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2012 Under the Dome publications

Under the Dome - June 8, 2012
A politician's nightmare?
Under the Dome - May 21, 2012
KPERS settled; Education policy issues settled in two conference committee reports; Budget deal gives small increase in school funding; Kansas House "Nukes" the Budget with Tax Cuts (Or how NOT to make good tax policy); The future under the Governor's tax bill; Redistricting still not done as Legislature approaches Sine Die
Under the Dome - May 19, 2012
Senate sends tax compromise back to the drawing board!; Governor vows to sign irresponsible tax bill; First Education Conference Committee Report adopted by House; Education conference committee still meeting
Under the Dome - May 18, 2012
KPERS conference committee report passes; Budget Committee won't meet until tax issues are worked out; Education conference Committee meets again, Aurand is our; O'Neal is in
Under the Dome - May 17, 2012
Meetings ongoing
Under the Dome - May 15, 2012
There are wars and then there are nuclear wars; Conference Committees - The budget, Taxes, Education, Higher Education, KPERS
Under the Dome - May 11, 2012
Tax cuts, revenue reductions, and job growth; A message from Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis
Under the Dome - May 10, 2012
Frayed nerves might need to be soothed; Career and Tehnical Education Fully Loaded (SB 393); KNEA Issues Press Release on Tax Action from Yesterday
Under the Dome - May 9, 2012
House votes to approve massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy; State will lose nearly $3 billion by 2017
Under the Dome - May 8, 2012
House budget debate ongoing; Passage of the tax bill will jeopardize school funding for years into the future! Contact your Senator!
Under the Dome - May 7, 2012
The Income Tax; It's a really big deal; Look what the press has to say on this issue!; Links for a better understanding of the issue; Would you like to let your voice be heard?
Under the Dome - May 4, 2012
KPERS bill passes the Senate - House sends it to conference
Under the Dome - May 3, 2012
House Ed Budget Committee loads up CTE bill (SB 393, SB 28, HB 2200, HB 2017, HB 2018, HB 2269, HB 2634); Senate to take up a KPERS bill today (HB 2333)
Under the Dome - May 1, 2012
Education Conference Committee meets (HB 2200);Big debate on maps ongoing
Under the Dome - April 27, 2012
Three days into the wrap-up session...; Tax Conference Committee; Budget issues
Under the Dome - March 30 2012
Education Conference Committee (HB 2200, SB 393, SB 257, HB 2634, HB 2430, HB 2773); Break starts tonight - DO YOUR HOMEWORK
Under the Dome - March 29, 2012 Part 2
Education Conference Committee update (HB 2200, SB 393, SB 257, HB 2634); Budget Conference Committee update; Tax Conference Committee update
Under the Dome - March 29, 2012
House defeats constitutional amendment; Progress slows on budget negotiations; Tax conference committee patching something together (SB 177, HB 2117); Education Conference Committee
Under the Dome - March 27, 2012
The Kansas House this morning dealt with two education-related bills (HB 2745, House Concurrent Resolution 5006); Conference Committees
Under the Dome - March 26, 2012
Urge your representative: Vote NO on bills that unbalance our tax system and dig deep holes in the state budget; Tax bill threatens integrity of State Budget (HB 2117); Talking points against BH 2117; House rejects tuition tax credit bill (HB 2676); House and Senate Budget Conference Committee making slow progress
Under the Dome - March 21, 2012
Senate reverses tax action; House reverses on congressional map; Late in the Senate yesterday (HB 2117, HB 2241); On Senate final action this morning (HB 2117, HB 2200, HB 2773, SB 28, SB 155, SB 257)
Under the Dome - March 20, 2012 Part 2
Senate to consider bipartisan school finance on final action (HB 2200), In the House this afternoon (SB 155, SB 257, SB 28, HB 2773)
Under the Dome - March 20, 2012
From last night in the House (SB 259, HB 2718); And today in the Senate (HB 2430, HB 2435, HB 2477, HB 2200)
Under the Dome - March 19, 2012
Reporting progress in the House (SB 294, HB 2018, HB 277, HB 2718, SB 259)
Under the Dome - March 15, 2012
