guy and die the same death at the hands of a ruthless killer over and over. If Ben and Maggie break the loop, will they ever see each other again. Will they survive? This strong and fast-paced book will satisfy all readers - and particularly good for reluctant readers.
Losers Take All
In reaction to the new principal’s requirement of sports participation for seniors, Jack and his non-sports friends stage an undercover rebellion against the school’s jock culture by posing as a JV soccer team. Their unwritten goals are to play, have fun, and lose. Their first loss to a middle school girls’ team earns them a verbal abuse and screaming session from the principal on the team bus. A video of his rant goes viral on social media, earning the team a kind of popularity they are ill-prepared to handle. This well-written quick read takes an anti-jock approach to humorously yet poignantly highlight the struggles of many students to be accepted.
Lost and Found
This is a great story with illustrations that make it even better about a boy who loses the hat his grandmother made him. He's forced to seek out the scary old custodian to look in the lost and found. He finds many things, but the very last thing is a h
Lost and Found Cat
In this true story of a young family's dangerous escape from Mosul, Iraq, their beloved family cat escaped his broken carrier as the refugee family arrived in Greece. Two volunteers found Kunkush and worked tirelessly to reunite the feline with his human family. Tension of the harrowing journey is lightened by the compassion of strangers and the hope of embarking upon a new life. Gentle art and actual photographs are included showing the joyous reunion.
Lost Boys
Twelve-year-old Reza is more interested in music than war. However, in 1982 Iran, war is a fact of life. Encouraged by his devout mother and egged on by his best friend, Reza enlists in the Iranian army and is sent off to the front where he barely escapes a land mine explosion. He soon finds himself captive in an Iraqi POW camp. Reza wonders if his best friend Ebi survived the attack, and if he himself stands a chance of enduring the abuse of a sadistic prison guard. This well-researched historical fiction brings to vivid life the plight of boy soldiers in the protracted Iran-Iraq war.
Lost Ones, The
During 1877, the US Cavalry raids Casita’s Apache village in Mexico, kills her mother and most of the others, and takes her and her brother captive. Sent all the way to a boarding school in Pennsylvania, the two are forced to assimilate into the American lifestyle. Casita has already lost much, and looks for ways to keep from losing her language and culture.
Lots and Lots of Coins
This is a nice introduction to U.S. coins and coin collecting through the eyes of a boy and his father. Readers will learn interesting facts about coin minting, coin history, and coin symbolism. The illustrations are fun and cheerful.
Loud Silence of Francine Green, The
In 1949, thirteen-year-old, Francine goes to Catholic school in Los Angeles where she becomes best friends with a girl who questions authority and is frequently punished by the nuns, causing Francine to question her own values. Cushman creates a character who is planted in her time and who grows in courage, self-awareness and conviction. She capture the era with references to "Dragnet", to duck and cover drills in schools, to the building of bomb shelters in backyards. A rich, satisfying story about early adolescence.
Louds Move In, The
Illustrated by Regan Dunnick. Quiet daily lives are drastically disrupted when a very noisy, boisterous family moves into the neighborhood. They plead for quiet and restraint, but the neighbors learn to be careful about what they ask for in this riotously entertaining book about appreciating change and uniqueness.
Love & Gelato
After her mom dies, Lina follows her mother's wish to move to Italy and meet her father, who has not been in her life at all. Through her mother's journal, she experiences Italy and love through her mom's eyes, while finding a new love herself.
Love and Other Foreign Words
Josie goes to college in the mornings and high school in the afternoons. She has two best friends, Stu and twin Sophie, who live across the street. But, now Josie’s sister is getting married and has ruined everything. Josie despises Geoff, the fiancé, and is determined to stop the wedding. Josie, being the bright girl she is, uses her skill with words and questioning to make Geoff look bad. But nothing works except to ruin her relationship with her sister. When Josie falls for the wrong guy, things become tangled and begin to backfire on her. This is a funny and creative romp through a girl’s attempt to keep her world from changing except on her terms.
Love Lizzie: Letters to a Military Mom
This lively collection of letters written by 9-year-old Lizzie to her military mother overseas is timely and authentic. Through her writing, Lizzie shares her news, questions and thoughts. Includes tips for military families facing deployment separation.
Love Stinks
Smelly Bill falls in love with Peachy but Great Aunt Bleach shoos him away as her pooch is too good for him. Until, Peach is chased into the swamp and Smelly Bill saves the day.
Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend, A
How can 17-year-old Cass, a spunky math genius, work on a memorial for her best friend? A story of sexual orientation, friendships, and love become the plot of this book as Horner manages to treat the grieving process with respect while maintaining a positive tone.
Love That Puppy!
Peter was an ordinary little boy who decided one day to be a dog. While he was very good at being a dog, he did not always act like a good dog. His parents insist that he return to being a boy again and he agrees. But how long can that last?!
Love, Meg
The only constant in Meg's life are her fan letters to Jennifer Aniston after being drug from place to place by her older sister. When she discovers her sister is really her mom, Meg goes to New York to find out about her family and track down her long lost father.
Loving vs. Virginia
Written in verse, Loving vs. Virginia is a beautiful and easy-to-read presentation of the 1955 Supreme Court case. The novel alternates perspectives between Mildred and Richard that draws the reader into this unconventional love story. The spare verse is interspersed with pages that include photos and facts about America during this era of segregation. Reader services such as a time line and bibliography help students understand the time period.
Lowji discovers America
A nine year old East Indian boy tries to adjust to his new life in suburban America.
Lowriders to the Center of the Earth
A series of earthquakes alerts new garage owners Lupe, Elirio, and Flapjack that their cat, Genie, has gone missing. This trio, comprised of an impala, a mosquito, and an octopus, set out in search of their pet and find themselves traveling in their lowrider to take on the Aztec god of the underworld. While content may be a bit graphic for younger readers, the high-octane storytelling and exuberant illustrations combine with Spanish words and phrases interjected throughout to make one crackerjack graphic novel sure to hook many a reader.
Paintings by Wendell Minor. "Any bird that sticks its head in a plastic six-pack holder is going to need more luck than love." So begins the migration of a young sandhill crane. What route do cranes take? What guides them on their journey? Human and animal lives are fittingly juxtaposed throughout. The story, as the migration, comes full circle.
Eighth grade graduation is a big celebration and the five girlfriends are planning a high dollar party. As party plans and friendships are endangered Phoebe begins to see past the image to what's most important when her mother loses her job.
Lucky Beans
With a large dose of math skills (measuring and estimating), this Great Depression story shows how struggles for poor and homeless meant survival.
Lucky Days with Mr. and Mrs. Green
Another adventure for Mr. and Mrs. Green. These alligators will entertain children of all ages. Students wanting to get into chapter books will be off to a good start with this funny couple.
Lucky Litter, The
After a wildfire swept through their Alaskan home territory, firefighters found five orphaned wolf pups that at three weeks of age would not survive without help. Photographs help tell the story of their rescue and care by zookeepers as they grew to healthy adulthood and settled in at the Minnesota Zoo.
Lucky Place, The
This memorable family tale, set in the 1950s, is heart-wrenching and touching. Cassie's father cannot control his drinking and it destroys their family. It takes time to learn to trust Sikes, her new step-dad, but their new home soon becomes Cassie's Lucky Place, where only good things happen. But the happy times don't last and Cassie must learn to face sadness and hard times head on.
Lucky Star, The
Nine-year-old Ruth learns to look on the bright side even during the dark days of the Depression with her father far away, mom working, and the schools closed down.
Lucky Stars
Kira has moved from her grandmother's upstate home to live with her rock-musician father and younger half brothers in a squalid New York City apartment. While Kira is performing with her father in the subway, she meets Jake, who has trouble speaking because of a severe stutter, and his best friend, Eugene. The characterization, an authentic sense of place, and a good mix of serious and funny scenes make this a top-notch novel.
Lucy Goose goes to Texas
It is time for the annual migration of Canada geese. Lucy, a Canada goose with an independent spirit, sets off to make the trip on her own only to discover that there are good reasons to work as a team. Includes factual endnotes and websites for additional information on Canada geese.
