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Accreditation for teacher preparation in Kansas

Interested in helping with accreditation for teacher preparation in Kansas?  Program reviewers ensure that a program is set up in a way that all candidates who complete the program know and have the necessary skills to teach according to licensure standards. Reviewers determine that the assessments used in the program align with the components of the standards; scoring guides, rubrics, and evaluation criteria are clear and specific to the standards; candidate proficiency levels are well defined and appropriate for the program; and data as reported indicate that candidates in the program are meeting the standards.  Contact Karen Godfrey if you are interested.

KSDE needs practitioners in all areas, preferably 2 or 3 per program areas listed below:
Adaptive Sped;   Agriculture;   Art

Biology;   Business


Early Childhood;   Earth and Space;   Elementary;   English 6-12;   ESOL

FACS;   Foreign Language;   Functional Sped


Health;   History, Government, and Social Studies 6-12


Library Media Specialist

Math 6-12;   ML English;   ML History,  Government, and Social Studies;   ML Math;   ML Science;   Music

PE;   Physics;   Psychology

Reading Specialist

School Counselor;   School Psychologist;   Speech/Theatre

Technology Education

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