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Higher Education

Your work in higher education is important. Our interests are the same for higher education and K-12 education - quality education, professional salaries and benefits and adequate funding. Kindergarten through college graduation - education and public school funding should be seamless. That's why we work together on funding, health care and other professional issues.

The Higher Education Task Force advises KNEA on programs, lobbying and other higher education issues. KNEA provides a network so you can stay in touch with the latest happenings affecting higher education. The Task Force meets twice a year to listen to members' concerns and discuss current issues. Each KNEA higher education affiliate has the opportunity to select a representative to attend those meetings to represent them.  Inside Kansas Higher Education, a newsletter specifically for higher education faculty, is available online. In addition, KNEA monitors and updates you on the activities and actions of the Kansas Board of Regents and the Kansas Legislature.

KNEA is your advocate for better working conditions, academic freedom and intellectual property rights throughout your campus. KNEA UniServ Directors provide your local leaders and bargaining teams with training and are an invaluable resource. You have a staff liaison to work with higher education locals on a statewide basis.

Through the NEA, your local has access to the Higher Education Research Center. The Center provides a wealth of information that helps your faculty advocate for you, including:

There are also great resources for higher education faculty on the NEA Higher Education website.


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