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KNEA News Releases

NEA President says it is time to fix the Elementary and Secondard Education Act
Accountability should never be about punishing schools

Brownback balances budgets on the back of teachers
Governor cuts school funding, risks further cuts in federal funding. This despite public support for Kansas public schools

Lawmakers: Keep the KPERS Promise
The state has a contract with employees. Lawmakers must honor that contract. There should be no reductions in benefits for current active or retired KPERS members. After all, these working Kansans have committed to a career in public service and never delayed, shorted, or missed a KPERS payment themselves.

Wisconsin strips rights of teachers, nurses
People from across the state, including KNEA members and staff, participated in a solidarity rallies

Bully Free: It Starts with Me!
This NEA campaign addresses the epidemic of bullying and the consequences that go along with it.

Lawrence KNEA member received $5,000 Student Achievement Grant
Sondra "Sandy" Groene recently received a $5,000 Student Achievement Grant from the NEA Foundation.

Discussing education issues with Kansas Commissioner Diane DeBacker
KNEA leaders discuss the requirements and timelines for the state assessments, school funding and working together to make public schools great for every child

KNEA members advocate for Kansas public schools, teachers
KNEA is making teachers' voices heard at the local and state levels

Be an effective 'Oz' Advocate
We will need to use our brain to find our own heart and courage as we advocate for public schools this year.

Local KNEA elections are now!
KNEA can vote in locally held elections Feb. 15 - March 31

Grant and award applications due soon
Awards that honor advocacy and highlight the work of members are due March 1. Scholarships are due March 11 and KNEA Strategic Focus Grants are due March 24.

Heritage Foundation, which wants 'reform' of Kansas public schools, receives 'Bunkum' award
Bunkum Awards highlight nonsensical, confusing and disingenuous education reports produced by corporate think tanks

Unlike the Flim Flam Man, KNEA is here to stay
For years KNEA has advocated for new ways to make public schools great for every child

KNEA members advocate for Kansas public schools
Now more than ever it's time to stand up for teachers and students. Here are a few examples.

Understanding cultural differences improves student achievement
Atchison teachers, administrators and board work to eliminate barriers to learning using KNEA resources

Kansas Top Teachers advocate for electives that keep kids in school
The 2011 Kansas Teacher of the Year team shared with the House and Senate Education committees the need for school funding.

Grants and awards are due soon!
NEA and Kansas NEA offer a variety of grants for rural areas, retired and leadership to name a few

Friends of Education nominations due Jan. 31., 2011
KNEA members are encouraged to nominate someone for the Friend of Education Award sponsored by the Confidence in Kansas Public Education Task Force

Proposed budget is bad news for teachers
How can schools, students and teachers do what they have to do to meet growing federal and state requirements ... with less support from the state?

KNEA members' students excel in QUEST for learning
Kansas NEA sponsors QUEST television program to highlight the outstanding academic performance by Kansas high schools students - featured are 2010 champs from Washburn Rural High School in Topeka



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