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The reason we're here is right in front of you . . . .

How do I join?

Contact your KNEA representative

Who are KNEA members?

We are diverse. We are teachers, educators, students just taking their first foundations class. We are administrators, support professionals and those who continue to serve the teaching profession through their retired membership.

More simply put, we are your favorite teacher when you were in school. We are your friends, your colleagues and your mentors. We are united in our belief and support for public schools and the teaching profession. We know that it is part of our professional responsibility to unite together for the good of our students and for our profession.

We are a volunteer organization supported by our members' dues, grants from the National Education Association and the good work of our members. We are 25,000 members strong in Kansas and 3.2 million members strong across the country.

Regardless of the job classification, we are all teachers.

What do we do?

Everything we do centers around KNEA's priorities of promoting quality public schools, strengthening the teaching profession and improving the well-being of members!

Our members set policy, establish our budget and develop legislative priorities. While most of our members work each day in the classroom, others volunteer to keep an eye on the big picture of education - lobbying, negotiating, and protecting contractual and constitutional rights.

We support new and continuing professionals by helping to create or improve established mentoring programs. KNEA provides a clearinghouse for the best professional development opportunities, the latest research on proven school improvement activities and special discounts on a variety of books and teaching materials to help you be your best. We offer training through the "I Can Do It" training series on classroom management that can be translated into IDP (Individualized Development Program) points that you can use for renewing your licensure. Specialized bargaining training has recently been approved for college credit. KNEA, in conjunction with the Southeast Kansas Education Center in Greenbush, also offers training for Professional Development Council (PDC) members on quality professional development and implementing the state PDC regulations.

There is a KNEA member in virtually every school building across Kansas. These members are ready and willing to assist you in becoming a successful teacher. We promote quality public schooling through programs such as Read Across America and American Education Week. We work proactively with the Kansas Learning First Alliance, Kansas Business-Education Coalition, school boards and administrators to promote public schools.

We provide liability insurance protection plus access to specially trained staff and KNEA attorneys should you ever find yourself with job-related legal trouble. We also provide an attorney-referral program for non-job related issues.

Every person has unique financial needs. Through NEA/KNEA Member Benefits, special services and group discounts help you make the most of your money through discounted car and homeowner's insurance, low-interest signature loans, financial planning advice and guidance in building your retirement nest egg. Whether this is your first job or a mid-life career change, KNEA has special programs that can meet your financial needs.

Your membership is part of the equation that makes Kansas public schools so successful. Your KNEA membership makes a difference for students in your classroom and for your colleagues across the state.

Why Join KNEA?

KNEA is the only education organization that advocates exclusively for you and your students. You are why we are here. It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us. 

We stand up for quality public schools.  We fight to strengthen our teaching profession. We work to enhance the well-being of our members. We stand firm for these three things and these three things only. That's all we do.  We have these three goals because we believe all children can learn and every student deserves a quality public school.

Most teachers in Kansas belong because it's the best way to advocate for their students. Some members join to save money through special KNEA discounts. Others because they want a voice at the Capitol.  Still more join because they're interested in KNEA 's professional development. And many join our ranks because they know that KNEA 's legal protection is the best in the profession. Members belong because they know the education of our kids and the well-being of our careers depends upon a strong and active membership.

We provide field staff and program staff in 10 locations statewide who are experts on every education issue. KNEA staff are available and nearby - just a computer click or a phone call away.  

We are like a family, a union of professionals who agree that kids and education are important - and the people who are working in schools are important, too.

Your membership is part of the equation that makes Kansas public schools so successful. Your KNEA membership makes a difference for students in your classroom and for your colleagues across the state.

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