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Under the Dome - February 15, 2013

Another quiet Friday

Next week? That's another matter!

Fridays in the capitol are usually quiet as legislators want to get home to see families and constituents. Today was no exception.

The calendar though shows us a lot of interesting bills are up for hearing next week.

The Senate Education Committee will be hearing five bills next week:

  • Monday, they will have hearing on SB 128 making some technical amendments to last year's career and tech educational changes. They will also hear SB 131 which expands the definition of what capital outlay funds can be used for.
  • Tuesday, they will hear SB 137, a bill requiring broader representation on committees developing bullying policies and requiring distribution of such policies to parents.
  • Wednesday's hearing is on SB 176 creating the coalition of innovative districts. This is essentially a radical overhaul of the state's charter school law more in line with privatization advocates.
  • And Thursday, it's SB 169 mandating retention in third grade for any child who is less than proficient on state reading assessments.

The House Education Committee also has a couple of bill hearings.

  • Wednesday, they'll take up HB 2263, a special education voucher bill, and Friday they have HB 2280, mandating a celebrate freedom week in our schools.

The House Education Budget Committee will be hearing HB 2248 creating the school district activities budget - this has come up several years in a row and is essentially creating another possible local mill levy.

Don't forget that at this time of year, things can change quickly and every day usually includes the dreaded "Possible action on bills previously heard" item on the agenda. This means that at any time, any bill that has had a hearing can suddenly be pulled up, debated, amended, and passed (or killed).

So stay on your toes! 

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