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KNEA HelpLine Toolkit helps those worried about their job

The KNEA HelpLine Toolkit  provides members sources and resources to help in dealing with their job loss, filing for unemployment compensation, making retirement, insurance and licensure decisions and in their search for a new job. Toolkit topics include first steps, health insurance and KPERS considerations, financial planning plus job resources and resume workshops.

The first step, of course, is to call your KNEA UniServ Director.

"The KNEA HelpLine is intended to provide to those educators who've lost their jobs opportunities to be supported during this very difficult time. We don't want to lose the great talent and enthusiasm of educators in the state of Kansas," said KNEA President Blake West. "We hope that educators whose jobs were terminated will weather this storm quickly and, with the help of KNEA's resources, we look forward to the day when these dedicated professionals return to their students."

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