House Education Committee finishes career and technical education bill (SB 393); House advances evaluation bill to final action (HB 2634); Senate Education Committee again reconsiders, amends, passes school finance bill (HB 220, SB 450); House Education Budget Committee considers forcing districts to spend balances
Under the Dome - March 14, 2012
House Education Committee spends two days on CTE bill; still not done (SB 393); Full House passes budget busting tax bill; Senate Education Committee reconsiders action on school finance; House Education Budget Committee working bills (HB 2767 HB 2397 HB2645)
Under the Dome - March 13, 2012
Appropriations votes to reduce school funding immediately (HB 2773); Appropriations Committee prohibits spending on common core standards; Senate Ed Committee amends, passes a school finance bill (SB 450); House amends, advances income tax elimination bill (SB 177)
Under the Dome - March 12, 2012
More action on KPERS (SB259); House delays vote on income tax repeal bill (SB 177); Senate Education hears bill mandating local funding (HB 2269)
Under the Dome - March 9, 2012
House Education do-overs (HB 2018) (HB 2634); Are you a caucus goer?
Under the Dome - March 8, 2012
Quiet day in the education front; Approaching the next big deadline
Under the Dome - March 7, 2012
Education Committees hearing bills (SB 257); Financial Literacy graduation requirement discussed again (HB 2645)
Under the Dome - March 6, 2012
KPERS talk moving more towards "Cash Balance," away from defined contribution; Education Committees hearing bills; Conflicted; And YES KNEA opposes House Sub for SB 177
Under the Dome - March 5, 2012
Senate Education Committee moves contingency reserve bill (HB 2430); House Committee hears a "suitability" limiting bill (HB 2397)
Under the Dome - March 3, 2012
Details and comments on the new bi-partisan Senate school finance plan
Under the Dome - March 1, 2012
Tax blow-up puts spotlight on "tax relief" efforts; New school finance plan introduced in Senate Committee
Under the Dome - February 23, 2012
Senate Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education makes budget recommendations; Legislature out for turn-around break until next Wednesday
Under the Dome - February 22, 2012
A day on the floor (HB 2477, HB 2430, HB 2533) (SB 393, SB 69); The blessing of the education bills (HB 2634, HB 2018); Seclusion ad Restraint bill passes
Under the Dome - February 21, 2012
House Education Committee amends licensure and evaluation bill; Senate Education Committee continues discussion on SB 361, finance bill; KPERS Committees moving off defined contribution, now thinking "cash balance"
Under the Dome - February 20, 2012
House Education Committee to vote on teacher licensure and evaluation tomorrow morning; Senate Education Committee begins work on Governor's school finance bill; House Education Budget Committee holds four hearings; House tax committee passes bill eliminating income tax, devastating highway program
Under the Dome - February 17, 2012
Work continues on teacher evaluation changes; Incentive Pay, Evalulation Criteria, Student assignment Teachers (and only teachers) Gulty until proven innocent!; Vote NO on HB 2634; Contact the Committee members
Under the Dome - February 16, 2012
Proposed House Ed bill strips teachers of the right to negotiate evaluation issues, establishes state evaluation system based on student test scores, supervisor and parent input
Under the Dome - February 15, 2012
House Education Committee hears financial literacy bill; Tax Committee hearings; Senate Education deals with bullying bill; Kansans United in Voice and Spirit Rally draws big crowd
Under the Dome - February 14, 2012
Committee sends seclusion and restraint bill to full House; House Education listens to Kansas Policy Institute-endorsed teacher quality group; Senate Tax Committee begins hearing Governor's tax proposal; Senate Committee begins work on Career and Technical Education proposal
Under the Dome - February 13, 2012
Your almost daily KPERS update; Dyslexia back in Senate Education Committee
Under the Dome - February 10, 2012
