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Kansas State Assessment Survey

With the transition to College and Career Ready standards, Kansas will also be implementing a new assessment tool in 2014-15 to measure student achievement in the core assessed areas.

The Kansas State Department of Education is seeking input from Kansas educators regarding what they value in a large-scale assessment.  Over the past several years, educators in Kansas have been able to utilize as part of a large-scale assessment system summative, formative, and interim assessments. In addition, educators have been able to access score reports for individual students, buildings, and districts.   The KSDE is confident that this experience with an online large-scale assessment system has provided Kansas educators with unique insight into what is most educationally valuable in a large-scale assessment system.

It is in light of this that the KSDE is seeking responses to the attached survey.  The survey is designed to capture the responses of classroom teachers, building principals, superintendents and all educational stakeholders relative to a large-scale assessment.

Click on the link and follow the directions:

The survey is being sent out on KSDE Listservs, and KSDE encourages district leaders to communicate to staff about the value of the survey and distribute the link to any who have not received it.  We are asking all educators to respond to the survey by March 8th, 2013.

Thank you for your valuable input on this survey.

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