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Mentoring, Induction and Peer Assistance

The demands on a beginning teacher are many.  Research continues to show that those who are part of quality induction and mentoring programs are more likely to stay in the profession.  This makes it imperative that local associations and school districts design and implement programs that ensure the retention and long-term success of their new employees.  These materials are provided to help you do just that.

While some individual programs may use these terms differently, for the purposes of these materials, we use these definitions for induction, mentoring and peer assistance.

To help you design a qualty induction and mentoring program, we offer these resources:

KNEA's Do's and Don'ts

The KNEA Rubrics

We have developed a set of six rubrics to guide planning committees in the development of induction and mentoring programs.  The first column of the rubric lists components required by the Kansas State Department of Education for mentoring programs.  The second column reflects unacceptable practices.  The third column contains recommendations for quality programs based on KNEA criteria on a review of successful teacher mentoring programs throughout the country.

Creating a Teacher Mentoring Program

The NEA Foundation has developed a comprehensive set of materials to help local associations and districts design quality programs.  They include information on program design, mentor selection and training, and strategies for evaluating the program.  You can find those materials here.

Using Data to Improve Teacher Induction Programs

This NEA Foundation report investigates an essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of teacher induction: data collection and analysis to determine results.  It also examines the roles that unions, together with school districts and their partners, can play to improve induction programs through better use of data and other strategies.  Click here to see the NEA Foundation Report.

Suggested Contract Language

This material provides suggestions for language local associations should consider when including mentoring and induction program design and oversigh committees in negotiated agreements.

KNEA Resolutions

KNEA has resolutions on Induction Programs and Peer Assistance/Peer Assistance and Review to help guide local associations as they design and implement programs. 

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