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KNEA Student Program

The KNEA Student Program is a professional association for college students preparing to enter the education profession.

Through its affiliation with KNEA, NEA and the NEA Student Program, KNEA-SP provides college students with assistance, benefits, and professional resources. The association gives students the opportunity to learn - not only from each other - but also from a network of campus advisors and from the finest professionals in education.

KNEA-SP is one of the largest and most successful student programs in the country. The association currently has 28 local chapters on Kansas college and university campuses.

A democratically elected president, president-elect, secretary and an underclass representative make up the Executive Committee. Together they develop goals for the student program and plans for implementing them. The KNEA student program is represented on the KNEA Board of Directors and all KNEA standing committees. Student representatives are also elected to the KNEA Representative Assembly as well as the National Representative Assembly, ensuring that professional practitioners are listening to the voice of future educators

Each KNEA-SP campus chapter plans activities and programs designed to help students become successful educators. KNEA-SP also provides statewide leadership training sessions to keep future teachers informed on the issues that will affect them when they enter the classroom.

KNEA-SP provides four annual scholarship opportunities for its members. The scholarships range from $200 to $1,000. Click here for more information and the application form.  NEA-SP offers the Jack Kinnaman scholarship.






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