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The Kansas Alliance for the Arts in Education

Kansas Alliance for the Arts in Education First Annual Professional Development Conference and Business Meeting

The Kansas Alliance for the Arts in Education's First Annual Professional Development Conference and Business Meeting will be held on September 22 at the Beach Museum in Manhattan Kansas.  Commissioner Dr. DeBacker is scheduled to open the conference and present the keynote address on the "State of Education."   This conference will provide a fundamental definition of arts integration; what it should look like in a classroom; and provide examples of how both students and teachers can be transformed as a result.  The topic of the conference is arts integration and is geared to address the education of children in grades pre K- 12.  We are promoting  this conference to arts educators, classroom teachers, artists, administrators, and parents.

The Kansas State Board of Education approved a resolution acknowledging the establishment of the Kansas Alliance for the Arts in Education in July of this year.  The Board has recognized the alliance for its efforts to maintain the arts in pre K-12 education.

Further information regarding the conference can be found at:  For further information, please contact:  Andy Anderson, , (913) 469-8500, ext. 4388.

KSDE Annual Conference Cover Art Design Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year's KSDE Annual Conference Cover Art Design Contest.  Kendra Worth, Hays, was selected as the first place winner; Rachel Proffitt, LaCrosse, was selected as the second place winner and Holly Barney, Paola, was selected as the third place winner.  The judges chose their entries from the more than 350 entries received from K-12 students across the state.

Kendra, a 2011-2012 seventh grader at Kennedy Middle School, Hays, will receive $100.  Her entry will be used on conference materials and will be shown at the conference.  Rachel, a 2011-2012 eleventh grader at LaCrosse High School, LaCrosse, will receive $50.  Holly, a 2011-2012 third grader at Sunflower Elementary School, Paola will receive $25.  The three winning designs will be published on the KSDE website and the winners will be recognized at the Opening Session of the KSDE Annual Conference on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at the Hyatt Regency/Century II, Wichita.

We congratulate Kendra, Rachel and Holly, as well as all of the students who entered this year's contest.  Our judges were impressed by all the entries and regret that they could only choose three winners.  You can view all the entries at the KSDE Annual Conference, where they will be on display.  Also, every student who entered the contest will receive a certificate of participation.

Update on Kansas Writing Instruction and Evaluation Tool (KWIET) Student Practice Site

To facilitate schools and educators exploring the potential use of KWIET both for instruction and for this year's Kansas Writing Assessment, the KWIET student practice site is now available and can be accessed using the generic login and password:

Login: kwiet

Password: guest

This student practice site allows users to experience the look, feel, and functionality of KWIET from the student's point of view without having to submit STCO records through the KIDS system.

Please note the following caveats regarding the KWIET student practice site:

1.     The current version of KWIET must be installed prior to using the student practice site. This was released on July 10. Districts who were early adopters of KWIET provided outstanding and helpful feedback to improve KWIET for all users.  Users who experience difficulties using KWIET are recommended to first check that the current version of KWIET has been installed.

2.     This student practice site will permit a user to experience KWIET from the student point of view. The practice site does not demonstrate the functionality that educators see.

3.     The student practice site does not save student work or allow collaboration. The student practice site simply offers a view of the student side. Saving student work and collaboration are both available outside of the KWIET practice site.

Once the current KWIET application is installed, STCO records are submitted, and any inactive logins have been activated, teachers and students should be able to use the KWIET application for writing instruction. Use of KWIET for the KWA will be available during the spring testing window, starting January 16. CETE's website will continue to be updated with more information and support materials throughout the fall and winter. For additional support, please contact the CETE helpdesk at 785-864-3537.

Additional considerations for using KWIET:

1.     Teachers are not required to utilize the secure browser in order to access the teacher portion of the KWIET application. Teachers may go directly to in order to access the application. However, the support materials have not yet been released.  The support materials will be available by September 12. Additionally, access for Building and District users, to help facilitate the use of KWIET, has not been released. Updates about this access are forthcoming.

2.     When using the KWIET application, the STCO records must be submitted in the KIDS system prior to use. Completed STCO records are not required for accessing the student practice site.

3.     A current, active login is required to use the KWIET application. The error message "your login is inactive" will appear for Building and District users until this access has been released (tentatively scheduled for late September). Schools will be notified when this becomes available.


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