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150th Anniversary

KNEA – Leading the Way for 150 Years!  
Thirty-four of Kansas' 564 teachers gathered in Leavenworth in the fall of 1863 to found the Kansas State Teachers Association amid the turmoil of the War between the States. Lincoln's Gettysburg address came 45 days later. It seems as though the KSTA founders recognized that teachers are the heart of the education system.   Since 1863 the Kansas National Education Association has helped its members improve teaching and learning, developing a variety of programs to meet both the professional and the personal needs of its membership. KNEA cares about those who care about kids.     Through the years, KNEA teachers continually work to provide and promote quality public schools, to improve the well-being of members, and to strengthen the teaching profession.

Watch this site for exciting celebration activities and ideas.         


Power Point 150th Anniversary presentations from the 2013 KNEA RA

Some KNEA 150th Anniversary items are still available. Quantities are very limited.  
150th Anniversary note cards - $1.00 for packet of 25
150th Anniversary tumbler - $6.00
150th Anniversary coffee container - $6.00
150th Anniversary postcards - $1.00 for packet of 25
150th Cartoon (small) - 2.00
150th Cartoon (large) - $5.00
150th Cartoon postcards - $1.00 for packet of 25

Please contact KNEA Communications for availability and ordering information.

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