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State Board News: March 31 SPECIAL EDITION

State Board News - Special Edition - March 31, 2011


On Tuesday, April 12, at 1:30 pm, the State Board will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to educator licensure regulations.

As reported in the December, 2010 SBN, one of the changes would require every license holder to have a fingerprint and background check at every license renewal.

KNEA opposes this change and needs you to contact State Board members before the public hearing and ask them to oppose this change.


  • We agree that student safety is paramount.  Students must be safe in order to learn.
  • This change is not about student safety.  It is about imposing a multi-million-dollar "solution" on 70,000 license holders in Kansas because two existing requirements aren't being enforced:
    • KSA 72-1397 requires county and district attorneys to report to the State Board within 30 days following a license holder's conviction/diversion for activities that could result in suspension or revocation of a license, and;
    • KAR 91-22-1a requires that the chief administrative officer of an accredited public or private school "promptly" notify the Commissioner when any license holder is "dismissed, resigns, or is otherwise separated from employment…for any act…" that could result in license suspension or revocation.

Click here to  ask your State Board member to oppose the change to 91-1-214.  Ask them to:  

  • Enforce the law and the regulation first.
  • Notification within 30 days, or "promptly" is a better way to address student safety than a fingerprint/background check every 5 years.

KNEA is ready and willing to work with KSDE and others, including the Attorney General and superintendents, to ensure that current reporting requirements are being followed.

Did you know:

  • Less than 1,000th of 1% of Kansas license holders have been referred to the Professional Practices Commission within the last 5 years for involvement in incidents involving inappropriate actions with children/students
  • Currently, the KBI charges $50 for fingerprint/background checks.


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