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KNEA Teachers featured on KTWU Teacher Pay program

KNEA teachers talked salaries and quality teaching on KTWU’s program, “I’ve Got Issues” (IGI). The program addressed the worth and value of teachers in Kansas.

See the program here.

 Blake West, Wade Anderson, Lena Rodriquez
KNEA President Blake West, KNEA Research & Negotiations Director Wade Anderson and IGI's Lena Rodriquez
The program features three teachers — experienced, mid-career and early-career — who  discuss teacher pay, benefits and what it takes to be a teacher in today’s society. KNEA members Betsy Wiens, newly retired elementary teacher from Auburn-Washburn, Charles Walther, a middle school teacher and coach at Shawnee Heights in Topeka, and Rashanda Rhodes, an economics teacher in Kansas City, Kansas, are interviewed.

All three teachers addressed teacher pay at the different points in their career and how compensation is an indicator of how society and policy-makers value education. They shared what a typical day is like for teachers and all three said for schools and students to thrive, teachers, parent, students and lawmakers need to be accountable.

Addressing KNEA bargaining philosophy and resources plus KNEA's school improvement efforts are KNEA President Blake West and KNEA Negotiations and Research Director Wade Anderson.

The highest paid executives in the country make hundreds of millions of dollars each year. A favorite athlete makes tens of millions of dollars and the hottest, top careers make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of them relied on an education to get them where they are today.

"So why is it," asked IGA host Lena Rodgriquez, "that some of the worst-paid people in this country are those who are educating our children? As a society we have great expectations of our teachers and we want the very best for our children. Are teachers adequately compensated? Does the profession fairly reflect the value and worth of the people in it?"

KTWU "I've Got Issues" featuring TEACHER PAY: WORTH AND VALUE aired Wednesday, August 24 at 7 p.m. on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1.

 Rashanda Richardson  Charles Walther  Betsy Weims
 Rashanda Richardson, Kansas City Kansas; Charles Walther, Shawnee Heights (Topeka); Betsy Weims, Auburn Washburn (Topeka)

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