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State Board News June 2011 Special Edition

State Board Passes License Fee Increase

In a special meeting this morning [Monday, June 27], the State Board met by conference call to fulfill their statutory responsibility to set by July 1 the license fee for FY12.

The license fee will remain at $39 from July 1 – August 31, 2011.  Beginning September 1, the fee structure will be tiered, so that different kinds of licenses have different fees.  In short, each license will be increased by $3 per year that the license is valid.

Board members Carolyn Campbell, Sally Cauble, Dave Dennis, Kathy Martin, Jana Shaver, Sue Storm, Janet Waugh and Ken Willard voted to approve the fee structure.  John Bacon and Walt Chappell voted against the motion.

The additional money will allow KSDE to increase enforcement of existing regulation 91-22-1a that requires superintendents to notify KSDE about any license holder who is “dismissed, resigns or is otherwise separated from employment” for any act that might result in review by the Professional Practices Commission.

This is something that KNEA has requested the department do since the issue of fingerprinting all license holders arose during the 2010-2011 school year.

For those license holders who have fingerprints on file with KBI, the $3 per year will enroll them in Rap Back, KBI’s program that alerts KSDE each time there is a change in an enrollee’s record/status.

Notification by superintendents and from Rap Back still requires work to identify which, if any, actionable behaviors may have occurred.  KSDE intends to use the $3 per year from license holders without fingerprints on file, expected to be about $100,000 per year, to support contracts with trained investigators who will assist KSDE staff.

KSDE staff indicated their willingness to report to the State Board at the end of fiscal year about how much money is generated, how the money was spent and how many cases were referred to the Professional Practices Commission.

The new fee structure, beginning September 1, 2011 will be:

One year - $42 – one-year nonrenewable, transitional, visiting scholar, foreign exchange, emergency substitute [first e-sub]
Two year - $45 – initial, exchange, e-sub renewal, provisional, interim alternative, restricted technical certificate
Three year - $48 – restricted teaching
Five year - $54 – professional, substitute, technical certificate
Ten year - $69 – accomplished

Adding an endorsement to an existing license and duplicate license requests will remain at $39.

In explaining the need for a special meeting, Commissioner Diane DeBacker apologized for missing the item, which traditionally is on the May or June regular meeting agenda.

“We were busy with the fingerprinting issue.  We made a mistake,” she told Board members.  “There was no intent to sneak it by,” she explained.

All license holders should remember that licenses can be renewed up to six months prior to their expiration date.

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