Lucy Long Ago
Chronicles the discovery of a fossil found in 1974 in Ethiopia and it's significance in the effort to understand who man's ancestor's were. Includes photos and descriptions of the scientific process used to reconstruct and interpret the fossil.
Lulu and the Cat in the Bag
In this third book of the series, Lulu and her cousin Mellie are spending time with grandmother Nan as their parents are away on a grown-ups-only holiday. There is one big problem for the animal loving Lulu, however: Nan dislikes animals! When a tied-up sack on their doorstep reveals a frightened orange cat, the adventure begins.
Lulu and the Dog from the Sea
Lulu and Mellie, 7-year-old cousins and best friends, share a summer outing to the beach in this modern-day fast-moving adventure. The girl's are vacationing with Lulu's parents and their beloved old dog, Sam. The family hopes for the perfect week full of reading, kite-building, and marathon training. A wayward stray bounds into their lives and turns their plans upside down! Young readers will delight in this beginning chapter book.
Lulu's Mysterious Mission
Lulu is exasperating, tiring, and thinks she is ever so clever. Then Lulu meets her match in a babysitter who is anything but ordinary. The formidable Ms. Sonia Sofia Solinsky is a spy in disguise. Lulu behaves as badly as possible.
Lunch Money
Greg is good at lots of things like sports, drawing and school. He's really good at making money which he has been doing since he was in kindergarten when he charged his brothers to do their chores. He finally becomes friends with his neighborhood rival, Maura, and together they write, publish, and sell a comic book. The novel is a fun look at money, school and friendship.
Lunch Will Never Be The Same!
This beginning chapter book is the first in a series, a fun read for all the foodies out there! Phoebe G. Green is in third grade, and there is a new student in her class, Camille, who is from France. Phoebe is intrigued by the lunches that Camille brings to school - duck, strawberries and gourmet cheeses - and when she finds out that Camille's father is a chef, Phoebe determines that she must get invited to Camille's house for dinner. Meanwhile, Phoebe's best friend, Sage, is getting jealous.
Lungs: Your Respiratory System
Full-page color illustrations and clear text detail the intricacies of the respiratory system. Excellent resource for reports.
Lych Way
In this stunning conclusion to the Undertaken trilogy that Publishers Weekly called "a thought-provoking gothic fantasy," Silas must master his powers and confront a past that is anything but dead.
Lynn Visible
High school freshman Lynn Vincent knows all the latest trends even though it makes her an oddball in her small town. All this changes when a famous designer puts one of her fashions onto the runway. A fun read with a good message.
M Is For Monster
Meet the fascinating main characters of myth and legend around the world in this alphabetical tribute to what lurks in the shadows, goes bump in the night, or thrills us to our bones. Poetic verse accompanied by expository side notes relay historical background and trivia surrounding the creatures of old and new horror tales.
Machines Go To Work
Big machines help get the job done! Students will learn all about heavy equipment, predict what they are doing, then lift a flap to confirm their predictions. Colorful, detailed drawings are a highlight of this book.
Mad, Wicked Folly, A
Victoria Darling wants to be an artist, but as the daughter of a wealthy Londoner in 1909, she is expected to go to school to become a lady, wife, and mother. After posing nude in her art class, Victoria is expelled from her French finishing school and sent home in disgrace. Her father decides to marry her off once she has been presented to society and the King, but her goal is to attend the Royal College of Art. She gets embroiled in the women’s rights movement and meets a young policeman who would make a perfect model. Victoria must figure out how to keep her family in the dark about art college and deal with her suffrage colleagues, her fiancé, and her model. To what extent is she willing to go to achieve her dreams?
Madcat Campione, the best twelve-year-old catcher in New Hampshire, is excited that this year her fast pitch softball team has been upgraded into national contenders. Some weaker players are cut to make room for stars from other teams, which troubles Madcat. Is winning really more important than anything? This book is sure to be a hit!
Maddie's Dream
In this first book of the Ponies of Chincoteague series you meet Maddie, a young girl who loves her weekly riding lessons and working with her very favorite horse, Cloudy. She learns that Cloudy could be sold back to the unpleasant family she came from, and desperately concocts various plans to stop the sale. All the while, Maddie struggles with her decision to keep this quiet from her online Pony Post friends who might not want to be her friend anymore if she loses her only connection to Chincoteague. This book will resonate with those who truly love horse stories.
Maddie's Monster Dad
A little girl is interested in "monstrous" things. When her illustrator daddy is too busy to play with her, she invents a monster daddy. The clever ending and illustrations will make this a kid favorite all year, but especially around Halloween.
Madeleine's Light: A Story of Camille Claudel
Camille Claudel, a famous French sculptor, visits Madeleine's family inn. She and the little girl form a bond and she teaches the little girl how to mold clay and sculpt a bird while she sculpts the little girl.
Madeline at the White House
Madeline lovers will love this one. Madeline travels with her friends on a magic carpet to view D.C. landmarks, courtesy of a magician first seen in
Madeline Finn and the Library Dog
Madeline Finn, who does NOT like to read, is quietly encouraged by her Mom, teacher, and librarian. Overwhelmed with it all, Madeline yearns to get the star stickers like the good readers get, but the sentences just "get stuck in her mouth like peanut butter." Reading aloud to Bonnie, the library dog, helps because Bonnie is patient and listens without comment, and Madeline slowly begins to read better and better. Papp's expressive illustrations of the girl and dog together are a delight.
Magic Cane
A prophecy and cane from his childhood enable Karmelo and his family to overcome evil. Maria Celeste Arraras is an award-winning journalist and investigative reporter.
Magician's Boy, The
The boy's job is to polish the wands, catch the rabbits and grow the herbs for the magic spells. He wanted to learn magic from the magician, but the magician would teach him. Because St. George from the puppet play disappears, the boy goes on a quest to find him. The hunt is full of characters from Mother Goose tales. Illustrations embellish the text.
Magin in the Margins: A Medieval Tale of Bookmaking
A talented orphan boy joins the noblemen's sons at the monastery and quickly becomes a master at capturing images for illuminated manuscripts.
Magnus at the Fire
The by-gone era of horse drawn fire engines is re-created in museum-quality oil paintings and an exciting storyline. But this story is also about responsibility and "answering the call." A book not to be missed by anyone who respects bravery.
This is an exceptional choice for fantasy readers looking to delve into the world of magic. As the magically gifted seventh son of the seventh son is stolen the night he is born and carried away for dead, his father is entrusted with a baby girl. Who is this mysterious baby and what really happened to their son? Full of magic, adventure, humor, and fascinating characters, this irresistible book is a must-read for fantasy lovers.
Maid of Deception
Beatrice is one of Queen Elizabeth's protectors, a Maid of Honor, tasked with thwarting plots against Her Majesty and infiltrating possible enemy delegations. Elizabethan glamour and intrigue abound as Beatrice is caught up in an increasing tangle of lies as rebellion brews. Political plotting spiced with unexpected romance pull the reader ever deeper into the action.
Maid of the King's Court
Elizabeth Rose Camperdowne must marry a wealthy man to save her family's estate. She and her cousin Katherine Howard become maids in King Henry VIII's court to tend to Queen Anne Boleyn. Although Elizabeth's father urges her to become Henry's mistress to win his favor, Katherine beats her to the position. Henry marries Katherine shortly after Anne's execution. Elizabeth is maid to Katherine also, and her sharp wit attracts the attention of several men, including the king. Based loosely on historical fact, this book is a page-turner.
Mailbox, The
When twelve-year-old Gabe tries to hide his uncle's death from the local authorities, he is not prepared for what happens when this secret is discovered.
Make a Change
Marvin goes shopping for new clothes with his mother and has earned the treat of enjoying lunch at the grill. But seating at the lunch counter is for whites only, a white man duly informs Marvin who is taking an innocent spin on the red bar stool. Front cover art poignantly captures the sense of injustice. Based on the real-life experience of the author's husband, this book shows a boy and his family joining the movement to overturn unfair "whites only" laws in Tennessee.
Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel
This book starts a new series of transitional chapter books about the ups and downs of friendship. Third-grader Dyamonde, who is new to Washington Heights because of her parents' divorce, befriends a boy named Free, another new student at school, and finally starts to feel at home.
Make Your Mark, Franklin Roosevelt
An illustrated biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the adults who influenced him. Extremely readable with fun, full-page illustrations.
Makeovers by Marcia
Eighth grade doesn't begin the way Marcia envisioned. Two pimples, five pounds and a dance invitation is all she can think about until her social studies teacher requires the students to do a community service project at a nursing home. For her project, Marcia offers beauty makeovers. While giving the makeovers, Marcia learns that beauty is more than skin deep. Humorous, realistic and touching. The fifth book in the West Creek Middle School series. Can be read alone, though.
Making of America, The
This multi-faceted book provides a complete history of the United States from 1942 to present. Each chapter includes a brief overview of the historical period covered, a timeline, short descriptions of key events, biographies of important people of the time, a one-page summary of a debate of the period, archival items, and maps. The book concludes with a group of historical documents and a list of websites for further research. A table of contents makes this book user-friendly.
Mal and Chad
Graphic novel of an elementary genius, Mal, and his talking dog Chad. They shrink themselves, travel through time, and deal with girls and the school bully for the biggest, bestest time ever!
Malala, a Brave Girl from Pakistan
Two inspiring children from Pakistan teach us about bringing change to our world. Jeanette Winters tells the stories of Iqbal and Malala as they speak out against injustices in Pakistan. These stories of common human interests and needs in a different cultural setting are simply told and beautifully illustrated.
Malcolm at Midnight
When Malcolm the rat arrives as the pet at McKenna School, he revels in the attention. He also meets the Midnight Academy, a secret society of classroom pets that keeps the nutters (kids) safe. There's just one problem…rats have a terrible reputation! So when the Academy's iguana leader is kidnapped, Malcolm must prove his innocence - and that even rats can be good guys. Illustrated by Brian Lies of Bats at the Beach, this engaging middle-grade novel will have readers rooting for Malcolm as they try to solve the mystery alongside him.
This hybrid horror fiction/comic book has all the ingredients to concoct a winner. The 3D cover will lure kids in and then the action-packed nail-biter urban legend tale will keep them reading. When the words, "Tall Jake, take me away" are uttered, it is said that the speaker is whisked away into the horrific comic world of Malice. When Seth and Kady discover their friend Luke missing, they begin to believe that Malice might be more than a scary story.
Mama Africa!
Miriam Makeba grew up during the racially oppressive era of apartheid in South Africa. As a young woman, she met Nelson Mandela who spoke out for freedom for blacks. Miriam joined in the movement against apartheid and began singing songs for freedom—in languages not spoken by the minority whites in power—which eventually forced her to leave her country or risk being jailed. Bold, colorful spreads illustrate the gripping scenes common under apartheid as well as hopeful, passionate depictions of Miriam singing. End matter includes an author's note and timeline.
Mama Built a Little Nest
In this beautifully illustrated book, Jennifer Ward describes the many different types of nests that birds build. The four-line narratives are written in rhyme and a brief explanation about each bird is included in this excellent introductory bird book.
Mama Panya's Pancakes
Illustrated by Julia Cairns. Mama plans to spend her few coins on ingredients to make pancakes for their supper. On the way to market, son Adika invites several friends to join them. Mama is worried about having enough food, but fortunately all the guests bring something to add. A wonderful look at rural life in Kenya with lots of facts appended.
Mama, Will It Snow Tonight?
Three mothers - a hare, a fox, and a human, await the first snowfall with their young. The mothers wait for the signs of a winder snowfall.
Mamie Doud Eisenhower
A readable biography of the former first lady. A strong woman who overcame difficult physical health. Good index, notes and bibliographic essay.
Mammoth Academy, The
Oranges are stolen from the school's kitchen and Oscar is blamed for it. He gets sick and refuses to take baths until the culprit is found.
Mammoths on the Move
The illustrations are charming as mammoths migrate south for the winter. Catchy rhyming prose. Large format appropriate for topic.
Man in the Moon-fixer's Mask, The
Real and imaginary creatures are the focus of this collection of Poems by JonArno Lawson. They are witty and whimsical, a delight to hear and fun to see the drawings of Sherwin Tjia.
Man Who Named the Clouds, The
Not only is this the biography of Luke Howard, the man who named the clouds but it also gives lots of information about the study of weather and its history. Inserts are from a young girl from "our" time who keeps a weather journal for her science fair project. Full of interesting weather facts with illustrations that will hold young readers attention.
Manatee Calf Grows Up, A
An interesting easy reader about the growth of a manatee. Photos help enhance the story. One of the Scholastic Life Cycle series.
Manatee Calves
This is one in the series Water Babies which includes a total of eight titles. Great photographs carefully labeled helps the reader understand the text. Vocabulary is appropriate for the audience. Includes a table of contents, glossary, index, and an o
Manny Files, The
Keats is a boy whose family has hired a male nanny, know to the family and readers simply as the manny. While Keats forms a wonderful relationship with the manny, Lulu keeps careful record of everything the manny does wrong. These are the Manny Files. Throughout the book, a relationship is forming between Keats' Uncle Max and the manny, and at the end the reader learns that the manny is more to the family than just a nanny. Keats learns about having confidence in himself even when the normal events in life make it tough.
Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming, The
Jane Deming has memorized the brochure which extols the wonderful life awaiting them in Washington Territory. Jane, her widowed stepmother, and her little brother board a ship along with unmarried girls and other war widows to find this new land. Disappointment awaits them as her stepmother is forced to marry a man she hardly knows in a land that doesn't begin to meet their expectations. Jane's desire to finish school drives her to do whatever it takes to get an education—even if it means taking a canoe back and forth to school each day. Her gentle new father slowly wins the family over and they discover that this beautiful land really can offer them the happiness they always wanted.
Map Trap, The
Alton finds ways to interpret all kinds of information and observations through map making. When his folder of secret maps is lost or stolen, he begins getting notes with orders that he must obey to get his maps back. He finds an unexpected ally in his efforts, and he just might succeed before his teacher, principal or someone else learns he has been studying and mapping things about them.
This is the story of Maple (who loves her name, by the way), a little girl whose parents planted a tree in her honor before she was born ("When she was still a whisper"). As she grew, Maple loved spending time with her tree, singing to it, lying under it, taking care of it. But one day, Maple is surprised to see a tiny seedling growing near her tree. Then she discovers something even more surprising - a new sibling is on the way! When her little sister Willow is born, Maple lavishes her with caring love, just as she had with her tree.
Maple & Willow Together
In this sequel to Lori Nichols's first book, Maple & Willow Together is the story of two devoted sisters who love spending time together reading, collecting rocks, catching grasshoppers, building fairy castles, and playing with worms. They even use their own language to communicate with each other - pig latin. But like all siblings, they have an occasional squabble. Then these sisters find a way to resolve their conflict and enjoy their relationship once again.
Marcelo in the Real World
Seventeen-year-old Marcelo is on the very high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. It's the summer before his senior year and, to please his father, he agrees to work in the mailroom of his prestigious lawfirm rather than working with the ponies at the special school he has attended. At the firm, he learns about competition and jealousy. He connects with a picture of a young girl he finds in a file and leaves to fight the injustice.
March of the Mini Beasts
An excellent new series for beginning chapter book readers, The Data Set stars a trio of Hispanic 2nd graders who love science. In Book 1: March of the Mini Beasts, the three meet Dr. Bunsen, a scientist who accidentally propels them into a wild adventure. Book 1 ends with a cliff hanger which leads directly into Book 2: Don't Disturb the Dinosaurs. Delightful black and white illustrations on nearly every page will help introduce younger readers to the world of science fiction.
