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Headquarters Staff

715 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66612-1686
(785) 232-8271
Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday

Administration or Policy
Mark Farr, President, ext. 142
Sherri Schwanz, Vice President, ext. 129
Crystal Blackmon, Executive Assistant, ext. 142
Kevin Riemann, Executive Director,  ext. 136
Sarah Meyer, Executive Assistant,  ext. 135

Business Services
John Metzger, Manager, ext. 116
Wendy Miller, Business Services, ext. 113
Tracy Catlin, Membership Specialist, ext. 117
vacant, Technology Assistant, ext. 145

Marcus Baltzell, Director, ext. 114
Angela Deines, Assistant, ext. 134

Teaching & Learning
Idalia Shuman, Director, ext. 104
Carol Donovan, Administrative Assistant, ext. 103

Legal Services
Marjorie Blaufuss, General Counsel, ext. 131
Robert Blaufuss, Research Attorney, ext. 131
Kimberly Streit Vogelsberg, Staff Attorney, ext. 131
David Schauner, Of Counsel, ext. 131
Dorothy Emory, Executive Assistant, ext. 131

Legislative and Political Advocacy
Mark Desetti, Director, ext. 141
Terry Forsyth, Director, ext. 126
Donna Lambrecht, Administrative Assistant, ext. 122

Rex Hull
, Director, ext. 110
Carol Donovan, Administrative Assistant, ext. 103

UniServ/Organizational Services
Julie Wilson, Associate Executive Director,  ext. 128
Sarah Meyer, Executive Assistant, ext. 135

Print Copy Operator/Maintenance
David Kukovich, ext. 121 or 143



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