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Teaching and Learning International Survey


You may have heard some of your members mention that they have received a request to participate in TALIS, the Teaching and Learning International Survey conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED). TALIS is the ONLY international survey on the conditions of teaching and learning – without these data, we would be unable to identify other countries facing similar challenges and to learn from other policy approaches. In addition, without TALIS teachers and school leaders would lack a key venue for voicing their views on teaching and learning to political decision-makers.

I am writing because we have been informed that the U.S. response rate for the 2013 TALIS is extremely low. If there is an insufficient response from U.S. teachers, OCED will be unable to draw accurate conclusions about American teachers, schools, and policies. As a result, I am asking you to reach out to your K-12 members and encourage them to participate in TALIS if they have received a request to do so. (Teachers are randomly selected to participate, so many of your members will not have received a request.) TALIS is only conducted every five years, so inadequate participation this year will leave us without new U.S. data until 2018.

Additional information about TALIS, including briefs and reports that use 2008 data and links to a brochure and FAQ, can be found here:

I am also happy to respond to any questions about TALIS – I can be reached at or 202-822-7422.

Many thanks for your support of this important research initiative!

Stacey Pelika, Ph.D., Director, NEA Research
Center for Great Public Schools
: 202.822.7422
f: 202.822.7697

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