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State Board News August 2012

ESEA Waiver – Ready to Go!!

Kansas educators are ready to implement many portions of the ESEA waiver this school year.  Here is what you can expect:

·         USDs are NOT required to use student growth as part of teacher and principal evaluation during the 2012-2013 school year!!!!!

·         The Teaching in Kansas Commission 2 will spend the year studying how student growth can be “a significant factor” of teacher and principal evaluations.  Their recommendations will go to the State Board in the spring of 2013.  If accepted, those would be piloted in 2013-2014 and implemented in 2014-2015.

·         Districts using KEEP will meet the evaluation requirements of the waiver.  Districts using other evaluation systems must have those reviewed by KSDE for compliance with the evaluation guidelines.  They, also, will have 2013-14 to pilot their revisions, with full implementation in 2014-2015.  The guidelines state that evaluation systems for teachers and principals must:

o   Be used for continual improvement

o   Differentiate performance on at least three levels

o   Consider multiple measures of professional practice and include student growth as a “significant” factor

o   Evaluate on a regular basis (Kansas statute satisfies this)

o   Provide useful feedback

o   Inform personnel decisions

·         No more AYP designations.  Instead, schools will have their state assessment results reviewed using four lenses, called AMOs, annual measurable objectives.  Achieving at least one will be sufficient.  The AMOs are determined by:

o   Achievement

o   Gain/growth

o   Gap reduction (your lowest 30% compared to state’s highest 30%, reduced by 50% over six years) or

o   Proficiency (reduce % of students at non-proficient levels by 50% over six years)

·         Title 1 schools will be identified for accountability

o   Reward schools – 10% of Title 1 schools = 66

o   Priority schools – lowest performing, 5% of Title 1 schools = 33

o   Focus schools – schools with largest gaps, 10% of Title 1 schools = 66

o   These lists are posted on the ESEA Flexibility Waiver webpage found here

·         Use of Common Core State Standards for reading/language arts and mathematics will continue, with revised assessments expected in 2014.

More details on the elements of the waiver can be found on a presentation made to the State Board yesterday.  To read the presentation, click on the link shown above.

CTE – New Law Brings Changes

The passage of SB 155 during the 2012 legislative session is causing several changes to the way career and technical education looks in Kansas.  Here is a summary of those changes:

·         Every student in grades 8-12 will have an individual career plan of study

·         The Kansas Board of Regents will reimburse tuition for any student enrolled in a college-level CTE course

·         USDs will be reimbursed for transportation costs associated with high school students attending college-level CTE courses at post-secondary institutions

·         USDs will receive $1,000 for every certification on the high demand occupations list (developed by Ks Department of Labor) earned during high school by one of their high school graduates

·         .5 funding will continue and a tiered model of funding will be studied

Despite this list, many questions still remain about exactly how each element will be achieved and about the impact on CTE programs that do not link to industry certifications.

In addition, State Board members asked KSDE staff to review the career pathways documents to ensure that all possible career pathways are included.  Mentioned specifically was the apparent lack of pathways for those interested in careers in the arts.

In other action, the State Board:

Heard an update on Next Generation Science Standards

·         Listened to a presentation on the Sunflower Literacy Project and the Kansas Guide to Learning: Literacy and this month’s board materials

·         Received the 2012 Licensed Personnel Report

·         Approved recommendations from the Evaluation Review Committee for

o   Tabor College, accredited with 2-year focus visit by 12/31/13

o   Donnelly College, accredited with focus visit by 12/31/15

o   Emporia State University, accredited through 12/31/18

o   University of Saint Mary, accredited through 12/31/18

o   Bethany College, 15 programs approved through 12/31/17

o   Donnelly College, 2 programs approved with stipulations through 12/31/14

o   Sterling College, 11 programs approved through 12/31/17

·         Granted Ed Flex waivers to

o   USD 362, Prairie View

o   USD 392, Osborne County

·         Renewed a Visiting Scholar License

·         Approved the request from USD 469, Lansing, to hold a bond election

September Board Meeting – Different Schedule

The September State Board meeting will be the third Tuesday and Wednesday of the month, the 18th and 19th.  Board agenda and materials will be available on the KSDE website around September 10.

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