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The Reauthorization of ESEA

This week the U.S. Congress, including both the Senate and House of Representative begin the process of Reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Committees in both chambers are beginning the “mark-up” process. Marking up a bill in committees generally resembles, but does not perfectly replicate, the process of amending measures on a chamber floor.

Amendment will be offered and the amendments range from requiring equity plans to ensure that charter schools are not exempted from certain provisions in the bill. Given the partisan nature of the markup, we are not expecting many amendments. Democrats seem wary of offering substantive amendments to a Democratic bill. Republicans are expected to offer their bill as a substitute along with a few message amendments, but nothing that will likely pass.

It is very likely that in the coming days we will ask you to contact your members of Congress to support or defeat certain amendments as the bills to reauthorize ESEA progress. We are attaching a couple of items for your review. The first attachment outlines the Associations position on the various amendments being offered to the Senate bill. The second attachment reviews the Senate Reauthorization Bill and the Associations talking points regarding the various segments of the bill.

We will be sending you updates as these important bills progress not only for your information but also to pass along to your members.

Terry Forsyth-KNEA Director of Political Action/Instructional Advocacy

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