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Giving members news and information they can't get anywhere else is an important part of what we do at KNEA. Here is a brief overview of the many ways we communicate:

KSEDTALK. Publication published 8 times annually - 4 print and 4 digital. You can find PDFs of each KSEDTALK edition, digital and print, here.

KNEA Issues & Issues 2.0. The former communications arm of KNEA, the print publication was sent to members and a PDF was placed here. Login required.

Under the Dome. KNEA’s legislative update will come to you electronically whenever there is something to report. Checkout our new Under the Dome website for articles, advocacy, and quick bill summaries.

Legislative Agenda. See what is on the docket for KNEA during the 2015 Kansas State Legislature. (See the 2014 Legislative Agenda here. You may download individual panels of the 2015 Legislative Agenda here.)

Leader Letter. E-newsletter for local leaders. Login required.

State Board News. Results of the monthly State Board of Education meetings.

Inside Kansas Higher Education. Issues, actions and resources for KNEA’s higher education faculty. Login required.

The Apple Corps. A KNEA publication for retired members. 


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