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KNEA makes preliminary candidate recommendations for the August 7, 2012, primary election

Press Release                                                                                        July 5, 2012

Contact:  Mark Desetti, Kansas NEA — 785-232-8271

KNEA makes preliminary candidate recommendations for the August 7 primary election

Kansas NEA is proud to release a preliminary list of recommended candidates for the Kansas primary election to be held on August 7, 2012.

Among the recommended State House and Senate candidates are 56 Democrats and 42 Republicans.

Terry Forsyth, KNEA Director of Political Action, describes the recommendation process as rigorous and member-driven. “Candidates are asked to complete a questionnaire on education issues and sit for a face-to-face interview with a team of teachers residing in the candidate’s district,” Forsyth said. “Those local teachers decide which candidates show the greatest support for public schools; those who will stand up in Topeka for a quality public school for every child.”

Incumbent candidates are also judged according to their record of support for public schools as a legislator.

KNEA President Blake West called the list of candidates “proof that support for public schools and the students they serve is not a partisan issue.” Said West, “Kansans care for their children and are proud of their schools. A quality public education for every child is a priority for all Kansans regardless of party affiliation. And these Democrats and Republicans all pledge to support our children.”

Kansas schools have been harmed in recent years by a series of budget cuts and this last legislative session a tax bill was passed at Governor Brownback’s urging that will devastate the state budget and lead to even more cuts to school programs. KNEA Vice President Karen Godfrey highlighted the importance of this election to the future of Kansas. “It’s not just our schools that will suffer if we don’t find the best policy makers,” said Godfrey. “Our roads and highways, public safety, and vital services for seniors and those with disabilities are all at risk. We simply must elect legislators who are more interested in preserving our Kansas quality of life than in promoting a particular ideology.”

KNEA members are continuing to interview candidates for office and additional candidate recommendations may yet be made.

KNEA recommended candidates for the Kansas State House August 7 primary election

KNEA recommended candidates for the Kansas State Senate August 7 primary election

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