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Field Staff

Click on the links below to contact our UniServ directors. Don't know your UniServ unit? Click here to see our map.

Tammy Baltzell – Capital UniServ Director
Kevin Belt – Rolling Hills UniServ Director
Anna Moon Bradley - Pony Express UniServ Director
Megan Broll – Kaw Valley UniServ
Linda Brungardt – Konza UniServ Director
Ollie Carroll – Wyandotte United UniServ Director
René Dean - Capital UniServ and Rolling Hills UniServ
Rebecca Denton – United Teachers of Wichita UniServ 
Christine Foster – Ad Astra UniServ and Wyandotte United UniServ
H.J. Heistand – Kaw Valley UniServ Director
Greg Jones – United Teachers of Wichita UniServ Director
Dave Kirkbride – South Central UniServ Director
Tim Knoles - Walnut Valley UniServ Director
Cathi Lindsay – Southeast UniServ 
Sue Maples – UD 114 UniServ Director
Debbie Myers – Ark Valley UniServ and UD 114
Gene Neely – Alliance UniServ Director
Kathy Rome – Cottonwood UniServ Director
Kevin Scarrow - Ad Astra UniServ Director
Sue Schmidt – Cottonwood UniServ and KNEA Southwest UniServ 
Jen Siefer – Konza UniServ and Pony Express UniServ 
Pam Taverner – South Central UniServ and Walnut Valley UniServ 
Pamela Torgerson – KNEA Southwest UniServ Director
Tony White – Southeast UniServ Director 


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