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State Boards News October 2012

State Board Clarifies Policy on Reporting Results

Now that three USDs have waivers to use ACT assessments at grades 8-12, the State Board has clarified how state assessment results will be reported on the state report card.

The clarification was needed because students taking the ACTs were not counted as "participants" in the state assessments, dropping the participation rate unacceptably.  In addition, because one of those districts was KCK, subgroup scores looked suspiciously low. 

In the future, only those districts giving Kansas state assessments will be included in the state report card.  The report will be annotated to indicate which districts gave other assessments, with links to those districts' individual report cards for those who want to see the results from those districts.

Districts Bullying Policies Questioned

Dr. Robert Harrington, KU professor of psychology and research in education, who studies and teaches classes on bullying, reported that "most" (which he defines as 50% or greater) Kansas school districts are out of compliance with Kansas statues regarding bullying policies.

He reported that

    • - most (50% or more) had no policy, despite the requirement, or had minimum statements
    • - most did not have a prevention plan
    • - most relied on suspensions to deal with bullying
    • - most did not include anyone beyond students in the bullying policy
    • - most did not mention plans for training
    • - most did not involve parents
    • - many did not admit they had any problems with bullying
    • - some thought a full definition would only encourage more bullying
    • - none knew how to deal with criminal instances of bullying
    • - some saw bullying as part of normal development

When questioned, Dr. Diane DeBacker reported that her information indicates that districts are in compliance.

"Both of you can't be correct," commented Sue Storm, board member from District 2.

Board chairman Dave Dennis, District 10, asked Commissioner DeBacker to follow up with school districts and report back to the board on this topic.

In other actions, the State Board:

- received a report on Agriculture in the Classroom

- heard an overview of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

- heard a report on physical education in Kansas

- received a report on the progress of Next Generation Science Standards

- heard an update on KWIET, online KS writing assessment

- approved 144 licensure waivers

  • 233, Barnes, extended days for a sub
  • 229, Blue Valley, one special education
  • 231, Gardner-Edgerton, two special education
  • 259, Wichita, 50, one science, one FACS, three library media, 45 special education
  • 261, Haysville, seven special education
  • 290, Ottawa, one special education
  • 305, Salina, three special education
  • 373, Newton, three special education
  • 379, Clay Center, two special education
  • 382, Pratt, one special education
  • 405, Lyons, one special education
  • 416, Louisburg, one journalism
  • 434, Santa Fe Trail, extended days for a sub
  • 437, Auburn-Washburn, one special education
  • 453, Leavenworth, three special education
  • 457, Garden City, 10 special education, two ESOL
  • 480, Liberal, six special education
  • 489, Hays, one ESOL, one Latin, four special education
  • 501, Topeka, three special education
  • 602, NWKESC, two special education
  • 610, Reno County SEC, two special education
  • 615, Brown County SEC, three special education
  • 617, Marion County, one special education
  • 618 Sedgwick County AES, 10 special education
  • 619, Sumner County ES, two special education
  • 620, Three Lakes SEC, seven special education
  • 636, NCKSECI, four special education
  • 637, SEKSEI, seven special education

- approved the recommendation of the Evaluation Review Committee for Benedictine College

  • 15 programs approved through 12-31-17
  • One program approved with stipulation through 12-31-14

- approved a bond election for USD 375, Circle

November State Board Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, November 13 and 14, in Topeka.  Meeting agenda and materials should be available on the KSDE website by Monday, November 5.



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