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July 2013 Leader Letter

Dear local leaders,
I hope you are enjoying the summer and finding opportunities to relax and recharge your spirit. We will be back in school before too long, so I wanted to provide you some timely information as August nears.
Karen Godfrey, KNEA President
• Report local dues to UniServ Office and USD Business Office
• Finalize local membership campaign plans; review for one-on-one organizing opportunities

• Personally contact teachers new to district as first organizing opportunity
Thank you to all of you who gave up a portion of your summer to attend a KNEA-sponsored training. I'm sure you benefited from the activity and are ready for the year to come. If you were unable to attend, please contact your UniServ Director for advice and guidance, particularly in light of some of the changes for the year ahead.



No matter how many new teachers you will welcome to your district, the opening of school is an important time for renewal and reconnecting. Please consider holding a back-to-school event to communicate our commitment to great public schools. It is an opportunity to reach out to new teachers and remind veterans of the work we do.
We would love to provide a KNEA leader or staff member at your event. If you contact René Dean she will be glad to help you with the speaker request form and help you qualify for reimbursement. Remember, too, that the law has changed somewhat, and there may be other groups asking for the opportunity to speak with your teachers. Contact your UniServ Director if that is happening in your local. 


Many of you have found bookmarks customized for your local to be an effective recruiting and retention tool. If you are interested in having some created for you, you can access the order form at
Our August Issues serves well as a recruitment tool; it will outline some of the critical work we do and how our members advocate for our profession.

As you finish bargaining, PLEASE don't forget to send your settlements to Deb Bugner.


Get in the habit of checking this section on our website-or find a member who would like a specific, but not too time-consuming way to contribute to your local by keeping members posted on what is available. We post information there that may be interesting to some of our members or may have an impending deadline.

NEA and BetterLesson are jointly launching a Master Teacher Project (MTP) . The MTP is part of NEA's comprehensive association-wide strategy to galvanize our commitment to ensuring student success.
There are three main goals associated with the MTP:
• To create a year's worth of CCSS-aligned, classroom-ready lessons developed by educators available on an open-source platform.
• To recognize exceptional teachers and provide them with professional development and the opportunity to become teacher leaders.
• To have the NEA, in partnership with BetterLesson, expand its core work to have greater focus on teacher instructional practice and the implementation of the CCSS.
The scope of the NEA Master Teacher Project will consist of:
• An initial cohort of 30 K-5 Math (5/grade) and 65 K-12 ELA (5/grade) teachers that will begin in fall 2013 (Better Lesson previously developed math 6-12).
• This cohort of 95 Master Teachers (MTs) will be selected in early summer (June/July), trained in late summer (early August), and begin working with our coaches to share their CCSS-aligned lessons in late August or early September.
• These MTs will be engaged with the program for roughly 12 months (Sept 2013 - August 2014), and will share both their full course-worth of lessons and their rich multimedia hints, tips and reflections from those lessons on the MTP platform.
• Coaches will both train and work with these teachers throughout the process to ensure that the content is truly rooted in the CCSS.
• The creation of an interactive experience around the lessons - via an "Ask the MT" feature or similar functionality.
• MTs will receive a $15,000 stipend for their work over the coming year.
• All MTs will be NEA members.
• Application deadline is July 15, 2013 JULY 22, 2013
Please access the application here, and encourage your colleagues to apply. Questions should be directed to Bill Raabe, NEA Senior Director, Center for Great Public Schools.

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