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KNEA Cares Toolkit

KNEA Cares
Teachers are not alone


Your first call should be to your UniServ Director - IMMEDIATELY!

Many educators have been notified they no longer have a job with their current school district. As a KNEA member, you have many more resources at your disposal.

If you are one of those, we hope our KNEA Cares Helpline Toolkit will be helpful to you. If you know of a colleague or family member who lost a job, please refer that individual first to their UniServ Director.  Members are welcome to review the resources on this site - and then call your UniServ Director if you have further questions.

The situation our colleagues currently face is without a doubt one of the most discouraging any educator can experience.  Any time someone is informed that their contract won't be renewed, it exacts an emotional toll. Kansas NEA is here to help. 

Be assured that while you are coping with this situation as it affects you personally, KNEA is attacking the problems at the local, state and national levels. Regrettably, there are options available to political leaders that they have not chosen to exercise during this economic downturn that could have minimized the budgetary impact upon education funding in general, and you specifically. Key legislators are pushing to balance the budget on the backs of our public schools while at the same time doling out corporate tax breaks.

Notwithstanding these matters, be assured that KNEA continues to fight for you. We hope that you weather this storm quickly, and with the help of KNEA's resources you will be on your way back into a classroom or school site in Kansas. We look forward to the day when you and the other dedicated professionals return. In the meantime, know that your KNEA colleagues across the state will do our part.

Mark Farr
Kansas NEA President


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