Marching for Freedom
In the spring of 1965 in the 54-mile march from Selma to Montgomery, a racist sheriff and a bigoted governor were pitted against demonstrators trained in Martin Luther King's philosophy of nonviolence. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had outlawed segregation in schools, workplaces and public areas. Now, demonstrators in Selma, members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and King's organization, demanded the right to vote. This is history told through the words, pictures, and actions of the parents and children of Selma concluding with a touching photograph of a pair of hands, one signing a voter registration form.
Marching with Aunt Susan
From Bessie's ten-year-old viewpoint, the guest for tea is known as a "crabby old lady." After listening to Susan B. Anthony speak, Bessie is able to see a wider perspective that includes equality between the sexes and even school for girls!
Marco Flamingo
Flamingo has never seen snow and decides to migrate north to see for himself what snow is. Cute, colorful illustrations.
Marie Curie: Scientist Who Made Glowing Discoveries
This book examines the life and accomplishments of scientist Marie Curie and looks at her pioneering work in radiology. It discusses the challenges she faced as a woman in the field of chemistry.
Marie, Dancing
Marie and her sisters are dancers for the Opera Paris in the late 1800s. To earn extra money for her impoverished family Marie agrees to model for Edgar Degas. However, her mother's alcoholism and her sister's careless selfishness forces Marie to do things that hinder her dreams and ambitions. But she is the model for one of Degas' most famous works of art to emerge from the Impressionist era.
Marilyn's Monster
All of Marilyn’s friends have monsters. Marilyn has thought about looking for her monster, but somehow it doesn’t work that way. The monsters are supposed to find you. Will Marilyn’s monster ever find her? Children will enjoy this heartwarming tale.
Marine Corps: Civilian to Marine
Gives the reader a peek into the training and preparation that goes into becoming a marine. Full color action-packed photos enrich the text. A glossary, index, bibliography, and websites are included.
In 1708, Alexander Selkirk was put ashore on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific after a disagreement with the ship's captain. After four years, he was rescued by a British privateer. He took part in capturing several merchant ships that provided him with great wealth. In spite of his money, he missed life on the island. His story inspired Daniel Defoe to write Robinson Crusoe. Author's note, glossary, bibliography, index.
Marshfield Dreams
This humorous and captivating memoir stands strong in the ranks of authors' autobiographies. Ralph's mother has a baby every year, making him the oldest of nine, but who wants to hear that news from a nosy girl in his class. Fletcher recounts boyhood friendships and adventures of living in a large family.
Beautiful photographs illustrate this photographic book highlighting some of the most rare marsupials in the world, as well as the more well-known like kangaroos and koalas.
Martina & Chrissie: The Greatest Rivalry in the History of Sports
Martina Navratilova, Czech tennis star, and all-American Chris Evert were fierce competitors on the international tennis scene. The friendship they developed behind the scenes during those final years of the Cold War was rather unexpected, and yet provides aspiring athletes—and anyone—with great role models for sportsmanship.
Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale
Illustrated by Michael Austin. A wonderful rendition of a Cuban folktale about the real nature of people and grandmothers. The story bounces along with repetition galore for early readers. Don't miss this one!
Martin's Dream Day
From this volume, middle-grade students gain a pictorial introduction to the events leading up to Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech on August 28, 1963, a day that will resonate in our history. Numerous black-and-white photographs from the time period convey the colossal scale of the gathering that day and of the civil rights movement, underscoring its impact on society.
Marty McGuire Digs Worms!
Marty McGuire's 3rd grade class has a special assignment: save the earth! With the help from her Grandma Barb, Marty builds a habitat for worms in her school cafeteria as part of the Save the Earth project.
Marvelous Mattie
:How Margaret E. Knight Became and Inventor. This biography tells the story of Margaret Knight who created the machine that makes paper grocery sacks. To get her invention noticed she had to be strong and battle the gender roles. She is the first woman to receive a U.S. patent.
Marvelous Thing That Came From a Spring, The
Who invented the concept of the slinky and how did it come to be? This book tells the history of this simple toy that has been around since 1943, touching on basic elements of invention and the marketing of a new idea. Readable text accompanied by colorful illustrations describes how an accidental discovery turned into a commonplace toy.
Mary and Her Little Lamb
A historical fiction story of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" telling the story of the lamb following her to school. Children will love reading the story of Mary and her lamb and their relationship.
Mary Walker Wears the Pants
In this illustrated account of Mary Walker's contributions to women's rights, readers will also discover her dedication to saving Union and Confederate soldiers. She was the first woman doctor appointed for the Union Army and found it much easier to do her work dressed in men's trousers and jackets - which others found scandalous! She held true to her convictions and was not only captured and imprisoned by the Confederates, but she went on to receive the Medal of Honor, the first and only woman to receive it. This is a solid addition for women's history or Civil War units.
Mason Moves Away
One of four books in the Solomon Raven series. Mason, the beaver, has is home destroyed by human's building in the woods and now he must move and leave his friends. Mason learns sometimes we have to do things we don't like and change can be good. The books in the series are: A Home for Pearl Squirrel, Lewis Cardinal's First Winter, Cinnamon & the April Shower, and Mason Moves Away.
Master of Deceit
This is a wonderful examination of J. Edgar Hoover, one of the most powerful Americans of the twentieth century. Readers will be amazed by this Washington power-broker's scope of influence and impact. While interesting reading, this could also be the ba
Mastermind Plot, The
Suzanna Snow, an aspiring young detective in the early 1900s, arrives in Boston to visit family and joins her uncle in the investigation of a series of mysterious warehouse fires and another crime involving the theft of fine art objects. While seemingly
After Marvin, a beetle, makes a miniature drawing as an eleventh birthday gift for James, a human with whom he shares a house, the two new friends work together to help recover a Durer drawing stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
After Marvin, a beetle, makes a miniature drawing as an eleventh birthday gift for James, a human with whom he shares a house, the two new friends work together to help recover a Durer drawing stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Supporting the detailed narrative are the illustrations that add perspective and humor. Great storytelling.
Matchbox Diary, The
The conversation between a Great-grandfather and his "just met" Great-granddaughter begins with a challenge: pick whatever you like most…then I'll tell you its story. She chooses an old cigar box filled with small old matchboxes. He explains that this is his diary and that each small box contains somethings that keeps the past clearly in his memory. With each one, his story of immigration and, finally, literacy is told. Gorgeous, mostly sepia, softly detailed illustrations enhance this lovely story about passing from one generation to the next.
In this futuristic world, Cassia has never had to make choices because the government always chooses what is best, even marriage Matches. But at age 17, Cassia is surprised to find that she has been matched with her best friend, Xander. But when Ky's face shows up on her Match screen, Cassia has to wonder about the infallibility of their supposed perfect world. And when her Grandfather, on the day of his scheduled death at age 80, secretly gives her a poem which is illegal and not on the sanctioned list, Cassia begins to want things she is not supposed to want - like freedom, choices, and the right to love the boy with whom she's falling in love.
Math Potatoes
Illustrated by Harry Briggs. A collection of math riddles to challenge children to approach problem solving in creative ways. Illustrated with vivid colors, each riddle is presented in energetic rhyming text and supported by fantastic visual across the double page spread.
Matylda, Bright & Tender
Sussy and Guy are best friends who have shared dreams and silly notions since kindergarten. When they decide to co-adopt a leopard gecko and name it Matylda, they concoct a fanciful story of how a warrior lizard came to love them. Guy seems to connect most readily with Matylda. But after Guy is killed in a bike accident, Sussy deeply grieves the loss, staying in her room, repeatedly reliving the accident, and trying to win the same affection from Matylda with gifts—stolen food and toys from the pet store. Healing is hard when such poor decisions bring more problems into the mix. Readers will identify with Sussy’s pain while the overwhelming grief is lightened by her improving relationship with Matylda and new friendship with another understanding classmate.
Max and Buddy Go to the Vet
Max has his own series of books and is a busy character. He visits a variety of places and has a diverse group of friends. Join Max in a variety of adventures in this 18 book series. Easy to read leveled text make this set especially appropriate for beginning readers. Many titles available in Spanish as well.