KNEA staff, members front and center in the Capital and the Media; School Finance; Career and Technical Education; Teacher licensure/Educator evaluation; Education Policy; Tax Policy; Protecting students; In the media
Under the Dome - February 9, 2012
House Education hears Governor's teacher licensure and educator evaluation proposal; Senate Education Committee holds hearing on Democrats' school finance bill; KPERS testimony in the Senate; Teachers making their voices heard in support of KPERS; KNEA appears in opposition to the Governor's proposal on tax "reform"
Under the Dome - February 8, 2012
House Education Committee hears Governor's Career and Technical Education bill; Legislative Post Audit Committee receives new report; Senate Education Committee takes up teacher licensure, educator evaluation components of SB 361
Under the Dome - February 7, 2012
KPERS Update; House Education hears bill on compulsory attendance; Third grade retention bill still up for changes; Senate Education hears Governor's Career and Technical Education proposal
Under the Dome - February 6, 2012
Hearings begin on Governor's school finance proposal; Lots more to be heard in Committees this week
Under the Dome - February 2, 2012
Commissioner DeBacker at House Education Committee; School Finance gets going in the Senate Education Committee
Under the Dome - February 1, 2012
New bills in the Capitol: School Finance and Charter Schools
Under the Dome - January 31, 2012
Third grade retention subcommittee meets; Expansion of bullying law draws a big crowd;Military second count date gets hearing
Under the Dome - January 30, 2012
KPERS work starts in earnest; Third grade retention subcommittee resurrected; School spending discussed in House Ed Budget Committee
Under the Dome - January 26, 2012
Governor's Career and Technical Education, Teacher Evaluation plans meet the House Committee on Education
Under the Dome - January 25, 2012
Governor's School Finance Bill introduced; KPERS Committee endorses working after retirement bill
Under the Dome - January 24, 2012
Schools present innovative programs to Education Committee; New KPERS Executive Director chosen; House Tax Committee hears bill to adjust mill levies if valuations increase
Under the Dome - January 20, 2012
Senate Tax Commission meets again (Public testimony day); Meanwhile...over in the House (O'Neal, Carlson float new House Republican tax proposal)
Under the Dome - January 19, 2012
House Ed in "reform" talks; Senate Education Committee moves bills; Arthur Laffer comes in to defend Brownback's income tax elimination plan; KPERS still being discussed
Under the Dome - January 18, 2012
Still getting briefed on the Governor's tax plan; Will "Politics" be the biggest issue in this session?
Under the Dome - January 17, 2012
Governor's tax plan still being shared; KPERS Commission report making the rounds; Kansas Teacher of the Year Team to the Education Committees: Real life isn't a test
Under the Dome - January 14, 2012
Senate Tax Study Commission begins work; Representative Ed Trimmer on the KPERS Commission Report
Under the Dome - January 12, 2012
Governor Brownback's State of the State Address; Rep. Paul Davis' Democratic Response; Kansas Action for Children Press Release ("Children Shortchanged in Governor's Budget"); Kansas Tax Facts (Kansas Legislative Research Department)
Under the Dome - January 11, 2012
State Board fails to adopt motion on Governor's school finance plan; House Pensions Committee meets for briefing on Commission recommendations; Relatively light legislative day in lead-up to tonight's State of the State Address
Under the Dome - January 10, 2012
Democrats roll out school finance plan - Vastly different from Governor's plan; Governor releases new proposal on Career and Technical Education
Under the Dome - January 9, 2012
The only thing currently standing between our public schools and the de-funding state services agenda is a coalition of traditional Republican and moderate Democratic Senators.
Under the Dome - December 14, 2011
The Brownback school finance plan shared at State Board - KNEA reviews the plan
Under the Dome - December 9, 2011
KPERS Commission recommends dismantling dependable retirement -- Retirees get coal for Christmas

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