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Teaching Jobs

There are no absolutes in a job search, but you should candidly assess your wants and needs before you accept that all important professional teaching position. Regardless of whether you're looking for your first -- or next -- teaching job, the last thing that you want to do is accept a position that does not suit your skills or lifestyle expectations.  If you are from a large urban center, is a small town a good fit for you? If you grew up in a rural area, is a large metropolitan area a place where you can be successful?

Consider the following:

  • What do the educators in the community say about the school's treatment of teachers?
  • Are teachers respected in the community?
  • Why is there a vacancy?
  • Did the last teacher in the vacant position quit? Get fired? Retire?
  • Do new teachers in the district generally obtain due process rights or is the general rule that few, if any, new teachers are promoted to continuing contract status?
  • Is there a good mentoring program in place to assist you to reach your full potential?
  • Does the salary schedule in the school district reward career educators?
  • Does the community offer the benefits that reward and encourage teachers to make it their professional home?
  • Are there social activities in the community that will make your professional and personal life rewarding?
  • Contact the local Association President or the UniServ Director for candid answers to these and other questions. Ask for a variety of input and be candid and honest with yourself. Only you can evaluate the location and other variables and decide whether the job is good for you.

For assistance in answering these and other questions please contact KNEA and ask for the names of people in the area you are considering for answers and personal help. KNEA resources includes a review of your credentials, resume writing and interview skills.

Meanwhile, check out the Kansas Teaching Jobs Database to find your first teaching job or to continue your teaching career.



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