Max Goes to the Library/Max va a la biblioteca
Max, who loves to read, visits the library and discovers all the neat things he can do while he is there. His expressions truly convey the joy he feels during his visit. A darling Read-It! Reader available in both English and Spanish.
Max Quigley Technically is Not a Bully
Max doesn't torment kids on purpose, but he certainly enjoys making trouble. This story is fast-paced with a hilarious plot. A book for the bullies, the bullied, and a perfect reluctant reader pick.
Max's Words
Clever idea for a story! Max's brothers have collections and max wants one too so he begins collecting words. He soon has a "pile" of them and uses them to make up sentences and eventually writes stories. Great read-aloud and then have children do the same activity as Max using cutout words.
May I Pet Your Dog?
Common sense guidelines for children meeting new dogs. Ask the dog's owner if you may pet his/her dog and listen to their suggestions.
Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines
As a senior in college, Maya Lin won the contest to design the Vietnam War Memorial—an astounding accomplishment, to the dismay of some, including the other 1,420 candidates not selected. This easy read is accompanied by equally astounding yet muted illustrations which depict the child Maya gleaning inspiration from the woods behind her home as well as from her artistic Chinese-American parents, a potter and a poet. These factors all contributed to her determination, career choice, and eventual success as an architect. One double-page spread impressively renders the Memorial with its many names extending away toward the horizon. This early resource for STEM-related activities includes in its margins an author’s note, labeled renderings of architect’s and artist’s tools, blueprints, and more about Lin’s later works.
Maybe a Fox
Sylvie is always trying to get faster and faster. One early morning she goes off on another run but never comes back. Her body is not found but they find evidence of a fall into a dangerous section of water. Only a year younger, Jules has always been very close to her sister Sylvie, and this accident reopens the pain of their mother's tragic death. Jules and her father grieve together. Mystical connections between the world of humans and the world of nature are conveyed in alternating perspectives, revealing that in the moment of Sylvie's tragedy, a fox is born with the desire to run faster and faster, and to look out for Jules.
Maybe Mother Goose
Nursery school students fantasize about what Mother Goose rhymes would be like with some added extras. Whimsical drawings feature nursery rhyme characters crossing over into each other's rhymes, making this book an intriguing choice for read-aloud.
Maybelle Goes to Tea
Maybelle the cockroach and Henry the flea are a wonderful pair who crash the ladies spring tea. Easy chapter book that will leave children laughing.
Maybelle in the Soup
Maybelle the cockroach and Henry the flea live under the refrigerator and want to venture out to taste more than just "crumbs and spills." A tickle to the bone read that children will love.
Mayflower, The
This is a quality addition to any book collection for children who are just beginning to learn about the Pilgrims, their voyage to the New World to escape religious persecution, the hardships of their new lives, and the origins of the first Thanksgiving.
McGillycuddy Could!
McGillycuddy came to the farm to live one day. The other animals wondered what good she was on a farm. She couldn't lay eggs, give milk or wool. But she could be a very special help.
Me & Dog
Weingarten has written a warm and subtly humorous tribute to a boy, his dog, and their enduring love. With simple illustrations and touches of perspective and point of view, this rhyming book is sure to be a good read-aloud.
Me Too!
Young children just love to read snow books, and this book from the "I Like to Read" series is simply charming. With an oft-repeated refrain for the children to chime in with, and really darling illustrations, this beginning reader is a winner.
Meat-Eating Plants: Toothless Wonders
This is one book in a series of eight called Plant-ology. Beautiful illustrations with labels and text boxes draw the reader into this fascinating book. Includes table of contents, science lab (activities), science words (vocabulary), index, other books
Mediator Twilight, The
Suze Simon is a typical high school student except she mediates between the living and the dead. Life is getting complicated when she falls in love with a ghost from the 19th century.
Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie
n this work, the medicinal use of 203 native prairie plants by the Plains Indians is presented. This book will increase appreciation for prairie plants at a time when prairies need protection.
Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie
n this work, the medicinal use of 203 native prairie plants by the Plains Indians is presented. This book will increase appreciation for prairie plants at a time when prairies need protection.
Medio Pollito: A Spanish Tale
A Spanish folktale, Medio Pollito, meaning half-chick, has one eye, one wing, one leg, and wants to leave the barnyard to go to Madrid. His mother encourages him, one step at a time. He helps others on his journey and when he encounters danger, his new friends help him.
Medusa Jones
Medusa and her friends Chiron and Mino try to control their powers when bullied by the beautiful and powerful champions in ancient Greece.
Meet the Dancers
This collective biography is an informative, conversational look at sixteen dancers and the unique paths that brought them to their present successes. Sidebars, photos, quotes and appealing side notes help make this a good choice for school and public libraries.
Meet the Planets
Caricatures of the eight planets are contestants in a "Favorite Planet Competition." The judges - the moons, the sun, and meteors - cannot make a decision so the winner determination is left to the reader. Extension activities included.
Meet Wild Boars
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall. Wild boars are dirty, smelly, rude, bossy, bad-tempered, and just plain mean critters who simply create havoc everywhere they go. Boris, Horace, Morris and Doris overtly, even disgustingly, reject any gesture of friendship. Youngsters may "tsk, tsk" at the inappropriate antics of this grungy foursome, but will secretly delight in the unruly, deceitful, "boarish" behavior depicted in the comical illustrations and lively text. A real hoot!
Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys
Megan Meade will start a new school, a new family, and a new boyfriend. Will she survive a new life? Will she survive the "new" brothers, the McGowan boys?
Megan's Birthday Tree: A story about open adoption
This tender story is a sensitive portrayal of open adoption. Each year, Kendra, Megan's birth mother sends Megan a picture of the tree she planted the day Megan was born. When Kendra decides to move to a new house, Megan worries that the two of them will lose touch.
Megan's Year: An Irish Traveler's Story
The beauty of Ireland is contrasted with the harshness of survival for Megan's family. They are present-day summer "gypsies" who travel in a camper during the summer while Dad struggles to find odd jobs that haven't been taken over by machines. The other seasons are spent back in the city, in school for the five children, while the parents struggle to have enough to provide. A downloadable teacher's guide is available.
Melissa Parkington's Beautiful, Beautiful Hair
Melissa Parkington not only has beautiful hair, she's a beautiful person. She makes herself useful by helping and sharing. Then she finds a way to share her beautiful hair.
Memory Bank, The
Imagination and abstractions are given visual and word dimensions, as Hope frantically searches her memories to find her "dumped" baby sister Honey. Hope escapes her real, wicked, non- family, and travels into a dream world which is part of the WWMB, World Wide Memory Book. There she remembers through her dreams, hears positive communication, and sweetly follows the whistle that leads to her little Sis.
Mermaid Queen
This is a true story about Annette Kellerman who became known as the Mermaid Queen. She was a great swimmer and made her presence known.
Merry Christmas, Merry Crow
Illustrated by Jon Goodell. Lovely story of a crow collecting items at Christmas time. Easy to become wrapped up in this gentle, flowing narrative.
Messed Up
R.D. is on his way to failing 8th grade - again. He is living with his grandmother's ex-boyfriend who dies and leaves R.D. alone. If no one knows he is living alone, no one can send him to a group home. He learns how to work, pay bills, cook, shop, etc. As R.D. blunders into adulthood, you experience a memorable story of grit and survival.
Messing Around on the Monkey Bars and Other School Poems for Two Voices
What could be better than one voice reading a poem? Two voices, of course! This collection of school poems encourages students to read (and giggle) aloud in pairs.
An industrial town faces famine, war, corruption, and greed in this post-apocalyptic continuation of a series. Ty and Colin work in dangerous, harsh conditions for low wages at a weapons plant, just scraping by. Lena tries to prove herself to her father and become the first woman to run the family factory. When Lena meets Ty and Colin, she sees firsthand the impact of the corruption. The only protection is the Brotherhood, which comes with a price. Told in alternating perspectives, their stories portray deep struggles to survive and find hope for the future.
Elementary readers will love learning about the food, climate, music and wildlife of the colorful, lively country of Mexico. Vivid photographs accompany the various text features such as a table of contents, an index, and a glossary which strengthen reading comprehension.
