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2011 License Changes

About YOUR Kansas Educator License: Change in Renewal and Fee$ Increase

Two very important changes that impact all Kansas educators:

License Lapse:
Beginning August 1, 2011, if a license holder allows any license to lapse, a fingerprint card and KBI/FBI background check will be required before the license is issued.  That procedure costs $50 and is in addition to the cost of renewing the license.  “A license renewal application is considered timely by KSDE staff as long as it is postmarked prior to the license’s expiration date,” said Peg Dunlap, director of KNEA Instructional Advocacy.

Feeds Increase:
Beginning September 1, 2011, the fee for all licenses will increase.  The new fee structure is based on the length of time the license covers.  All licenses start with the current $39 fee.  An additional $3 per year of license life will now be added.  For example, an initial license, which lasts two years, will now cost $45 [39+3+3].  A professional license, which lasts 5 years, will cost $54 [39+(3x5)].

Specific information is available on the KSDE website, at the Educator Licensure page

Remember: licenses can be renewed up to six months before their expiration date.  KNEA urges every member to renew in a timely manner. “We suggest teachers submit their renewal application no less than two months prior to their expiration date,” said Dunlap.

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