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How to Conduct a Meaningful Parent Survey

How to Conduct a Meaningful Parent Survey 
- an Ask the Experts webinar hosted by TASN providers KPIRC and KSSC 

November 8th at 3:30pm, join Jane Groff, director of the Kansas Parent Information Resource Center (KPIRC), along with Heather Thornton & Kayla Supon Carter of Kansas Secondary Connections (KSSC).

Participants will:

  • Discuss the benefits of surveying parents
  • Clarify your own purpose surveying parents
  • Learn about free, high-quality surveys that arealready available
  • Discuss practical ways to administer a survey
  • Access a framework to make your next parent survey worthwhile & meaningful.
  • Receive follow-up support to conduct a parent survey, if the school or district chooses.

Who should log on? 

  • School leaders (administrators, counselors, teachers)
  • PTA/parent teacher organization leaders
  • District & school office personnel

How to log on:

Thank you for all you're doing to partner with families to support student learning. See you on November 8th at 3:30pm!

- Jane Groff & Heather Blagg Thornton
TASN Providers - KPRIC & KSSC

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