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February 2012

State Board Endorses ESEA Waiver Request

Kansas’ application to the US Department of Education for a waiver from ESEA/NCLB was endorsed 9-0 by the State Board.  [Walt Chappell was absent when the vote was taken.]

Due February 28, the latest draft contains the same content as previous drafts [see January, 2012 State Board News for details], with one major exception.  As a result of reviews of the first round applicants, the USDE is no longer requiring states to calculate AYP in any way.

Because of that, Kansas schools and districts, beginning in 2013, will receive data showing their achievement status on state assessments, their growth patterns, and their success in closing achievement gaps.  They will then be expected to use that data to identify strengths and concerns that would guide future decisions.

Because the new system would not begin until 2013, Kansas is requesting that 2011 AYP targets be used to determine 2012 AYP, which must still be calculated.

The latest draft of Kansas’ waiver application should be posted soon on the KSDE website, where public comments on this draft will also be accepted for approximately 10 days.

2012 Kansas Teacher of the Year Team Recognized

All eight members of the KTOY team spoke to the State Board Tuesday afternoon about issues that are important to them as classroom teachers.  Members of the team are:

    *Tiffany Richard, Olathe NEA, 2012 Teacher of the Year

    *Amelia Adams, USD 480, Liberal

    *Christopher Christian, Maize TA

    *Emily Fleming, NEA KCK

    *Carla Goertzen, Buhler NEA

    *Sherry Helus, Wamego TA

    *Michael Pickman, Prairie View TA

    *Liz Roberts, UTW

Board Sends Licensure Regulation into Review Process

The State Board voted unanimously to begin the process of revising one licensure regulation, 91-1-209, Additional Endorsements.  The current regulation includes several provisions with sunset dates of June 30, 2012.

The board is proposing to remove the sunset date from section (f), so that Kansas educators could continue to add certain endorsements by passing the Praxis II content assessments.

The sunset dates for sections b, c, d, and e would be allowed to expire, since section f covers those provisions.

The regulatory review process requires the Department of Administration and the Attorney General to both review the change for form and for legality.  If both reviews are successful, the State Board must set a date for a public hearing on the proposed change.  The proposed date must be at least 60 days after the date on which the proposed date is set.

That means that in the best case scenario, a public hearing would occur at the June, 2012 State Board meeting.  Watch future issues of State Board News for updates on this regulatory change.

In other action, the State Board:

  *Heard a presentation on SB 350, the Democrat leaders’ school finance proposal

  *Received the 2011 world language enrollment survey report

  *Heard an update on the Next Generation Science Standards

  *Approved requests for bond elections from

     -USD 102, Cimarron-Ensign

     -USD 420, Osage City

     -USD 449, Easton

 *Approved 41 licensure waiver requests, 40 for special education and 1 for ESOL

March State Board Meeting

The next meeting of the State Board will be Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13 and 14, in Topeka.  Usually the second day of the March meeting involves visits to the Kansas School for the Deaf and the Kansas School for the Blind.  Because both schools will be on spring break on the 14th, those visits will happen in conjunction with the April State Board meeting, which is the third Tuesday and Wednesday, April 17 and 18.

March meeting agenda and materials should be available on the KSDE website by Monday, March 5.

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