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Under the Dome - May 10, 2013

Gone for the weekend; back for the long haul starting Monday

The Senate, after adopting resolutions honoring Topeka's fallen police officers, retiring politicians Bill Bunten, Ted Ensley, and David Miller, and winning Hayden High School soccer teams and sending a liquor bill back to conference adjourned until Monday with a recommendation from Majority Leader Terry Bruce to pack a lot of clothes for the return - apparently they will be here for a while.

The House plans to go back in at 2:00 this afternoon but there won't be much for them to do with the Senate already gone and only some new resolutions to handle.

Rep. Bob Grant announces his retirement

State Representative Bob Grant, Democrat from Cherokee County, appeared on the House floor this morning in a tuxedo and announced that he will be retiring from the Legislature in December. Grant, a southeast Kansas gentleman and barbeque master, was noted for his great sense of humor, love of life, and colorful language. With his friend, the late Republican Representative Bob Bethel, he raised money tirelessly for Special Olympics. He was joined in that effort this year by Rep. Kyle Hoffman of Coldwater.

Grant has been a steadfast supporter of public schools and public school teachers. He will be missed in the statehouse. We wish him well in his retirement.

Taxes and budgets?

Nothing really to report! Word is that within the Republican Caucus, members were told that the Republican leaders would be working "secretly" and not sharing their thoughts with the caucus. We'll just have to wait and see what pops up in the conference committee.

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