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Compensation & Bargaining

Kansas NEA is THE Resource for Negotiations and Research

A Kansas NEA local affiliate is the recognized bargaining agent in nearly every school district in the state. KNEA has the power and resources to improve the well being of our members.

KNEA's Negotiations and Research Program provides a statewide collective bargaining support system for each local affiliate to assist, achieve and maintain effective employment relationships which will enhance negotiated agreements on wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment. This includes issues like KNEA developed quality public school standards, issues relating to federal mandates such as No Child Left Behind, National Board Certification and Professional Development Councils. That support system includes highly trained and experienced staff, state and national research resources and technical support.

KNEA has an outstanding reputation for analyzing contract systems and developing improved compensation systems that are both effective and efficient for school districts and local associations. Information and research on current issues and bargaining training is provided to local negotiators through bargaining councils, area meetings and KNEA's bi-annual Bargaining Conference. Local negotiators are supported by a variety of research materials, including Contract Analysis workshops, online researchable salary schedules and fringe benefits and personalized training to meet local needs.

General research such as the CPI and negotiation updates is provided to negotiators directly or through the UniServ Directors. Computer software is provided for local associations to generate their own analysis. Legal assistance is provided to local associations who need the services. This may take the form of bargaining elections, unit determinations, bargaining orders or wage determinations.

If you are interested in negotiations and research, contact Julie Wilson.

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