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June 2011 State Board News

Board Refuses Fingerprint Amendment

On Tuesday, only four State Board members favored beginning the process of amending regulation 91-1-214 to require that any license holder not already fingerprinted have that done within the next 12 months.

Voting to forward the amended regulation into the review process were Sally Cauble, Dave Dennis, Jana Shaver and Janet Waugh.

Voting against were John Bacon, Carolyn Campbell, Walt Chappell, Kathy Martin, Sue Storm and Ken Willard.

In the Citizens Open Forum that morning, Peg Dunlap, speaking for KNEA, expressed appreciation to KSDE staff for continuing to work with KNEA to achieve a mutually agreeable solution but noted that KNEA still believes the amendment is unnecessary if the statute requiring County and District Attorneys to report convictions and the regulation requiring superintendents to report are enforced.

The State Board asked KSDE staff to work with the Attorney General, the Kansas County and District Attorneys Association and superintendents to ensure that the statute and regulation are enforced.

AG Derek Schmidt, in a meeting with KNEA staff in June, expressed interest in finding ways to address the issue.

Kansas Educator Evaluation Project Presented

The work of three committees of practitioners on evaluation models for teachers, principals and district leaders was presented to the State Board on Tuesday.

Representatives of the committees discussed the processes they used and the constructs and components [sometimes referred to as indicators in other models] that were developed.  Those are aligned across the three models.

KSDE will make the models available for districts and/or schools to pilot during the 2011-2012 year.  Piloting the teacher model must be agreed to through the negotiations process because the new constructs and components necessitate changes in procedures, which must be bargained. 

Those selected for the pilot must agree to use the models exactly as designed.  That includes training for evaluators and those being evaluated, following the procedures regarding timelines, evidence collection, conferences, etc.

Information on the models will be posted on the KSDE website very soon.

In other action, the State Board:

·       Approved amendments to licensure regulations 91-1-200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 230, 231, 232, 235, and 236.

·       Received the 2010-2011 Licensed Personnel Report.

·       Received training on the Kansas Open Meetings Act, as required because of a technical violation of KOMA.

·       Began preliminary discussions of the FY13 budget

·       Heard a presentation from USD 480, Liberal, on their school improvement grant.

·       Received an update on KLN, Kansas Learning Network, including an evaluation of the project to date.

·       Approved a contract with Dr. Damien Betebenner for technical support in implementing a student growth percentile model in Kansas.

All materials from the June meeting are available on the KSDE website.

July State Board Meeting

The next meeting of the State Board will be Tuesday and Wednesday, July 12 and 13, in Topeka.  The agenda and meeting materials should be available on the KSDE website by Friday, July 1.

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