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NEA Foundation launches two new courses

Liz Dunning announced NEA launched two new NEA Foundation Courses: Effective School-Community Collaboration and Facilitating Effective Labor-Management Teams. These courses are free and available on their website ( – just login and learn!

The latest courses are designed for individuals within the labor-management community to take at their own pace, though they can also be taken by pairs or small teams. Additional information on the courses has been provided below.

·         Effective School-Community Collaboration: Offers insights into the powerful effects of School-Community Collaboration and provides a framework for the development and implementation of collaborative programs.

·         Facilitating Effective Labor-Management Teams: Provides an opportunity for participants to examine current research and implement dynamic ways to create effective labor-management teams

Please feel free to forward this information on to anyone who you think might benefit from the coursework – or share my contact information. Liz Dunning ( will be happy to answer any questions they might have.

Throughout this first year, we will be launching courses and beta testing them. We need your help – as thought partners, critical friends, and reviewers. Please reach out to Liz or to David Donaldson at if you’re interested in acting as a reviewer.

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