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Under the Dome - May 17, 2013

Mea Culpa

We apologize for an error we made in last night's Under the Dome.

We work with other organizations that hold similar views and sometimes when things happen quickly and demand action, we coordinate our efforts.

Late last night, as we were dealing with the anti-common core proviso, our friends at United School Administrators shared their language on an alert. With their permission, we simply sent USA's alert to our list. We were able to respond quickly to thousands of school teachers and administrators on a common concern.

Unfortunately, in our haste last night, we failed to give credit to United School Administrators for their excellent work on this issue.

So, belatedly, thank you USA/Kansas for letting us use your alert last night. It is good to know that we have friends we can count on in our efforts to ensure a quality education for every Kansas child.

And with that in on!

Common Core Standards not killed yet!

Take action this weekend!

The 9:00 am meeting of the Budget Conference Committee was abruptly cancelled this morning meaning that there has been no agreement on the proposal to put a proviso banning the common core standards into the budget bill. There will not be a meeting until at least Monday of next week.

In the meantime, you are encouraged to contact Senators and Representatives representing your school districts urging them to oppose any effort to de-fund the implementation of the Common Core Standards. (Contact information for the conference committee members is contained below.) Explain the investment your districts have already made in implementing the Standards and that they establish rigorous academic expectations in English language arts and mathematics. The Common Core Standards are part of the Kansas College and Career Readiness Standards and define the knowledge and skills all students should master by the end of each grade to be on track for success in college and career.

Use these talking points:

Senate Ways & Means Conferees:

• Sen. Ty Masterson (R-Andover), chair - or 785.296.7388

• Sen. Jim Denning (R-Overland Park), vice-chair - or 785.296.7394

• Sen. Laura Kelly (D-Topeka), ranking minority member or 785.296.7365

House Appropriations Conferees:

• Rep. Marc Rhoades (R-Newton), chair - or 785.296.7682

• Rep. Gene Suellentrop (R-Wichita), vice-chair - or 785.296.7681

• Rep. Kyle Hoffman (R-Clearwater), currently sitting in for Rep. Suellentrop or 785.296.7643

• Rep. Jerry Henry (D-Cummings), ranking minority - or 785.296.7688

For more information on the Common Core Standards in Kansas, click here for a Fact Sheet from the Kansas State Department of Education.

Gone for the weekend

Looks like another week ahead

After brief meetings on the floor today, both the House and Senate adjourned until Monday, May 20. With no announcements about either tax or budget conference committees, looks like we're done until then. The conventional wisdom is that during a veto session, if they come in on Monday, they will be there all week!

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