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KNEA Awards

Epperson-Peters Award
The Epperson-Peters Award is given to the KNEA member or local association whose individual or collective efforts best exemplify the ideals of teacher efficacy. This award recognizes those whose continuing and extraordinary efforts bring to life the principles of protecting individual and collective employment, and human and civil rights in the teaching community. The activities shall have made a significant statewide impact on the education community.

Friend of Education Award
The KNEA Representative Assembly created the Friend of Education Award as an annual recognition of a person or organization whose leadership, acts, and support have contributed to the improvement of public education on a statewide level.

Human and Civil Rights Award
The HCR Award is given to an individual, a school, an educational association and/or organization working in the field of Human and Civil Rights within the last five years.

Membership Award
The KNEA Membership Award will be awarded to the UniServ District with the greatest percentage of membership increase based on January 15 membership figures.

Wootton Political Achievement Award
The Wootton Political Achievement Award is given to a KNEA member, UniServ District, local association or political action committee whose activities further the educational opportunities for KNEA members and the students of Kansas, and has significant impact on the education community. This award recognizes outstanding service in the field of political action.

Educational Support Professional Award
The KNEA ESP Award is established to recognize contributions by an educational support professional member for his/her efforts to advance the KNEA and ESP activities within the Association.

Vickie Nitsch Political Activism Award
A certificate will be awarded the UniServ District with the greatest percentage of its members contributing to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education through Electronic Funds Transfer.

Jack Williamson Service Award
The Jack Williamson Service Award is given to a KNEA member, KNEA staff, UniServ District or Local Association who goes above and beyond in service to public education. This award recognizes outstanding service on multiple levels of public education. 


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