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Under the Dome - May 23, 2013

Tax battle continues
In the continuing battle over sales tax, the Senate suggested that if there was not an agreement, they would run their own tax bill. Well, there was no agreement in conference committee agreement and we've been keeping you abreast of what those offers and counter offers were.

The Senate this evening ran their own tax bill based on their last offer to the House. There were plenty of opportunities for those who opposed the bill to offer amendments that make a point. There were recorded votes to restore the home mortgage interest deduction and the deduction for property taxes paid - both failed on votes of 14 - 22. Also failing was an amendment to eliminate the sales tax on food (the bill lowers it to 4.95%).

In the end, the bill passed on a vote of 25 to 15. Seven Republicans voted with the Democrats in opposing the bill.

Now it's going to get interesting. Will the House consider what the Senate just passed? If it does, will it pass? Will the House tee up their own tax bill? We might get an idea tomorrow. The House convenes at 9:00 am; the Senate at 10:30.

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