Mexico in Colors
Simple text accompanied by gorgeous photographs depict Mexico: its culture and geography through numerous colors. This six book series is entitled World of Colors. The countries included in the series are: Australia, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Kenya and Mexico.
Mice Mischief: Match Facts in Action
Ten colorful and acrobatic circus mice demonstrate how the numbers from 1-9 can add up to 10, matching the kindergarten Common Core State Standards for operations and algebraic thinking.
Michael Phelps: Anything is Possible
This biography allows the reader to follow Michael from his early fear of water, through his diagnosis of ADHD, and onto his dreams of breaking Olympic records. It shows a very human side of this famous athlete and his family.
Midnight Diary of Zoya Blume, The
While her adoptive American mother is away, twelve-year-old Zoya confides in her diary of her fears about the Buka, an old woman who waits in the shadows to snatch children, and confronts some truths about her childhood in her native Russia.
Mighty Mississippi, The
Explores the science and the history of the Mississippi River showing us why the Ojibwa Indians called it Mes-sipi, "Father of Running Waters." Excellent history of part of the United States.
Mighty MotoXers - X-Moves Series
Daredevil athletes stretch their skills beyond in these extreme sports. Each photo essay shows how the sport began and includes record holders/breakers and their feats. Risky tricks get the prizes! Included are diagrams and labels, glossary, bibliography, index, and where to find out more.
Migrant Mother
Dorothea Lange's photograph, Migrant Mother, of Florence Thompson created an image to forever be associated with the Great Depression. This book takes you to the day this photograph was taken and continues to explore life during the Great Depression. It includes biographical information, thoughts, and quotes from both women. A wonderful book which will help students understand the era, the photo, and the continuing impact of both.
Milagros: Girl from Away
Twelve-year-old Milagros barely survives an invasion of her tiny, Caribbean island home, escapes with the help of mysterious sea creatures, reunites briefly with her pirate-father, and learns about a mother's love when cast ashore on another island.
Million Dollar Putt
Bogie is a visually impaired teenager with a lot of insight when it comes to new ventures, and eventually mastering the game of golf. His dad supports all of his interests except one: golf. Family secrets are revealed when Bogie enters the amateur tournament.
Million-Dollar Throw
Nate Brody, 13-year-old football star, can always count on his ability to throw a football until he is picked in a drawing to try for a million dollar prize by throwing a football through a small target. The pressure mounts as Nate's parents struggle to make ends meet and his best friend (and girlfriend) Abby slowly loses her eyesight. A good choice for graduates of Matt Christopher novels.
Millions, Billions, & Trillions
This book is a simple explanation of some very large numbers…numbers so large it's not so simple to understand their size. It would be excellent to use with 4th grade Common Core Standards for number and operations in base 10.
Milo, the Really Big Bunny
Illustrated by Melissa Suber. Milo was not like other bunnies. He knew that he couldn't do the things small bunnies could do and his self esteem suffered. However, the Easter Bunny finds he can't do without Milo one wet and rainy Easter.
Mind Your Manners, Alice Roosevelt!
A White House child gone wild! Alice is her father's oldest daughter and has a fine-tuned sense of rebellion built in to her daily repertoire. Her father, one of our finest presidents, declares that it is beyond him to both be president and control Alice! She continued her extreme creativity through her long life.
Fourteen-year-old Nathaniel has finished college, is taking a break before grad school, loves formulas, has a photographic memory, and plays in a rock band. Social situations are difficult, however; Nathaniel has Aspberger's. Although his mother is wonderfully supportive, his father insists that Nathaniel could be "normal." Forcing Nathaniel to go to a party turns out disastrous. His terrible experience leaves Nathaniel on the verge of institutionalism, but supportive friends and his terrific mother help him through. This warm first-person narrative provides a funny, touching glimpse inside the mind of an "aspie."
Minister's Daughter
For fans of Libba Bray comes another historical novel. To cover up an out of wedlock pregnancy the minister's daughter incriminates Nell, the village healer. Mass hysteria results from the cover-up.
Minn & Jake's Almost Terrible Summer
Long distance friends Minn and Jake reunite for a summer vacation. Minn begins to get jealous of Jake's growing crush over a girl in his class.
Minnow and Rose: An Oregon Trail Story
Native American Indian and Oregon Trail Pioneer cultures meet in this parallel story of two girls - Minnow and Rose. Their curiosity, berry picking, and the river crossing bring them together, and then a near-tragedy brings both communities together.
Mira in the Present Tense
What would you do if your grandmother was dying? Mira helps her grandmother paint her own casket. Many other things are in turmoil for Mira besides her beloved grandmother’s pending death. She is dealing with a mystery boy, her first period, losing a special gift from her grandmother, and being estranged from her best friend. In the midst of all these things, she finds the true meaning of life, death, and love.
Miracle on 133rd Street
José's Mami has trouble with the food for Christmas dinner and is homesick for Puerto Rico. All the neighbors in José's apartment building are grumpy or harping on the hassles of the holidays. But when José and Papi bring home the salvaged, savory Christmas roast and neighbors are tantalized by its aroma and invited to dinner, a miracle happens! The true meaning of Christmas is presented with an ethnic twist and cheery outcome to be enjoyed by read-aloud or an emerging reader.
Mirror Mirror
A magical collection of classic fairy tales told in reversible verse. This fascinating style demonstrates that there are two sides to every story. Both witty and charming. Sure to entertain both young and old.
Misadventures of Maude March, The
After the death of the stern aunt who raised them since they were orphaned, eleven-year-old Sallie and her fifteen-year-old sister escape their self-serving guardians and begin an adventure resembling those in the dime novels Sallie loves to read.
Misery Moo
Illustrated by Tony Ross. Is your glass half empty or half full? Misery Moo the pessimistic cow sees her glass empty but her loyal friend the happy-go-lucky lamb is always there to try to cheer Moo up. Inevitably the tables turn and Moo sees the impact her negativity has on her lamb. This light-hearted parable of friendship proves that attitude can be highly contagious but so can laughter.
Miss Colfax's Light
In 1861 at the age of 37, Harriet Colfax took on the job of lighthouse keeper for the Michigan City lighthouse off Lake Michigan. It was a bold and determined endeavor, especially since there were very few female lighthouse keepers in the country at that time. For 43 years, until the age of 80, Harriet kept her light burning, through storms, harsh winters, and changes in technology. This true story focuses on Harriet's commitment and determination to fulfill her charge and live life on her own terms. Excerpts from her actual log are included.
Miss Emily
A fresh view of the famous American poet Emily Dickinson is portrayed in this delightfully creative tale of the excitement the circus brought to town in the mid-1800s. As the neighbor children are captivated by the stories told by their esteemed and honored Emily, a plot to sneak out in the middle of the night and watch the arrival of the circus becomes a reality. An accident/incident exposes this adventure, and the truth comes out. This could be a most fabulous read-aloud!
Miss Fox's Class Earns a Field Trip
Miss Fox's students want to go to Roller Coaster Planet, but they must earn the money themselves. However, many of their fund-raising efforts result in money lost instead of gained. Eventually, though, a benefactor steps forth with the rest of the money needed. Real-life applications of addition and subtraction are incorporated into the story.
Miss Fox's Class Gets It Wrong
Officer Blue Fox comes to Miss Fox's class to talk about safety. The children observe Miss Fox talking to Officer Blue Fox on several occasions and they're sure she is in trouble, only to find out they are getting married!
Miss Fox's Class Shapes Up
In this timely addition to Spinelli's
Miss Ladybird's Wildflowers: How a First Lady Changed America
Illustrated by Joy F. Hein. A biography of Lady Bird Johnson that focuses on her passion for conserving natural resources and promoting the beautifucation of cities and highways by planting wildflowers.
Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind
The school must read 1000 books by June 12, then principal Wiggins will dye his hair purple and sleep on the roof. Miss Malarkey gets everyone to read except for one boy and on the last day of schools she finds a book he loves.
