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Under the Dome - January 31, 2013

House approves HB 2023

If the Senate agrees, put on your duct tape!

Today on a vote of 68 - 56 the Kansas House of Representatives vote to silence teachers and other public employees on any issues even remotely political if they use payroll deduction.

Click here to read the KNEA Press Release in response.

This bill says that if a teachers association of other public employee association uses any money collected via payroll deduction to say anything to anybody about any candidate or public question, then that association would lose the right to collect any funds via payroll deduction.

Legislators falsely asserted that this would only prohibit PAC contributions by payroll deduction. But in truth it limits ALL payroll deduction collections. Think about this...a local association sends a local newsletter to only their members urging them to support a local bond issue. If a payroll deduction dollar went to the printing or mailing of the newsletter, no more payroll deduction at all.

If a local association sent a letter to members urging them to talk to school board members about an upcoming vote on a policy limiting kindergarten class size, that's a public question to be voted on by a public body. That's a political activity under HB 2023. That's now illegal if any dues collected by payroll deduction were used in the printing or postage of the letter. No more payroll deduction at all.

That's why the Kansas Chamber of Commerce said this bill "will get rid of public employee unions." There's almost nothing a union could do and still have payroll deduction for the members' convenience.

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce on the other hand, can still collect all the money they want by whatever means and spend unlimited amounts on any political activity they feel like doing. The House doesn't care about stockholders in companies contributing to the Chamber PAC. The House doesn't care about the taxpayers whose money goes to Crossland Construction for public works projects and then gets funneled into the Chamber PAC.

Here's how the vote went today.

Voting YES to limit teachers' free speech rights were 68 Republicans. They are
Stephen Alford
John Barker
Sue Boldra
John Bradford
Rob Bruchman
Steve Brunk
Richard Carlson
Will Carpenter
Ward Cassidy
JR Claeys
Susan Concannon
Travis Couture-Lovelady
David Crum
Pete DeGraaf
Willie Dove
John Edmonds
Joe Edwards
Keith Esau
John Ewy
Shanti Ghandi
Randy Garber
Mario Goico
Amanda Grosserode
Dan Hawkins
Dennis Hedke
Phil Hermanson
Ron Highland
Brent Hildabrand
Kyle Hoffman
Jim Howell
Steve Huebert
Mark Hutton
Steven Johnson
Kevin Jones
Mark Kahrs
Kasha Kelley
Jim Kelly
Lance Kinzer
Marvin Kleeb
Jerry Lunn
Charles Macheers
Peggy Mast
Craig McPherson
Kelly Meigs
Ray Merrick
Bob Montgomery
Les Osterman
Virgil Peck
Reid Petty
Joshua Powell
Marty Read
Marc Rhoades
Allan Rothlisberg
John Rubin
Ron Ryckman, Jr.
Ron Ryckman, Sr.
Don Schroeder
Scott Schwab
Sharon Schwartz
Joe Seiwert
Arlen Siegfreid
Gene Suellentrop
Bill Sutton
Jack Thimesch
James Todd
Jene Vickrey
Troy Waymaster
Brian Weber

Voting NO to protect teachers' free speech rights were 33 Democrats and 23 Republicans. They are:
John Alcala, D
Barbara Ballard, D
Steven Becker, R
Ed Bideau, R
Barbara Bollier, R
Carolyn Bridges, D
Tom Burroughs, D
Larry Campbell, R
Sydney Carlin, D
Marshall Christmann, R
Stephanie Clayton, R
Ken Corbet, R
Paul Davis, D
Diana Dierks, R
Nile Dillmore, D
John Doll, R
Blaine Finch, R
Gail Finney, D
Stan Frownfelter, D
Ramon Gonzalez, R
Bob Grant, D
Broderick Henderson, D
Jerry Henry, D
Larry Hibbard, R
Don Hill, R
Don Hineman, R
Michael Houser, R
Roderick Houston, D
Russ Jennings, R
Annie Kuether, D
Harold Lane, D
Nancy Lusk, D
Melanie Meier, D
Julie Menghini, D
Tom Moxley, R
Jan Pauls, D
Emily Perry, D
Mike Peterson, D
Tom Phillips, R
Richard Proehl, R
Melissa Rooker, R
Louis Ruiz, D
Tom Sawyer, D
Clark Shultz, R
Tom Sloan, R
Patricia Sloop, D
Vern Swanson, R
Annie Tietze, D
Ed Trimmer, D
Ponka-We Victors, D
Jim Ward, D
Virgil Weigel, D
Brandon Whipple, D
John Wilson, D
Valdenia Winn, D
Kathy Wolfe-Moore, D

Is your Representative on the NO list? Please send him/her a message of appreciation either by email or phone. They stood up for YOUR RIGHTS!

Now the bill will go to the Senate so keep up the messages to senators.

To find your Senator and send an email, click here.

To find your Senator's office phone number and leave a message, click here.

To sign a petition telling all Legislators and the Governor to respect the rights of teachers and other public employees, click here.

Remember! This is just the first battle in the Legislature's WAR ON TEACHERS.

Next week, the House will start on bills to dismantle (HB 2085) or outright destroy (HB 2123) your collective bargaining rights. The Senate will be prepping constitutional amendments to stop courts from considering school finance lawsuits.

It's up to all of us to save our schools, our students, and our profession!

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