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Find your local UniServ office by clicking in the map below on the location of your school district.

Cottonwood Southwest Ark Valley UD114 South Central UTW Konza Walnut Valley Capital Pony Express Wyandotte Ad Astra Kaw Valley Alliance Rolling Hills Southeast

A = Cottonwood UniServ G = Konza UniServ M = Kaw Valley UniServ
B = Southwest UniServ H = Walnut Valley UniServ N = Alliance UniServ
C = Ark Valley UniServ I = Capital UniServ O = Rolling Hills UniServ
D = UniServ 114 J = Pony Express UniServ P = Southeast UniServ
E = South Central UniServ K = Wyandotte United UniServ  
F = United Teachers of Wichita L = Ad Astra UniServ  

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