Miss Mary Reporting: The True Story of Sportswriter Mary Garber
Mary Garber loved to play, watch, and write about any and all sports. But in the early 1940s when she became a journalist, women weren't even allowed in the press box. This beautiful book tells the inspiring story of how Mary overcame multiple gender-related hurdles, attended games at the all-black schools, and submitted articles highlighting under-recognized minority athletes, earning acclaim as the first female sports writer.
Miss Spitfire; reaching Helen Keller
At age twenty-one, partially-blind, lonely but spirited Annie Sullivan travels from Massachusetts to Alabama to try and teach six-year-old Helen Keller, deaf and blind since age two, self-discipline and communication skills. Includes historical notes and timeline.
Missing in Tokyo
When his sister disappears while on a round the world trip with a friend, Adam gets tired of the inability of anyone to find answers. Finally he takes matters into his own hands, taking an ill conceived trip to Tokyo to track down his sister's traveling companion and get answers. He is befriended by a cute Japanese girl, whom he unwittingly puts in danger when they tangle with the Japanese mob.
Missing Manatee, The
Skeet Waters dreams of going fly fishing for tarpon. One day while he is out in his skiff he sees a manatee that has been shot. Manatees are protected by law so he reports this to the local sheriff. When he and the sheriff return to the site, the body of the manatee is gone. As Skeet tries to unravel the mystery he deals with his parents dissolving marriage and goes tarpon fishing with Dirty Dan, his hero. Skeet discovers life is not always the way it appears. Colorful characters and Skeet's good common sense make this a great read.
Missing manatee, The
While coping with his parents' separation, eleven year old Skeet spends most of spring break in his skiff on a Florida river, where he finds a manatee shot to death and begins looking for the killer.
Mission Control, This is Apollo
July 20, 1969 is the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon. This book shows space voyages from Mercury through Apollo 17 that contributed to this piece of history and beyond. NASA photos combined with full-color painting by Astronaut Alan Bean make this a unique tale of one of humanity's greatest adventures - space exploration.
Mister Bud Wears the Cone
Mister Bud is a dog who has to wear a cone so he can't lick at his sore spot. His buddy Zorro does not, and of course Zorro takes advantage of his friend. This book is funny and heartwarming, and may even bring a tear to your eye as it gently introduces concepts of empathy and point of view.
Mitchell's License
Dad and Mitchell play a pre-bedtime game; Dad is a car and Mitchell is the driver riding on Dad's shoulders. Mitchell cleans the windshield (Dad's glasses), honks the horn (bonks Dad's nose), adds oil (Dad drinks juice), until they have a disagreement about fuel (Mitchell wants cookies!) A delightful father-son story!
Mixed-up Rooster, The
Ned the rooster sleeps through the sunrise and is replaced by the hens who think he is ruining their egg business. Ned parties with the night creatures which ironically puts him in the perfect spot to fend off the snake trying to creep into the henhouse. He may not be a morning bird, but Ned truly saves the day! Bold, expressive illustrations. Energetic read-aloud.
Mockingbird (mok'ing-burd)
Ten-year-old Caitlin Smith has Asperger's syndrome. This heartbreaking story, through Caitlin's view, tells the personal aftermath of a middle school shooting that took the life of the older brother she adored. The
Mockingbird: (Mok’ing-burd)
In Caitlin’s world, everything is black or white. Things are good or bad. Anything in between is confusing. That’s the stuff Caitlin’s older brother, Devon, has always explained. But now Devon’s dead and Dad is no help at all. Caitlin wants to get ov
Mockingbird: (Mok'ing-burd)
In Caitlin's world, everything is black or white. Things are good or bad. Anything in between is confusing. That's the stuff Caitlin's older brother, Devon, has always explained. But now Devon's dead and Dad is no help at all. Caitlin wants to get over it, but as an eleven-year-old girl with Asperger's, she doesn't know how. When she reads the definition of closure, she realizes that is what she needs. In her search for it, Caitlin discovers that not everything is black and white-the world is full of colors-messy and beautiful.
Mockingbird: Noisy Mimic
One of six books in the series titled
This final episode of
Moe Is Best
Sibling rivalry - and sibling love - combine in this heartwarming early reader from the "I Like to Read" series. The youngest of three siblings, Moe has a very well-developed self-esteem, until it all comes crashing down during a game of shooting baskets. That's when older brother and sister, who previously had been critical, help Moe prop up his confidence once more. Sweet!
Mogie is a dog that works in a Ronald McDonald house to support children who are sick. Readers - young and adult - will engage with this heart-warming story of a remarkable dog and the children he has helped.
Mokie & Bik
Mokie and Bik are rambunctious twins living aboard a houseboat with their mother and nanny and awaiting the return of their seafaring father. A good read-aloud or a treat for confident readers, this book might confuse struggling readers with its occasional nonsensical text and rollicking pace.
Molly, By Golly!
Meet Molly Williams, the NY City Fire Company #11 cook. Young readers will enjoy plucky Molly Williams' legendary adventure as they learn how fires were fought in the early 1800s. The book captures the heroic story of Molly - the first known female fire
Mom for Umande, A
This is the true story of a baby gorilla whose mother was too young and did not know how to care for him. At first he is tended by the zookeepers at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, who work to teach him gorilla sounds and habits - but he needs a mother of his own. After he is sent to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, an older gorilla named Lulu adopts Umande and treats him as if he is her own baby. A Mom For Umande is a touching and endearingly illustrated story about adoption and belonging.
Hunter enjoys the thrill of adventure - including the risky sport of jumping from building to building. One day, at his jumping spot, he witnesses a murder. He is thrust into a war between the Outsiders and the government, who is hoarding energy and eli
Monarch's Progress, The
Great story of the life of a monarch butterfly told in poetry form.
Monday on the Mississippi
Illustrated by Frane Lessac. Take a week long trip down the Big Muddy from its quiet headwaters through its mile wide might to the delta where it meets the sea in a book easily integrated into geography, history, transportation, economics, folklore, time, and seasons. Poetic text in fourteen non-rhyming poems mix with primitive art depicting multiple activities specific to regions and environments on the river and its banks. End notes fill in some details on events and places. Timely in light of current events. Good companion to Ste-e-ee-e-eamboat a-comin'.
Monkey and the Bee, The
Monkey and Bee want the same banana, and they begin to fight over it. Suddenly, Lion appears. Now they have a new problem. Will they be able to escape? Since the entire story is written without any verbs, readers must use their visual discrimination skills to infer the action of the plot.
Monkey Town
A remarkable story told through Frances Robinson's eyes where we get to meet all the major players in the Scopes Trial. Her father convinces John Scopes to admit that he has taught evolution in order to bring publicity to sleepy Dayton, Tennessee.
Monster Baby
The Oliver's find an orphaned baby on their doorstep and are eager to care for it, even after they discover it's a monster baby! "Olly" grows at a rapid rate, learning to walk, read, and graduates from a university all in one month. A fun read aloud for young readers.
Monster Trucks
This is a book young children will enjoy reading themselves as it is an emergent reader. One of the Mighty Trucks series.
Monster Who Did My Math, The
A dream come true.or is it? A boy who hates math makes a deal with a monster to do his math homework. But when his teacher asks him a question, he gets a different perspective.
Monsters & Water Beasts
A well-researched account of legendary sea creatures and strange animals presented in an entertaining format. Anecdotal information is included in the chapters and room is given for future "what if" additions to what is known of these creatures of legend. This will be a welcome addition for the non-fiction crowd.
Monsters Can Mosey
Frankie, a cute monster, is getting suggestions from her mother on how to improve her walk. Mom embarrasses Frankie as she acts out how to STRUT, PRANCE, MARCH, TRUDGE, LUMBER, CLOMP, STOMP… The author’s explanation about shades of meaning helps make this book a rare treat—an amusing story students will love as well as a literary teaching tool. Other titles in the series include Whatever Says Mark (Knowing and Using Punctuation), Frog. Frog? Frog! (Understanding Sentence Types), When and Why Did the Horse Fly? (Knowing and Using Question Words).
Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales
Fifteen stories with one theme - MONSTERS! - create this anthology of horror fiction where monsters live side-by-side with humans. Creative monsters that defy categories, plots presented in haunting demonic voices, all combine with themes of love requited and revenged, ambitions, sacrifice, and loneliness in this other-worldly collection edited by Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant.
Monstrous Morgues of the Past
Part of the
Moon Bear
Ongoing heart-wrenching conditions in eastern Asia, both for its citizens and its endangered wildlife, provide backdrop to this gripping story of hope, compassion, and courage. Relocated from their mountain village home because the government is building a road, Tam's family is lured to a larger village by the prospects of modern amenities. When a leftover land mine kills his father, Tam must go hundreds of miles away to the city to work and support his family. Then his gruesome job lands him face to face with a rare moon bear, convincing him that he and this endangered animal must escape.
Moon Over High Street, The
Joe lives a simple life with his grandmother. Things change for Joe when his grandmother falls and breaks a hip forcing him to go to another town to stay with a cousin. Joe loves the new town and becomes friends with the girl across the street. On a ch
Moon Over Manifest
Moon Over Manifest is 2011 Newbery Winner. Abilene Tucker rides a train to her father's hometown of Manifest, Kansas, where new friends join her in a hunt for spies and where she learns secrets from her father's past and the town's.
Moon Over Manifest
Abilene Tucker rides a train to her father’s hometown of Manifest, Kansas, where new friends join her in a hunt for spies and where she learns secrets from her father’s past and the town’s.
Moon runner
When Mina discovers that she can run faster than her athletic friend, Ruth, she thinks she must choose between running and friendship.
Moon Shadow
Callie helps to rescue an orphaned filly whose mother was part of a herd of mustangs brought in from the Nevada desert. She begs her parents for the little mustang not knowing if it will survive. A great horse story!
Moon, The
Illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson. Beautifully illustrated, children will love listening to this over and over again as well as looking at the lovely illustrations.
Moon, The
A Pebble book written in very simple text which explains what the moon is, the rotation of the moon and the moon's surface. Includes a table of contents, glossary, index and additional resources. Smaller format size (6"x7") maybe difficult to use in a large group.
This is a beautiful book. The words and the pictures together tell the story of a girl who brings the moon home to her back yard. Everyone is weary and sleepy because as long as the moon stays, there is no sunlight. This could be a bedtime story or it could be a great discussion when students study the earth, the moon and the stars. How does the moon affect the earth?
Moonshadow's Journey
Moonshadow's grandfather helps him prepare for his first trip south for the winter with all the other geese. The flock encounters a storm on their journey and the loss of a treasured family member.
Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11
If it has to do with the moon, its superstitions from ancient times, to science, to the 40th anniversary of the first walk on the moon, it's in this volume. Plentiful photos and illustrations, side bars, glossary, index, timeline, and sites.
Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11
Forty years ago, this giant leap was the best news. "The Eagle has landed!" became a cliché, but this beautifully illustrated poetic account brings it all into perspective - the bravery, the risks, and the jubilation. An afterward gives more details regarding this supreme scientific effort.
Moose Tracks!
There are moose tracks all over the house. As moose remembers his visitors, a moose did not come to visit. Resembles Numeroff's Give a Mouse a Cookie.
Moose's Big Idea
This book would be good if you need more easy to read chapter books. Moose is a likeable character.
Moray Eel: Dangerous Teeth
Fabulous facts about these tenacious ocean residents verify the terror potential in this Afraid of the Water series. Personal stories of survivors along with full color photos help the reader get a safe close-up of these dangerous creatures.
More Girls Who Rocked the World
This second edition features a comprehensive collection of outstanding successful young women, both contemporary and from history, who impacted their world before the age of 20. These exemplary independent role models come from very diverse backgrounds and have become successful in a wide variety of fields.
More of Monkey and Robot
Independent readers will identify with Monkey and Robot as the two buddies return in this romp filled with humor, kindness and friendship. With four stand-alone chapters, the adventures and stories will provide kids with the amusing antics of two unlikely pals - Monkey who is fun-loving, energetic, curious and entertaining, and Robot who is wise, systematic, patient, and kind. The story illustrates positive social interaction along with attributes of a good friendship.
More or Less
Illustrated by David Wenzel. Children learn to compare numbers with Eddie who works the guess your age booth at the school picnic. Blindfolded, Eddie gets to ask contestants questions that allow him to guess their ages. Children will enjoy figuring out Eddie's success and seeing what it takes to stump him. Activities for more in-depth understanding included at the end. Part of Math Start series.
More Than Friends
Teenage love is narrated from two points of view, his and hers. The book contains a variety of poetic forms which are explained in the back of the book. Can be used for paired oral readings and writing poetry.
Moses is an orphaned baby elephant who must go to the Jumbo Foundation Elephant Orphanage to live. Gentle text and adorable photographs of Moses with his caregivers warmly portray a baby's typical inquisitiveness. The story is interspersed with brief descriptions of elephant behavior and physical characteristics.
Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War
Freedom, integrity, and patriotism are placed under the microscope in this nonfiction and biographical account of how one man exposed the U.S. government's pattern of lies during four presidencies of the Cold War. Leaked by whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, The Pentagon Papers detailed actions, deceptions, and manipulations the U.S. government had undertaken during the Vietnam era. The resulting investigation as well as the government's portrayal of Ellsberg as villain du jour bear resemblance to the more recent revelations by Edward Snowden.
Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, The
In this latest graphic novel, Hinds once again shows his talent for adapting classic stories for modern audiences. The story takes a twist with ethnicity - he makes the characters of African, Indian, and Caucasian descent in order to promote the universal message of dangerous love interests between rival families in Verona. Readers will find this graphic novel as thrilling and riveting as any staging.
Most Loved in All the World
Even though Mama is an agent on the Underground Railroad, she must stay behind as a slave in order to help others. She teachers her daughter the value of freedom through a gift of love and sacrifice.
Mostly True Adventures of Home P. Figg, The
Twelve-year-old Homer, a poor but clever orphan, has extraordinary adventures after running away from his evil uncle to rescue his brother, who has been sold into service in the Civil War.
Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg
Twelve-year old Homer runs away from his wicked uncle's farm to save his older brother, who was illegally sold into the Union Army as a soldier during the Civil War. Along the way, Homer meets some interesting characters in which he must rely on this instincts and "story-telling" abilities to find his brother.
Mother Goose Picture Puzzles
The rebus puzzles and large illustrations/print provide a delightful introduction to Mother Goose rhymes. Pre-readers will puzzle over, guess, and definitely enjoy.
Mother Poems
This collection of free-verse poems illustrates the bond of a daughter and mother through everyday activities. The grief expressed after the mother's unexpected death is poignant and aching. The author's torn-paper collage artwork style is simple and perfect.
Mother's Day Surprise
Violet watches her friends busily preparing Mother's Day gifts, but what can she make without arms, legs or teeth to help her? Using her imagination, she creates the perfect snake gift to express her love.
Mouse & Lion
The mouse takes center stage in this visually appealing retelling of the Aesop fable. This book will be appreciated by a wide audience.
Mouse Island
Mouse lives alone on an island near a lighthouse. Even though he enjoys his life, he feels something is missing. When mouse rescues a furry creature from the ocean, he finds out that all he really needed was a friend to make his life complete.
Mouse Shapes
What can the three mice make with shapes that might save them from the cat?
Mouse Was Mad
A little mouse is mad! But he can't find his own special way to express that feeling. His animal friends help him find the perfect way to show feelings.
Mouse Went Out to Get a Snack
Illustrated by Jim McFarland. A small comical mouse steals a plateful of food until a watchful cat jumps into action. Mouse scampers back to his hole while the plateful of fallen food flattens the cat. Told as a counting story: one piece of cheese, 2 plump plums, this makes a fun story for preschoolers and up.
Mouth Moths
A classroom rule as common as "Raise your hand before you speak" is still hard for some to follow until confetti-like moths come flying out of your mouth instead of words! The W.T. Melton Elementary School has l